Is there any way back for former Arsenal captain Granit Xhaka?

Former captain Granit Xhaka has a battle on his hands to remain at Arsenal.

Today Granit Xhaka was stripped of the captaincy by Unai Emery and the question now must be, does he have a future at Arsenal?

We all know what happened and it was inevitable that there would be repercussions for his actions in the 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace.

Xhaka has now paid the price for his mini-meltdown and now has a fight on his hands to get back into the team.

Emery has to weigh up what effect it will have reintegrating 27-year-old, how the crowd will respond and how his teammates will respond.

Xhaka could be a distraction that the manager wants to avoid. If that is the case then it is almost certain that he will leave in the winter transfer window.

The thing is this, the fans just didn’t want Xhaka as captain, they did not want him in the team. Just check out the comments on this site, look at the reaction after the Tottenham game as an example.

It will require a carefully planned strategy from Emery if he is going to bring the Swiss captain back. It would be madness to bring him back in a high profile Premier League game at the Emirates. However, he could maybe be played in an away game in the Europa League. Though not tomorrow as he is not in the squad for the game against Vitoria.

Xhaka would have to put in some stellar performances and possibly have some contrition

So maybe there is a way back but it will not be easy that is for sure.


  1. Xhaka is finished at this club. One of the underwhelming remnants of the previous regime that stubbornly appeared to have 9 lives..finally vanquished! I hope we can recoup some fee for him and Mustafi as we now embark on this beautiful, long-awaited journey of rectifying Wenger’s shameful and expensive mistakes. I know booing is wrong, but it certainly appears to be the only way of getting problems addressed at this club.

    1. jon fox says:

      I AGREE THAT BOOING IS OUR ONLY WAY TO LET THE POWERS THAT BE KNOW OF OUR UNHAPPINESS AND ALSO SEE NO REASON WHY THE PLAYER HIMSELF, WHOEVER HE BE, SHOULD BE SPARED OUR OPINION.Obviously NO decent human being condones or accepts the death threats and online abuse which are criminal acts and should be dealt with by the law of the land. But booing is part of the games fabric and history and if anyone thinks fans are ever going to stop booing at times, then those who think that are living in a parallel universe. Be honest with yourselves and learn the true difference between undulging snowflakes(which Xhaks is NOT) and having the right to freely express our almost entirely collective opinion(in the case of sub standard Xhaka anyway!) By booing his useless displays.

  2. gotanidea says:

    I don’t think Xhaka wants to play for Arsenal anymore

    If I were him, I would’ve handed in a transfer request

  3. Reggie says:

    No, no way back, sell him, if we get 10 mil for him bite their hands off. Xhaka and Arsenal need a break.

  4. Graham says:

    Who can blame Xhaka if he has no appetite for remaining with Arsenal? I have been a fan for 55 years and I have to say I am embarrassed not by our poor performances, but by those fans who can’t see that no amount of negative criticism will help a player reach acceptable form. Selling him is costly and a professional club has to be making money, not losing it. Throwing money at procuring players is not, in my opinion. As satisfying as bringing on players through the ranks. And we seem to have much to celebrate there. Hopefully this will continue and we will be able to bring them right through to first team football quality.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  5. benex says:

    The best option for him is to leave, but I will want Emery to leave before him.

  6. anonymous says:

    I feel sorry for Xhaka – Emery publically humiliated him knowing full well that some supporters would take advantage – shame on them and Emerey. Emerey has a communication problem with a chaotic management plan where players seem confused . For the sake of players moral etc , it is Emery who should leave .

    1. Where'sMyTop4TrophyGone? says:

      I’m pretty sure he’ll be gone as soon as January.

  7. SAGooner says:

    Any comeback by Xhaka would have to be extremely well managed otherwise the fallout will have very unpleasant repercussions. Better for himself and for the club if he departs as soon as possible. It’s not his fault that he is not good enough, it’s the club’s fault for buying him in the first place

    He has tried his best, it was just not good enough. Wish him well.

  8. Truth says:

    looks like he might be done. But what a pitty he is done as a result of an incident and not the manager’s decison based on his on-field qualities or lack there of.

    1. Reggie says:

      There is no comeback because he hasn’t been anywhere for Arsenal to come back from. Xhaka is a football fraud.

  9. Georgy says:

    All these players that were left at home most probably will play next Saturday: Chambers,Luis,Auba,Ozil and Xhaka.
    Emery will play his last card.If we win, and that will have to be an stellar performance, every thing will be forgotten;if we draw,Emery will save his position for a while(-6 points can be recovered).So Xhaka can still have some future.

  10. VolvoGunner says:

    So happy that Guy is gone… i bouild cars and belive me i get critized when i do something wrong. I dont throw away the tools and go home beacouse then i wouldnt be able to come back. You judt get fired. So xhaka bye bye you fired.

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