Is there a risk Arsenal will lose any of their top stars this month?

Most of the European transfer windows close September 2nd, well, most of the big ones anyway and so theoretically Arsenal are at risk of losing some of their star players.

But that risk has to be seen in context.

For starters, I am talking about star players and not what can be described as deadwood, Shkodran Mustafi as an example.

If a club comes in and offers £70 Million for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang I am certain that it would be rejected out of hand, however, if the offer was £200 Million then that would be a whole different story.

And the reality is that no European side will offer that sort of money for the Gabon International, that is why I view the chances of Arsenal losing any of their top players as remote.

There will be rumours, especially in the closing days of the European transfer windows but I am very relaxed, it really would take something extraordinary for the likes of Aubameyang or Alexandre Lacazette to be sold.

So, if the rumours do start to fly I would suggest that they are taken with a pinch of salt.

But as I said above, there are certain players that Arsenal would gladly sell and there will be speculation over their futures but not the top stars, they will not be sold.


  1. I just googled the transfer rumors

    It’s all about Mustafi, but the rumors came from uncredible sources such as the Sun

  2. In other words, yet another article asking a question to which even the writer himself says will not happen. So the obvious thought arises, than why ask it then? It would be no different from saying “I am going to Scotland. I do not expect to see the Loch Ness Monster whilst there”, leaving out the fact that there would be no Arsenal connection at all. But guess what, in MARTINS ARTICLE ANY ARSENAL CONNECTION IS ONLY IN HIS BRAIN WHICH IN THE NEXT BREATH HE HIMSELF DENOUNCES AS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. BEYOND BELIEF! This sly old space filler tactic rears its boring and ugly head yet again. Sigh!

    1. I quite often agree with things you say Jon…… on this occasion I think your reply is uncalled for, and certainly unwanted!!

      1. tony,I am interested to know why you think my post was uncalled for. I am sick and tired of reading non articles invented by one or other Admin, mostly Martin of late, which outline a possible case which they themselves then immediately go on to demolish. So why ask it then is all I asked. PERHAPS YOU KNOW WHY. IF YOU DO, PLEASE TELL ME!
        I do speak plainly and dislike half truths and evasions as they do not represent the truth as I see it. I am a lover of truth, no more, no less.

        1. Good evening Jon
          Been a long time. Do hope you have been keeping well
          I am not going preschool to you but I also agree with some of the stuff you have said about page filling but the trick young jon is to read if you have too.
          Mutter a few home truths about it and move on to the next article which hopefully is more interesting.
          Lifes too short..
          Onwards and upwards young jon

          1. “Young Jon”! If only… ! But you make a fair point, I must admit. And gosh, you are so polite too. Am I jealous of you then? You bet!

          2. Jon

            No need to be jealous jon.
            There is an old saying.
            Manners cost you nothing and ignorance could cost you everything
            Lifes to short to be bitching and cursing.
            Everyone is intitled to there opinon on here even though we might not agree with it
            Unfortunately there are too many on here that that are so fickle that they make me chuckle when I read there articles.
            But the one thing we have in common… we all want the same.. for our beloved arsenal to be top of the tree again and to be winning honours

        2. Its the tone Jon.
          I think all the posts are great whether I agree with them or not. I think different posts will appeal to different people who will all have different opinions.
          I especially think it is important to have quite a few posts during the day ( fill ins ) as it keeps us coming back for more. The site also has many contributors from various countries with different time zones so it’s important to keep the site fresh!
          Well done to all the contributors and Admin Martin. You keep Just Arsenal at the peak of The Arsenal Fan sites……… Good job! And Jon on this occasion ? but if you are up at the game on Saturday I’ll be in The Twelve pins at 11am and I’ll gladly buy you a pint of whatever your drinking.

          1. tony, You too make a very fair point. So very often I resolve to be nicer to people and though I doubt he can know this, I do have much respect for Admin Martin and can see how much dedication he puts into this site. So I am going to apologise to MARTIN. It is long overdue. Sincere apologies Martin! I am actually far nicer in person than many will, not surprisingly, believe on here. My worst fault(of very many in fact)is that I do like an animated and deep discussion and am far too insistent. Humble apologies dear man!

            As for the kind offer of a drink, I cannot be there this time but perhaps one day we can share a jar or two.

        3. Why come to this site when all you do is whine and moan about the articles and the comments. You’re above everyone else but when you look around you have very little friends I’d imagine.

    2. I’ve replied to your stupid post Jon on the other article ,if you could read it to find my answer to you .

  3. I did laugh out load when I read this adminmartin, as said on here…you asked a question nd answered it, a true stocking filler and a mind numbing converssational piece!!!

    However, I also would like to add my congratulations to the team of contributers on here for your dedication, number of posts and your willingness to allow heated discussions to flow.

    My wife is going mad at the amount of time I spend on here, but you have made it impossible not to keep returning for further discussions and arguments.

    The dedication of all gooners who participate on here is brilliant and I am hooked!!!!!

    1. Yes Ken, It is an obsession which I guess we all share. I wonder what it would have been like had something like this existed when we were young lads or young adults. Moaning about Billy Wright perhaps or the power but lack of skill of Alan Skirton. Todays young people will have no idea who Skirton was or where he played. I once saw him have the game of his life at Craven Cottage where he tormented Jim Langley in what I recall, perhaps wrongly though,as a 5-3 away win and it poured of rain all afternoon. HAPPY DAYS!

        1. @sue I went to Craven Cottage last year for the great 5-1 win. Later that night I googled to watch the highlights and Arsenal fan tv came up so I thought I’d watch it for a laugh and un be known to me someone a few rows in front was videoing for them and caught me as I returned from the toilet and slipped down the steps.
          I looked a right idiot!!
          Still a great day/result and 3 points!

          1. That was some game, Tony ?And Ramsey’s goal & the build up – never tire of watching it!
            Oh no!! That’s bloody typical..although at least you can say you’ve been on AFTV ?

        2. Sue
          Well when they come up again then you should pop down again as it’s still a tight little ground..great in the summer by the river..
          My in laws are fulham supporter and been going there since the 80s a second home for me

          1. I really liked it there, nice ground… nice walk from the tube.. one of my favourite away games.. plus it was on my Son’s 7th Birthday! Perfect day!
            Yes I’d like to, when they come up again! So you hear London’s Calling at 2 grounds then!

      1. Young Jon
        You are now showing your age…
        Dont really remember skirton but do remember geordie Armstrong who took his place with fondness

        In my day….I’m now feeling old

        1. If you remember Geordie Armstrong, then you only just missed Alan Skirton, a powerful and tall but clumsy winger who the crowd turned on at times. GEORGE OF COURSE HAD VERY LONG ARSENAL CAREER.

      2. Alan Skirton!!! He would have been even more of a problem than Ozil or Iwobi!!

        I have never seen a player, built like the proverbial Sh*t house door with the actions of a powder puff!!!

        My vivid and biased opinion of Alan was the defeat by Peterborough at their London Road ground in the fa cup.

        Is till fondly remember the teleprinter on BBc, where the results came through as if being typewritten.

        a r s e n a l 2 3 t o t t e h a m

        Times I hope no younger gooner ever has to go through – times when we were actually complete rubbish!!!

        Thank goodness the DNA remained intact and I suppose we had the teleprinter and the pink and blue newspaper on a Saturday…plus the immortal 5.00 sports report.

        adminMartin at 21 years old has never had it so good!!!

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