Is there any point in Arsenal signings with Wenger in charge?

Of course every Arsenal fan in the world was hoping that this summer transfer would see Arsene Wenger make a number of big name signings to make good on his promise and the assurances from the Arsenal board that giving the Frenchman a new two year contract would not see the club stagnate as there would be real change in the way the club was run.

That hope soon evaporated and now on transfer deadline day we are scanning the sports websites to see if the Gunners can do some sort of late transfer business to give us all a much needed boost, but I wonder whether it is really worth it while Le Prof is still the manager of Arsenal.

He broke our transfer record again this summer to sign Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon but unlike other striker signings in the Premier League the Frenchman does not look confident and ready to fire Arsenal to glory. Wenger even left him on the bench for the disastrous trip to Liverpool and this is not the only case of quality players seeming to lose their way under Wenger.

Look at last year’s big transfers for instance. Mustafo could be on his way again after just one season and a not very impressive one at that, and Granit Xhaka is looking like a bang average player from the lower divisions. Could the reason that the Arsenal stars, like Ozil, Bellerin, Ramsey and all are not producing their best on a weekly basis be the fault of their coach.

If so, is there any point top Arsenal spending big money on more players while the same man is in charge?



  1. Wolf says:

    Looking at the way Wenger runs his defence its likely. How many players past has we sold only for them to go on and win epl. Whenger and Kronk out

    1. goonerya stark says:

      The thing is Arsenal FC has yet to take lessons from outraged fans. Fans will still load up the stadium, buy lots of jerseys & other merchandise – all the while continue to argue among each other & whine about Wenger’s incompetencies. The club registers a profit at the end of the season. Kroenke continues to make money. Nothing changes.

    2. Please D.N,
      Tell me how Lacazette doesn’t look ready or confident he has scored in every game he has started in the EPL so far. How is Xhaka a player from the lower divisions he was in the Bundesliga team off the season before coming here. Yes he looks average now but that is because he is not being used properly. Mustafi is his name and last year was his 1st season in the EPL and he was amazing until he got injured . Please do your research before writing articles cause you are talking crap here.

  2. McLovin says:

    Jadon Sancho joined BVB and was immediately handed the #7 jersey vacated by Dembele. He will be worth 90 millons next summer.

    Another one Wenger almost signed.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Similar player to Nelson.

    2. Turbo says:

      That would have been a serious landing for us. Good and understandable decision for Sancho, Dortmund give young players plenty of opportunity.

  3. Henry says:

    What annoys me the most is we have left everything till last minute.. I actually think the old git thought everyone would stay and give there all till the last minute of their contracts.. that was the last straw for me.. the deluded old fool..

    When players want to leave or are in the last year of their contracts SELL them atleast get some money for them.. rather than keeping them and they sulk all the way to January..

    But interesting how we now have offered 100mil euro for lemar? He ain’t worth that and to be honest I don’t want him

    100mil could have bought us
    VVD 60mil
    Nzonzi 40mil

    I would have accepted these 2 as a good last minute buy.. we need defenders and defensive midfielders not attackers!!

    I still believe we won’t sign anyone.. who the hell wants to come and play for club in decline and sinking quicker than the titanic?

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Why didn’t we put the bid in yesterday, I don’t understand what the bid draw for last day is all about. We had all summer, then we had all month, then all week, now we are scrambling. If it’s not one thing’s bloody everything, I feel like we just now took another hammering.

    2. ZA_Gunner says:

      100 million for Lemars? Smells like panic and to appease the fans!!

      Honestly Wenger has already lost touch years ago and he no longer can catch up to the changing way of football that is always revolving. His ideas are outdated and his beliefs are just unrealistic. Truth is that he is arrogant and stubborn, hence he only buys players that he can work with while avoiding ones that have a stronger character.

