Is Szczesny apology enough to save his Arsenal career?

This is not the first time that the Arsenal and Poland international star Wojciech Szczesny has found himself in a bit of an awkward situation with his manager. Arsene Wenger revealed today in the press conference ahead of the home game against Stoke City on Sunday, that the keeper had apologised for apparently smoking a cigarette in the showers after the defeat at Southampton, but I wonder just how thin ice he is really on.

Because it is not just the smoking; it is the dodgy form and mistakes on the pitch and the latest comments by Szczesny senior that could be putting the keeper’s Arsenal career at risk. The last time that his father had a public moan about the way his son was being treated by the Gunners, Wenger had dropped our number one after a series of blunders.

Back then, Szczesny was very lucky to get his place back quickly because his replacement Fabianski, who was playing well, got an injury. This time he might not be so fortunate. I do not expect Wenger to drop David Ospina after his good and confident display against Hull City in the FA cup. Unless the Colombia international stopper does something wrong, I see no reason for him not to keep his place in the starting line-up.

It remains to be seen, but Szczesny’s next chance to play could be the next cup game at Brighton and he might have to do something brilliant in that game to have a chance of playing in the Champions League or Premier League again this season. That could lead to more outbursts from his dad and some big decisions on the part of the player and his manager at the end of the season.

Do you think that Szczesny’s career at Arsenal could be in real danger?

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  1. I say make him 3rd choice and he can try to earn the top spot back through performances. Hes a liability and always has been.

    1. Szczesny is not in the same class as Courtois and De Gea these are facts,De Gea probably plays behind a worse defence than Szczesny but he still keeps them in games they should be losing!

  2. He should apologize for his father’s stupid comments as well.
    The guy has real talent in my eyes. But because of allowing his father to spew shit (again), him smoking after the game and his general attitude, IN MY OPINION, should be fined and suspended for the next few games. To me, he’s very unprofessional at the moment, and shouldn’t be given the 1st spot.

    1. And come on now, another smoking incident? Do the player not even give a f*ck about the manager, or does the manager not actually care to do something about it? I’m confused here. This is a top club and not a kindergartner where Arsene has to chase the kids in order to punish them.

  3. Szczesny is not good enough to be arsenal no 1 keeper in the first place. He is average and always has been. What I mean is he ain’t world class is he? All the other top teams have world class keepers and we don’t simple. Even the scum down the road have a keeper much much better then ours. We won’t spend what it takes to get a world class keeper so the best option is to let the pole and Ospringe fight it out till the end of the season and hope one of
    them Come good or go out and get a proper keeper in th sumer. With keepers like we have we seriously need a defensive midfielder like Podga

  4. Smoking is good for you 🙂
    Cruyff Zidane Balotelli Socrates
    Bartez Rooney Berbatov smoked.
    Sir Stanley Mathews “Craven A cigarettes
    are kind to your throat” and “Stan takes
    his training very seriously and soon discovered
    the cigarette which suited him best” 🙂

    1. Buffon, Piers, Bobby Charlton, Joe Hart, Wilshere, Arsene Wenger himself, smoked and still does i guess.

  5. Szczesney to me, has become like a politician a lot of talk and no action! If its up to me, its david ospina in goal, until he gets his act together seriously and stop playing the blame game! Coyg!

    1. You are the most boring troll i have ever seen. Gone are those days where you had masterpieces like “Oxie” “House of Rahmans”™ et al. You have lost your edge, take a break. 😀

  6. last year in the first half of the season,he was superb. this year the team has struggled and so has our no1. he will play against stoke and I believe he will prove himself.he’s never been under so much pressure.

  7. He lacks decision making, recall his errors against galatasary and bayern munich which gave away penalties and him red carded. His mistakes against southampton . Against west ham he was brilliant for 89 minutes, and den almost made an error in d last minute, it was still a very good game though, but not perfection.
    to play sczceszny even after his howler against southampton wud b stupid and it wud being down ospina’s morale and confidence. So play ospina

  8. He actually took that puff to cool nerves after that shoddy display. I wonder what difference it makes if he takes it in the confines of his house. Who is deceiving who? No window screen please. Most of them are smokers. To me that is hypocrisy. I don’t smoke (now or never) neither do I condone it because it does much harm to your system especially as footballers. However it does the whole world good if we established and live by those standards.

  9. Schezza the clown. He can always fall back on that when hus football career fails, hopefully sooner than later.

    Make it happen Wenger.

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