Is the Champions League the only reason Alexis wants to leave Arsenal?

The Arsenal and Chile superstar Alexis Sanchez has been very quiet on his future despite saying before the Confederations Cup Final last week that he knew where he would be next season. There is still mountains of speculations though, and according to “sources” in Chile, Alexis has been talking to his team-mates and his family while he was on duty in Russia.

El Mercurio have apparently been tracking down some of his confidantes and they have quoted one ‘source’ as saying: “Not having European competition at Champions League level is something unordinary for Alexis. He’s much motivated by playing in it, and of course, to win it,”

“Alexis talked to many national teammates in Russia. He told them about the matter… he also spoke to his family. All came to the same conclusion: that the best thing is to finish his cycle at Arsenal and go to Manchester City.”

Alexis has won League titles in Chile, Argentina and Spain (and FA Cups in England!) plus two CopaAmericas with Chile, but he has never won the Champions League, and is probably thinking at 28 years of age that he is running out of time to win the main prize. He also knows that Pep Guardiola has two Champions League trophies to his name and is very keen to add another while at City, while Arsenal can only offer him a possible Europa League medal this season….

If you were a player of Sanchez’s quality, would you expect to play in the Champions League every year?



  1. Its utter ridiculous if that is what he thinks. Because prior to joining Arsenal, there was no indication or historical evidence of us winning the Champions league so that wasn’t the reason he joined us in the first place.

    I think at some point last season Alexis fell out with Wenger, and Wenger knows this hence his pursuit of Lemar.

    Coming days will confirm if am right…

    1. (JUDAS ALEXI$ $ANCHEZ), I don’t care what Ya’ll think , maybe he has stated he will be leaving Arsenal or not or maybe he’s still on holidays that is not an excuse for him not to sign a new deal,the FACT he is and his agent are trying to manipulate the club, he has never come out to quench the rumors in anyways and we all know even Bellerin assured us all he’s contracted to Arsenal and going no where this season after series of rumors from the press liking him to Barcelona, $anchez should come out and tell us if he’s leaving once and for all and he should stop playing games, it’s high time Arsenal make a drastic decision as regards $anchez issue, it’s either he leaves or not, we can have this kind of atmosphere in the dressing room before the season starts, i believe all contract issue should be sorted out before we kick start the season to give us a good shot.. for ME the fact is he cares about himself and not the club,he has no other excuse not to sign a new deal cause Arsenal has made a statement already by signing couple of players in important positions and more are still coming in. even the almighty MESSI flew to Barcelona a day after his wedding to sign a new improved deal before heading for honeymoon with his family.

  2. Alexis had not officially stated he wants to leave and Wenger has officially and categorically says his not for sale,so all things been equal he will honor the last year of his contrac.Coming season City fail to win any title,Gadiola get sacked,Arsenal wins the title and Europa…Alexis signs new deal#COYG

  3. If Sanchez wants to leave its time we let him go. He is one of the players who had to ensure that Arsenal is kept within the top four. The major problem is that he feels he has options. He has a way out, out of the failures he contributed in. If he goes its a goodbye to him

  4. You I love Alexis but in starting to get sick off his crap. Does he really think Manchester City are going to win the ECL anytime soon. He is kidding himself, Pep is a great manager but even he has had a rude awakening coming to England. In Spain he dominatated a 2 team league and in Germany there is no other team that challenges Bayern in the last 5 years. So he has had it pretty easy in La Liga plus is Spain he had arguably the best player to ever play the game and a brilliant team around him which he basically inherited. He couldn’t win the ECL with out Messi at Bayern so if Sanchez thinks he is going to city to win the Champions League he can dream on. Only realistic chance he has is if he goes back to Barca or joins Real Madrid. So let him piss off and let’s get Lemar and Mahrez and move on we will still have a squad capable off winning the league next season and we won’t have a little whining boy disrupting things in the background. That’s if the manager gets the tactics right .