      1. Turbo says:

        What’s especially annoying about that, if rumors can be believed, is how completely and comprehensively the handling of that was totally screwed up. We could have gone in and closed it for 50-55M midway through the window, possible even for 45M early on, but NO we had to dick around with nickle and diming them on how much to pay upfront. While we dither and mess around other major players join the game and Monaco also gets increasingly concerned about losing so many first rate players.Then having left it so late, Lemar has opportunity to see us get humiliated by Liverpool and to think “right, maybe not a great place to go right now, and I’m not really keen on hopping to Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia or wherever-the-hell it is for Thursday night Europe League group stage matches.” So we freak out and panic and try to FINALLY close it for nearly twice as much at the very last minute with almost no remaining room to maneuver and it’s too late. How completely and utterly Wenger & Arsenal in recent summers! How can such an apparently intelligent man not LEARN something from repeating this same pattern over and over and over again and repeatedly losing out!

    3. Mr pat says:

      Don’t you think wenger knows that, he knew from contacts in France that lamar want Liverpool transfer and he put in 90 million quid seriously for lamar? That way he could say we tried but now the embarrassing thing for him is that players are now coming they don’t want to come to arsenal fc

    4. Okoro E Alaebi says:

      Henry m quite surprised look @ d history of d club under Wenger for d past 3 to 4-5 seasons ago n when u v taken d statistics then u will know what m talking about. I v never trusted d coach when Ozil n later Sanchez came it appears when d fan r agitated about not spending, Kroenke release a few millions to get one or two big players to shut d fans up. Well it’s passed that now when d center cannot hold u see every one within n around moving away from d suck ship ( not sinking ship).

  4. Remember Resource? says:

    Kroenke has used arsenal as leverage for his other teams. Rams have a big stadium coming up. Smart business decision, one business is spewing out free cash why not use it to grow the others. Anyway Under him it is clear that arsenal mean nothing to him. Which is why he will sell if it gets too hard to own. Thats why I keep telling you fans to boycott the stadium, start pasting banners on the stadium everyday. You know make it hard to own. He has buyers ready,cmon guys do something. There isn’t money because of these reasons. Wenger is another issue he’s one among them. Gazidis is probably the only able guy at the club who is constantly humiliated by wenger and kroenke. DO SOMETHING GUYS.

    1. Wolf says:

      I don’t know why its so hard for them to boycott. You know, a little grief for a lot of gain. Its not like things aren’t bad now. The club stays in the hands of Kroenke and it will get worse. People ‘are’ lining up to buy this club as stated

      1. Remember Resource? says:

        Those fans pride themselves in loyalty.. I laugh. If you really cared about the club then you would understand that “supporting” them at this point is wrong. But they think its morally correct to support no matter what! Where are your morals towards your family/wife/girlfriend/kid? Spending all that money for a horrible atmospehre, buy your family a vacation instead!

    2. Midkemma says:

      ” Gazidis is probably the only able guy at the club who is constantly humiliated by wenger and kroenke.”

      PMSL, Gazidis is the reason we are pathetic in the transfer market, he took over the CEO role and the CEO is who deals with the transfers, Dein before Gazidis.

      Calling him able is infuriating, he is the damned CEO and he should be showing ambition, he should be strong… Instead he allows Wenger to bypass him and get a new contract. Gazidis bigs up how much AFC to spend for season ticket sales, Dein wasn’t saying we have X amount to spend, we read about us wanting a player then us getting that player.

      The guy is nothing but a handicap and an ambitious club would never have a weak man like him as their CEO.

  5. Tas says:

    As depressing as is Sell Sanchez and be done with it, I don’t think AW will last other side of the season we best look for a manager who will have a huge war chest

  6. HA559 says:

    £90m for Lemar would be a big mistake believe me. Even if you sell Sanchez that money is better spent on defensive player or an attacking player that would cost you £40-£45m like Mahrez, it looks like he is off to Chelsea now though.

  7. Nothing changed says:

    It makes no difference who we sign in terms of chances of success this coming season. However, it would be a pity to destroy 100 million by having failed to sell Ozil and Sanchez because even if Wenger leaves those two players to need to be replaced and let them leave for free would just harm the balance sheet and thus the new manager’s ability to rebuild the squad.

    So it would be better to sell Sanchez and get the cash or a player and cash.

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      Yea but who wants Ozil? We have not heard even a Daily Mail rumour on anyone wanting Ozil…now that’s tough.

  8. COYG_CA says:

    Mahrez – to Chelshe 45 mil . . . .

  9. COYG_CA says:

    Could AFC management and ownership appear any more of a joke!!??

