Is signing Gabriel Jesus just proving Arsenal are a second-tier club?

Keeping up with the Guardiolas by Gianni

If your rich neighbour bought a new Ferrari and you wanted to ‘keep up with the Jones’ so to speak, would anybody outside your own household think buying their old car, a nice Audi coupe, is a match?

The Audi is a quality car but clearly inferior to the Ferrari. After all, you’ve bought the car your neighbour did not want, and they have clearly replaced it with a far superior one. You haven’t kept up with Jones’, you’ve shown to everybody in your neighbourhood that you are beneath them, and this act is merely a confirmation of your lower hierarchical position in the neighbourhood and your inability to compete.

This is how the potential acquisition of Gabriel Jesus could and probably should be viewed. There is so much positivity around winning the race for his signature without necessarily considering what this means and says about Arsenal. It is almost an admission that we are and have accepted Arsenal being a second rung premier league outfit; beneath the elite of clubs like Manchester City.

If City have invested heavily in Haaland, Liverpool in Nunez then surely only the signing of a player in the category of Victor Osimhen could be considered an investment to match their ambition. Lauding the signature of Gabriel Jesus might concern or impress other second rung clubs but likely to only create smug, comfortable grins from the faces of the real elite clubs as they shine their new Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Gianni Angio

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    1. Fantastic, Nketiah wearing 14 what’s next, Mercedes emblems on Volkswagen beetles?
      Why only 100k a week, why not 120k? Why stop at 5 years, why not 6 or 7, or lifetime?

      Top 4 and Europa title sure bet with Nketiah banging in goals like he always has. Surely our rivals are terrified we retained his services.

    1. Gabriel Jesus, is a quality proven premier league forward and if he was rumoured to be going to Spurs or Chelsea we would be having a meltdown, saying they are showing ambition and we are not. Chelsea bought their Ferrari in Lukaku for £97.5m, i repeat £97.5m after winning Champions league, however it now looks like, if rumours are to be believed, they are sending it back to the manufacturers in Italy marked faulty engine.

      1. 👍Fair comment. Jesus is an upgrade on what Arsenal has and may thrive under Arteta’s “system” (whatever that evolves into).

    1. If you like sign Messi and Ronaldo…… Liverpool and Man city are way ahead of other premier league clubs for now…..and signing Halland for Arsenal while Man city signs nothing won’t change that.

  1. Hopefully what matters is how you drive the old Audi compared to how the other guy drives the new ferrari.

  2. Have you ever tried taking a ferrari over a speed bump? Or perhaps a drop-kerb? An audi would handle that without any issue. Leicester won the PL with a team of Fords, Vauxhalls and VW’s. It’s not all about how much you spend, but how well you spend it.

    1. Exactly. What has the writer have to say about Giroud. The blues signed him and he won what we couldn’t! Just another Mikel bashing article. No offences though, kept me amused for a few minutes.

  3. Nonsense. City bought Haaland from Dothmund are they inferior. Every player come from somewhere

  4. Just Arsenal, the site for negativity.
    Rarely an article supporting the club from this site.

        1. @ Gun Smoke, do you mean Victor Osimehen?

          If yes, he is a top quality player. But his injury records are a concern.

          My issue with signing Gabriel Jesus is the 50m pound price. That is paying over the odds for a player in the last year of his contract.
          Man city are greedy imo.
          40m pounds is a good offer for him.

          I would rather we buy Gnarby and move Martinelli to the CF role.

          My profile of the CF we need is a tall, strong and aggressive CF.

          We need height and an imposing forward. Ivan Toney and Haller are better options than Gabriel Jesus.

      1. More fool you Fk, I have seen the new Yaris models in Japan and they are a transformation. Keeping up with the Guardiola’s or Joneses is what Arsenal have been all about over the last 15 years or so. Let’s face it Jesus is surplice at City. I can however get excited by his arrival because it’s better than Nketien which should also mean better than nothing. Isn’t that how most of us get on with our lives?

  5. I can’t believe someone posted this, season before last when Chelsea won the champions league did they have halaand or Nunez?? don’t be surprised if Jesus in arsenal scores more goals than Nunez Lamborghini crap you’re talking about

  6. It doesn’t work like that with football players.
    Look at Chelsea, they bought their Lambo last year (Romelu Lukaku). But the Lambo turned out to be a Ford.

