Is there a cure for the Wenger disease? No!

There is no cure to the Wenger disease‏ by KM

Hello everyone. Bored of the same old Arsenal movie we’re watching for the 10th year in a row? I know I am, but you know what? Unlike the oscars where Dicaprio finally got what he deserves, the director of the Arsenal movie is far from getting his reward.

Which in my opinion should be a huge sack! We’re managed by an old man full of cash. Isn’t it time for him to retire already? Maybe 5 seasons ago? I mean i am really disappointed that one FA cup saved his job so long, that we have to endure this humiliation.

If we are to move forward, we need a massive clearout of people who got multi-year contracts for nothing. We played like a mid-tabled team waiting for vacation on Sunday and we deserved to lose to a United side, that I just cannot comment!

We need to ship out the likes of Ramsey, Walcott, Gabriel, Per and the Ox and Giroud, who’d never be good enough. We’re good only on words. A Barcelona supporting friend of mine, said we’d beat them at least by 2 goals, but I was sure we’d lose, because we have that sorry excuse of a deluded manager up running this club.

The problem with Arsenal rides so deep, that the fact that if we beat Swansea everyone will be like yeah we’re doing it this year! We’ve scored 41 goals all season! Suarez has scored that much ON HIS OWN at Barcelona. We’re just plain average.

We cannot win a league title, even if all the other teams put it up for us on a plate! Wenger crumbled under the pressure and he deserves nothing but a massive retribution. I thought the boos at Stoke were a great start. Sadly he managed an FA cup and that gave him another lifetime contract.

This sorry joke of a manager, is the reason we missed on Pep, Klopp, Ancelotti and now with Conte / Simeone heading for Chelsea we’re doomed next season. Why don’t we take Mourinho. He’ll annihilate the players if they perform like they did on Sunday. Why don’t we approach Ronald Koeman?

Everyone has Wengers number. Put people on this forum with Utd. shirts and they’ll win against Arsenal as long Wenger is at charge. He is a poison spreading through every player. If I’m Ozil I’d be packing my bags in the summer, rather than hanging in with this sore loser.

He even had the naivety to show up at the press conference. I’d die in shame if I was in charge of that performance. This has to be it for him. The slaughtering will be at White Hart Lane though. It will kill off his last “record”. This year he’ll even let Tottenham slip above us as he’ll finish fourth again.

I’m up for sacking 4th place in the name of change. In the name of destroying the fragility of Arsenal and the softness. We need no more yes man. Wenger and all the players that are just bad need to go. We gave Diaby how many seasons? Ramsey had one half of an ok season. If he plays like that 2 games at Barcelona you’ll never remember his name.

We made Cech and Sanchez look ordinary. Wenger doesn’t have any balls to take responsibility and he talks about the title. The most expensive team to watch in the world puts a performance so bad a bunch of United kids could take advantage of.

The lack of spark, fire and desire in the hearts of the players, who don’t feel like it’s an Honour to wear the Arsenal shirt are a shame. The substitutions? Iwobi? What does Campbell have to do to get in front of Walcott? Anybody would’ve been more useful than Theo on Sunday. Why not start both Giroud and Welbeck and destroy this sorry United side?

This old man has to be kicked out of the Emirates with a steel boot and never be allowed near it again. I’m done with him. I don’t know what kind of proof anybody ever needs anymore to see HE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. He never was and never will be and I truly hope that I’d live to a day where I see him leave for good!

Despite all those desires though, death is the only cure to the Arsene disease, because by his own deluded mind, he’ll never leave.


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  1. Seems like you are puppet of Mourinho…. Just delete your post which is good for nothing. I think your analysis is required for anti-arsenal/arsene guys… We as fans must support more during this hard period. Why on this earth people criticizes rather than being optimistic. Our players need motivation and confidence which at present they are lacking. Once they are dumped out of champions leagues then you see what arsenal is all about. Tottenham will be tough but not impossible to beat as we will definitely get a good result at spurs . I challenge you.. I still believe we will win EPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL…………………. Gunner forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    1. You seemed to lay the absolute blame on AW for every flu and cold we experience at Arsenal and yet seemed to be totally oblivious to Maureen failings for the more serious deseases Chelsea experience this season. If he continued to stay in charge they would still now be thick in the relegation battle. And this was no just one time thing either…Its clear that his players at Real Madrid do not want to play for him either and he was forced to literally begged Abramovich to come back to Chelsea and cut short his Real Madrid contract.