  10. Arsenal1Again says:

    Players used to want to join Arsenal because of Wenger, now players don’t want to sign for Arsenal because Wenger is the Manager.

  11. DarlingbudsofArse says:

    Silly Wenger! I thought this man was intelligent until you look closely at his latest transfer dealings. He’s lost Arsenal a lot of face and money in the process. He’s lost that aura of respect from all and sundry. There he is behaving like a demented old man.
    Take Suarez’s deal, he could have snapped Suarez up for £55-£60M at the time and who knows what could have happened after that with the EPL. The rest is history.
    Secondly he could have just bit £60M for Lemar a month ago even before they sold most of their stars, now the same Lemar is going to cost us £32M more in little less than a month!
    Thirdly Wenger buys all these average players for highly inflated prices with high wages and therefore can’t shift them on when it is time for them to move on. Take for instance Mathieu Debuchy!
    I honestly do believe that if Wenger is now handed £3billion to bring in players, we won’t still win the EPL as he’s lost the dressing room nor can he motivate a team to go out there and compete. Go Wenger, GO!!!

    1. Midkemma says:

      Gazidis deals with the transfers, Gazidis is the one who refused to get Wengers main targets and fill the team with average players.

      Just look at how Gazidis spent less than 1/3 of the previous season in Gazidis 1st full season as CEO, how Nasri spoke out to the media about how the board sold him after Wenger had said he was staying, how RvP spoke out against the board in his transfer…

      Even now, we have all read about how if Alexis is sold then that is the boards decision as Wenger wants him to stay.

      Wenger did say in an interview as well that he only wanted Welbeck on loan but Gazidis went ahead and bought him. Perez was a panic buy when Wenger wanted Lacazette. Elneny was bought 6 months after Wenger had spoken to Xhaka about joining us. Just look at the volume of players Wenger missed out on due to a few million!

      Didn’t happen before Gazidis joined, didn’t happen until Gazidis 1st full season with AFC then it happened year after year.

      Wenger has been clueless tactically, not defending his tactics or how he uses players, just talking about transfers. Wenger said last year that we would see a £150-£200 million transfer soon, he knows prices are shooting up… But try convincing Gazidis to spend out sooner rather than try and force a bargain.

  12. WillHowes says:

    Doesn’t matter who we sign – wenger can make some of the best players in the world look bog-average. We could have Ronaldo, Messi, Sanchez:- and anyother player in the world and we wouldn’t win the league with AW in charge. We need to wait another two years, he’ll be gone & then we can start looking forward to transfer windows

  13. John Smith says:

    We know the s–t with AW but get behind our players

    1. Break-on-through says:

      …and kick them up their backsides, yes I agree.

      1. John Smith says:


  14. reddb10 says:

    The spuds sign Aurier and Lemar wont come to Arsenal. In a nutshell none of the top players want to play under Wenger. Add to this the endless list of humiliating defeats over the past years and we can safely say that we have become the laughing stock of European football.
    I hope the trinity of evil burn in hell.
    Kroenke, Gazidis, Wenger out.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      We need to honest with ourselves. Wenger is a problem no one much doubts this. But with our fan base, who would want to walk straight into an atmosphere like ours right now. We’re right to be angry, fed up, but look at it from a players perspective, would you join a team knowing the fans like you do. Football reasons, they have reasons to be cautious, support, again more reasons to be cautious. The decisions from top, more reasons. Our rivals and where they’re at compared to ourselves, there’s too many reasons to be cautious of an Arsenal move.

      1. jon fox says:

        Break -on -through. You are right but what you say is only the start. Do read my long post below on how to force out these villains who misrun our club. We must ensure things get far worse and that we turn against our own club. Though that is a gut wrenching thought, it is the ONLY WAY we will ever get our club baclk!

  15. AndersS says:

    No, absolutely no point

  16. vij says:

    Arsenal are in this position because they never wanted to take risk, never wanted change. the players they bought for potential are nearing their career peak and arsenal still expects those player to improve. lot of highly talented players were in our grasp but we just let them pass away by saying we have ox, we have iwobi, we have wishere walcot ramsay and so on. we missed those players and the player at our disposal didnt grew up to the potential. and now we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere…

  17. COYG_CA says:

    Remember, Wenger claimed many times, he makes the decisions. This transfer window and player contracts are on Wenger’s shoulders!!! The SAME with player selection and formation!!! WENGER is making these decisions, and WENGER has mismanaged EVERYTHING under his responsibility!!!

