Is Sol Campbell correct about selling ten players or is he overreacting?

Former Gunner Sol Campbell reckons that there are no less than ten Arsenal players that are not good enough to play for us and should leave the club.

Campbell, who now manages League Two Macclesfield, did not name any players by name apart from Shkodran Mustafi and even then he was simply saying he does not blame just the German defender but reading between the lines you get an idea of who he is talking about.

“I think there’s probably 10 players who aren’t good enough,” Campbell told talkSPORT.

“I’m not just blaming [Shkodran] Mustafi for what happened at Crystal Palace because I think it was a team thing, although he made a mistake.

“There are 10 players who Arsenal really need to look at getting out of the club.

“I think the fans need to not fall for the name on the back of the shirt.

“What the fans have to do is see what the players do on the pitch and can they fight and have the desire for the club.

“It may not be a world-class name but we got showed up by Wolves and not many people knew who these Wolves players were at the start of the season.”

Seems to me that he is clearly pointing to Mesut Ozil as one of the players that needs to be jettisoned though I could easily be reading it wrong.

But ten players, I mean, really?

That does seem a little extreme, though I suppose there are quite a few fringe players that could easily be sold but if I was to list ten players right now that I believe should be sold I would expect a few comments disagreeing with me, it really is subjective.

I can think of at least five players that we should definitely be selling but after that, I would struggle.

We do have a team of internationals and this is the first season under Unai Emery, we are in the Europa League semi-finals and have improved on last season in the Premier League.

I agree that we do need to sell some of the rubbish but for me, Campbell is overreacting a little.

What is your opinion?


        1. I can still remember standing behind the goal at the Anfield Rd end with the sun shining over the Kop watching Paul Merson sliding the ball past Grobbelaar for the winning goal in 1991 and the Arsenal fans singing “Hand it over Liverpool”. The reason for the song was Arsenal had taken the mantle from Liverpool and were the best team in the country. After that Sky took over running the game, changed it forever and destroyed it. Ferguson’s Manchester United became successful with the backing of Sky Sports who done as much towards their success as Fergie himself. They even tried to buy them at one time, a move that was stopped by the FA with the “conflict of interest” rule. Arsene Wenger then arrived at Arsenal and with the help of George Graham’s defence and the main catalyst of that team at the time, Dennis Bergkamp changed Sky’s plans of United domination and began a great Arsenal / Manchester United rivalry. Arsenal’s great side of that time, those magical ten years, ’96-’06 should have won more than they did. They really were that good. They had to be stopped, Sky Sports would make sure of that. Treated like Manchester City are today, the bias was there for everybody to see and still exists to this day. If Sky could have their way completely, even more than they do today, the title would be fought out every year between their beloved United and Liverpool. So you can now imagine how it’s hurting Sky Sports that City are the best team in the country and why their doing their best to push Liverpool to the title. I’m sure it will be a long time in coming but the sooner Sky Sports are removed from our game and terrestrial television returns the better. Can’t wait for them days to come back, if they ever will in my lifetime is debatable. However the magical ten years for everyone that witnessed them was truly the best football ever seen from our club in the sixty+ years of supporting them.

          1. Hi there Kev, I sure did – was bloody hilarious, i actually cried with laughter!! With that, then the hammers winning. What a day so far!! How’s your neck? Still feeling like Regan? Hopefully you’re not looking like her though ??

            1. Why what was funny ? oh didn’t watch that game but heard west ham deserved it! ? still sore but I’ll live Sue thanks ? not today but maybe tomorrow ?

              1. It’s Jimmy Bullard…. it’s worth watching, just for him! He smashed this Schmeichel cup & the look on Seaman’s face (was a clip from last week, from behind the scenes) it was priceless! Not many left now though ?
                I watched it – they played well, the hammers! If the spuds had taken the lead, I’d have turned over ?
                Haha well I’m spoilt for choice with what to call you now then! ?
                3 games live tomorrow – what do you think the scores will be? I hope my heart & nails can stand it ?

                1. Haha what’s the schmeichel cup lol ? I see that football quiz sometimes they ask 2 fellas questions and a player or person has to hit a free kick or shot of some sort at goal ? turned over ? what if west ham equalised 30 seconds later ? nails ? oh I bet you aren’t ? 3-1 Arsenal and 1-1 man u Chelsea Burnley 1-2 city well hopefully ?

