Is the honeymoon period now over for Mikel Arteta?

The question has to be asked, it is one thing being humbled by Man City but a whole other thing when we get turned over by a team like Brighton.

Obviously the players must take some responsibility but remember, these are the same players that were getting the results that lead to Arteta to be hailed as some sort of saviour.

If Arteta was the reason for the good times it is wrong to absolve him when the results are not so good.

No one is suggesting his time is up, that is ridiculous but the time is clearly here where he has to be held responsible for results and answer for his team selections, substitutions as well as tactics and strategy.

Arteta has got some things right, dropping Mesut Ozil was long overdue, bringing through the youth and trusting in them is the right thing too and he cannot be held responsible when players have meltdowns on the pitch or simply play awful.

But he is responsible for the way he sets the team up, for his omission of Gabriel Martinelli, for his weird substitutions and so on, it works both ways.

Unai Emery was given time but when the results turned so did the fans and that is now going to happen to Arteta unless he halts this recent run and gets Arsenal winning again.

However, with games against Leicester City, Wolves, Tottenham and Liverpool coming up that is going to be a difficult task.

Arteta was always a risky choice and he did start well but so did Emery who was miles more experienced and qualified.

A difficult time lies ahead for Mikel Arteta and he may not have as much time as he thinks he has before the tide turns against him.

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  1. No, we are a mid table team now with a relegation level coach and most fans seem happy so, ownership does not care, board seems clueless and realism is considered negativity.

    1. Loose Cannon
      We are most definitely a mid table team, unfortunately. To think that most fans are happy about that would be unusual. Losing isn’t great.
      I have more faith in Arteta than you have, that is for sure, but the upper echelons of the club have more to answer for than he does. Arteta has to work with players who patently are not of the quality required to return Arsenal to a higher level.

      1. Totally agree Sue
        The sadness about this result is the instant success culture creeping in once again against a manager who let’s be honest came in at our worse time in donkeys years.
        This is a manager who as worked under the best for nearly 3 seasons ,plus being a player under Wenger ,who I might add as said wonderful things about Arteta.
        He is having to work with players who half want to leave or have contract negotiations ongoing or the other half who quite frankly are not good enough and that is why Emery lost his job .
        I was never a fan of Emery but seeing the players he had to pick and the performances they put in maybe I was harsh on him .
        What I don’t want to see which has already creep in on here this week and on other platforms are the negative comments about Arteta ,fans need to understand he has been dealt a sh1tty hand ,he needs time ,but reading the comments I just feel he’s already losing that battle .
        The interview he gave this week ,reading between the lines is that he won’t be happy if he’s not supported and I hope if he is not he would leave .
        In my opinion we have a good manager but he needs time ,I just hope he’s given that and the funds he requires to achieve that .

        1. Dan kit,
          I take my hat off to you for that reply.
          You have summed up my feelings in a way that I couldn’t
          Some of the stuff written about Arteta has been below the belt.
          I can only hope that somewhere in the US of A, Kroenke is thinking about what his lack of investment and interest in our club is doing to its global standing.

          1. Precisely sue ,if Stan does not see what is happening to our club then he Only has himself to blame .
            In the long run it’s only hurting his own wallet .
            But maybe it’s enough for him ,after reading a report in March that he made 145 million in his 1st 3 months of the year (or something along those figures ,can’t remember)then does he need to give a sh1t ?” I don’t know the answer to it “.
            I’ve been posting on here for probably 5 years and I’ve seen the end of wengers rein and the Emery rein and Artetas seems to already be going the same way on here with the fans ,and in my experience it does not end well for him .
            I got told off yesterday for airing my opinion (probably in the wrong or took it to far )about the negativity on here ,but it’s a bummer to keep reading all of the comments and articles that are IMO making or are going to make Artetas job more difficult.

          2. Dan kit, I am glad that you have seen the light admitting you may have been harsh on Unai Emery. What Emery achieved in his first season, in hindsight was impressive, given the bulk of these players have now let down Wenger, Emery, Ljundberg and Arteta. Arsenal can’t keep replacing head coaches, but must address the issues of underperforming players, poor scouting and recruitment, contract management and financial competence.
            The biggest problem with Kroenke has been the lack of football, player contract and financial nous of the managers he has selected to manage the Club on his behalf.
            It is heartbreaking to see how the Arsenal is declining. Arteta, will have more leeway and patience than Emery, because of his better English communication skills and his past career as an Arsenal player. He must be supported in the transfer market to bring in the players he needs.

