Is the Man United takeover stopping them from challenging Arsenal for our top targets?

Is Arsenal lucky that Manchester United is having trouble navigating this transfer window due to the takeover saga? Or has Arsenal just become more attractive than the Red Devils?

Manchester United are well known as a heavy spender in the market. With the Red Devils in the ownership transition phase with the Glazers are said to be keen on selling, Ten Hag lacks the financial muscles to navigate the transfer market. He may have to wait until the new owners take over for him to do what is necessary in the transfer window. Arsenal’s top targets, Declan Rice and Jurrien Timber, are two players well appreciated by the Man United coach. There’s no doubt the Dutch tactician would have done anything to beat Arsenal to the deals of the two had United been in a position to sign him players for next season.

Other than Manchester City, it is believed that the Manchester Reds have been spooked by the fact that Rice could move to the Emirates. They’ve even discussed offering Scott McTominay or Harry Maguire in a deal to sign Rice, though such a move has never seen the light of day It is becoming clear that the West Ham midfield engine’s transfer race is about who can afford him and who has the money; Manchester City and Arsenal lead the race.

As for Timber, he is no doubt admired at Old Trafford. It is believed he only wants Arsenal, but in his case, they have yet to convince the sellers, Ajax, to sanction his move to the Emirates as they’ve yet to bid what the 22-year-old is valued by them. Man United, in a good transfer window, would have quickly hijacked the Timber to Arsenal move with a rich bid of their own, but fortunately for Arsenal, they can’t.

Even though we can hint at the race to sign the two being about the money United would have been willing to spend, there’s also a constant mention that these players are hell-bent on joining Arsenal. In different reports about the moves for Rice and Timber, one thing stands out: either it is reported that the player has agreed to personal terms with Arsenal or favors a move to the Emirates.

Ultimately, if they were well off financially (or if the Glazers were keen to spend), Man United would have tried to trouble Arsenal’s transfer wishes, but it seems they are backing down at the moment.

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  1. Man U have been spending more or less just as much as City for the past few years, but they have very little to show for it.
    On top of the amounts spent on players, they have had to spend a lot on sacking managers and getting new ones with limited success.
    They now have a huge squad assembled by different managers, and they need a massive clear-out.
    They are mainly in this position because their bad decisions and that is also why there was pressure on the Glazers to sell in the first place.
    Sure, we can say we are “lucky”, when others do badly, if you like.
    But you can also say, we have been more clever the last few years.

  2. Yes Man United takeover is clearly giving us an advantage in the summer transfer market.

    Recent history has shown them blowing Arsenal out of the water in our attempt to make signing, the left back of Lisando Martinez is a prime example.

    By Man United been so preoccupied with the takeover and getting their house in order, it has provided Arsenal with a clear shot at target such as Ajax right back Jurrien Timber, this player is in a Similar situation as Martinez was before the last campaign.
    The only difference this time around the takeover distraction at United.

    Today Arsenal leads the race to sign Jurrien Timber as a direct result of Man United and Ten Hogs desperately trying to get their house in order.

    1. How do you know that they would have gone for Timber in the first place if they weren’t going through this takeover saga?

      1. Goonerstar
        Ten Hog was the one who promoted both Martinez and Timber while he was at Ajax, he was left stunned by Timber not joining him when he tried to bring the kid to old Trafford justb before the last campaign.

        Ten Hog intrest has not waned.
        But they are many sources that will confirm this , one recent source is:

        The Mirror
        By Kieran King
        Updated version, May 13, 2023

        1. The Mirror. How do they have the Ins and Outs of what Ten Hag wants?
          They just draw projections and guess like most of us.
          They are linking Timber to United because Tan Used to his manager at Ajax.. They ain’t got a clue as always, just pure speculation.

          All they do is throw player rumours around and if they can throw 10 random rumours anf catch one then they claim to be ITK.. But they forget the 10’s of speculative rumours they came up with in order to get one correct..

  3. I’m afraid Man United will become a more attractive destination for high-profile players after the Qataris buy the club

    This is why we need to sign Timber as soon as possible, before Man United steal him as they did with Martinez

    Liverpool just asked about Lavia, so Arsenal had better move faster to sign him

      1. I heard the rumors that Man United are interested in him, because their manager is also a Dutch

        1. @gai
          I think it has more to do with the fact that Timber played for Ten Hag at Ajax…Jus sayin

      2. He had promoted and coach both players at Ajax and was left stunned by the kid refusal to join him, Ten Hogs at old Trafford.

        No rumor

    1. Gai,
      I hope Arsenal’s delay in signing players won’t affect the club hugely this season. Liverpool, Chelsea, NCastle etc have already signed players. Of all the players we are linked to RLavia seem the cheapest why waste time? I am skeptical and hoping Havertz won’t dissapoint. ESR is performing very well with two beautiful goals in under 21 World Cup.

  4. Utd are impacted by the takeover and FFP. They are not able to flex their muscles, they have to sell first to go harder. Utd wanted Timber earlier, they want to sell Bisaka. They want to go after Rice but the fact they are hamstrung and Rice prefers Arsenal, it makes it near impossible.

  5. Man Utd lost Fergie and their mojo long time ago. Varane came for free because only Man Utd willing to match his high wages. Rashford still there because he couldn’t resist the massive wages. Martinez and Antony came only because of Ten Hag. And nobody else gonna pay for Casemiro considering his age and massive wage demands too. Apart from the brilliant Martinez, everyone else were average if not worse.

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