Is Tavares set to be replaced as Arsenal enquire about Serie A star?

Arsenal are claimed to have enquired with Bologna about the availability of Aaron Hickey, which could mean an end to Nuno Tavares’s role as Kieran Tierney’s backup.

The Portuguese has proved to be a raw talent this term, and while he has impressed on occasions, he has proved costly in others.

His name on the teamsheet does worry me unfortunately, and reports by ViolaNews who cite Radio Kiss that we are interested in a deal to sign Aaron Hickey is one that I hope comes through. The 19 year-old made the brave move to leave Scotland for Italy shortly after his 18th birthday, and while his debut season may not have been as fruitful as he would have liked, he has really found form this term.

While I would love to see him come in as backup to Tierney, I feel like he would turn down a move to any club that couldn’t guarantee him regular playing time. He supposedly snubbed Bayern Munich for Bologna due to guarantees on his playing time, and it would seem like a backwards move in that context knowing that his fellow Scotsman will take some budging from his role as first choice.

Does our efforts to sign Hickey mean that Tavares will be moved on in the summer? Do you think Hickey could challenge Tierney for his role at LB next term?


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  1. Think some responsibility falls on Arteta and his staff to develop young players. Wasn’t that supposed to be a big reason Arteta was chosen to manage?

    We read numerous comments and articles about how Arteta was improving City’s young players. And yet has struggled to do so at Arsenal.

    These players are loaned, dropped, or frozen out.

    The answer can’t always be the checkbook, we aren’t City or utd.

    1. Calm down durand,it’s either nuno takes another role,loaned out or kept as lb for rotation purpose.come to think of it hickey is also a youngs er two years younger than nuno,so take a chill pill mate.this anti-arteta obsession is going out of hand.

      1. Odd how you go straight to anti-Arteta when I only mentioned the partial conditions under which he was hired.

        Arteta even spoke on this when he accepted the managerial job, and several times since then.

        I’m just holding people accountable for their words, like when I did so with Wenger and not upgrading positions with transfers, or Emery saying he would play attacking football. You know, when Emery said he’d rather win 5-4 than 1-0.

        I’ve been consistent, holding our last 3 managers to a similar standard.

        Not sure how it’s Anti-Arteta, I consider it “Pro Arsenal.” Out of curiosity, did you also give Wenger and Emery the “Kid gloves” treatment? Because I sure didn’t.

        I’ve always been club first, over any manager or player. I appreciate what all 3 have done for the club, but I never put any person above the club.

        Not saying you are, just stating my personal priorities.

        1. Durand, I also believe passionately in NEVER supporting ANY ARSENAL EMPLOYEE, WHETHER PAST OR PRESENT, ABOVE THE CLUB.
          NOR DO I accord individuals equal status to our club. All – from Chapman to Wenger to Arteta and also Bergkamp, Henry, Elneny or Xhaka- are simply employees of our club and have made some mark or contribution. All employees who play, coach or manage are extremely well paid and when they leave will not want for money and so do not warrent my pity if they have made bad life choices. They are free to live their lives as they wish, just as well as we are on JA too. Some employees achieve far more than others but none of them are what I support, as I SUPPORT the club ONLY.
          That being said though, I MUCH DISLIKE AND WILL CHALLENGE WHAT I consider regular unfair criticism of those in charge of runing our team, in this case Arteta. You are IMO, an intelligent man for certain but are also unfair in your regular refusal to give our Arsenal FC manager a real chance to prove himself. Obviously what I write is only my OPINION, just as your opinion is YOURS.

          BUT PLEASE BE AWARE I will always stand up for unfairly and far too soon criticised managers of our club and I SUGGEST IN ALL SERIOUSNESS THAT YOU WOULD BE WELL ADVISED TO LESSEN YOUR REGULAR OVER THE TOP CRITICISM OF MA.

          As a bright man, you will already have seen that many others besides me take umbrage at your constant carping against MA.

          Players will always attract comment and criticism, we both know that ,but players are not in charge and think mostly about their own (andfamilies) lives and their obscenely high wages , which is normal in this dreadfully over materialistic world we have to live in.
          I really detest the ludicrous wage structure that all playing and coaching /managing employees are indulged with and crave that it were otherwise.
          But now, and unlike the last dismal Wenger years of lack of effort, a disunited dressing room and being easily bullied, we have , for the first time in many years, a healthy dressing room and a team full of full out tryers.