                  1. It’s Lloyd’s coffee cup… you had to see it to appreciate how funny it was.. those avid anglers combining ? all we needed was you to pop up from behind the sofa – sorted!! ?
                    Yes they still do that (in the John Arne Riise arena) Wayne Bridge was the footballer today.. excuse me for waffling on!!
                    I hope you’re right Kev… huge, huge day tomorrow ???

                  2. Haha no waffle on all you want ? haha why do they call it the JAR arena they pool fans lol. Good job John Terry wasn’t there ? yeah us avid anglers are a rare breed ? you might be hiding behind the sofa tomorrow ? I know Sue last chance for a top 4 place let’s do this ??

                  3. I don’t know, but it has a good ring to it ?
                    Haha nice one Kev.. I think it would have been abandoned if Terry had been there!
                    Haha a rare breed ?
                    I think I will be.. for about 6 hours! We obviously need a win, not only for the top 4 chase, but for us fans too.. we’ve had more than enough doom & gloom! I want to be happy for a change!!!
                    So I finished Cobra Kai, was good, quite sad too ?

                    1. Why was it sad Sue ??? ? Haha Wayne and John playing handbags ? the old rare breed, the old RB ? supernatural is gonna be interesting too for season 15 the last! God has reversed all the demons vamps shapeshifters etc Dean and Sam killed 15 years of monsters all back again ? Callum Wilson again! I would take Wilson and Fraser from Bournemouth ? bloody palace and Everton 0-0 ?

                    2. There was a death ? and a cliffhanger at the end ?
                      Sounds like Buffy, when the gate was opened! I bet you’ll love it & go & get another tattoo…maybe of Dean & Sam?!
                      Wilson & Fraser have made/scored a fair few this season.. I like them too & wouldn’t say no… at least Fraser would go forward ?

                    3. Looking forward to that ? Diaz had himself an accident I take it ? hahahaha oh yeah I might as well go get my nails painted while I’m at it ???? yes Sue and they know PL very well, i would be chuffed getting those 2 plus a quality LB and winger not zaha ?you watching Newcastle game ? ?

                    4. I’m not saying ?? yes black nails – as you are a rocker ??
                      I was happy at being linked with Fraser, but was soon shot down ?
                      Oh god no, are you? I don’t like Newcastle… plus Catfish is on ?

                    5. Who shot you down ? haha gonna watch it later Sue ? oh I’m not a rocker I’m casual wear ? yes sure am Sue might be a good game ? I don’t know if he’d be good for us but I like Jamal Lascalles don’t even know if I spelt that right ? didn’t you hear Sue MTV is so 90s ???

                    6. Some gooners I know ? well I like him!
                      Hahahaha I like the 90’s ?
                      I like Ayoze Perez.. ever since he scored that brace at WHL… he’s on fire atm…
                      So have Cardiff been relegated?
                      U18’s are champions, U23’s won 3-0 last night… ladies are looking good… then we have the first team ? hmmm!!!

                    7. He scored again ? at this rate Enrique will call him up to the national team ? no Cardiff are hanging by a thread ? see Salas old man died that family has been torn apart ? first team could triumph in Europe though ? 80s and 90s was your era that’s why ??

                    8. Yeah I saw that Kev, it’s heart breaking isn’t it?
                      We could triumph in Europe (wow) but then we could also screw it up!! I don’t know, we’ll have to see what happens tomorrow first.. I don’t really want to go into that semi on the back of a defeat.. but I guess it depends if the team are up for it or not. Ramsey’s still out…
                      Hey!! You’re not that far behind me ?? who has a Birthday in 2 weeks – another year closer to 40 ?? hehe

                    9. It sure is Sue the stress must have killed him he was genuinely heartbroken ? god, I hope not if we can’t win Europa League then Arsenal can forget about winning champions League ever ? yeah probably gonna need him back, should never have let ESR go out on loan I think his performances were strong when he played! Don’t say that ? ? I’m in my prime ? you’ve already crossed that bridge Sue ??

                    10. Saka was brilliant last night, Kev… I like ESR… looking forward to them in the first team that’s.for sure!
                      ?? I asked for that!! Life begins at 40… crossed that bridge ????

                    11. So Wilson & Fraser combining, are one goal away of equalling a 24 year record set by Shearer & Sutton back in 94/95 season. W/F are on 12. S/S on 13!

                    12. Saka is good but still too raw I wasn’t overly impressed by his appearance in the Europa League I doubt he’ll be involved this season Sue ? our squad is that average we’re talking up youngsters to come in and hit the ground running ? I’m watching Norwich game are you ? Haha how old is your eldest Sue ?

