Is the Europa League the last chance saloon for Wenger?

Arsene Wenger must have been desperate to see his Arsenal team lift the League Cup to save his job, but it looked like the players had little interest in fighting for the manager and succumbed weakly to Man City with an uninterested outlook to defeat despite the hope of saving a little bit of glory from our dire season.

So now the only chance of Wenger retrieving anything from this season is by qualifying for the Champions League, either through finishing in the Top Four, which was always Le Prof’s speciality, or by winning the Europa League. After this weekend’s games, which saw Liverpool, Tottenham and Man United all win, we are now ten points of the Top Four and our game in hand will be against today’s victors Man City on Thursday, which nobody can seriously believe we have any chance of even getting our pride back by beating the side that has only lost one League game all season.

So that just leaves the Europa League. And does anyone really believe that Wenger can pull a rabbit out of the hat and persuade his players to perform to the top of their ability to even get past AC Milan in the next round? I very much doubt that either…

Milan started the season badly but have regrouped and since Christmas the Italians have gone 10 matches unbeaten in all competitions home and away, winning 7 of them. Even if Arsenal prioritise the Europa League could we really believe that even our very best team can progress from the tie? And even if we did there are even tougher teams to face in the following rounds.

So could this be Wenger’s last chance saloon to salvage something from our season? And could he actually be asked to step down if we lose to AC Milan in an as embarrassing manner as we did today?

Darren N


  1. McLovin says:

    Montella was sacked on November 27th last year. Gattuso was appointed.

    Not long after it was until Milan started performing, I wonder why…

  2. AndersS says:

    There is no way we can win anything significant with Wenger anymore.
    It has been obvious for years.
    But, whether we can get rid of him is an entirely different matter.
    Apparently, we are the only top club (supposedly), where a manager can stay on no matter how bad it gets and apparently he is now a person with no dignity left, as he chooses to stay.
    Sad, really.

    1. Ray says:

      All so true!

      Arsenal under Arsene Wenger has had its day. The pinnacle happened years ago and has always been dipping since. Nothing lasts for ever but Wenger will tell you that’s not true of course!

      He’s lost the plot but his arrogance knows no bounds..

  3. Ray says:

    NOT A CHANCE! Get real!!!!

  4. AndersS says:

    Oh, I forgot. We may win the Emirates Cup this summer. If we invite 3 League 1 teams and give 4 extra points to teams playing in red shirts with white sleeves. Go for it, Wenger.

  5. Sue says:

    How many last chances does one man get???? Jesus Christ he should have been shown the door years ago!! At any other club he would have been!!
    This club really is a joke!
    I try and think of the future when things will be different, but that seems so far away right now… surely things can only get better????

    1. Rkwg says:

      The difference with Jesus Christ is that his boss did call it a day on his time down here … In that sense Wenger’s survival is more than miracculous … perhaps he should try walking on water!!!!

  6. AshburtonGrove says:

    #boycottarsenal until Wenger is fired. Enough is enough, we want our club back.

    1. AndersS says:

      Exactly. What has been lost is Arsenal FC, that’s how serious this is.
      Arsenal FC is dying, but the owner regime and Wenger are concerned about Arsenal Inc.

    2. Steven says:

      Let’s get a few things straight. City outplayed us but goals win matches. Wilshere’s complaints about the refereeing decisions were justified. The first goal was the result of a foul. As the goalkeeper’s punt came over, Aguero made no attempt to compete for the ball. He simply nudged Mustafi in the back, turned round and collected the ball. That is not a woeful error by Mustafi, it is a clever foul by Aguero. For the second goal Sane was standing in an offside position. If a player is standing in front of the goalkeeper, how can he not be interfering with play? The third goal was legitimate. Chambers got too tight on Silva. The real problem was in midfield. Ramsey and Ozil were not fully fit. Wilshere did ok but he was repeatedly fouled by Fernandinho who was lucky to escape a second yellow card. It is not true that the players were ‘spineless’. They competed but were outplayed by a team with better players in almost every position. Getting rid of Wenger without finding a suitable replacement will not change that fact.

