Is there a future for Granit Xhaka at Arsenal without the fans?

Can Granit Xhaka salvage his Arsenal career and get the fans back onside?

Generally speaking, I do not like international breaks, they last too long and can be quite boring. However, there is one thing I do like about these periods, it gives us time to debate issues that would normally get drowned out in the busyness of club games.

One debating point for me, is there a future for Granit Xhaka at Arsenal? I feel there is but only if the fans get behind him.

Obviously he would need to perform on the pitch. None of the ugliness would have occurred if he was putting in consistently good displays week after week.

But the fans will have to play their part as well. If he does return to the team and then gets booed it is hard to see him playing at his best under those circumstances.

It may be hard for the fans to swallow after he swore at them. But it has to be done if they want Xhaka on top of his game. It is surely far better he is assisting Arsenal in their quest to recover their season than not.

Some fans will be unforgiving and that is fair but I am of the belief that once in an Arsenal shirt every player must be given full unequivocal support.

Put it this way, if Xhaka scored the winning goal that secured Champions League football would we then hold his foul-mouthed rant against him? I do not think we would.

But as I have said already, we need to support him if we expect to get the best from him.

So yes, in my opinion, we should forgive and forget and give him a second chance if he is reintroduced into the team.


  1. Where'sMyTop4TrophyGone? says:

    I believe so too. And I am a fan who would be more than happy to see him leave. As long as he’s here, he better perform than not. Hell, I’d even like to see him overachieve and make me regret my wishes in the same way Ramsey did it to a lot of us calling for his head, a few seasons before he became a true master of his trade.

  2. Godswill says:

    It’s my wish that he does well when he returns. He’s an Arsenal player right now. If he performs well, good for me (and like mind fans). Who wouldn’t want his player to perform?
    Am not the kind of fan that wishes the team to lose because I want a certain Emery to leave even if I don’t like him. It pains to see my team lose.
    I can’t be booing my team’s player while on the pitch. It amounts to supporting the other team.
    It pains. It pains. It pains. Poor me. Oh my team wake up.

    1. umuntu says:

      well said

  3. Reggie says:

    In a nutshell NO.

  4. Daulat says:

    I think no. Not just because of his outburst with fans, but the kind of player he is. Luiz is better at anything Xhaka has to offer tbh.

  5. Arsene says:

    Some Arsenal fans act in a very negative way towards their team. They screamed for Wenger to be sacked after he revolutionised the way we played and set the benchmark for every other team to reach, how very sad and shameful, how ignorant. Some fans boo their own players yet hypocritically the call themselves supporters. They send hate mail and death threats to their players, wishing their wives to be raped and their daughters to get cancer, and then act all high and mighty when that player tells them to get fucked. Really?
    Those that want Mourinho in,Really?
    Get yourselves a dictionary and look up the definition of support. You wanted Wenger out now we are reaping what we have sown.

  6. Ingleby says:

    No – quite simply he is not good enough.

  7. Loose Cannon says:

    First, a simple one line apology would be more than enough, we are all humans, all err at time, most of us loose our cool sometimes, I am okay with that if only he showed some courtesy and apologized. He is no CR7 or Pogba to have attitude problems when he is next to nothing on the pitch. He is distancing himself from the fans, not other way around.
    Score a goal, save a goal, put in a shift and we all would be cheering him, but he should take the first small step and reach out to the fans. After all 60K fans may have booed the performance and his lackluster method of walking to the touchline, but all 60K fans have not abused his social media. The lad seems to mix both.
    If I were he, I would accept that I am no good, and would reach out to the fans, retrospect and use the break to sharpen my skills and come back stronger and better.
    Hope the lad does the same.

  8. Vic says:

    Just ignore the outburst for a minute. Xhaka has been playing poorly for years, even under Wenger. Just think back to the lazy penalty and result last season against Brighton at home costing us points that meant we lost a top 4 place. Xhaka doesn’t deserve to get back into the team on merit.

    I believe Xhaka’s outburst was as much frustration with own lack of ability at the top level in England as anything else.

  9. Grandad says:

    Everyone deserves a second chance and if and when he pulls on the red jersey again we as fans should support him.Personally I do not particularly rate him as a player but that is not the issue.

    1. Admin Martin says:


    2. jon fox says:

      Grandad I rarely disagree with you but on this I do. Not rating him as a player is precisely the issue for Arsenal Football Club. I have no particular love for Xkaka and he harms our team when he plays. Simple as that for me. As a realist I ALWAYS put the teams and clubs welfare way before any of its employees ,no matter whom. And that is how it should be and is!

  10. JEMMAN says:

    I don’t hate him, but I will not accept his poor performances, he has not justified his thirty-five mil tell me how much was paid for Kante by Chelsea, his inability to improve over time, poor decision making that costs us a lot like unnecessary red cards, fouls close to eighteen yard box or inside it that leads to goals repeatedly with no improvement. If he can brace it up and and commit to justifying his inclusion in the team and payment the fans will surely rally round in support of him. Flaws can be tolerated for some time not always, it should not be that for the fact you are donning Arsenal’s shirts we must applaud you when your performances are consistently average or below average. He should summon courage to put up sterling performance when ever he’s called up and see if the fans will not be routing for him in applause.

  11. jon fox says:

    To my mind and I speak as a fan who ALWAYS, no matter what, puts the clubs welfare before ANY of its employees, ALL that matters is that Xhaka is clearly not Arsenal quality and as such should be nowhere near any Arsenal eleven ever again. What happened to him is now done, regrettable but done and will not be undone. What matters NOW to AFC is that this bad player never plays for us again. Being blunt , I am not a social worker for Xhakas mental wellbeing but a keen Arsenal fan who cares about Arsenal Football Club and ITS welfare!

  12. Chuauhnuna says:

    Xhaka? How many goal had we conceded so far due to his errors and his slow feet to intercept.

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