    Sure, ownership is a bit dis-attached with the club and fans, but he has a sports empire he oversees, he leaves AFC business to Wenger and others. Now, it will be up to him and the Board to get the OLD MAN OUT, this well-past his prime old fart probably can’t even open a bag of crisps!! It is obvious to me that his decisions off the field mirror his pathetic decisions on the field!!!

    WENGER THE EFF OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. COYG_CA says:

      IF Kroenke is truly withholding funds, then Wenger needs to say so, he has nothing to lose, his back is against the wall! My guess is it’s both, pinching pennies AND Wenger is inept.

  18. ZA_Gunner says:

    I just read this on AST (Arsenal Supporters Trust) website and thought fans should be informed for those that have not seen it.

    “What can Arsenal afford to pay in wages next season and how does it compare to this season?

    We expect a wage bill of around £200m for this season (fourth highest in England after the Manchester clubs and Chelsea) and believe limited growth will be possible – perhaps just the extra £7m allowed by Premier League rules from the TV revenues. At this level of wages Arsenal should still be profitable even with the reduced income, and will still generate close on £70m for transfers every year.

    It should be noted that Spurs and Liverpool are fast catching up on income, with revenues likely to be close to £300m and £350m respectively next season, while Arsenal’s will drop to around £400m. This may increase the challenge of returning to the top four, and with the club’s main sponsorship deals due for renewal by 2019 lack of Champions League football could prove a real drawback in negotiations.

    On the playing side, Arsenal relied in the past on the ‘cult of Wenger’ to attract young players, allied to an ability to pay more than all but two or three clubs in wages. Arguably these advantages have now gone, and although Arsenal will still be bigger payers than Spurs, the club could be seen as the sixth most attractive in England to join.”

    It is fair to say and conclude that Arsenal is regressing. Arsene Wenger is not an ideal preference for players in choosing a club because he no longer have a distinctive advantage over other more modern managers. This is proven by Ox joining Liverpool to play under Klopp and Sanchez leaving in preference for Pep. Tottenham and Liverpool is now fast catching up to us and closing in behind while we are sliding back, which means we are, quite literally, becoming a mid table team. Anyone thinking of continuing with the status quo and accepting the club’s current mess need to really wake up now because this is reality. If we don’t act now and get this apathetic owner of ours out, who doesn’t care nor love this club, and have shown to use us fans as cash cows, then we are really going to be in for serious trouble. At this rate if we slide any further, any chance of a resurgence will be bygone notion and very remote. Everyone must advocate to oust Korenke from our club now if they really love this club, this is make or break guys!!

  19. TheArsenalWay says:

    I pray that Kroenke and Wenger leave! They are cancer for the club.

    I would love for Simeone to come in and show this squad how easy they’ve had it, a bunch of kids at this club. Simeone is exactly what this club needs!

  20. John0711 says:

    Where kev how much can one person get wrong lol

  21. john kennedy says:

    Its like Wenger does panic buys. one wonders why every season he has to do his transfer business up to the last minute while other clubs do the exact opposite. Honestly we have said alot these 13 years of trophyless Arsenal with many people giving their suggestions of what is needs to change but the board and Manager of the club seem to have a dead ear to all our cries. I in particular am waiting and praying when wenger and kroenke will leave the club to people who have a passion to see the club go top. when the club start going down in performance the money the club makes will also have a nose dive. Players will no longer desire to play for Wenger whose tactics have now become very predictable to other managers and this year we risk being beaten thoroughly home and away

  22. Grandad says:

    Henry is spot on We desperately need a quality centre back and defensive midfielder. Sanches is a very fine player but he is disruptive to the extent that he is no longer respected by his team-mates.While he would be slaughtered by the press and a certain group of the fan base AW should sell Sanchis and reinvest in a CB and CM. In the best interests of the team and the club as a whole. That said, due to the total incompetence of AW and his recruitment team he has run out of time and we will be left with a disgruntled player on our books who will leave next year for less than the cost of a postage stamp

  23. ayodeji says:

    London guys needs to boycott the games starting from September 9th

  24. Harold says:

    The obvious player would be Adama Traore as a replacement for Sanchez or Chamberlain at this late stage. Traore has Premier league experience, explosive pace and power, very good dribbling skills,and can hold onto the ball for long periods. His style would help break Arsenal sequence of simple continuous innocuous one two passing in possession.