  7. What a pathetic story piece. Arsenal are second tier, but they are working towards competing with the first tier clubs.

    If the writer of this utter nonsense has any brains, they would delete this article.

      1. Admin, I am sorry the guy is making no point! You don’t compare people to machines and claim to be making a point. It is simply pathetic! Different players may thrive under different circumstances and managers. Why would anybody with common sense imagine that Gabriel Jesus wants to leave current Champions and join a club which is not even in champions league? Is it that there are no clubs after him? Why do big clubs go after players in inferior clubs or lower leagues? I know for a fact that Jesus is a good striker and Arteta knows him well having been his assistant coach at Man city. So those with comparisons to cars should reserve their comments lest they eat humble pie tomorrow.
        Those who continue to ridicule Arsenal may soon be made to swallow their words. Only a dimwit may fail to see the rebuilding process Arsenal is undergoing.

      2. Although I don understand the writer standpoint, but let me take you back to few years ago when we bought Alexis from Barcelona. Barca wanted to sell him because they wanted a better striker, but Sanchez came to Arsenal and became one of the Best players of that era, and also one of the Best to put in an Arsenal Jersey.

      3. Who is Dortmund to man City in this ur Car analogy? Mancity going to buy a car from a poorer neighbor says what about mancity? Besides Haaland which other player can fit into the mancity goes and buys from them. Liverpool buying oxlade from Arsenal said what about Liverpool as compared to arsenal? Arsenal for now is not bankrolled by the kind of largese that city are enjoying so we mustnt keep up with the Joneses.

      4. 😂😂😂😂. Admin Pat. You are funny.

        My issue with the Gabriel deal is the price and his stature.

        We miss a Giroud kind of player. Someone who can score headers. An intimidating presence upfront.
        I also feel that this summer, Arteta should consider playing Martinelli in the CF role. With some fine tuning, that could be a master stroke. He is a CF in the making.

  8. As a City fan I have seen Jesus miss chance after chance as a striker. However as a winger who chases lost causes he is brilliant.

    1. He will be different at Arsenal. He’s grown to maturity.
      Football is played by human’s not machines. That expl.ains why City and Liverpool still lost some matches unexpectedly last year.

  9. Good post and yes true.

    But signing the best striker in France, Laca, didnt really work out (nice bloke, good man) and neither elite striker , Aub.

    We have to create our own elite players or take a punt on exciting young players as a five year project to develop them with maybe one a year working out : Martinelli and Saka.

  10. No this doesn’t show we’re a second tier club – jesus just played a significant role in winning the title – what shows it is the fact we’ve consistently finished before the top tier for several seasons. We’re trying to get *back* to the top tier

  11. Over the past 9 seasons City have won 5 titles and Chelsea 2 titles through financial doping.
    Liverpool despite massive spending have won just won title.
    Man United, Arsenal Spurs have spent mega and won no titles.
    Apart from the Leicester fluke the reality is winning the title is incredibly hard with out financial doping. City got away with it for years and are so far ahead that tougher FFP laws have come too late. So unless Arsenal spends 300 mill three years in a row it is highly unlikely we will get near the title. If we can get 75 points that would be enough for me. 56, 61, 69, 75 points would be a good progression. The year after aim for 79. The year after low 80’s. Step by step we are closing the gap but it maybe another 3/4 years before a serious title tilt is possible.
    Or we might do a Leicester and win it sooner. COYG.

    1. Thankyou!! At last, some common sense! Man City and Chelsea don’t count, as they’ve cheated season after season since their new owners took over! It was always going to be difficult for a few years after arsene left, but we’ve now got the right guy in place, he just needs backing and he will take us back to where we belong! The above article was really poor by the way, a stupid analogy!

  12. Putin owns more than one Ferrari .Mother Teresa never did ,but unlike Putin, she had my utmost respect.

  13. I certainly get the writers point of view but we can never tell, for now, who will beat the bargain out of those two; Haaland and Gabriel. Obviously, Haaland looks quality filled than Gabriel Jesus.