          I and many others, even most others on JA, AM PROUD OF HOW OUR CLUB AND TEAM IS PROGRESSING UNDER MA and will challenge you regularly, IF you persist on being unfair and behaving in an UNsupporter like fashion.

          Sorry to have to be blunt, esp as I MUCH respect a GREAT DEAL deal of what you write on non MA matters

          But on this ONE important matter we are firmly at odds. Sigh!

          1. Jon I respect your opinion, and I understand the point you are trying to get across to me.

            As I stated, I merely try to be consistent and maintain a standard the club has held for numerous years; top 4.

            I was strong in my criticism of Wenger his last several years, and I stand by that. I also was critical of Emery in his second year before he got sacked.

            I maintain the standards articulated by the club (top 4) and hold Arteta to the same.

            1. Rafa Benitez has almost won it all in world football and yet he was recently chased out of Everton FC. Going by his records, why didn’t he win treble with Everton?
              It’s silly trying to judge or compare MA’s work at City to what he’s doing with us. The consistency you claim with previous managers and MA is vague and laced with virtue signaling, I’m too smart to fall for it.
              If you can’t understand the fact that the route to success is diverse, then you’re delusional. Jon was careful with his words with you but I must tell you, your criticisms are overly toxic and damaging. I can’t imagine you criticizing MA for enquring about a young prospect as lacking in managerial duties. Go take the job nah, if e easy, nonsense.
              Always find positives in people, celebrate them, then the universe will reward you with nothing short of positives.

        2. Supporting the players and managers esp when they are vividly giving their best is part of putting the club in mind first leading to a better performance which end result is primarily of the club’s benefit and secondly of the players and managers records,i will only support arteta as an arsenal manager not as a city,pool,spuds or any other team manager so accusing those backing the coach as fans to do better is ludicrous to say the least.

        3. You made it look like arteta isn’t achieving his set goal….getting a decent LB to deputise Tierney isn’t a bad biz….so just relax pls, cause all teveras has done to arsenal is cause us one or couple of games

    2. Working with young players at the academy and with the main squad is not the same.

      this Hickey guy looks like a good option

    3. Arsenal have the 4th most minutes by academy players in the prem. We’d all like Hale End to solve all our problems but it’s not as simple as “just developing” them.

      1. Thanks real good for this. Despite his obvious flaws, which we do analyze without animosity, he’s done appreciably well this season.
        Trust the process, kudos MA.

    1. Cedric is good atvwing back, his crosses and off ball offensive movements and technique in general are good. The problem, he is not very solid in defending. Not a disaster but even less of a defender than Bellerin who slightly above average, that makes Cedric a slightly below average defender to me.
      Unforunately the team’s balance with Nuno and with Arteta trying to play 433 with on DM to try to accomodate Saka, Martin, Gabi, Emile all together in line up, plus Ben being not so solid makes it difficult to depend on Cedric without changes.

  2. Buy exciting young talent to long deals, loan them out. If good enough bring them into the squad. If not sell them on for a profit. No every youngster we buy will make it, so makes sense to have a few options

  3. Okay, he is young and seems talented to me, the height, the seria a experience, highlights(which can make me look like maradona)…etc.
    We just recruited Nuno, and to be honest, he is not CL level. If we are to go to Europa league, or conference then keep him, otherwise, CL, then he needs a loan to develop.
    He is talented but he is developing slowly.
    I think pointing out, Arteta’s developing young players record is fair.
    Saka was introduced and booming before Arteta, ESR boomed after a loan where he developed else where. Gabi in my opinion seems to have regressed than Emery’s era.
    So which young player did Arteta develop?
    For me, it is Eddie N. but that is it.

  4. Weird, no one thinks this could be a replacement for KT?

    Nuno is very raw but he could come good, especially if he is fit all season right?

    KT, as good as he is, is just too injury prone imo, and usually with him its not a little niggle here or there, its decent time on the sidelines.

    Not that i think we will sell KT, well hope we dont, he just needs to sort that injury record out, we need him on the pitch.

    we shall see what we do in the summer 😉

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