                    13. I know, but I’m hoping we have a bright future!! ?? plus they can’t be any worse than some of the first team!
                      Are you watching just because of Delia?? Haha!! Are they winning?
                      She’s 23.. ha I’ll wait for the onslaught of more pensioner jokes ?
                      I wonder how much Bournemouth would want for them….

                    14. I hope so Sue but some of these young kids will follow sancho and head for Germany some are just too impatient and will jump ship first chance they get ? they’re in the PL they won 2-1 haha definitely I love Delia she’s my proximity infatuation ??? a lot for Wilson and maybe 20 mil for Frazer I think a front three of Aubameyang Lacazette and Wilson would be deadly ? lol no had you said 30 then maybe ?

                    15. Urgh Norwich… I remember when we drew with them & Sanchez hobbled off injured.. was awful & I was in a real bad mood.. as I thought Norwich were crap ?
                      Aww you & Delia & a bottle of wine ?
                      Well thank God for that, although some of your comments, regarding my age, are really funny, I’m either laughing or grinning from ear to ear… ??

                    16. I always hated playing Norwich it’s they’re kit it’s an eyesore ? but this Norwich team look good admittedly ? yeah me and a near 80 year old toasting with a bottle ?? I don’t even know how old you are I’m guessing between 45 and 49 ?? could be the big 5 o next year ??

                    17. OMG!! Don’t put years on me!! It’s 7 years before I’m the big 5-0 ??? there, so now you know!!
                      So you mean we’re going to lose to Norwich also, next season??!!

                    18. Star wars is on but that new one which is bloody rubbish ? haha well your not quite pensioner yet Sue ?? your only 6 years older than me ? and Sheffield United ? my old man will be turning in his grave thought of Leeds missing out

                    19. I’ll never forget hasslebaink ruining our title chances with that diving header in 99?? listening to Bob seger night moves what a song ?? what you watching Sue ?

                    20. I flaked out (oops!) I was watching Good Girls ? you’re rocking away then ??
                      No green kit today, yay!! Michael Oliver though urgh… penalty against us?! Yes I think so….

        1. Cech, Lichsteiner, Ramsey, Welbeck FREE
          Özil, Mustafi, Xhaka, Elneny, Jenkinson,

          Theres 10 who are leaving or are inconsistent or just plain average

          1. Almost in full agreement but would keep Xhaka, not because he is great but at the moment we cant empty out our whole midfield.
            My list is:
            Cech, Ospina
            Lichsteiner, Jenkinson, Mustafi, Monreal.
            Elneny, Ramsey(sad), Mhkitarian, Ozil,
            Also dont forget.
            Suarez, Asano
            That’s 11 players from the squad and two who are out on loan.

            I would try to bring in as many young and hungry players as we could afford such as Tah and Grimaldo for defense. Auoar, Havertz for midfield, Sarr, Bailey, Brandt for wings etc.. Obviously we cant get all of them but 4-5 similar age and potential players added to our youth would start a good rebuild.

            Don’t forget we have a lot of quality in our youth squad, and I prefer giving them a chance instead of getting 28-30 year olds as stop gap measures.

    1. Sue I love more than Pat today ???????. He gets to be grumpy while I have a day off. Lol at least until tomorrow. Sue no mess ups please I don’t want to go back to be the grumpy one.?

      1. ??? I thought of you, Pat & cheered like crazy when that ball went in!!! Enjoy today Pat… even I’m buzzing – forgotten what it’s like ? ????☺

    2. Spurs open the door, and we’ll somehow lock ourselves in…yet again! We’re not beating Leicester. Just pray we can get a draw and Utd beat Chelsea.

      1. That’s all we have to look forward to TMJW, our rivals losing… and what a goal it was, and what a celebration Antonio ?

      2. ThirdmanJW I have not given up yet. You know sometimes a team that looks weak and unfavourable might do the business on the day. I mean I am counting on luck more than what Emery can do, us playing good football will be a bonus. Spurs are still 4 points ahead and I don’t see them losing out of top 4, that means our chances are split.

      3. If United beat Chelsea and we could only get a draw from Leicester, we would be on same 67points as Chelsea and United, with United having to play Cardiff and Huddersfield as their last two games. That will surely make them the favorites to finish top 4.

        A draw is the best result for us from that game.