    The only problem with Adama Traore is finishing and his an egoistic player, but a football club like Arsenal with the players that they got could easily correct this flaw in his game. 8 million in transfer fee and around 40,000 per week in wages is not a gamble in my opinion for a player who possesses world class potential.

    Taking into consideration that Mr Wenger spend £34 million on Xhaka as defensive midfielder with very poor defensive skills and are now causing Arsenal huge problems with his sluggish tackling, poor acceleration and lack of stamina.

  25. jon fox says:

    Everyone agrees that Wenger and Kroenke must go but how to get them out is the only question in town. A joined up campaign with much co-ordination between various fan groups to damage the value of the club, damage it’s league position and damage it’s reputation is massively important. Kroenke will only ever leave when he sees his investment losing ground. Give up worrying about winning matches, which is bad news . We need to lose games and the more the better. So we need to battle on three fronts. First is to boycott all matches, home and away. Second to stop buying any Arsenal merchandise at all. Third a huge anti the whole regime campaign(Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke) social media and phone in bombardment of hate calls, also to the players who hide and choose not to try (in other words, almost all of them) plus, for those who really can’t stay away, constant chants demanding them all out, banners, plane banners etc all game long by everyone in the ground. We should turn against the players en bloc in the ground with “you’re not fit to wear the shirt ” songs too , which will have a great effect and quickly devalue the club. We should also bombard social media sites abroad to warn tourists the atmosphere is now poisonous and deeply unpleasant, as we must stop most of the tourist fans from coming too. When the club are left in no doubt that they are in a war to the death with it’s own fans things will change. In fact, a war against the enemy who now have our club by the throat. A war to the death. Either we win this war, which might be long, fierce and bloody or our club dies, painfully and by slow drift, after 131 years. The first step is to get rid of Wenger, then Kroenke and Gazidis and when our club is again in the hands of friendly people who actually care, our resurgence in the right and wealthy hands of Usmanov will be very quick! Provided we all work together to save our club we are sure to win.To arms Gooners!

    1. Midkemma says:

      Please boycott.
      Please do not pay money to spew vile, Silent Stan would still be getting your money.

  26. Raj says:

    Perfect video. ://

  27. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    deji em London guys are addicted…nothing you say would keep em from going to see a game and kronke knows this

  28. Geekaybee says:

    I think I have the answer. Keep Wenger.
    Get somebody else to work out which imports we need.
    Get somebody else to do the deal over the ammout of money to be paid.
    Get somebody else to take training sessions.
    Get somebody else to pick the team.
    Get someone else to plan strategy.
    Let Wenger work in an office a long long away from the Emirates.
    I think this will solve all our problems and could be possibly cheaper that paying Wenger.

    1. jon fox says:

      So you would make him a sort of junior in the office making tea? I could live with that but he would be sure to make the tea undrinkable!

    2. Midkemma says:

      To be fair, Wenger does spot the talent, AFC fails time and time again to get them.
      I want to see an ambitious CEO at AFC, one with sporting ambitions rather than pleasing boss ambitions.

      Someone able to get a transfer window done without more disappointment than joy.

      New CEO will either back Wenger and we get the old Wenger back or the new CEO gets sick of Wenger and sacks him, win/win. Gazidis will just stand around with his thumb up his a$$ and 2 years time Wenger can walk past him and get a new deal from Silent Stan… Spineless CEO drags a team down as much as a bad manager.

