Is the European Championship destined to curse Arsenal’s plans?

Arsene Wenger is entering the final year of his contract this summer, and will be extremely keen on enjoying a successful upcoming campaign.

Euro 2016 is set to start in the next couple of weeks, and with interest raising in their first-team stars, the tournament may well end up hampering the French manager’s plans.

Hector Bellerin was called up to make his senior debut for Spain this week, and he is now claimed to have been the subject of an enquiry by his former club Barcelona. The defender will be amidst a host of Catalan stars this summer, and they will no doubt be trying to persuade the full-back to make a return to the Nou Camp in the close-season.

Another hugely important Gunner is Mesut Ozil, and he too is linked with a return to his home country. Bayern Munich are claimed to be eyeing a move for his signature, and contract talks have failed to find a fruitful end as of yet.

The playmaker was a rare bright spark for the club last season, with his 19 assists giving a huge contribution to their second-placed finish.

Five Bayern stars are currently in the provisional 27-man squad, which will be cut down to 23 today, and it will be hard to avoid the advances of his international team-mates.

Unfortunately, we cannot afford to have the pair being unsettled on international duty, with the duo earning the right to be amongst the first named on the starting line-up in recent seasons.

Add another long-term injury to Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey and we can officially declare the Euro 2016 tournament a curse, but there is no need to consider that predicament as of yet…

Do you foresee Ozil and Bellerin being tempted to move this summer?

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  1. I won’t be surprised. Which player doesn’t want trophies?? Ozil created how many chances last season?? And who was there to convert them?? Bellerin says he wants to stay. Lol remember what Fabregas said about Chelsea yrs ago?? Football transfers happen anytime and top clubs poach from smaller clubs to become stronger. Do we poach players or ours get poached by others?? Do u hear Madrid, Barca and Bayern fans hoping their stars don’t leave?? NO. Because champions stay ahead all the time. Ask yourself. What Kind of Club are we?? Why is there a need to worry if we are a top top club??

    1. We poach Barcelona’s youth player’s and then they buy them back for mega-bucks! .. Great business ?

      Players don’t want to leave top club’s, thats why their fan’s don’t worry about that!… As their club’s are always on the look out! to buy the best, no matter what the cost.

      We, the Arsenal fan’s, just sing that we are the greatest team, the world has ever seen. … ?? and we worry like ? about losing our best player’s! ? In reality.. we are not as good as we think! ??

  2. The temptation has already started mate! ?
    If Bellerin performans well and Spain manage to lift the trophy in Paris, we all know that our little Spanish star will (100%) get ganged banged with a Barcelona shirt! ?
    And if by chance, Spain beat Germany in the Final, they may even drag Ozil up on to the stage and assist him with a Barcelona shirt too ???

    1. Mate, seriously…. You’re a pessimist not a realist. Did the ‘100% Sanchez will leave’ prediction lose a bit of it’s sway now there was a big deal about giving him the #7 in the kit launch so now you have to move on to someone else? Give it up already!

      1. Give what up? ?…. My opinion? ?. .. if I did that .. I would be a Lemming… Just like ??

        Most of my opinions are based on the rumours that I read a week or two, before you do! ?
        I hope that we don’t lose any of our key players and if you are nieve enough to think that a player won’t be sold just because of a change of shirt numbers then. .. ??

        Players have been sold after signing extensions and after appearing in team photos for the new season. ??

        1. Hey Fatboy, I can totally see where @Josh is coming from. If you are olny repeating rumours then you seem to concentrate purely on the negative ones recently. And as for the “Bellerin will leave” rubbish, there is absolutely NO evidence whatsoever but you have repeated it ten times at least…

          1. Ten? ?
            show me ten and I will never comment on here again, sir!
            Come oooon,
            I have put few positive ones in tooooo ??

            Hahaha, I can’t understand why some people get upset with the thought of losing key player’s,when its a fact of live, just because it hasn’t happened since RVP that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen again!
            alot of fans on here where saying that they wouldn’t blame Ozil and Sanchez for wanting to leave after poor results and failure to win the premier league.

            Please tell me,
            Did they sign the contract extensions that were offered to Ozil and Sanchez? …. So?… what does that insinuate then? ….. that they want to stay? ??

            Anyways, enough is enough, I’m done!
            If and when Ozil, Sanchez and Bellerin get sold,
            Don’t come crying to me! ???

            Take good care of yourselves ?

            1. Don’t go Fatboy!
              We’ll miss your sense of humour…… (but not your negativity lol)

        2. You don’t just have opinions.. You push negativity on others as though it’s a certainty, based on…. Rumors!!
          How many times did you talk of Sanchez’ exit as though it was a certainty?? I swear I saw at least 10 comments about it.. And no, doing a kit campaign with that beautiful man sporting the number 7 on his back would be campaign suicide for both Puma and Arsenal. So call me crazy.. but that was as sure a sign of him staying as anything you may have read on Bleacher report or The Sun 😉

  3. Lol at the bottom the concern for Ramsey and Wilshere are injuries, not transfers, no one wants them.

  4. Ozil has been at Arsenal
    3 seasons and won
    nothing important. So
    is he in I “still want to
    win titles” mode or cruise and
    pick up 8 mill p/y year retirement mode?
    Only he knows that.
    As for Bellerin no doubt Barca will be watching him closely.
    What exactly is the deal with him if any?
    Is he on a buy back clause or anything?
    If so does that restrict the fee we can ask for his sale?
    If not then we would get 25 mill plus so is it fair to say
    it’s win/win for Arsenal what ever happens.

    1. Bellerin cost nothing but training compensation. He signed his first professional contract at Arsenal. At La Masia he was a schoolboy.

  5. There were a lot of factors back in the Fabregas/Song/Nasri saga’s a few seasons ago that simply aren’t existent today. One major, major, major factor was how incredibly screwed our wage and transfer policy was. For consecutive seasons we’d sell our best players and take gambles on players who didn’t work out, while the failures/deadwood rotted in reserves getting paid the same money as our starters each week. It was the signs of a football club on the decline not one on the rise and players were looking for a big money move after they’d established themselves… Bendtner, Squillaci and Chamakh were on similar wages (within 30k) of the big players that left. It was shambolic..

    As it’s looking this year. We’ll have cleared out Arteta, Rosicky (who, although is a club legend, we were not getting the production from him relevant to his wages) brought in Elneny and Xhaka (hell yeah!!) with Rodriguez looking to be an absolute steal of an inclusion (20mil release clause, call me optimistic but Kicker are the tits when it comes to german transfer rumors) that could largely be offset by the sales of Gibbs and Debuchy (should fetch bare minimum 15mil for the two). That is genuine progress as a club from a first-team and squad perspective.

    But I am so sick of everyone acting as though it’s inevitable that our star players will leave at the hint of any interest from other clubs despite those players absolutely coming out and saying they’re staying. Sanchez and Ozil make 160k a week and are undoubtedly world class. If we are putting extensions down on the table they’d at least be pushing 200k. Bellerin is adored by the fans and getting into TOTS’s FFS!! Yes, Wenger screwed up last season in thinking we had enough in the squad… He/we were a tad unlucky with injuries and should have compensated for it but didn’t. But this window he’s got a transfer kitty to burn and squad positions that need filling. We’ve already undoubtedly upgraded two squad members this year IMO (Arteta, Rosicky – Elneny, Xhaka) with potentially a third in motion (Gibbs – Rodriguez). A striker and a CB and i’ll be putting some serious money on us as champions…

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