  1. Sol thinks bringing 10 players in at arsenal might work simply because he did the same at Macclesfield and they could be staying up. Yet all the players he brought in were free agents or loans. We have to compete for signings yet have only £45m to do so. Or, we could do what Spurs did and bring players through.

    1. Campbell is right, but Arsenal would not be able to kick out some of those players because they have huge contract. We might not be able to recruit new 50+ M players due to our bloated wage bill, thanks to our useless mercenaries

      Spurs recruited many foreign mercenaries in the past and it didn’t work well. After they promoted some high quality graduates and fixed their scouting system, they perform better without having to spend a dime in this season

      Arsenal should also fix their youth development and scouting systems. The young players would not be able to thrive if they are not given the chance to start ahead of the underperforming stars

      1. Againn you mention the same thing in each post about wages .how can you call ozil a mercenary he’s been here for going on 6years now and never said anything bad about our club even when he wasn’t playing .
        He’s a class player and by the looks of it a class bloke off it .
        Thing is you say the same thing on ever topic but never reply and then go to the next and type the very same thing .
        Either about our old players who earn to much or this fantasy about inverted forwards.

        1. I like Ozil, he is class. But he is extremely inconsistent, extremely expensive and just a luxury that we can not afford. He is also not getting any younger, so expecting him to change and put in more of a fight is not realistic.
          If there is anyone out there that want to take him off our hands, it would be a blessing.

  2. Too many of the Arsenal players are too comfortable in their positions, because there is not enough competition for places on matchday. The major measure a coach has to discipline players is to demote them to the bench or outside the squad until they prove they are good enough to earn a place.
    As well as the known deficiencies (wide player/winger, CB, LB, RB and CAM), there is not enough pressure on current players to perform to keep their place in the team. Hopefully who ever is transfered in will push existing players to the bench, from where they have to fight their way back.

  3. Get rid of ten players, it is not very wisdom like stuff here, he sounds like a fan who says tear it all down and buy world class players, easy peasy. If Sol were in charge, and we had a good shot at making the CL and winning something, is this what he’d be thinking, and if he did where the heck is going to get the money for ten players who’re needing to make the ground up on top teams. Sol is just throwing out a soundbite, he has given this no real thought, he is probably comparing the first team to the team that he played in, but more at a glance than an in-depth analysis, but it’s a different game today. Like how you can’t compare Aguero to Henry, the offside rule has changed too much, one toe is off way out wide and they are all offside, you can’t tackle from behind, the ref gives players protection that they didn’t have in Henry’s era. Too much has changed, and each team actually tries to win the game, it’s much different game. You can’t compare Liv, City, or players fairly against a different era, a tougher era in many ways.

    1. How is your point relevant to the Campbell statement though?. We all know the game is different toaday from years ago but lazy players are still lazy players in whatever era they play. And lack of effort is much of our problem. Plus a bunch of rank useless defenders.. Campbell was not trying to manage our team; merely saying we need to get rid of a lot of players. He is correct! So your point is not relevant to his statement at all.

  4. 1. Cech
    2. Ospina
    3. Martinez
    4. Macey
    5. Monreal
    6. Kolasinac
    7. Bramall
    8. Koscielny
    9. Chambers
    10. Mustafi
    11. Pleguezuelo
    12. Lichtsteiner
    13. Jenkinson
    14. Elneny
    15. Xhaka
    16. Ramsey
    17. Asano
    18. Welbeck
    19. Suarez
    20. Ozil or Mhkitaryan

    Leno, Bellerin, Sokratis, Holding, Mavropanos, Torreira, Guendouzi, M-Niles, Ozil or Mhkitaryan, Willock, Nelson, Smith-Rowe, Iwobi (for now), Aubamayang, Lacazette, Nketiah, and most of the youth.

    GK, CB, LB, LB, RB, DM, LW, RW, AM

    Probably take 2 or 3 years…

    1. Letting Xhaka go will be huge mistake and keeping any of Miky or Ozil is backward movement. Koscieny is still OK for experience and leadership while Ospina can be kept as a backup. The issue of Ozil for is not something to think twice about, he’s a waste of space and resources.

  5. I don’t know man but 10 sounds like a very huge number of players to try and replace. Maybe we can start with El Neny, Mustafi and Jenkinson as we gather funds for buying more players. I feel CM position lacks creativity as well, Guendouzi and Xhaka do not create at the level of Cazorla, prime Wilshere or Ramsey. That is why we are full or backwards and sideways passing. Nobody drives foward.