    1. Jesus will be a good buy I believe. Arsenal just need not to overspend on him. I think 35 million with some adds on is ok.maybe 5 extra million if he scores 15 -20 goals on his first season. Paying 40 to 50 million for him I believe is way over his market value. If we are going to pay 50 million for him, why not just find an extra 20 million and risk it in buying a world class forward. Am Sure we can think of a few.

  14. Gabriel Jesus is a very good player and I am sure many will be pleased if he comes to Arsenal.
    The attempt to use some kind of analogy to cars fails on so many fronts. The most obvious is that Mr Gianni assumes that because so many Ferraris are much more expensive than many Audis an Audi is “clearly inferior”. Writers really need to take more care when using analogies. Far too many are used inappropriately.
    The potential acquisition of Gabriel needs to be seen in terms of how he could contribute to Arsenal.
    The relative strengths of Man City vs Arsenal have been established for several years and will not be determined by whether or not we get GJ.
    The question for us is whether GJ would strengthen Arsenal which he almost certainly would.

    1. With our”Ferrari “and ” Mercs” We ate a humble pie in Europe. Villareal won it with some “Dacias”

      1. Loose Canon, it depends on who is “driving” the Dacias and who the Mercs and Ferraris. The quality of the manager counts.

  15. News flash. We’ve been a tier below City and other top clubs for nearly a decade now. But it does seem the team has finally got a defined plan and some positive momentum again at least.

    1. @blave
      We had one match a week, yet came in fifth. Let that sink in…IJS
      (Cue the, young team, depleted squad, injuries etc)

  16. Lols. Funny piece. Even though I do not rate GJ for one minute and wish we didn’t go for him, but saying we are second tier for going for him is nonsense. He was linked to either barce or real Madrid at one point (can’t remember) does that make those two clubs second tier ?
    That said I would still like MA to go after a strong tall proper CF like Ivan toney or Scamaca or Osimhen . We need to start putting a little fear in opposition defence.

  17. I would welcome him with open arms but I am fearing we are going to get mugged again in transfer fee.

    1. When Mesut arrived he was absolutely brilliant for the club and lifted everyone from the players to the fans on the way to an FA Cup Triumph.

      Certain big players will bring an energy with then that rubs off on players, too bad Ozil closed up shop after his new deal. Same with Auba but they brought something to the party when they arrived. Its the extensions that have caused so much harm, paying them so much more than there worth.

      1. Ozil was exposed as an overrated, overhyped and overpaid social media celebrity at Arsenal. Mayhem steerer.

        Waste of £42 million on top of the wages we wasted on him.

        That’s has been my opinion on him by his second season here..

        Santi Cazorla was the so called Audi vs Ferrari (Ozil) but any honest Arsenal fan has to admit that Cazorla was better overall than Ozil in their Arsenal careers..

  18. Admin, I am sorry the guy is making no point! You don’t compare people to machines and claim to be making a point. It is simply pathetic! Different players may thrive under different circumstances and managers. Why would anybody with common sense imagine that Gabriel Jesus wants to leave current Champions and join a club which is not even in champions league? Is it that there are no clubs after him? Why do big clubs go after players in inferior clubs or lower leagues? I know for a fact that Jesus is a good striker and Arteta knows him well having been his assistant coach at Man city. So those with comparisons to cars should reserve their comments lest they eat humble pie tomorrow.
    Those who continue to ridicule Arsenal may soon be made to swallow their words. Only a dimwit may fail to see the rebuilding process Arsenal is undergoing.

    1. Please Arsenal let me look stupid and make me swallow my words. The signings will definitely be an improvement but until we stop relying on the likes of Xhaka, Elneny, Cedric, Nketien and Ben White there is always going to be something second class about an Arsenal team.

  19. Guys, pls, can we talk about Lisandro Martinez? That guy looks good. I hope the rumor linking him with Arsenal is credible.

    1. The Lisandro Martinez Youtube clips I have watched remind me of the clips of Torreira.. Similar stature and tenacity..

      Nervous that his small stature will struggle like Torreira’s in the EPL,

      I know they are just clips, but Lisandro looks very exciting in them. Like a little bulldog..

