Is the Leicester win a turning point for some of Arsenal’s so-called deadwoods?

Is this a turning point for key players?

There were some rather positive and stand out performances from our boys against Leicester.

The team were solid defensively and worked together moving forward. There were also some stand out individual performances and I for one want to be one person to say that I was impressed with Willian and Pepe. Two players who have up until today failed to really impress me.

I have heavily criticised both in the past for lack of chances, goals and inability to defend but today they both put a shift in and led us to a comfortable win at the King Power.

Now all they need to do is do the same thing week in week out and really cement themselves into the team and show us fans why Arsenal bought them in the first place!

Martin Odegaard was another player that caught my eye and it was clear to see that we were more in control in the game once Emile Smith Rowe went off, there was more intensity and it seemed like we would score each time we went forward. And although it seems as though he may be injured now it was nice to see Odegaard come on and make a difference in a positive way, something we have been needing for a long while in that position!

Hats off also to Granit Xhaka who put in a controlled and solid performance in midfield and didn’t get angry or do anything stupid to take the gloss away from the win!

If only now these players can push on and do the same in the remaining games of the season then maybe it won’t be such a shambles come may! Here’s hoping hey Gooners!?

Shenel Osman

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  1. Don’t jump dowm my throat as I know they are different class just now. Does odegaard remind anyone else of a young Bergkamp? He seems to have his quick feet and an eye for the killer pass. A long way off the class of Dennis, but he is still young. Hope we can secure him for one more year next season.

    1. It doesn’t really matter. He could have the best traits of Bergkamp, Henry, Pires and Lumberg mixed with a touch of Charlie George and Liam Brady thrown in, he is on loan and not a likely long term asset to the team.

      The fact that we have two regular starters that are on loan shows the extent of our decline. Which other top teams would rely on loan players to such an extent? And that’s before we consider the number of players we have that’s on the wrong side of 30.

      1. Nick, don’t give up so easily. If he feels happy, comfortable and buys into “the process” (particularly with the young players) at Arsenal, Odegaard may wish to make a permanent move. There is no saying that Real Madrid, especially under Zidane will offer him better playing opportunities than Arsenal. Real Madrid need money and will have to sell players to buy in areas they want to strengthen. They need high profile “stars” to keep the turnstiles clicking over.

  2. Who defines the players who are “deadwood”?
    Certainly not MA, who has shown faith in Willian, Xhaka, Bellerin and Elneny.
    It’s the fans, most of whom were predicting doom and gloom with his team selection, before a ball was even kicked.

    In my opinion, we have two players I would class as “deadwood”, although I hate the term…. our two Madrid loanees!!!
    As their parent club have made it clear that they will not sell them, we should be recognising this and concentrating on our own and planning for the future.

    1. I see where you are coming from Ken, but then you would be robbing me of the pleasure of watching Odegaard while I can. And I thought Ceballos IS available, although unless we can find a place further forward for him (his failed tricks are not what you look for in a DM) there’s no way he’s worth 20 mil for us.

      1. That’s the rub guy, Madrid just might sell the inferior (in my view) player and we have to ask why?
        I’m not sure what Odegaard offers us that, to date, ESR and Martinelli haven’t shown…. and these two are our players.
        I do agree that watching Odegaard is a pleasure, but as things stand, that’s the limit of the situation, hence my “deadwood” explanation.

        1. ESR is a super young player, but he is more suited to central than winger, which partly explains why his form has dropped a little lately. But he NEVER stops running, he’s not superman like Saka, just seems a little jaded, and I think he needs someone to spell him – he’s playing enough games for it not to harm his development. So Odegaard is fine for that. I have heard that Martinelli is one of those guys that never thinks he’s injured, and always plays at 100 miles an hour. He’s developed a lot of muscle niggles in those last two games and that may explain why he wasn’t his usual self. The medics are saying treat him with kid gloves for a while or risk something permanent. Frustrating for us all but it explains a lot if it’s true. It’s certainly not a falling out because his attitude is great and everyone loves the kid.

          1. Yep, agree with all you say.
            But I still can’t help but think we, as a club, are like children hanging on to the mothers petticoat regarding Madrid.
            This is The Arsenal and we do have some excellent players, let’s not forget that.
            I do understand MA’s reasons for taking them both on, but we really cannot plan for next season on a wing and a prayer.

        2. @Ken
          Even the likes of Madrid, Bayern, Juventus, United etc have all taken in loanees in the last decade when needed.
          We aren’t more special than them.

          I really don’t see this over stressing by some of my fellow gooners about a player like Odegaard. I am enjoying watching him, he is helping us too.

          Why are people so hang up on him just being here on loan? He came in to help bolster that No10 with ESR. We all know that Willian had failed to perform, ESR needed help in there. ESR is always having these little injuries and niggles. So bringing in such an exciting young player like Odegaard on loan to see us through to summer was a no brainier for me.

          We tried to sign Aourer last summer but that did not go well. So Odegaard on loan is a no brainer for me. I don’t see this massive problem that some of you seem to have identified..

          We know he will definitely go back to Madrid but let’s get as much from him as possible then in the summer it should force / push our board to sign a permanent replacement for us.

  3. I certainly agree on Ceballos. My personal opinion is we shouldnt have re-signed him, whilst with Odegaard even without an option it was more in the hope that Zidane stays as we know he ostracises more players than even(allegedly!) MA. Also, Odegaard refuses to play for him. Throw in that RM are for once cash-strapped, and that we will very possibly create a strong relationship with Odergaard whilst he’s here, then there is a chance, albeit slim, that he will come. If he did, it could have the same seismic affect I recall as when Bergkamp signed for us, as he will be that good. His development has been stifled at RM and the lad will get better and better.

    Your view is the more likely to be proven correct, but unusually for an Arsenal fan, I am an optimist!

    OK I’ve had my chicken soup, time for this oldie to get his four hours sleep…

    1. guy, you and I are on the same page regarding Martin Odegaard. We’ll both have to work on ken1945 to see the positives. Great pass to Willian to set up Pepe’s tap in, by the way.

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