  29. Senny says:

    It is quite unfortunate that fans have yet to realize Wenger’s game. Players are being sold without
    any replacement. All he wants to do is put the club in a precarious position when he is leaving and makes the job very difficult for whoever the manager is that will replace him. The truth is arsene needs to go now. he has totally lost the plot. He aint good enough no more

  30. Midkemma says:

    No point while we have a gutless CEO, a CEO that hesitates, that dislikes spending as it cuts into the clubs wealth which he needs to increase. A CEO that can market us correctly and get leading sponsorship deals, not sitting over £70 million behind UTD who was in the EL last year like we are now!

    Wenger can fail and our CEO will do nothing, Wenger can just walk past him to Silent Stan and get a new deal.

    With an ambitious CEO we may find that Wenger improves as well, more pressure to perform or get the sack.

    QQing about Wenger will change nothing, the only thing it does is force Gazidis to spin more PR to get the season ticket sales.

  31. Chuauhnuna says:

    Yet the latest news so far is the loaning of Perez to his old club.. He was last year panic buy..

  32. Henry says:

    As the transfer window draws to a close.. it looks like we won’t sign anyone surprise surprise.. and we are keeping hold of sulky Sanchez.. great so
    potentially 60odd mil for him wave goodbye..
    Trust me when I say this boys.. he will sulk his way to January and sign for city in January for a FREE transfer (something that Wenger says will happen more often in the future? LOL!!) No Wenger if your club rates it’s players it rewards with new contracts and more money.. let’s not forget Wenger himself got a 2mil pay rise for finishing 5th!! So whoever is in charge of contract renewals needs sacking asap!! Year after year we always seem to have someone contract running out..

    I remember bacary sagna said when he left arsenal and didn’t sign a new contract was because he never had a pay rise from his original 5year deal when he 1st signed.. and when they did offer him a new deal was for 10k more and he felt undervalued

    Whether this is true or not it proves we are always unprepared and stagnating

    The only way forward is I prey usamov comes back with a bigger offer buys out kroneke and the board and I mean sacking everyone gazidis Keswick law and of course Mr wenger.. and lets see what this billionaire can do with us..

    Our club is crying out for a refurb!!


    1. Henry says:

      If ppl that do attend games mayb u should consider holding out banners saying


      just an idea mayb we need to make him more aware how much we need someone to break this comfort and old fashioned way of running our club.. we are THE ARSENAL and this is not how we should be treated!!

      It’s just the lies.. does my head in

  33. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Wenger has made a right mess of this Transfer Window it has got so bad that any player worth his salt won’t sing for Arsenal because of Wenger. Time for Wenger to move on as he is making a show of himself and Arsenal. The Spuds /Man City , Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool have all done well in this Window. WHY because their Manage’s haven’t got their Heads buried in the Sand. WENGER / CO (the Board) OUT NOW.

  34. Mr pat says:

    Who would want to sign for arsenal with wenger in charge I’m sorry to say, anybody read the interview with ex arsenal defender on a coaching course with arsenal offered wenger some tactical advice on defence but wenger was having none of it, that shows wenger doesn’t change and with mustafa apparently he made his views concerning the team and tactics known and the old man wasn’t too happy thus the attempt to ship him out how incredible after spending 35 million quid on him and finally the rest of the team doesn’t want sanchez around the dressing room because he’s getting disruptive but wenger due to his intransigence refuse to see the negative influence this is having on the team, the next match at home next weekend will give us a clue if he will be sacked or resign!!!!!!!

  35. john_gatal says:

    please answer quickly..

    A. 4th places
    B. 5th places
    C. 6th places
    D. 7th places

    please be honest and take your time..

    1. satanK says:

      D every day.

  36. Immanuel says:

    The way the team was last season , we needed to buy more players to challenge the league this season .. So my question is we didnt do better last season in 2 positions only ? Left back (saed) and striker (laca) thats it ??? N buy having these 2 we will challenge for the tittle rily wenger and kroenke ???? You are such a joke you 2 , and making matters worse selling Ox ?? Smh ..

  37. Turbo says:

    Well there are certainly lots of examples where Wenger screws up the opportunity for signings to make a difference. Especially ridiculous recently was sitting down Laca & Kola against Liverpool while playing Bellerin on the left. More generally, leaving Lucas on the bench most of last year, seeming incapable of putting a fire under Ozil so he has approached his true potential in just one of his seasons with us so far, etc. etc.

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