  20. i think everybody knows Man C is way ahead of Arsenal. so why trying to compare them to us?.
    Remember the Audi’s {SALLAH & KDB} chelsea sold away last time later turn to be superior to most ferrari’s

  21. The author asks a reasonable question that deserved better responses.

    What does it say about a team that had The Invincibles not that long ago, when they are taking players that are surplus to requirements at other clubs?

    And Jesus will be seeing himself a long way down the pecking order with 2 new strikers being brought into a club that played without a striker for much of the time under Guardiola.

    But the answer to the question depends on the circumstances. Van Persie and others left Arsenal for their competitors because they saw a decline in spending and in ambition (probably due to the new stadium costs, but players don’t care about that, all they care about is who can win things and how much they get paid).

    So yes, it may look a bit that way at first sight, but it’s all about how it turns out. Halaand and Nunez are untried in the EPL (and that does matter, as we’ve seen many big foreign names strugle in the EPL) whereas Jesus is known and is also a starting striker for Brazil.

    He has a good work ethic and seems guaranteed to get you what you paid for.

    This may be the best a 5th place finish can get. Those who were saying to buy Nunez if we achieved CL before the end f last season may not have been thinking very clearly…

    It’s simple: if Liverpool were in for Nunez, he’d be going there even if Arsenal are in the CL. Because next season, Arsenal wouldn’t win the CL, but Liverpool might.

    In the current situation, it’s probably a case of taking the best strikers you can get, as long as the price is reasonable for their ability.

    If this window brings in Viera, Tielemans, two back-up LB/RB and 2 strikers at least one of which is Jesus, Nkunku, Osimhen I’ll be more than happy (as long as there are no bad departures).

    Bringing back Saliba will be good and even Torreira may be a good returnee – I always felt he had a bum deal here, he always plays his heart out and he’s disciplined with it, a sort of Xhaka on steroids, but without the red cards.

    1. Nice saying IDKWIC.
      If we only needed one or two players we could have paid £100 million for a striker. But we need much more than two players and have to spend wisely.

    2. So, is Man city inferior to Dortmond? From your logic and that of the writer, Every club should produce their own players because if you buy from a top team it means you are inferior to them, if you buy from below teams, you are buying below your level player? It’s just a dumb article and I’m sorry to say that this site has been full of them lately. There’s no more educative or technical analytics of our team it’s full of Negativity. It’s as if it’s an Anti Arsenal or MA site. There was a time they were slagging AFTV here for been negative but I think I now enjoy their content a million times more than what I see here nowadays. Since when buying a player from a top club equal to being inferior to them? These same people were bashing us for selling our players to the top clubs. We’re those clubs inferior to us? Bayern just bought Mane from Liverpool, it means they’re inferior to Liverpool and mane is a finished product. Childish thinking.

      1. Perhaps re-read what I wrote? Not sure you got the drift.

        And I’m not sure you got onm teh wavelength of the author eitehr – no-one ever suggested that any club that buys from another is inferior, the suggestion is that by buying players that are surplus to requirements at another, that *might* suggest that the buying club is inferior.

        Dortmund would have kept Halaand if they could, just as Benfica would have kept Nunez (from a purely playing point of view, money aside) and they would be first choice strikers for those teams next season, so they are certainly not in the unwanted category as Jesus is at City.

        And… do you need to insult people or can you make a point without over-emotive language? Calling people’s thinking “childish” when you haven’t even understood what’s being said… sorry to say, that’s not a good look.

        1. And City could have kept Jesus too. He has been playing for them in a team that was superior to ours. Ok so Mane is also surplus to requirement at Liverpool so if we buy him, it means we are inferior or bayern is inferior? I call it childish thinking because that’s not how the game player can fail in another system and excel in another. I remember Victor Moses being useless under mouriho but was a beast under contes system. How about lukaku, he’s struggling under Tuchel but was unplayable at inter last season. Jesus is also excellent when he plays for Brazil. But he’s implying that just because a player is “surplus to requirement’ in another club, it means he’s not good enough for another club in the same category. He can come here and score more goals than Halaand and NuneZ then what will you now say? Sometimes when a player plays where everyone is so good, you won’t appreciate them till they become the main guy in another club. Besides he’s not surplus to requirement at city. Pep doesn’t play with strikers that’s why having two or three at the club is too much. That’s why they are letting him go so he can play regularly and also raise money to balance the books, they sold one other guy to barca recently for the same reason. And they will sell more just for balance and refreshing the team.