    1. Totally agree with JPS_AFC1! Pep is a good coach, but seems to be given a free pass with regard to his own track record over the last 5-6 years now. How hard would it really be to win the Bundesliga with Munich. I may actually be able to with zero coaching experience. City were pretty poor last year for the investment in the team. As much as anti-Arsenal pundits joke about us not being close to winning the league due to our defensive woes, City were as shaky last year, even though Pep was supposed to straighten them out. Conte took the same players who threw in the towel the year before and won the league without many changes. Good luck to Sanchez if he thinks he’s going to win the UCL with City, who’ve barely gotten out of the group stages after spending close to a billion dollars over the last 6-7 years. If he was a true warrior, then you work to raise the level of your team, and strive to win things with what you have around you, instead of pouting about not playing with an All Star team. You can’t even claim Sanchez raised Arsenals level, or they would’ve finished higher than 5th. Watch the Sunderland game at the end of last year in which the 1st half was pathetic, and Sanchez was basically just walking around the field. Wengers main downfall is his loyalty, and lack of tactics, although he seemed to correct the latter at the end of the season. If I was a teammate, then I’d say good riddens to Sanchez. Bring in Lemar, Goretzka, and Mahrez, and keep Giroud, and The Ox, and the 3-4-2-1, and we’ll be competing.

    2. I agree. I get pissed off by players who want to go elsewhere because we ‘failed’, when they were a part of that failure.

      I know it probably doesn’t bear close scrutiny but I would be happy with all three of Lemar, Mahrez and Alexsandr Golovin, all great midfielders. We are supposed to watching Golovin closely; he is a player with all the talents of Alexis Sanchez but without all the school-boy tantrums, the selfishness and the worst % pass completion North of the Alps.

  5. How is Alexis sure that he will win champions league at man city? I bet, man city may not go beyond the quarter- finals even with guardiola in charge. Let’s sell Alexis and get over with this non-ending saga. I’m already pissed off.

  6. I think his agents is responsible for all this.and if sanchez is not careful he might regret it.d fans d club and most of d players love him.

  7. If Champions league is the reason Sanchez wants to leave then he should be considered as non patriotic and a failure. Failure in the sense that it is during their tenure that the 20years record of consistently playing in champions league was broken. He should rather stay and remedy the situation instead of abandoning the am at this stage for non qualification for champions league.

    1. For me Sanchez is a no push over player…. As a player of his calibre….he deserves the anticipated champion’s glory and since monsieur is now reinforcing the… He should just stay and fight for that glory.

  8. Just take the money and put towards Mbappe and Lemar. Sanchez will regret going to City, when Pep starts benching him.

    Manchester City have made significant progress in their efforts to sign Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal according to journalist Bruno Andrade of O Jogo.

    In a story that claims to present exclusive information, it is reported that negotiations progressed well this week and behind the scenes, those involved in the talks now consider Alexis to City ‘virtually closed’.

    Alexis has given a verbal agreement to join City in a deal that could cost around €56.5million (£50million) for the 28-year-old, who is entering the last 12 months of his deal at the Emirates.

    Signing Sanchez has been one of Pep Guardiola’s main requests to Txiki Begiristain and his staff this summer, and O Jogo also claims that the Chilean recently spoke to Pep and has even agreed personal terms with the club.

    1. Unless City offload one of Gabriel, Aguero, or Sane, I just cannot see how they could sign Alexis, without causing major conflict within the squad. The three I have just mentioned are City’s best attackers, and will not be happy sitting on the bench.

      1. Sane might be the one to make way for Sanchez imo, and they will also want depth in their squad..

        If we lose Sanchez and we manage to get Mbappe and Lemar, I don’t think anyone will complain on the contrary I think people will envy Arsenal…

        To have Giroud, Lacazette, Mbappe, Lemar,Ozil is not too bad the only question will be, can they hit the ground running and perform to expectation

    2. He will not regret it. Guardiola is a guy he can identify himself better with. He will get the same opportunities at city like at Arsenal if not better. Not to forget that city have the better players and more ambition.

      1. Which ambition does City have? Spending big and getting 2 EPL trophies in ten years? If one talked of Chelsea I would accept albeit grudgingly. The only genuine EPL trophy Man City won was in 2014. The one of 2012 was a fluke won on goal difference over rivals Man U. Since then they have only won one Capital one cup despite spending big. .In the same period Arsenal has won 3 FA trophies and 2 Community shields while spending not even half what Man City spent. So where is Man City better than Arsenal?