  2. How long before we realise that when u put a bad egg among good one it’s only a matter of time before the whole basket become full of bad eggs.

    These players are good players and can turn up but there has to be a major change and if that’s what people call “surgery” then I agree. The work rate of the team is so poor. Very weak mentality off the ball.

    We need to get about 5-6 players who has proper workrate on and off the ball. With the way we play if we get only a few players in, the whole sloppiness of the team is gonna rob them off. For example if we get a Messi and he trains with the likes of Mustafi, Xhaka, Guendouzi etc how long before his numbers drop to their level?

    My point is that we might not need the big players now we just need players who can meet up with the standard work rate that matches the standard of the league. I mean basic stuff that Watford and Brighton can do we cannot do.

    I would get 5 players (hard working players) than 2 world class players because before a full window, the worldies would have dropped in levels training with these headless chickens.

    On Arteta, he’s just an assistant coach at best. Nothing special about him. Subs were awful again, team selection was insane. Why did he no use Martinelli for those 2 games?

    Well I would sell Auba, Laca, Mhiki, Mustafi, Kola El neni, etc and buy average players instead of this carp I watched today. No spine. Not good enough.

    1. Don’t get me wrong, I would love a 200m investment but that ain’t gonna happen we all know that. We are a mid-table team and that’s the reality of the day. The mistake was hiring a coach without experience.

      Imagine a coach like ancelotti instructing his players sight events like 4 chanpions leaggue finals, what will Arteta be saying to them?

      I am not Arteta out but I hold him responsible for the way we were defeated. Simple and plain.

      1. Gogo, you are correct.Not Arteta’s fault because that is his level. What would you expect of Tony Pullis or Owen Coyle or Phil Brown if they were the head coach of AFC? It is the fault of the board and ownership for his selection, for not having a vision mission statement. Where we should be in one year, three years and five years. This is going to be a long and painful era till we get a right owner.
        Only positives were Laca had a shot on target, Holding got game time and seemed good, he can build onthat. Pepe had a goal to boost his morale. So, over to the next game. Best of luck Mikel and team.

  3. I don’t think ozil is Arsenal saviour, neither is he still the wonderful player he once was. But what I don’t understand is why ozil is always singled out after every Arsenal loss. It isn’t as if he is the only bad player we have. Now that he hasn’t played in the past two games we lost. so how has your statement “dropping ozil is long overdue” affected Arteta performance as a coach on the players has a team. You could have just gone straight to the point without mention ozil, because he isn’t why Arsenal is playing bad.

  4. FFS! At least give him time to see if he is the right or wrong choice!! He’s inherited a shit show from the mismanagement of the board and the final few years of Wenger’s reign. Better and more experienced managers than Arteta would struggle to improve this shower of sh**!!

  5. Too early to judge him after only 12 PL games. The fact that he inherited a team without a single leader in it hasn’t helped matters. If the owner doesn’t back him financially he may as well walk away now because he or anyone else hasn’t a hope of winning anything with this squad. The sooner this farce of a season is over the better.

    1. Andrew, I fail to understand, we have a whole lot of expensive transfers -Pepe, Auba, Laca, Torrera, Xhaka, Socrates, luiz, Mustafi, Tierney, Ozil on high wages, Cabellos on a high loan fee.What more do we need? A psychiatrist to check why they underperformed.These are all pros not on scholarships.These are national team players and captains.The cycle chain needs to break at some point. Why are they retained if they do not have the ability and capability? Why are we not harsh and boot them out?Why do we not dock their wages for non performance? Or is this deliberate because they were asked for a cut in wages due to the pandemic? Hope I am wrong.

    1. Too right Sue I wouldn’t watch that horror show again I’m tuned into the Spanish league now 🇪🇸⚽

      1. I watched Palace earlier – so nice not sitting on the edge of my seat in a cold sweat during that – they played well!
        Who’s playing?