  22. I’m curious to know why osimhen and his club career tally of 66 goals make him so superior to Jesus and his club career tally of 123?

    If I am not mistaken, Jesus also will count to our non-homegrown quota.

  23. Well, we have had all kind of experiences with the players we have bought. Some proven Premier League players and some not.

    Victor Osimhen is a very good striker without PL experience, there’s no guarantee that he will be worth the investment. With Jesus we have lots of experiences, he has even made some miracles.

    This version of Jesus is a proven PL striker and have been able to make miracles with the ball many times. We don’t have the resources of Man.City and need to have our own approach. Jesus might very well be an important part of our journey. 🔴⚪️

  24. Jesus will score goals playing regularly for us with the amount of chances we create, it’s just the price he will cost, if we pay it, is OTT.

  25. @ Atid if you have ever watched Osimhen play you would answer that question by yourself ,
    Jesus was preferred over Kelechi Iheanacho . Who had a better record at mancity but Osimhen is in the class of Haaland , Nunez , Vlahovic .
    Personally il take Nketiah over Jesus .

  26. In my opinion Arsenal have always been in their own superior league, even when we have been struggling. Now we are building and I believe we have started an interesting journey, and I’m convinced we will be successful 🔴⚪️

  27. Jesus is a true goal scorer and so much better than Nketiah. Giving Nketiah a long contract for big money is insane (eh Pat?). Nketiah is a Championship level player, Jesus has proved he is able to function in a title winning team. Good to see Viera signed, he seems to be a good player. Next Youri Tielemans and we can then BIN Xhaka…..Hallelujah!!!!!!…..and have a REAL midfield. 👨‍🦰👨‍🦰👨‍🦰

  28. Well Lamborghini use Audi engines…
    And I would say Lamborghini are pretty good…
    Jesus is a fine player – a Brazilian international with a fine goal scoring record.
    You don’t need the best players in the world to be successful….
    Just the right tactics and attitude…

  29. Cheers Gianni…you tried to make a nuanced point about our unwillingness to show the proper intent, if it’s actually to be believed that this little experiment is about winning titles, but you ran into a brick wall of blunt instruments who couldn’t comprehend your underlying point…surprisingly, AdPat actually tried to direct discussions in a logical direction, but to relatively little avail…does that mean, AdPat, that you hope we make a much more significant move up top rather than investing heavily in someone who’s too similar to our present option??

      1. up-and-coming plus experienced is a tough ask…you mean you would rather have someone like Oshimen over Jesus or Nkunku over Vieira, for example?

    1. I agree with you, but we need more than one player, should we use 50% or 100% of our transfer kitty on one player?

  30. Some agent blows a lot of hot air around a player and immediately some gullible folks here go crazy. Here them talk you would swear that Victor Osimhen is some kind of Messi..I have seen this here over the years.. M’villa, Capore and many others..What became of them???

  31. Jesus is a good buy only if arsenal does not pay too much for him like we did for pepe and white.

    He looks like a little bit upgrade to nketia in my opinion, they share almost the same height and pattern.

    Man city has world class midfielders that can make an average striker appear great.
    I would prefer a striker that bring something different.

    1. Average striker playing for Brazil, I guess they also have 5 world class midfielders don’t be ridiculous. JESUS Is far better than Nketia and Laca. Infact in my team I will play Jesus on the right wing ahead of Saka. If Jesus starts every match for City he will score more goals and he will score more at Arsenal. You don’t know what consistency does for player. It takes a good player to produce quality when they’re not regular starters.

  32. Makes sense to me getting Jesus. We know he has factually done it IN the Premier League. Nunez hasn’t. Nunez looks a good player but there a long way to go. With Mane leaving Liverpool they will be good….but not as good. Jesus is 25yrs old….a great age for a striker…and if we really up our midfield with Viera and Tielemans he will get chances.. If we do get Jesus and Tielemans I will be happy as pie. One striker is not enough though and that could be where we get stuck. I was shocked to see the bloodsuckers from Tottenham get Bissouma for such a small fee….he is a real athlete and will enhance them a lot…shame he would have joined us. When Xhaka the Tortoise goes I’ll be drinking bubbly….