        1. The jorney is not over yet, where Arsenals has endet a long time ago. There is no such things as flukes. Only excuses. And you are not doing your self a favour with yours. Nowdays you can not compare Arsenal to big clubs. Maybe to Spurs yes, but not to City and Chelsea.

          1. Arsenal shares have at least doubled since the old shareholders sold out the majority shareholding to Kroenke. An offer has been made to buy out Kroenke by the minority shareholder for in excess of £1 billion. Where would Manchester City or Chelsea for that matter be, if there middle eastern or russian benefactors have financial difficulties or find other “toys”?

        2. Cups compared to epl titles are nothing. If you want to think of Arsenal as a big club you should never forget this.

          1. Remember Arsenal went a whole season unbeaten in 2003-04 to win EPL. Wenger alone has won more EPL trophies (3) than Man City (2) Don’t talk as if Arsenal has never won EPL. There is no magic in winning EPL. Blackburn won it once. Where are they now? Last year’s EPL champions Leicester struggled to make the top half of EPL this season. Don’t denigrate the FA trophy especially when a team wins it three times in four years. It is simplistic to dismiss such a feat.

          2. Arsenal-13 league title,13 fa cups,2 league cups,3 Europa,1 Fiar cup,16 community shield.Man Shitty-3 LT,5 fa cups,no European title,2 LC,3 CS…@ks-gunner,how is shitty bigger than our great club?we are the ARSENAL

  9. Monaco want the Mbappe saga to be resolved by Monday, as that’s when the club starts it pre-season preparations. The timing of Arsenal’s record bid can only mean one thing in my book… ?? Mbappe is coming to Arsenal ??

    The Mirror understand a staggering £125m bid has been submitted by Arsenal in an effort to bring Mbappe to north London. If accepted, the fee would see Arsene Wenger’s side smash their transfer record for the second time this summer after having acquired Alexandre Lacazette for £52.7m from Lyon.

    1. What I really want right now is that an official statement should be made soon, whether he is staying or going should be finalised this coming week as I don’t want our loyal players to be distracted or demoralised going into the new season…

      Don’t know about you guys but the Sanchez, Ox and Bellerin situation is somehow robbing me of fully enjoying the acquisition of Lacazette… When I remember oh! We have gotten lacazette the next minute I remember Sanchez,Bellerin, Ox, and it dampens my spirit tbh…

      1. I find myself in the opposite camp,

        Sanchez by all indications has his heart set on a reunion with Pep in the Blue of Manchester. A fantastic player yes, but I find it slightly ridiculous that the majority of Gunners feel as the Chilean is irreplaceable and Arsenal should give in to his ludicrous wage demands. Selling to a EPL rival is disheartening but adding a Lemar, D. Costa, L Mora type player would more than fill the void.

        Bellerin and Ox are both incredible talents but nowhere near the finished product as of yet. Frankly Ox will never be Arsenals version of Steven Gerrard and Hector longs for the home cooking of the Catalan Giants. I honestly would offer HB to Uefalona for $50M and inform Ox he is the new starting RWB. If he refuses to embrace the opportunity and opts to see out his contract shop him around to European clubs and recoup what you can. Aurier from PSG would be an ideal replacement if both choose the door.

        Guess I’m just not overly concerned about 3 players that seem have 1 foot out the door and can be replaced.

        I would love this starting 11

        1. Find this stupid. Arsenal can sell him but not to City. In the art of war you do not give the enemy a weapon to kill you. Sanchez can go to Italy, but not City. That is our choice. What if City won the league and we finished second. Wenger would be a total idiot. I don’t think he is that stupid.

  10. We have been having issues like this, and it has not killed us… Nasri, rvp Clichy, Sagna, Fabregas and others recently left in an unsound manner.. Soldier go soldier come barrack remains… ARSENAL REMAINS!!! Am enjoying my lovely and beautiful team!!!

    1. We will get over it, you’re right. But it will also be used allot for taking swipes, and peoples proof of what they want/think it says about us. Even if now they say f**k him we’ve lost bigger and no player is bigger than the club, they wont be above using it for ammunition.