        1. I didn’t see it Sue but even Palace with a geriatric manager can win games on the road lol. I watched Wolves earlier they are a proper team 👏 Atletico Madrid vs Valladolid 0-0 but it’s a good game 😁

          1. I saw some of that – Traore 👏 – don’t know if I can be bothered with any other games, Kev.. may have to find another Netflix series to binge 😉

          2. Oh yeah he changed the game didn’t he Sue ? He impresses me the more I see him play 👏 yeah I don’t blame you 🙄 haha yeah go for it Sue finish the night off in style 😂😂

          3. He’s such a beast, I’d love to have him- no such luck!
            It’s gonna be 13 Reasons Why from the start (again!) 😀

          4. Oh definitely but I do think Pepe will come good well I’m hoping Sue 😂 maybe another bid for Zaha this summer? 😂 Atletico just scored confirmed by VAR it seems they have no goal line technology 🙄 I don’t think I’ve heard of that Sue I must Google it lol 😜

          5. Kev82, calling Roy Hodgson at 72 “geriatric” is insulting and totally uncalled for. He seems to perform well as an EPL manager and has the respect of the professional footballers at Crystal Palace in his charge.

  6. It certainly is and I fear that job is too big for a coach starting out! I doubt anything significant can change until we’re under new ownership who actually want the club to move forward!

    1. Pepe’s goal was a beauty… he needs to start banging in a few more!
      Unfortunately not, Kev.. only time I’ll see Zaha at the Emirates will be for the opposition 🥺
      It’s good, but sad!!

      1. Yeah it really was the only highlight of the day unfortunately but I think under a settled confident team he could be electric 😀 well you never know Sue he is an Arsenal fan after all and the club did seem interested although the way we are he’s probably glad he didn’t make the move 😂 yeah I just read about it Sue it’s kinda depressing it seems like it’s more for teens but you are only 19 (you wish) so I’ll give you a break 😂😂

  7. I have well over had enough of this trash and absolute disgrace of this so called football club Arsenal. BTW i just need to vent, I have several points I have to make.

    1. It has been going on for since Wenger’s last years. I was one of the only people when Wenger still had a couple of years left at Arsenal that wanted him sacked long before he left. However, a lot of people said I was ungrateful and complained too much. I said as long as Wenger remained at Arsenal we would never win a Prem. years later until he leaves we dont win a Prem, such a suprise!!!!

    2. People say Arsenal fans are embarrassing, ungrateful and deserve what they get.

    Let me just state just because before when we used to qualify for champions league doesn’t mean we were doing well. We went from champions to runners up then runners up to champions league places in those years. It would all mean well if we were in the champions league and performed well. But we didn’t did we, constantly not making it past the round of 16 and may I mention the constant thrashings of 5-2’s.
    People saying that we should have been grateful of Wenger getting us to the champions league and winning FA cups forget all the torturous experiences throughout those times. Constant thrashings 8-2, 6-0, 4-0, 5-1, 6-3, 5-2, 5-0 and the list goes on.

    Moreover all those times Arsenal give us that cursed word HOPE. When in past years it looked light we could finally break our duck and win the league we bottle it and fall down the table.

    In the last final years of Wenger we kept on going down and down in terms of performance. It was like someone was repeating the same seasons over and over again but it was getting worse and worse every time.

    Now the sacking of Wenger, people say we harrased him out of the club, bullied him and showed him no respect. But tell me all those whiners like the Man U’s, the chelsea’s and co who call us bad fans, this and that. Would you guys have manager who did not win your club a league in even over 5 years and still have him at your club. DEFINITELY LOT. We stuck by him for over 15 years. We only started the banners and protest after 16 years of constant digression, so I would say we fans were being rather patient with what we went through with him.

    3. Years up till now.
    When it was announced that we would be getting Emery I was severely dissapointed. This was the guy who didnt win the league with PSG in his first season. PSG, by the way who like always win every season. Yes he won the league in the next season however everyone can remmeber that champions league humiliation he suffered when PSG won the first leg 4 nil against barca I think only to lose 6 nil in the second league. After all this I knew this guy wasn’t right for Arsenal. But some people said I shouldn’t complain. We all know what Emery did to Arsenal.