    1. Jesus cost City 30million as a 19 year-old.
      He has just one year left on his contract but wants to go somewhere hewill play regularly (who wants to be bckup to Haaland).
      He is worth 50million all day long, but if Arteta and Jesus waited until the last day of the window, City will take whateveris offered or lose,him for free next year…

      1. @ Admin Pat, that one year left on his contract is what should drive the fee down to 40m pounds Maximum.

        We need to strengthen other areas also. Right back and left back positions.
        Tavares and Cedric are not good enough imo.

        I feel we will get it right this summer.

  33. Some of you just give trashy analysis.

    Is Osimen better than Jesus? That’s the first question you should have asked yourself.

    From you submission, it could easily be seen that the quality of the player doesn’t matter to you, as long as he has a high price tag.

  34. Better tactics and attitude by a top club side that have them may not be sufficient enough to see it wins the EPL title if not backed with top top quality (world class) players acquisition to push and execute the win successfully to a logical conclusion.
    But if the club side who like to win the title has a very serious ambition to really win it. But not just hoping it could win it per chance if it has a very good EPL season’s campaign while it’s rival top club sides have a poor EPL season’s campaign. Like when Leicester City won the title amazingly with some very good bunch of players to their credit who were put together by the club. And who took their chances with both arms of theirs to win the title when the other six top clubs went to sleep to take their winning the title as their divine rights customary to them only.

    From the foregoing comments made by Gooners, I’ve noticed that the generality of them in their comments don’t really care much if Arsenal didn’t win the EPL title next season. All I think and have noted that they are after is to watch Gabriel Jesus play some delightful and awesome football for Arsenal next season most especially in the EPL to their amassements. But if Arsenal sign him this summer. But they don’t care if Arsenal FC has no cigar in it’s mouth (won the title at season’s end) to light it. And light it, then draw-in the smoke and inhale and expell some of it through it’s nostrils and mouth. Then puff and puff to feel a good sense of satisfaction of winning the EPL title.
    This is mediocrity of the highest order that has ever been made and exhibited by many Arsenal fans on JA on a very serious matter that’s concerned Arsenal EPL title winning quest next season.
    If not, how come the negativity and looking to be opposition comments to Arsenal possible signing of Victor Osimhen by Arsenal this summer being made by many on here. Which I’ve seen and read.
    If Arteta rates Osimhen highly. Just as he might have rated G Jesus and wants Arsenal to sign him this summer, i believe and trust the signings of both G Jesus and V Osimhen this summer will make Arsenal better and better in their campaigns next season. But certainly not stagnat if they do their signings. And in addition to Arsenal haven kept E Nkethia at the club, which will potentially brings the numbers of top top quality strikers at the club to three in number. This will make Arsenal campaign in the EPL and in other competitions increasingly better and better to truly Challenge for title wins next season and win them. But not just be title wins fodder.

    1. Arsenal needs more than one or two players, should we use all our transfer-kitty on two players?

      If it’s that simple to win the PL, please explain why Liverpool have only managed to win it one time last five years, with their great squad.

  35. I dont get this question. Real Madrid, chelsea, spurs all were interested in him so how exactly are we ending up with this opinion folks?

  36. I got the drift of the Ferrari v Audi analysis but a successful team does not need 11 Ferraris – style over substance at times, A well engineered and reliable Audi should also have its place within a winning team. So having a cast off from ManC should not necessarily be seen as a bad move
    Keeping up with the Jones’s is impossible financially with City, but becoming a footballing force is not.

  37. The other key question is value. For City to buy Halaand for £50m and want the same for an attacker/striker who they rarely played even before they bought 2 more of the same… feels like they’re trying it on.

    They don’t need the money, but causing financial pain to other clubs operating within FFP rules is in their interests.

    £30m was and is a sensible offer, if it’s not accepted then it makes sense to look elsewhere. If Jesus is as keen to reunite with MA as reports suggest, then he will exert his own pressures on City – he will want to be playing regular football in a world cup year.

    Worst case – he goes somewhere else for more than Arsenal will offer. Or he stays at City, costing them money to do nothing, then joins another club on a free in a few months (or knock-down price in January).

