Is Gabriel and Saliba the perfect partnership for Arsenal?

Has Gabriel finally found a perfect partner in Saliba by Nonny Classic

For the first time Arsenal are making/made early moves in the transfer market, and new players are integrating well, having a great preseason. We have on many occasions seen the club make late moves in the transfer market, leaving the new players not ready to contribute significantly in the early stages of the season, this has been a reoccurring theme that at some times it was as though it’s a tradition with the club, this season there has been stability and signings been made early.

Although not too much can to be read into pre season games being that teams are less concerned in what’s at stake, Arsenal is having a very good pre season, both in terms of performances and results they’ve gotten so far, the manager have also had the opportunity to see his new signing in different systems.

Arsenal have 100% win rate since their tour had begun. They’ve convincingly seen off four opponents which includes a resounding 4-0 win over arch rivals Chelsea
Prior to this game, they’ve beaten Bundesliga outfit Nurnberg, fellow Premier league outfit Everton and Orlando City in convincing fashion, scoring 10 goals, while conceding 4. In total, they’ve scored 14 goals and conceded 4 in just 4 games so far. They still have one last game against Sevilla in the Emirates Cup before their opening game of the season against Crystal Palace on August 5th.

Arsenal’s center back Gabriel Magalhaes sent a promising message by assuring fans of his best performance in the coming season following back to back wins in the pre-season matches.

“We are fit to deliver the best performance in the forthcoming season. We work hard during training to ensure that we improve on our weakness. Our pre-season performances are encouraging and the fans should expect the same throughout the season. We will translate the same performance during the season matches. We have the best squad ever so far.” Said Gabriel Magalhaes on Arsenal’s official page.

Gabriel Magalhaes message is promising to the fans. The fans will be motivated by his speech since they are yearning for the best performance from Arsenal. It will be a boost to the fans if Arsenal wins as many trophies as possible. The fans are eagerly waiting to see Arsenal do wonders.

Arsenal has a strong defence at the moment after Gabriel Magalhaes combination with William Saliba proved workable.

Since the arrival of William Saliba from loan, his combination with Gabriel Magalhaes who has been a competent center back for Arsenal has moved to another level. The two players have enabled Arsenal to be non porous hence keeping back to back clean sheets in the pre-season matches against Everton and Chelsea.

Gabriel Magalhaes seems to have found a perfect partner who will help him deliver the best results for Arsenal. The Brazilian combination with Ben White was good but we can’t ignore the fact that the pair conceded too many goals for a team looking to challenge for the biggest titles, also in the absence of Ben White our defence has been lacking someone to effectively pair with Gabriel.

Arsenal needs to deliver the best results to the fans in the next season. Mikel Arteta has strengthened the squad by signing new players that will help Arsenal achieve the best results. Many are not even giving the Gunners a chance of making the top 4 but football is played on a football pitch not on paper, being optimistic.

It shouldn’t be a surprise if Arsenal becomes one of the title contenders.



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Mikel Arteta meets the press after incredible 4-0 destruction of Chelsea

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    1. Yeah, Saliba seems better in duels and 50/50 challenges than White. But he just showed it in pre-season, so let’s see his performance in EPL

      I believe White can be our main RB

      1. Tomi has played perfect on the RB position, I am happy that we finally have 3 good CB. That is a position we have been lacking for the last few years.

        Excited for the new season.!

  1. I think the Gabi – Saliba partnership will be really good this season. Lot more clean sheets and less conceded goals than last season. Holding can deputize for both when needed.

    I am taking Ben White out because I think he is better as a CDM or an RB, than CB. His pace and speed can be valuable there. He can very well deputize for Partey I think.

    I don’t think Gabi and Saliba would be displaced by White this season, barring injuries and rotation for rest. They provide a lot more muscle and defense in general than any other combination Arsenal might employ.

    Saliba and white could be interesting for teams who defend very deep and play counter attacking football. Their pace can be valuable against such teams though.

  2. I hope the fact White was bought for £50mn doesnt mean he has to play CB. I think with a mindset as a defender and passing range and his pace he could be the ideal foil as CDM

    Let’s see what Arteta has in store bit whatever it’s good competition at CB. .

    1. Would be a good move for Whire to show his versatility and Arsenal to play with a dedicated CDM.

  3. Whilst Ben White is a good player, William Saliba is faster, taller, very athletic and more mobile than White. White has experience and is economic, and often bursts forwards. With Tomiyasu and Tierney back we will have amazing top level permutations. We do need one top midfield player though.

