Is there any point in Arsenal continuing in bid for Arthur Melo?

All Arsenal fans have been expecting an emergency midfielder to be secured early in the January transfer window, considering that we let AMN go to Roma at the same time as Elneny and Partey went to AFCON.

It looked like the Brazilian Arthur Melo was our favourite option to arrive from Juventus, but the negotiations seem to be dragging on, with reports saying that Allegri will not sanction the move until he can get a replacement.

Now Fabrizio Romano has revealed that although Arsenal are still very keen on Arthur’s arrival, there is still unlikely to be any progress in the coming week, as he tweeted:

To be honest, I can’t really see the point of bringing in Melo at the end of the month, as we will have Elneny and Partey back, and Xhaka will return from his latest red card, and Lokonga is still available as backup.

If he is going to come as a replacement for Ainsley, the fact that our right back/midfielder had only started two League games all season doesn’t augur well for his replacement.

Perhaps Arteta just wants to see if he settles in to London life so that he could become a permanent signing in the summer, but I can’t see him being much use in this campaign….

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  1. Even though we have reached 4th we are light in central midfield so an experienced player who can operate both at 8 and 10 would be useful. What ever we do don’t buy anyone. Get him on loan till the summer then consider our options.

    1. Wijnaldum on loan would be the better option. Proven quality in the PL, everyone seen what he can do.

      Melo has been a flop at Juve, voted 3rd worse player in the league. Focus should be on getting Tielemans this Summer to be Partey’s midfield partner; that’s next level.

      Arthur stinks in Serie A, and unknown in the PL. Rather get Wijnaldum on loan and focus on developing Sambi and Azeez.

  2. Don’t think he is worth the hassle tbh can’t understand why we haven’t just gone straight in for Wijnaldum yet or if the report Lyon are prepared to let Guimaraes leave on loan with an obligation to buy in the summer for £37m we haven’t snapped that up.

  3. Let Arsenal forget about bringing in Melo. He is already a lame dog. We need players who will give us Assists and goals immediately from January onward. Let the Coach and Edu take serious note of this

  4. Agreed. If he can only come at the end of this month, Xhaka, Partey and Elneny will be available to play at that time

    He might be able to make quicker decisions and more skilled than most of our midfielders, but we’ve already got those technical playmakers in Odegaard, Partey, Lokonga and Patino. What we urgently need is a consistent midfield duel winner and he is obviously not that type of player

    It’d be good if he can join tomorrow, because the coaches can monitor his progress closely for several months. Otherwise, we’d better look for another option

  5. Don’t you get sick of the rumours. If you believed in them, Arsenal would be buying 11 new players. The January window is as crazy as opened duck hunting season(at least you see a few feathers flying). I can’t see Arsenal getting anyone. Knowing that players were going to be unavailable, they should have been starting negotiations with other clubs before January. God knows why, but Arsenal always leave things until the last moment. That’s one part of the Arsenal culture that needs changing. I suppose Edu can’t stay off his jet ski

  6. Both Juve and Fiorentina are messing us around and Italian teams are still playing Arsenal for mugs. The goalposts keep moving – I say walk away. Vlahovic’s agents will own Arsenal if we keep getting sucked in, and Arthur is not only injured and playing poorly, but also Juve want something for nothing as usual.
    We are halfway through January already. We don’t know when we will play Spurs, whose next 2 games are away to Leicester and Chelsea, whereas we are home to Burnley. By that time the table should look a lot nicer, with less than 10 days to Partey’s return (maybe sooner as Ghana can go out).
    It’s not all doom and gloom guys – we may get through this even without additions. Winning the Spuds game is likely with a fit first 11 and then we are sitting pretty. You can’t say than Man U, Spuds or West Ham are pulling up trees – whereas our first team is.

  7. As usual Arsenal’s forward planning has been abysmal at a crucial time in the Season.
    Theyve known for the entire Season that Elneny and Partey would be going to the AFCON in January.As we know this is also the stage in the Season when Xhaka either manages to pick up red cards or an accumulation of yellows meaning he’ll receive match bans.Throw into the mix injuries and positive Covid tests and the Club are clearly struggling with midfield numbers.This being the case it seems to be an unbelievable decision to loan out AMN without first agreeing a replacement.
    If that replacement was to be Arthur Melo the deal should have been agreed prior to the Window opening and finalised as soon as it did…He’s now apparently injured and it would be pointless to take a punt on him if that didn’t start before the end of AFCON.
    Personally I believe that the likes of Sanches and Zakaria would be far better options and given Arsenal’s inability to move quickly in the transfer market they might as well try their arm with Bissouma before the rest of the “Big Six” make their moves at the end of the Season.
    Surely Arteta realises that there is currently a fantastic opportunity to finish the Season in the fourth CL place…To do this the Club needs to bring in an able central midfielder capable of holding his own in the EPL between now and the end of the Season and a CF capable of filling in when Lacazette doesn’t have the legs and ideally replacing him as he becomes acclimatised to playing for this Arsenal side.
    To try and continue with this existing squad would be a thankless task and one which would result in another Season of mid table mediocrity …which would undoubtedly result in Arteta’s demise.

