Is the new EPL fixture schedule arranged to derail Arsenal’s title chances?

Premier League Title: Is there a Conspiracy against Arsenal? by Jude
As the EPL title race enters its final stages, contending clubs are working on how to navigate several issues that could work against their ambitions of winning the title. Some of these issues could be how to manage existing injuries to key players and ensure they are fit on time for the remaining ties; or how to ensure that fit players do not sustain any avoidable injuries in the last two months of the season.Also, managers are trying to fashion out ways of managing players for the remaining schedules by rotating them in order to keep them as fresh and fit as possible for the long haul.However, beyond the managerial powers of clubs to manage and pave their own ways to success is the overriding powers of the TV cartel and the Premier League to schedule fixtures according to their own whims and caprices, sometimes without taking into consideration the health of players, fairness to all clubs and even the fact that clubs that represent England in European competitions should have their schedules fixed in ways that will not hamper their preparations and fitness leading to midweek European matches.One would have thought that in rescheduling some fixtures, especially those involving title contenders, and even more importantly, in consideration of all and sundry, the FA would have worn the overall cloak of fairness by ensuring that no one club is given an undue advantage over the other. To do otherwise is to send a message of bias and conspiracy against certain clubs, even if that was not what was intended.This is exactly what has happened to Arsenal in the recently rescheduled Premier League fixtures where it seems this action by PL officials has been deemed by a good number of unbiased football followers as possibly being out to derail Arsenal’s pursuit of Premiership glory in a season they are adjudged to have the brightest chances of becoming champions after such a long while.The 15-day rest handed to our North London rivals, Tottenham Hotspurs while we play crunch matches against Aston Villa, Bayern Munich, Wolves and Chelsea within that period before facing a relaxed and refreshed Tottenham is the height of skewed schedules against us especially when there is the possibility of Tottenham also playing its yet-to-be rescheduled match against Manchester City within the same period but PL officials seem to have other ideas, with City also handed a supposedly easier fixture against Brighton.With this stark reality, are there people disturbed by the immense progress Arsenal have made this season and are bent on ensuring that we do not win the Premier League? Only time will tell!
Rather than become despondent, disenchanted or disoriented, this development should serve as an extra motivation for Mikel Arteta and his coaching staff, the players, management, and everyone involved in the club to prove doubters wrong and make nonsense of every bias or conspiracy, real or perceived, being  peddled against Arsenal, by winning the Premiership.
It is possible because we are THE ARSENAL!Jude Ndukwe, an Arsenal fan, sent this piece from Abuja Nigeria.

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  1. There is never a conspiracy.
    we know the.more successful you are the more we will have to play games closer together
    Most teams would bite of your hand to be in the position we are in
    Let’s just get on with it and win it
    Less talk about the world 🌎 is against winning anything
    If we don’t win ot it’s not because of the fixture pile up, it’s because we aren’t good enough
    If we w8n it then it’s because we are the best of the best
    Onwards and upwards

  2. Actually I see it as a blessing, quick turn arounds between matches keeps you focused on the job at hand. We should be relishing these. It’s where we want to . In the mix for big things! Let’s keep the momentum running.

  3. A big NO.

    Remember one of the reasons Spurs have such a long break is because of the FA Cup. The same FA cup has also caused us have such a schedule

    This fixtures could actually help us. Sometimes I hate long breaks, especially when we are doing well coz it can stop momentum

    We have two months remaining, and a maximum of 15 matches

    Let’s embrace it. One match at a time

  4. Conspiracy? No. The initial games schedule at the beginning of the season are chosen by computer based on many requirements around FIFA competitions, UEFA completions, International breaks and domestic cup competitions.
    All Premier League (we don’t play in the Premiership!) teams voted by majority to allow TV to schedule and reschedule the fixtures to suit themselves, but UEFA have overall control when it comes to European competition games and the only fixtures the FA have control over are their domestic cup competitions. We are still in the Champions League so we expect to play extra games, but spurs only have Premier League games and if their opponents are still in Europe or still in the domestic cup competitions they get a long rest, as we did when we had our break in Dubai, earlier in the season.

  5. Arsenal have not play for long, I think longer than almost all the big teams, so we must be fresh enough as we have an added advantage of many key players not involved in the international duty as well.
    Saliba (0 minutes)
    Benjamin white
    Thomas Teye Partey
    Among others.

  6. Jude Ndukwe from Abuja.
    Good afternoon. And how are you?
    I can assure you of Arsenal winning all their 10 remaining Epl matches of the season. And also they will win a possible 5 Ucl games too. And as a result will win both the Epl and Ucl titles this season.
    Irrespective of whatever of the match fixtures pile up which the Gunners will have to play.
    But they will surmount the fixtures pile up and navigate through them successfully. And win all the matches that they will play to season’s end.
    So therefore, us Gooners SHOULD not show any sign of anxiety nor be worrying ot afraid or panicky. As to whether if Arsenal will not win the Epl and Ucl titles this season. But they will win the biggest double this season

  7. Last season fixtures we so congested for Man City, playing every 2/3 days as the competed till finish on 3 frontiers

    I remember they just finished an exhausting Champions League match before playing us in a must win match for both of us

    We were very well rested, but they still beat us.

  8. I am with most of th aboveposts in refuting thre writer sclaim that w eare beuing unfairly penalised. Thta would make no sesne and simpluy thinking and delving intoi things a little deeper than th writer ha sdone would priovide plentu of evidence thast AFC ids not more unfairly treated than any other Prem club.

    Fixtures being banded together, esp in spring, are simply the consequence of having multiple comps still to play.
    We haveonly two comps still to play. City has four and Liverpool three. No truth therefore in this insufficiently thought through piece.

    But even so, the writer plainly CAN put words together.

    It was only his conclusion and not his writing style that I cannot agree with.

    1. Mr Jf
      Have you been on the source
      Lots of typo’s
      Thought I was the only one capable of that 🤣🥰
      Very unlike you!
      Onwards and upwards

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