Is there any Manchester united flops that Arsenal should consider buying?

Arsenal are not the only club perceived to be in need of a major overhaul, Manchester United are seen to be needing a more urgent restructuring of their squad and according to the Sun that is exactly what their manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is threatening to do.

Talksport picked up this story and named eight players that could be jettisoned at Old Trafford with just one of them, Eric Bailly, linked specifically with a move to the Emirates.

I had a look through the list and asked myself a simple question, is there any of these players that Arsenal should try to sign if United are willing to sell?

This is my opinion on whether we should consider making a move for any of them.

Juan Mata

No, too old and too ponderous. At his peak, he was beautiful to watch but he is well past his best.

Paul Pogba

No, would disrupt the dressing room with his huge ego and I can think of a load of players I would prefer for the money he would cost.

Alexis Sanchez

No, do I really need to explain this one?

Marcos Rojo

No, apart from the fact that he is not actually that good do we really want a player that is so injury prone?

Anthony Martial

Yes, he is a top talent but has suffered from bad man management and a massive collapse in his confidence. Get his mind right and he can be blistering.

Matteo Darmian

No, to me he is just average and is clearly not up to the rigours of English football and the intensity that comes with it.

Romelu Lukaku

No, we have better already and I would have more trust in Eddie Nketiah than Lukaku.

Eric Bailly

Yes, I know injuries have taken their toll but on his day he is good and he has adapted to the pace of the English game and will get better.

So just Anthony Martial and Eric Bailly do I think that Arsenal should consider tabling offers for in the event that they become available.

Arsenal may not be in the best condition right now and we do need some changes and tweaks but at least we can take comfort in the knowledge that we do not need full-blown surgery as the Red Devils do.


  1. Even if there were, no! For too long we have been buying cast offs from our rivals, and has ANY of them been successful? We have to start acting like a big club again, and that means not damaging our reputation with these types of signings. Hopefully Miki is the last of the deadwood from our rivals. I would only accept promising youngsters from our rivals, and that’s it!

  2. Bailly is too prone to injuries like Vermaelen. Martial, Rashford and Lukaku would be excellent additions or replacements to our forwards, but their price tags are out of our reach since they have long-term contracts

    Sanchez has been doing his job very well as our Trojan horse in Manchester. Sanchez will make sure Man United would not be able to purchase another pricey player due to their massive wage bill and FFP

    McTominay is a good prospect and maybe he is available for lower price, as compared to Rashford’s. Since Xhaka usually cannot help with scoring, this tall kid might be able to do that in set-pieces

  3. Why do we always take United flops? Which United flop has ever worked out at Arsenal?

  4. We dont always take united flops. How many have we taken. I will only take Matia out of the list

  5. Martial for me, he would be Top of the Flops.
    But rather than talk about Manshafter flops, lets focus on as a group to use mind control powers of the many to concentrate on Kroenke`s syrup to make it kill him in the night !…………………………lets say about around 17:00, some deep thinking and you`ll be surprised at the power of the mind, by 17:10 it will be breaking news on CNN ! hahaha

  6. Utd and AFC have similar problems with overpaid underperforming social media active deadwood on the rolls. They are the cause for letting their teams down.I would rather have Ericson and Toby at AFC then the loosers from Utd. If they are trash for a 6th place team how can they improve a 5th place team ( we could have been third but missed it)

    1. Good points and the “overpaid underperforming social-media-active deadwoods” title is perfect for the lazy lucky b@$t@rds

  7. Not a single player of those the article lists do I want. Great comments about all the ones he doesn’t want but he is wrong on Martial who is largely unreliable and usually lazy too , even though talented on his day. He is sulky and just not the sort of person we should want in our dressing room. BAILLY IS JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH, SIMPLE AS THAT! So for me , not one would I want of those mentioned and no others would be remotely available for KROENKES PEANUTS. Realism! In particular the ego monster Pogba is a poisonous creature and would be better off outside football. Or should I say football would be the better if he left completely. He represents all that is wrong in todays players. TALENT IS NO USE WITHOUT A MORAL COMPASS!

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