  6. In TRUTH if in 2 seasons and up to 10 of our current squad is not shipped out then we are simply not a serous club…..i rate many of our academy players more than half of what currently occupy half our 1st team that’s how bad our players are

    Emry can get them to scrap and fight but after all that they lack the required skill to cut it

    When I look at other teams players or some of ours like cazorla most times I pity our boys they just don’t have it in them

  7. Campbell is right about our need of a squad overhaul. our squad is ridiculously unbalanced with most good players competing for the same spot like striker or am and not a single winger or good cm after ramsey. torreira and guendouzi are competing for the same dm spot.

    Out of contract: 6

    Need to be sold: 3
    Ozil or Mkhitaryan

    Sell for good price/ good enough as squad player: 2

  8. I agree. We need to get rid of lots of players
    But it will take about two seasons at least to sign quality replacements.

    My ten or more to sell/release would be:
    1. MUSTAFI (terrible. Just terrible)
    2. OZIL (I can give 300,000 reasons why)
    3. Xhaka
    4. Jenkinson
    5. Mkhitaryan
    6. Asano
    7. Lichtsteiner
    8. Ramsey (going anyway)
    9. Elneny
    10. Macey
    11. Ospina
    12. Plagueis
    13. Cech (Retiring)

    Possible STARTERS for next season
    Aubameyang –

    SQUAD players
    Smith Rowe
    Reiss Nelson

  9. We need wingers or inside forward to get better and i want us to go for ryan fraser or especially Diogo Jota. Both can play on the wings, are very good dribblers, scare defenders when on the ball, young at 25 and 22 without the overated pricetag like malcolm, pepe or pepe. Jota has enormous potential with his dribbling and close control, just watch him against any big 6 team he is very dangerous.

    Most people want big star signing without realising that most of the best players in epl right now came as potential top players not ready-made superstar. Hazard, de bruyne(at chelsea), bernardo silva,eriksen,mane, salah, robertson and kante. Huge publicised transfers like pogba, sanchez, fred, jorginho, mkhitaryan are not as successful.

  10. While there is little doubt that a major clear out is necessary as a first step towards improving the quality of our squad ,selling players who are under contract is easier said than done.Emery has apparently conceded that our abysmal away record can be attributed to a lack of physicality in certain areas.Well if he is looking for a physical presence at centre back he must have been impressed with the tremendous display of young Diop of West Ham against Spurs today.He is exactly the type of centre back we desperately need.

  11. CAMPBELL SAYS TO SELL TEN. I ANSWER WHO ARE THE ONES YOU WOULD KEEP? For my money I would keep no one older than 26 at all bar Auba and Laca and would like to bin the entire outfield defence, save only Holding and Mavrop. I do not consider AM-N to be a defender; he is merely filling in and is obviously a keep player. These are what I would like , given the practicalities of first finding replacements. SADLY , I KNOW WE CANNOT GET RID OVERNIGHT OF ALL THE SHIRKERS AND HALF TRYERS. IF I COULD THOUGH, I WOULD WAVE MY MAGIC WAND AND SHOVE THEM OUT THE DOOR TODAY! WERE I MANAGER BOTH OZIL AND MKHI WOULD BE OUT THIS SUMMER, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

  12. Hé is a true gunna,, accurate in term of team spirit level and players, hé loves the club a lot, it is more than 10 players to change, easier to count who do we keep, one hand is enough. Torreira, Leno, Laka & Auba.

    Bellerin as Ozil or top players that czn make thé list but average, waist, lost as they being played out of their positions. Iwobi, Xaka, Gebdouz are all good enough to come from the bench.

    We need a coach who will always make good player sélection as many do with better or so called average team we losing against We at end of a cycle Ramsey represents and same main issue: WE are rich but spending less than Everton, even Leicester spends more.

    Emery did fine but made too many mistakes in picking tezm costing us CL football from PL.spots. we should be ahead of Spurs fo few games now, but wont even with their Truthw we had our future in hand as one game on Chelky above them. Look where we at our last games, Brighton draws at wolves we lose to, our 2 trips. Valencia is out of control lately…

    All teams beside MU, recently% have Européen football, cup for some playong as much or more games but using same best 12 on the pitch, win games. Liverpool doesnt Always have same 12 as many teams. I Can get injuries but de have players but bench torreira and Auua or Laca.

    They Come in, it’s another game but already conceeded 2 or 3! I dont ger this over turnover. No one does that. Emery is thé one tired, players mad to bé benched. Start best team, kill the game then make changes to rest as done before thèse 2 osts.

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