  8. Continuing from my comment

    4. Mistreatment of players: Also throughout the years there has been mismanagement of players and for me one of the worst ones has been Lucas Perez. He was bought by Wenger in what seemed to be a panic buy. It took him a while to get chances but eventually he got given chances. In the games Lucas Perez played he gave many assists and scored lots of goals, not forgetting the hatrick!!! he scored in the champions league. How he was judged not good enough by Wenger so go left out of the team. Wenger left and Emery came and I thought yes this mean Perez can finally be given the attention he deserves, NO!! Emery pushed him right out the door, I check recent stats now and Perez is on 11 plus goals in the la liga with ALAVES!!! Wenger should have been fined for the way he treated Perez. Up to this day I never get over the fact of what could have been if we gave Perez a proper chance. I could mention another one Joel Campbell but I wont start.

    5. Arteta and now times:
    When Arteta was given the job again I was severely dissapointed. This man had never managed in his life and ended up become arsenal coach. The lack of ambition was clear from them, as if they had ambition they would have got a proper manager. Moreover, they knew they could get Arteta on the cheap because they did not want to shell out money as usual. Now not saying he’s not doing a good job because he has been handed a complete and utter mess, but he is nowhere near to me the right man for the job. He hasn’t go the experience or the pedigree. Now watching today’s match was one of the worst matches every alongside man city. Now we could finish in the bottom half at the end of the season. Arsenal is one of the worst clubs in terms of performance over like the last 10 years. Arsenal fans go through absolute torture and we as a club are going nowhere and down for a long time.

    1. Anonymous,
      You gave us all a lot to digest there.
      Lots to agree with. Wenger stayed too long, and Emery hadn’t got the communication skills and the ability to take Arsenal to a higher level.
      Too soon to slag off Arteta, even though you agree he was given a mess to clear up. I don’t want to be proved wrong, because I do think he has a lot of positives and it would take a miracle for the hot shot managers to turn what we have around. I can’t see Mourhino taking on Arsenal without the prospect of a seismic transfer kitty

  9. What’s crazy about this whole mess is if life was a fairytale, we would be in 5th place tonight two points off 4th spot had we beaten City and Brighton….ain’t reality a bitch.

  10. Home, away, fans, no fans, cardboard cutouts, no cardboard cutouts, in Europe… it doesn’t matter what competition we find ourselves in, we’re poor, really poor. European football is a thing of the past… and just think back to our last game in it 🙈
    With one of our 2 saviours this season out for what I think will be a very long time, things are just going to get worse! So fed up…..

  11. @admart ,wondering if you could pull this as an article?

    I have pulled the comments as requested and converted them into an article – Martin

  12. Correct about Arsenal being a midtable team. Some years ago the gunners were rated in the top 5 and then top 10 richest clubs in the world .Since then I supposed they have dropped out of top 10 .
    Taking part in the cl is just to boost the coffers of the owner.Arsenal will have a problem attracting the top players not to say retaining guys like Saka and Martinelli.
    It will take at least Arsenal 2 to 3 years to get into the cl.
    Forget about winning the cl for the next 5 years.
    Concentrate on winning the epl first

  13. a football manager is just like any leader of a country or company.. you need to be aggressive, vocal, and motivate your squad

    arsenal players are far better than brighton but our recent managers, Unai, Freddie, Arteta, are all weak losers who will never inspire anyone…

    all successful managers or leaders are ruthless, mourinho, klopp, simeone, ferguson, sarri, conte,

    sick of all these arsenal managers who are so soft, weak, quiet, doesn’t take accountability, AND doesn’t challenge the refs..

  14. We can’t blame Arteta for not being ready, he was an assistant coach 12 games ago.

    It is as simple as that…He need to get experience a midtable team…

    He came trying to help, does he best with what he can offer today.

    Can’t blame him on taking job to help us, he really loves this club.

    Kroenke saved himself 5M by not getting a top coach. Arteta left city who did accept to garranty him head coach pksition after Guardiola.

    Just common sense, he has no experience, will lose and make mistake in order to do less.

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