Is taking over the Egypt national team a good move for Thierry Henry?

When the Arsenal legend Thierry Henry resigned from his job as a Sky pundit after the World Cup to pursue his dream of being a manager, we all assumed that he would be looking to take a job in England, with Aston Villa being strongly linked to the ex-Arsenal lhitman.

Henry’s only coaching job so far was as assistant to Roberto Martinez at Belgium, and they took Eden Hazard and Co all the way to third place in Russia, but now it appears that he is now negotiating to become the top man for Egypt’s national side. Talksport are reporting this morning…..

Thierry Henry has agreed terms to become the Egypt manager after his agent met with bosses from the African nation’s FA, according to reports.

The Arsenal legend, 40, is still deciding whether to take the role as he considers the direction the Egyptian FA (EFA) wish to take the team in.

Former international keeper Nader El-Sayed told Egyptian outlet King Fut: “We had a meeting with Thierry Henry’s agent in London, and (EFA board member) Hazem Emam was present.

“Henry is waiting for the EFA’s project for the team before deciding on the offer, apart from the economic aspect.”

Egypt did not fare too well with an unfit Mo Salah in Russia, losing all three Group games, but if Salah is fit next summer, along with Arsenal’s very own Elneny, the team could do very well in the African Nations Cup which Egypt have won three times since 2004 and got to the Final last year before losing to Cameroon.

It would certainly be an interesting development in Henry’s managerial career, but would he be better off working his way up in the English Leagues?



  1. Chiza says:

    Am i the only one right here who is not happy with the fact that we are playing Chelsea so early before our league match…. They might understand our play before meeting them in the league…and we would be using our first team unlike them… We might not give them a huge surprise in the league which i wanted… I’m not happy..or what do you guys think???

    1. Ackshay says:

      those to say emery wont try a different formation or different gameplan vs chelsea. The days of 1 gameplan and non-existent tactics are long gone my friend. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is insanity while trying different things and failing some times is brave risk-taking. I prefer the latter.

      1. Ackshay says:

        * whose instead of those

        1. OzzieGunner says:

          Chiza, it works both ways; stay positive!

  2. gotanidea says:

    Yes, Henry had better get more experience in a top European league, rather than managing a national football team

    He will have more games to hone his skills, but who cares, since he is not a Gunner anymore

    1. Goonerboy says:

      I completely agree with your thoughts gotanidea, i understand that one has to start from somewhere but am sure someone like Henry can still get a small football club where he can always face challenges and have a day to day experience with players, tactics and all, unlike a national team job especially in Africa, hope he does well anyway

      1. OzzieGunner says:

        I agree. Just think of the good managers who made their names gaining promotion from lower leagues. Unai Emery is one, Brian Clough and Eddie Howe are others.
        Thierry Henri has to be prepared to put in the hard yards.

  3. Chiza says:

    Has anyone taking a good look at our premier league fixtures list…i guess it favours us somehow… If we can still be challenging for the title by 16th of March then i guess our run of fixtures after that date could take us to the title.. I consider them matches we can get maximum points from…even the opening premier fixtures look good..if we can get good enough points from man city,chelsea and West Ham then I don’t think teams will be able to stop us so easily..the confidence will be much…..i know we just have to take it step by step and game by game and then hope for the best… But to be honest the fixtures list smiled on us if only we can take advantage…..the only negative though is that our last match is at burnley.. I would love us to lift the title at emirates before going to Lancashire…i don’t want to lift the title at burnley.. It is not a beautiful stadium and it is too windy over there… SMILES

    1. GunnerJack says:

      About 15 minutes prior to this post in which you say ‘even the opening prem fixtures look good’ you said ‘Am i the only one right here who is not happy with the fact that we are playing Chelsea so early before our league match…’
      The flight of the butterfly comes to mind.

  4. Counsel says:

    The in Wenger we trust section of the arsenal supporters,we are are neutral about the new regime until our hearts are won by positive results

    1. Durand says:


      Perhaps you should try JustArsene site then my friend. It’s about Arsenal FC not Arsene FC. I’m not kicking the man, merely moving on, as he himself has done. Get on board with the rest of us, going to be one hell of a ride on the way up!

      1. Indy757 says:

        I love Arsene and hate how ungrateful fans treated him, but we do have to move on from those Arsene years. However Emery does have to prove himself and it’s time for certain players to be held accountable because there isn’t a Wenger to scapegoat no more. Like I said I love Arsene but love arsenal more. And let Henry make his coaching career any way he damn please. As long as he gets his coaching skills up to par to one day take his place as the gunners coach.

        1. OzzieGunner says:

          Arsene Wenger was not scapegoated; he was rightly held accountable for collecting his £8 million per annum to run interference for Kroenke and the board.

  5. AY75 says:

    OT: About Smith Rowe, wouldn’t it be better if those of us hyping him turned it down a bit. For all our sakes, I hope he comes good, and even break into the first team ASAP, but I don’t think all these hype about how good he already is would help him. It would only lead to fans expecting too much of him already, and should he make a mistake that costs us, or worse go through a bad run of games, many of those hyping him would be there rip him apart, ultimately ruining his confidence……. well, it’s good Wenger is no longer here to beat you guys to that, ?…. he somehow manages to drain out our team’s confidence everytime, doesn’t matter if it’s a youth or first team player….. Sanchez resisted it the longest, and Aubameyang didn’t work with him long enough to catch the bug…….. I feel most of our players would improve though, and I have a positive feeling about the season ahead…. I hope we’ll be pleasantly surprised in the end.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Maybe looking forward to the new season with great hope, even if a bit over the top regarding our younger players such as S-Rowe and Guendouzi, is simply a backlash to the ‘absolutely no freakin’ hope’ feeling many of us had under the previous regime. So why not dream a little . . . it’s been a while since we were so optimistic about a new season.

  6. Goonerboy says:

    Here is what Bellerin has to say about Emery;
    The training has been way different,” Bellerin said. “We work on different things to how we did with the boss [Wenger]. Both coaches have philosophies that are different. Arsene Wenger was a manager that led a lot of inspiration from the players. He gave you a lot of freedom.

    “Unai Emery is a bit more tactical. We are going to be more organised on the pitch and they are different philosophies that have worked for them both. We are getting used to it, working really hard, everyone is really excited.”

    Thats quite revealing dont you think? And am sure Bellerin is putting it mildy there
    There is a massive difference between then and now, another reason why i think we will do well this season.

  7. barryglik says:

    For a guy who claims to know
    so much about football
    it is strange Henri
    is not a club coach.
    Neville , Shearer Nichol Scholes
    Keown Parlour Robson Savage
    are also highly pundits who achieved fe#k all in management.
    Thankfully everyone on justarsenal has a hugely
    impressive CV regards successful coaching at all levels.

    1. OzzieGunner says:

      barryglit it is more often the case that great players do not necessarily make great managers. A coach must be able to teach the skills, techniques and tactics of the game; great players often did what they did through instinct and are unable to communicate and pass on their skills.

      1. GunnerJack says:

        You got that right Oz, just listening to many ‘great’ players reveals that actually they’re as thick as bricks once they step off the pitch. Beckham is the first that comes to mind but he’s not alone.

        1. GunnerJack says:

          Maradona for manager anyone! 🙂

  8. OzzieGunner says:

    Arsene Wenger’s philosophy worked when Arsenal had high quality players, who were self motivated and disciplined and the team had leaders right across the park.
    The Unai Emery approach of implemented tactics, discipline with some regimentation, teamwork, physical fitness and hard work has a higher probability of success with the current squad.

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