    And how bad would that be for Arsenal? Well, City have played a similar high-press style without a striker a lot of the time, even when Jesus was available to them. With new midfielders coming in… and there may be other striking options available…

    It seems sensible not to press any panic buttons over Jesus. £30m yes – more, no. That’d be my take on it.

    1. IDKWIC, makes Haarland look a great buy at £50 million. Why didnt Arsenal ask Odegaard to talk to his mate, backed with a sensible offer?

  38. Gabriel Jesus is undoubtedly a good player but a great one…he is not…He managed to score 13 league goals in 41 games last season for one of the highest scoring teams in Europe . What’s more a good proportion of those goals came in the one game.
    Essentially we are attempting to bring in ” Alexander Lacazette 2.0″….A hard working forward who is better at closing down and linking play than he is at scoring goals.At the same time we have just extended Eddie’s contract which means that we could potentially have two very similar types of forward on our books give or take 3 years in age.
    To be honest I really can’t see the point.Paying what is likely to be a compromise fee of about £40m doesn’t seem the best use of resources…won’t do.much to make Arsenal a better attacking force and certainly wouldn’t allow Arteta to implement “Plan B” should the need arise.
    It is clear that Arsenal’s disastrous punt on Nico Pepe continues to cloud the Club’s judgement with regards potentially high value transfers.There is no doubt that Victor Osimhen could actually offer Arsenal the potential attacking threat that might allow them to challenge for trophies and a top four spot.That said he will undoubtedly cost far more than Gabriel Jesus…given that Napoli paid of €60m for him in the first place and there’s no guarantee that he would flourish in the EPL.Although on the plus side any deal could be supplemented by the sale of Torreira to Napoli.

  39. When Manchester City was signing the likes of Nasri, Adebayor, Gael Cliche from Arsenal not quite long ago, nobody referred to them as second tier team.
    Players move from teams to teams and that’s the reality of things.
    The analogy of Ferrari and Audi is absolutely inaccurate and short sighted.
    Gabriel Jesus may end up faring better in a young Arsenal team than he did with City.

  40. Not an article writer , even though he is new, that I will keen to read again. A rank silly piece, with juvenile thoughts and rightly panned by most Gooners. No intelligent thought at all has gone into this article but only the writers own obvious and wrongheaded bias.
    Some new writers have elevated JA ; OTHERS, SUCH AS THIS, HAVE DONE THE OPPOSITE!

    1. Jon, I totally agree with you. I normally have reservations about hard language but not this time.

  41. If Real Madrid, Chelsea, Barca or Juventus had signed him, would this question had been asked? So Barcelona signing our own reject- Aubameyang, makes Barca what?

  42. Just because Osimhen costs 100m, doesn’t mean he’ll score 30 goals a season.

    We did pay 72m for Pepe if you remember.

    Jesus knows how to play in the Premier league and we know exactly what we can get out of him.

    Its a step forward. We finished 5th last season and need to start moving up the table before we can think of dethroning Man City or Liverpool.

    Do you think Haaland would have come to us this season if we offered to pay 150m?

  43. We are second tier;). – that’s the reality… so Jesus is more than a suitable signing all things considered.

  44. One of the most disgusting and pathetic articles on JA ever. What if Jesus scores more than 15 goals for Arsenal the coming season, will the writer eat his words and make a public apology. Utter nonsense.

  45. I don’t get the fuse about Jesus. In fact I see him as more of a winger than a striker and his goal per game ratio is poor. Although he would be a welcome development for arsenal.

  46. i think you judge too much jesus is a top class striker whether you approve or not. he is a lethal striker if given chance, guardiola is one of the best coaches in the world but he is still human and tends to do thing his own way like playing bernando silva as a striker and jesus as a winger which apparently is odd. judging by his numbers in the epl jesus is a more sure bet than any other striker out there like osimhen who is a kind of sadio mane, aplayer who uses pure strength to move the ball not skills so much. i would prefer jesus over any other striker in europe now moreover in my opinion i would prefer buying an audi from elon musk knowing that it can work in my country rather than trying to buy a ferrari model am not sure of from a millionaire from another country.

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