  7. d says:

    its still possible to do both top 4 and europa, once we have lacazette back think well go on a run and finish top 4, then all these fans who criticize us for losing against the best team in the league will have to eat their words, next season with right signings and once miki n auba adapt, we will win the league

    1. AndersS says:

      d – what a pessimist you are. We can still win the PL and it will happen, and afterwards we go for a trip to Mars.

      1. Phil says:

        Anders-make sure you drop d off in Mars as you go by.He sounds as though he comes from another Planet

        1. AndersS says:

          I’ll do that, unless I can get some of what he is smoking.

          1. andcliff says:

            I suppose one can dream but in reality it’s a freaking nightmare.

    2. Dirtyjafacake says:


    3. Mohamed says:

      May be if his wife comes back for the night

    4. Bobby says:

      wenger does even use laca when his is fit so him coming back for does not change anything. I think the manager has lost his grip on the team and the players are not motivated to play for him but respect him too much to make it obvious, he should just bow out

  8. Leeroysgooners says:

    Should be no other talk than wenger out after this seasons shambolic performances. Just read this from our supporters club everything spot on.

    Lois Langton – chair of the Arsenal Independent Supporters’ Association – offering a frank analysis of what the latest high-profile setback means.

    “For many supporters, yesterday’s match epitomised the problems that have been building for several seasons now,” she told Press Association Sport.

    “What we witnessed was the culmination of years of arrogance and stubbornness. The solution is blindingly obvious and it is painful to watch what is happening to our wonderful club.

    “Criticism is never easy to accept but constructive criticism should not be confused with negativity.

    “Manchester City are an outstanding team. It is no disgrace to lose to them. What is a disgrace is the manner of the loss, the repetition of mistakes that we have seen countless times before and the post-match sound bites that are offered up as some sort of justification for losses.”

    “Yesterday’s match wasn’t met with anger and a chorus of “Wenger Out” chants. Instead, there was a sense of inevitability.

    “Few went to the match with high expectations. What we now have amongst Arsenal supporters is a huge dose of apathy. It’s as if the fight has gone because supporters know it’s futile.”

    Langton also called on the Arsenal hierarchy to point the finger at Wenger, who many fans believe has been given an easy ride given recent failings.

    “Yesterday’s match must mark a turning point,” she added.

    “For the sake of our football club, the board must grasp the nettle. It is clear that steps (which are acknowledged and welcomed) have already been taken to secure the future of the club but the hardest decision of all still sits with the club and that concerns the manager.

    “Nobody is denying what he has achieved for the club but that cannot be used as a self-serving justification to prevent change.

    “It simply cannot continue. It is not about winning silverware. The problems are so much more deep-rooted than that and are undermining the values on which our club has been built.”

    Thierry Henry, Arsenal’s all-time record goalscorer and a player brought to Arsenal by Wenger, believes a lack of consistency is the key to the troubles – given the Gunners have now lost six games in all competitions since the turn of the year.

    “With Arsene what is difficult is when you have bad momentum,” he told Sky Sports News.

    “The consistency is not always there and you need to be consistent. You need to also sometimes have some good games away from home.

    “The feeling with the fans is that you cannot brag about the win because next week we might be in trouble.

    “What’s difficult when you start to lose is getting that energy and commitment back. When you don’t win the league for a long time – 14 years running – that doesn’t help.”

  9. jon fox says:

    “Is the Europa League the last chance saloon for Wenger?” is a pertinent question to ask but I hope he has already had his last chance with the board yesterday. I believe the latest torrent of Anti-Wenger hatred, which I share and endorse will have alread set the decision makerw above him to start sounding out his successor. When we again lose to City, as we will on Thursday(embarrassingly again, I trust and hope) and the Emirates atmosphere again becomes hostile and toxic, as I think and hope it will, I believe the final decision will be confirmed and he may well be sacked the minute we are out of the Europa, which will certainly happen. I think the club are now fully aware that actual damage to our world wide reputation is happening weekly, which will show itself in loss of status and most importantly to this regime, cost them actual money. To stay he would have to win against City, win against ACMilan and win the Europa. Anyone believing those are going to happen , surely expects to win the National Lottery too this week; whether or not they buy tickets!