      So i don’t think he is the cure and I took AW any day over this overhype mercenary….In my book amongst current active managers only pep, simone and maybe luis enrique (but he has messi) had clearly done a better job than wenger…pochettino seems to be building a really good squad at spurs …but its only a season and he hasn’t after all won anything yet….

  2. You are a deluded so called fans. Kicking Wenger from the place he basically built is the typical behaviour of a success riding fan. I bet you any money you start supporting Arsenal in the late 2000’s otherwise you’d know exactly that neither Henry or Bergkamp or Adams were at their best every season. I am not against replacing Wenger but I would use the proverbial steel boot to kick people like you from the gooners ranks. This man has done for Arsenal more than any other living creature (bar Chapman but since I was not born I can only tell by the stories) on the face of this earth and you have the audacity to actually Stoke him when the team (which shares the blame) hit the low point.
    Yes, he shares the blame. Yes, I give you that, he made inexplicable mistakes but get a grip! He’s done more to the club than you’ll ever do.
    Man, I get sick of people like you just by seeing your name. I support Arsenal for 30 years and I have seen bad, I have seen worse and I have seen people coming and leaving.
    You are entitled to be angry. You are entitled to question club’s direction and yes! you are entitled to vent your frustration but kicking the very person which built the Arsenal brand is something I can’t take and any other gooner should not take it. There is a limit you crossed and it is absolutely clear that if you ever really supported Arsenal you did it on the high tides. I don’t salute you.

    1. Well said Budd,

      Even though Wenger has lost his ability to motivate and inject a winning mentality into his Players, Every Arsenal fan needs to show him some respect for what he achieved in his early years at the club, not only for Arsenal fc but for the whole of the English game.

      But the sad facts are that he has lost the plot,
      With regards to transfers, tactics, team selection and even substitutions… He has been getting away with that for far too long and by the look of things, he will be doing the same old, same old senario’s next season too.

      1. Which is why if he fails to deliver then he will most probably be replaced or being told that he will not be renewed after his term expires. Wenger lost the faithfull supporters steadily since December (scroll back and see what I have said about Newcastle game, that result was a big fat lie). I guarantee that no one will holding him from his most faithfull brigade (that includes me, I am not hiding that). I feel really bad for the man, talking about commitment, faith in the group and everything else. He does not believe that, he is just trying to tell that to the players and I believe he is doing it smart. There’s no point, no glory and no result if you start attacking your players. We see how that worked for Mourinho. If Wenger manages to rally the team for this last ditch attempt then fine. He will redeem a bit but let this be known : there is no fan, die hard fan, Wenger faithfull which will holding him back at the Emirates. Wenger is running out of trust people like me is putting in him. There is no point in trying to get away with the usual explanation. Can you deliver it or not. That it is. Make peace with yourself and acknowledge that the game is different, there’s no more static team, there’s no more one way in doing things. You have to adapt to the players you have and to the opponents. Failing to do that will see his team plunge below UCL places.

        1. Gosh this is the precise reason why our fans are crap. Konstantin made a point a bit blunt but apart from love of the club all his other points were true. I have supported Arsenal for over 45 years and I would even consider Mourinho because he would clear out the deadwood, he’d prob be gone after a season but that could be the change needed. Wenger has done ok but only a fool ( doing the same thing over and over and get the same poor result) would stay on, I understand the reasons, 8 mil and be called LE prof but I would have expected him to have more experience and knowledge to not repeat his mistakes unless he is on a different agenda i.e. a financial one. Anyway I dislike the manager (for the past few years) and some players but still support the club. Even in the mid table days, it was good because we were realistiic, today, I dont know which team turns up and results we used to take for granted are not and thats probably the biggest dissapointment. Anyway the game against MAn U made me a lot of money

  3. Konstantin, I know your pains and your anguish. I know your frustrations and your disappointments. I know your Why this, for God’s sake? And I also know where you are coming from. It’s quiet a far distance all these past 12 years you have been on this journey coming, and yet there is no glimmer of the town your going to see as you raised up your head to look towards the hills to give you confidence you will finally arrived after such a long sojourning on the way.