  11. I don’t know whether anyone can buy into that bluff. If surely Sanchez is motivated by the desire to win CL he should not have let Bayern pass by because they have a history of winning it. No serious player can swap Arsenal for Man City. Where does Man City beat Arsenal? Arsenal has a richer history, more trophies, better facilities, broader international support, and more stability. Arsenal’s future is even brighter considering what is happening both on and off the pitch. Hence Sanchez should not fool anybody about his real intentions.

  12. CL is only part of it, it’s related because he wants to win the top honors. We came fifth that’s how far we were away. Money obviously plays a factor, as it does with everyone. He likes London though, and playing in this league. I’m gonna hold off on saying anything about 400k, we’ll see who we sign next, and then watch for news on Alexis.

    1. We came 5th, but between us Liverpool, and City, there wasn’t much of a difference. All of us were poor defensively at some point during the year, and inconsistent throughout. So it doesn’t make sense for Sanchez to think he’s going somewhere better. Agree again with one of the commenters above in that their 3 attackers are harder to break into. Somebody’s going to be benched, and I hope it’s Sanchez. Again, we provide a platform for these players to become better, and then they jump ship, (RVP, Nasri, Fabregas, Song, etc.) Ridiculous.

  13. Nice (French football club)manager wont allow Jean Michael Seri to be sold because they have let too many players leave the club

    Unfortunate because Seri would have been a good addition

  14. Sanchez is bigger than Arsenal therefore he wants to leave. Everyone given the choice to move up the ladder is going to use it. Every normal thinking person would. No one owes the other nothing. He has a contract and it is his right to refuse it.

    All of your opinions who are based on personal feelings alone do mean nothing at all.

    Judas? bahaha. Damn. The stupidy of some people is astonishing.

    1. You sound like wingy little kid. Clearly not an arsenal fan, what are you even doing here?

    2. Yes Sanchez has a contract – to play for Arsenal in season 2017/2018. There is no “I” in “TEAM”.
      If he doesn’t want to play for Arsenal sell him to the highest bidder and replace him with somebody who does.
      At the moment until official word comes from the Sanchez or Arsenal camps, we are all making assumptions based on rumour!

  15. Alexis Sanchez has one of the most powerful turbo engines/lungs in the business, he does not tire easily, He hassles players into making mistakes, he scores and he assists. He also throws tantrums, sulks and complains. To put it simply, he is unique.

    This is not a player you want to lose easily. We have to keep him. THEN bring in all those dream players Arsenal fans want, to play alongside him (Lacazzette, Lemar. Mahrez plus Mbappe?? ). Lets win game after game, claim the title then let him go with our blessing.

    But Why does he want to leave?

    A- He wants to win CL ….. good reason but City are not likely to win it. At some point Bayern, Juve, Barca or Real will have their way.
    B- He just wants to be in CL every season, Europa is a step too low… Hmmm what about Serie B? How low is that? in 2006-07 Juve was relegated in a scandal, many players left but WC winners Buffon, Del Piero, Trezeguet, Camoranesi all stayed and blasted Juve back up the following season coached by Deschamps.
    C- He wants better teammates (refer to a)
    D- He wants to reunite with Mr. G……. really?
    E- He has fallen out with Wenger …… nothing new players fall out with managers all the time, then they move on!
    F- Okay then its about the dosh…. There you go, now you’re talking!….. Lets sit down with his reps and thrash out a deal that makes Arsenal look really good and Sanchez happy. The human brain has produced blockbusters like “Avatar” and sent rockets to Mars, surely making Arsenal and Sanchez happy at the same time ought to be be easier.

  16. I just want this alexis situition sorted. I’m tired of all this pointless panic. Offer him 250k and if he doesn’t like it, he can leave. Alexis IS replaceable, and to be honest, it kinda left me salty when he had his mid-season tantrum. Not to mention the time he got subbed and he went to the bench and put his hood on and sulked like a baby. A great player no doubt, but I’m sure we can find someone just as good without the immature behaviour that follows. You can have ability, passion and a hard-working attitude, but you can also have respect and loyalty.

  17. Wenger will not sell Sanchez to City. He knows that Sanchez can lead City to the title. What if we finish second? Wenger would be lynched. He got his fingers burnt with Van Persie. No way would a sane man do that twice. Italy is the place to let Sanchez go. If Wenger sells to City he would be a traitor to this club. I don’t believe he would hurt our club that much.

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