Is Song hoping for Arsenal transfer return?

The former Arsenal midfielder Alex Song will face his old team mates for the first time tomorrow since he swapped the Emirates stadium for the Nou Camp. And while his time with Barcelona in La Liga has not gone according to plan since his transfer two seasons ago, Song has really started to shine again during his loan spell with West Ham.

The 27-year old central midfielder has become a key player for Sam Allardyce and has played a major part in their impressive start to the season which has seen them stay above Arsenal up to this point. Allardyce rested Song against Chelsea on Boxing day but that was probably to keep him fresh for the visit of the Gunners.

The Cameroon international will be trying not to think too much about his former team and to ensure that his current employers make it an unhappy day for us. In fact, Song may have an extra incentive to perform well, as he sounds like he would love to play for Arsenal again some day.

Song told Sky Sports, “Always, this big family will be in my heart. I’ll never forget because what I am now is because of Arsenal, but now it’s important to play against them.

“We’ll enjoy the game, it’s not easy when you play your old team. I just have to do my job.

“Right now, I’m a West Ham player and will focus on that game. We know it’s not easy, but I will try to help my team win the game.”

I am sure that Song is aware that his transfer to Barcelona has left the Gunners a bit short in central midfield and that the Arsenal fans expect Arsene Wenger to bring in reinforcements in January, so maybe he is hoping to show his old boss that he would be the perfect man.

I’m not sure how the situation is with Barcelona and his loan deal at West Ham, but do you think Wenger should pick up the phone and find out?

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    1. If we could get him for a Song
      say 7 mill yes why not.
      Otherwise no. He left for money
      and in the end the fans were
      happy to see him go.
      Time to move on.

    2. Song, RVP and the other scum left us when we most needed them. I don’t even want Fab back no matter how good he is. Wenger brought those guys from pimple faced teens and molded them into world class players and they left when a dollar was offered.

      So phuck them all.

  1. I really can’t see a return for him happening! But what i would like to see is us getting jeffrey kondogbia in the january transfer window! Coyg!

  2. No way, don’t forget its the man (wenger) who rejected Fabregas, we are talking about. So I say no chance, not because we don’t need him, but because its wenger we are talking about.

  3. I’d take him to be fair. Liked him when he played for us and I don’t blame him for leaving for Barcelona. Let’s face it, it’s an attractive destination. However, I think we could do better. He would be my back up plan if someone like Pogba or Khedira isn’t possible.

    1. Are you Wenger in disguise?

      This “younger and cheaper” stuff gets me every time. Want to know why he’s cheaper?

      Cavani is wayyyyyy better. And at 27 hardly ready for the retirement home. Jeez, some ambition please.

        1. Never said he’s worth 50mil, but he’s not worth 15-20 like lacazette…. Because he’s proven top class.

      1. Cavani is ridiculously overpriced. He’s also over-hyped and to say he’s ‘wayyyyyy better’ than Lacazette is also ridiculous. Improved a lot over the last couple of seasons and is very cool headed when finishing. Also as he’s French would slot into our team no problem. Younger, cheaper and BETTER does it for me!

        1. Overhyped? Must only know the Cavani of PSG who has been very good as opposed to world class which was his level at Napoli for several seasons. He’d boss it in the prem.

          Head and shoulders better than any striker we have but fans like you just like the “overhyped” tag because he’s not done it as a winger.

  4. Don’t know who we talking about, only know WC players don’t need a nobody.

    This is what the house Rahman demands and so should every other gooner.

  5. 5 players that must leave this winter and maybe we can get Cavani :

    OG 15 mil
    Sanogo free
    Jack 5mil – free
    Campbell 5 mil – free
    Poldolski 15 mil

      1. Maybe if Wenger suffered from the same Arsenal would have won the BPL or CL at least once in the past 10 years. Soon to 11

        1. Maybe if you ANYTHING about football you would not post such illusions.
          You keep 7 players and buy 18? Where will you get 18 world class players.

          Get real dude, log off FIFA15 and step back into reality.

  6. Just saw 19 posts and thought what have I missed, then realised it’s all my posts.

    Just kidding, but seriously this site is boring tonight. Where is everyone?

    Muff is diving, I get that
    KickAss is patrolling the streets protecting da hood, I get that too
    Hafiz is cleaning the house of Rahman

    What is the rest of your excuses

  7. I’d like Krychowiak as our new defensive midfielder and I’d be happy with a decent centre back like Reid, though I’d prefer someone like Hummels, but obviously that’s not happening..

    1. Aim like this and you will get nothing … Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star

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