    1. If Saliba is quicker than White he must be rapid, but not having seen him in action in a “competetive” match I am unable to comment other than to say that White’s speed has got him,and our defence in general,out of difficult situations.As for Gabriel, while he is improving, he needs to sharpen up his thought process when playing the offside trap and cut out the silly fouls at the edge of the penalty area.At times he lacks calmness and composure but that will come with experience.One final note,great CB partnerships of the past have invariably been made up of two right footed players.In essence, perhaps a White/Saliba combination will turn out to be our most effective pairing.Time will tell.

  4. I think MA will utilise White as backup to Tomi. Saliba will surprise us all I think. He seems to have settled into a partnership with Gabi already. I also think we have already seen proof that White was a rip off at £50m. Time will tell though but I would rather start Saliba over White.

  5. Brilliant selection headache. We now have 3 brilliant CBs and 1 very decent CB.

    We are covered for fatigue and injuries. I think both of these played a part in us coming 5th instead of 4th or even 3rd last year.

    If we do get a LCB then holding could and should be sold

  6. My starting line-up would be:

    White Saliba Gabriel Tierney
    Partey Zinc
    Saka Ode Martinelli

    Can switch White for Tomi when he’s fit based on certain opponents. If Tierney is injured then Zinc to LB and Xhaka in

      1. Yeah for me it depends on the opponent because Tomi doesn’t push nearly as high as Tierney does as an example. If he’s fit he should start but I’m not sure if White will be benched for Saliba, in my book the best thing to do would be to give Saliba a solid run of 5-10 games and see how he copes.

  7. I would prefer a partnership of Gabriel and Saliba rather than Gabriel and White. This is because Saliba is a better defender, more athletic and this pairing allows Ben White to play as RB or DM as required.

  8. Remember, Ben White was bought as much for his ability to bring the ball out of defense, as for his defensive prowess.

    Is Saliba good enough to take over that role?

    If White plays right back, it would be more difficult for him to initiate our counter attacks, because he has less room to operate in.

    Just a thought

    PS:, will Zinc play left sided midfield?

    If we continue with the Partey/Xhaka partnership, then we are back to no true left sided midfielder!

    Still lots for Arteta to consider.

  9. I think these are good options to have White or Saliba. I think the key would be to keep all three in the action, so that you don’t side-line one too much, so that we have one that is not always game ready. I think this is one poor aspect of MA, we seen it last season with so many players who sit out in the cold too long and when they need come in for an injured player they struggle
    The other option can be to use all three in a back three and use Bellerin and Tierney as attacking wing backs. I don’t like a back three, but if you use players according to the strength of your squad, it can benefit the team.

  10. Saliva is a proper Cb,I have watched him at Marsseille, His composure under pressure is great and his ball carrying ability is also very good,for a 21year old to play like that I think he is ready for the premier league, for me him and Gabriel- make a perfect combo,White as a right fullback is also an option for MA

  11. As it seems, tienery can not play a full season without injury. Zinchenko will capitalise. In case of tomiyasu, white or holding are also good in absence of Cedric. Our team is shone but we can make one addition in the mids – experienced renforcement like rabiot, Arthur or tielemans

  12. Ramsdale
    Tomi Saliba Gabriel Teirney
    Party Zinchencko
    Saka Jesus Martinelli

    1. White
    2. SmithRowe
    3. Xhaka
    4. Eddie
    5. Vieria
    6. *New Winger
    7. *New Midfielder
    8. Lokonga
    9/10/11/12. Soares/Holding/Elneny/Turner

    2 more signings with a few more exits would be a nice way to end this positive window.

  13. Funny how almost all fans talking rubbish bout white as if he was useless last season. Only arsenal fans complain of having 3 quality players competing for a two spot because the favor saliba more than white.. City have (dias, stones, laporte and ake) and all of them usually contribute a part or two in the team progress.. How many of you guys consider white-saliba partnership.. Gabby lead epl error to goal after maguire and matic last season…
    gabby-saliba-white-holding are all arsenal players! Allow them to compete and nobody should be guaranty a starting spot..

  14. I think White has been totally underwhelming and a bad buy, considering that we loaned out a better player and bought a worse one last season. Saliba and Gabriel are far better Central defenders than White. It was a mystery last season and still is why we wasted 50 mil on White.

  15. Not White’s fault he cost 50 million. It’s Arsenal’s fault for overpaying; Gabriel and Saliba are better and both cost significantly less.

    We needed that 50 million spent to upgrade midfield or a top CDM. Now we have 50 million White, 3rd best CB and 2nd best RB behind Tomi.

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