    But KM, I have goodnews for you. If there is still time, then hope is not lost. If you are still out there journing, you can still arrive. If you are still in the fight fighting, you can still win the battle as long as you don’t thorw in the towel to surrender. So, please hold on. The battle hasn’t been lost yet, we are still in the fight fighting for victory. And we could be successful as long as we are still in the fight fighting. Cheer up! Victory could be on the way coming to us.

  4. He needs to go, I don’t care what anyone says but all the people who know about football say he should be sacked if Leicester or TOT go on to win the league. I have to echo this sentiment, i’ve already said he won’t win the league ever again, and i’m sticking by that.

    As far as replacements I think allegri, conte or Simeone are more than capable to take the helm and i promise you if we get real leaders like them walcott/giroud/ramsay/ox/gibbs/arteta/flamini/rosicky will be cleared out. The mediocrity at this club is beyond astounding and bordering on ROBBERY. They’re taking good honest people’s hard earned money season after season and the product on the floor does not reflect the spiking ticket prices they pay season after season.

    1. Paul Merson was absolutely right with his statement,
      If the spuds or Leicester win the league then Wenger should be sacked, especially after feeding the fan’s his bull ? for not signing any outfield players during the summer transfer window.

      But knowing Wenger’s luck… Man City will win it, just so it keeps his job safe for another season.

  5. i am just amused how we fans are affected by the latest result. all of us want AW head now but a win against Swansea and Spurs makes him hero again
    LVG was close to door a week ago and now he is hero

  6. Even though the defeat to Utd severely dented our chances of winning the premier league and the manner of defeat, rightly! causing outrage!.. We are still in the equation, whilst it is mathematically possible… But Moral wise?.. we are dead and buried ! ?

    It’s going to take the biggest bounce back of our season to restore some order and belief that we are still in the title race!
    All we can do now.. is wait and see how the team performs against Swansea and pray that Leicester and the spuds both slip up! …. it’s funny how no one is mentioning Man City lol ?

  7. According to some rumours,
    Wenger will drop Gabriel and Sanchez to the bench and start with Mertesacker, Elneny, Iwobi and Campbell against Swansea.
    That would be interesting considering this is a super must win game…. it’s the wrong time for experimenting.

    The problem with Gabriel’s performance against Utd was that he was rushed back too soon after suffering a hamstring injury and he only returned back from Brazil days before the Utd game… So that was another Wenger mistake and I think that fan’s were a bit harsh with their criticism of the player.

    More laughable rumours that Arsenal fc have released to ease the outrage after the Utd defeat … That Wenger will have £75 million to spend in the summer ? and that wenger has already prioritised a CB and DM.
    But No striker was mentioned ?

    1. Wenger should prioritise LW and a creative midfielder when Ozil and Sanchez pack their success driven bags.

  8. Really disappointed but not surprised by the teams poor performances of late.
    I’m afraid this has the usual hallmarks of a flat-lining end to the league challenge which occurs in most of Arsenal’s seasons nowadays.
    Standby for the hollow promises of big name transfers to deflect from the fact that another under-achieving year has just passed us by.

  9. We had a chance to build on a solid end to last season last summer but what did Wenger do, declare he didnt need any new outfied signings. I knew then that nothing has changed and that the season was over before it began. He re signed Arteta when it was obvious he was done and that we needed a strong defensive midfielder. We needed a new striker but got nothing. Players aren’t idiots they see a lack of ambition and complacency by the board and the manager and it demotivates them with the resultant lame performances we see on the pitch. Nothing will change unless Wenger goes because one thing is for sure he won’t change and we won’t win the league again under him guaranteed.

  10. SHAMEFUL!!i can,t believe that this post had been allowed to be posted on this site!anyone connected with arsenal does know that despite his flaws and he has a few WENGER does what he thinks is best for the club,fans and aslo thinks he is still the right man to lead us something im sure many will disagree with but to go as far as calling him an old man,deluded,a sorry excuse of a manager,calling for him to be booted out of the club and not be allowed near it again is out of order,and also shows how clueless &ignorant you are!!how can you even say that he never was a good manager really,when did you start following football and arsenal??his time might be up but for everything ARSENE WENGER has done for the club the least he deserves is some respect and recognition for what he has done/achieved for this club but also for his personal commitment and his love for arsenal all these years!!once again SHAME ON YOU for writing this article & JUST ARSENAL for allowing it on your site.

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