    1. But we just signed a club record £200M shirt sponsorship deal with Emirates Airlines…on the business side of things it has never been better for us and if that is the criteria Kroenke will use to appraise Wenger then a new contract and bonus is what he is getting.

      1. jon fox says:

        Quantic Dream, Do you want a private money bet on it? If you do, I will gladly exchange my personal details with you. I have already bet on his sacking by this summer anyway , at the bookies. I am a betting man , a serious one and rarely lose, so I would advise you to turn down my offer, though it is a serious offer if you want to make the bet. If you do, please contact me on the latest Arsenal thread, not this (now old )one.

  10. GoonAR says:

    No. WENGER OUT. It doesn’t matter anymore what is won or lost.

  11. RSH says:

    well were not winning europa league, and were not getting rid of wenger. Essentially, more suffering to come with no reward.

  12. bran911 says:

    Where are the AKBs?? Wanna hear their opinions on these things after another reality check hit is where it hurts.. you think wenger is God at Arsenal? A God who can’t assemble or motivate his players to play like real professionals??

    1. Rob2255 says:

      I agree the board need to sack Wenger but No need to get personal on Wenger, ive heard people on this site say disgusting things, the man has done great things for this club, not one person on this site would walk away from a 6 million a year job why would he, if your going to direct anger it should go towards the board for not sacking him.

  13. James Kariuki Njogu says:

    Only London’s fans can save us from these continuous embarrassing performances. They should boycotts home games or make some serious protests to push Wenger out. Watching arsenal of late is more of an endurance program than being entertained.


    There is no way we will win with Wenger in charge… Xhaka cannot be starting every single game, Chambers should be sold, We don’t have a real CDM so we should play the 3 CB but with Kosc..Must..Hold, Midfield should be Bell/AMN, WIlshere, Ramsey and Monr/Kola, for the Attacking Three Mhkitaryan…Aubameyan… Mesut Ozil. Lacazette subs any of the Three attacking players if they are not performing. Iwobi, Welbeck, Elneny, Xhaka and MErtesacker should be use only on emergencies.

    1. ALBERTOGUNNER says:

      and enough with the possession game… we should play ruthless counter attack.

  15. uyen umoh says:

    Please, help me tell Arsene Wenger that, enough is enough,. Please, go home and rest I believe your glorious seasons at Arsenal fc are long gone. Stop ✋ all these embarrassing and frustrating pattern of play to the innocent ? fans. Your defenders are below average: Your wingers were not utilised, midfielders, and attackers were very sluggish and that is what they are anytime anywhere They don’t have any winning mentality. No persuasive mindset. No pressure against the opponent. No goals oriented. Rather sitting back passing at the back as if that is where they could get the result This is very very unprofessional. This attitude has been haunting this club of recent and nothing whatsoever is done to kill this kind of lazy and frustrating behaviour. That fantastic flair that Arsenal fc had been known of that is always lace with speed, aggressive and purposeful display have all gone. Arsene Wenger the crying of those children yesterday was enough to tell you that we the entire Arsenal fc fans are tired of you. Please resign peacefully,this is my humble appeal to you.

  16. andcliff says:

    I absolutely hate Arsenal losing ANY game but if it meant Wenger getting the sack, it will be worth it. Piers Morgan says it’s the money that’s keeping him at the club but I don’t think it is. It’s sheer stubbornness and a wierd belief that he can win another title with this bunch of rich losers (barring the odd one or two) . But he lost his chance to go out a winner after the last FA Cup success so instead he will completely destroy his legacy when he finally leaves.

  17. Grandad says:

    Wenger was an intelligent man but sadly no longer is. How else can anyone explain his delusions of success with a crop of players he signed who are clearly below standard. Age catches up with everyone and Wenger is no exception.Members of the Arsenal Board must surely recognise his obvious failings unless of course they too are afflicted with approaching senility?

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      I thought “d” was short for delusional; is this Ty from ArsenalFanTV?

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