  8. It seems I am the only mug prepared to sit through a full 21 minutes of DAN SMITH, labouring over and over and over and over again(times approx 80 times), precisely the same point!


    I say this even as someone who AGREES with the point he makes, BUT which he could, had he chosen not to indulge himself, have said equally as well in two minutes, not twenty one.

    1. Jon, considering you don’t like any writers on JA and slag them off on a regular basis, why do you bother coming on here?

      You don’t like man y of the readers either, in fact, and I won’t even mention XHAKA

      1. Well said@Admin Pat. Go just one step further with Jon fox,,, stop him from being a guest writer. He thinks Dan Smith talks too long,, his writings are way too long. I use them as bed time stories to put myself asleep. Different time zone in Australia, so Jon puts me to sleep 😴 💤

    2. But DAN, once again you totally fail to understand my point, whether deliberately(as I BELIEVE) or through lack of intellect (which I DO NOT BELIEVE). The videos would be fine if only you would much speed up, make more separate points and not constantly labour and repeat the same central point in numerous different ways. but always saying essentially the SAME repeated thing.

      Videos, of which I HAVE DONE MORE THANYOU HAVE HAD HOT DINNERS – remember I am a singer /actor /entertainer and for years past, professionally – are a great idea.

      The devil is in HOW they are presented . Are they interesting? ? Do they say something of import? Are they not to long and waffly?

      I nearly always agree with the CENTRAL point you make.
      I did in your current one about postponements and I said so too , in my post saying almost all fans are one eyed and biased. You even posted the words “well done” when you agreed with my post. Ironically, we two are among the very few who clearly see and recognise this ongoing one eyed bias among fans in general. Others refuse to admit it even exists. Sigh!

      So videos are NOT the problem; your slow and tedious delivery is.

      But as you will not change, which is a pity but for you,not for me, I WILL NO LONGER COMMENT ON YOUR FUTURE VIDEOS, which will please you and Ad PAT.

      There is , from my point of view , no further point in trying to help and advise a person who will take no notice and who resents my attempts to aid your technical delivery. If you are intent on performing in your own video, the advice of someone proficient and well qualified in theatre performing arts would be a help.

      But you do not want it, so that’s that.

  9. Melo is a lame duck move on, get that Danillo lad and sign Wijnaldum. That will sort us out plus a striker. I understand the Vlahovic pursuit and if that takes till deadline day to get over the line then so be it. But midfielders are needed and Edu has to stop chasing his targets and ask Arteta who he wants. Imagine if Arteta didn’t step in with Emerson Royal.

  10. I listened to Vickery,he is Sky South -America football “expert”. he’s watched the player from his early and explained that Edu has done the same.He said that there is a very good player in Melo,a player that would suit MA style of play perfectly.He also explained that he struggled at Barca and now Juve due to his off the field life,something Edu and Gabriel,Gabi…could help him might be a good thing to get him on loan,so like with MØ the manager can have a close look at the player who might even enjoyed Arsenal&London.

  11. Turns out he has been voted the 3rd worst Serie A signing, with Ramsey being voted no.1

    If that doesn’t get alarm bells ringing then I don’t know what should. I honestly think for sheer numbers we just give Wilshire a pay as you play deal until the end of May. Then review what’s happening in the summer, personally I think if we retained Partey and Sambi then recalled Torreira and Guendozi we would only need one more and that could be Tielamans a proven EPL midfielder. Xhaka could be sold and Elneny released, if not sold this window? I’ve heard that Leicester may be interested in Elneny now. As for Maitland-Niles I would see which one of him Bellerin and Chambers has the most appetite to rival Tomiyasu? If not sell them all and Cedric and bring in someone else along with Osei-Tutu and Swanson from the u23s.

    1. I thought there’s option to buy permanently for lyon on Guendozi deal. I don’t think he’s coming back. We lost a gem in him tbh

  12. I dont think it is worth pursuing Mello now, time is running out. As regards quality, I think we should go in for either Sanchez, Bissouma or Zakaria. The best option would be Bruno Guimaraes, if he is available and willing to come.

  13. Danillo is my preferred option,he is young and skillful and can be made better playing alongside partey and fellow young guns

  14. I am worried that our transfer strategy has reverted to “The Friends of Edu”… approach again.

    Apart from Vlahovic, all of the other candidates I read about us sniffing around seem to be Brazilian.
    One of the rumors is so outrageous, I refer to the one relating to a former Chelsea Center Forward who that club ditched a few years ago.

    Another is a Mr Melo, whose name appears to be belied by his off field antics.

    We are still trying to offload Cedric and Mari from the previous set of Edu hires.

    We only need 2 players in January. If we can’t get Vlahovic, (Lacazette isn’t going anywhere until next summer) then at least get a top class defensive midfielder to partner Partey in front of the back four.

    We could then sell Elneny and or Xhaka to offset the cost.

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