Is there more pressure on Havertz because Arsenal fans don’t like him?

We hoped that after he scored his first goal for us over the weekend, Kai Havertz’s fortunes would improve. That was not the case, as the German international had another ordinary game against Lens.

Even so, the hope is that he will regain his mojo one day, and Mikel Arteta will continue to play him in the hope that he will.
Former Chelsea defender Mario Melchiot attributes Havertz’s dismal form since joining us to our failure to show him love.

Steve Nichol gave the opinion that Havertz should not have been given “that penalty” as Havertz would have had much more pressure on him than the other players. Imagine if he had missed…..

“I understand what Stevie (Nicol) is saying ‘the game is not done because it’s 2-0’,” said Melchiot on HITC. “But I think the bigger picture is very important.

“The fans don’t like Havertz. He is struggling with that. So, the moment he picks up the ball, then he has a lot of pressure.

“Giving him the ball, it could be the feeling of ‘let me get this guy feeling better because eventually the bigger picture is more important’. That would be the only reason for me to give him the ball.

“But, on the other side, I want to win the game. This (penalty) record. I didn’t even know he had that record. I have seen him taking penalties.”

To some extent, his case makes sense; when Arteta sanctioned a £65 million deal for his signature, some of us didn’t like it, and his effect not being felt immediately made it difficult for some of us to change our opinions about him.

We sang for Havertz on Saturday after he scored. The song was, “Tsamina mina, eh, eh,Waka waka, eh, eh, £60 million down the drain,Kai Havertz scores again.”

While the season is still fresh, let us try to show some affection for the ex-Bayer Leverkusen player in the hopes that he may improve his fortunes at the Emirates.

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  1. I think the left mezzala role in Arteta’s tactics is more suited to someone who has played DM for years

    That kind of player sees the games clearer than what an AM specialist could see, hence the better timing and positioning to attack/ defend. In other words, a box-to-box midfielder with a great stamina and a high tactical understanding

    I believe Havertz will make a faster impact if he plays in Odegaard’s position, where he can make diagonal passes and cut inside with his stronger foot

    1. Gai, from your post it’s obvious Havertz isn’t suited for what he was bought to do. It’s only Zichenko, Kiwior or Elneny that can successfully replace Xhaka. Hence making Havertz not really what Arsenal needs. I am not even sure Havertz can make diagonal pass like Odegard.

      1. Havertz might need till the end of the season to settle down. Rice showed that he could replace Xhaka

      1. Many people used to think similarly about Xhaka and some of them even threatened his family

        Havertz played well for Leverkusen and Germany. He is still young, tall and pretty skilled

        1. Unfortunately young, tall and pretty much anything he’s brought, is not what Arsenal needs right now. Where’s the sense of logic. And rationale with some of our fans.
          Ask any clown in the street, you don’t spend £60million on the attributes listed above, or promise of eventually settling into a team in your second season; that’s the reason there are two transfer windows in a season, so clubs can strengthen themselves immediately. All the potential we need is in the academy and doesn’t cost £60million. C’mon now., the guy is a scam.

  2. So Arteta and Edu sanction the unneeded transfer, Chelsea laugh all the way to the bank, Havertz become our highest earner and he pocket over 300k per week with minimum efforts.

    He is not performing and it’s the fans fault?

    The joke in today’s football are the fans. We are the only ones who cares.

    1. The big issue for me was when Arteta sanctioned the transfer, and then commented “I don’t know where Kai will fit in.”

      Can’t make it up, and obviously it shows in the play. Kai is not a CM (or a poor one at that), not consistent enough as a striker, lacks pace and defense to be a winger, and we already have Odegaard as the CAM, and ESR who I consider better suited to Arsenal then Kai.

      Meanwhile, we wait and watch our form rise and drop, as every week we hear how Kai will finally come good. Busted flush at Chelsea, looking every bit like Pepe 2.0 at this point. Underwhelming is the kindest comment I have with him, not even sure “potential” is suitable.

    2. 👍HH and Durand, proof that the “L plates” are still in place. Getting like Chelsea – buying players with no consideration with what they offer to style of play.
      Disliking a player has nothing to do with it; the majority of supporters judge players on performance and contribution. Still waiting for Havertz.

  3. Just face it Havertz has talent but lacks ability.
    He is like an appendix you can survive with or without it but keeping it could become a bigger problem.

  4. The thing is Some arsenal fans aren’t on the same page with Arteta,what mikel Arteta see’s in Havertz is a player who can transform is team in a way that he thinks and remember Havertz is playing as a 8 and not af a winger or a striker so the demands of scoring goals and providing assist isn’t that much because is work is to only try to disrupt opposition defence to great scoring chances for other.

    1. So, my question is; is he doing exactly the things you just said?
      This is some one that could hardly hold on to the ball without being dispossessed by the the Lens Midfielders.

  5. IMHO l hope things work out for him. The only issue I have with him is just when loses the ball, it’s like he really gives up very quickly and doesn’t even try to make a tackle.
    As the manager and his teammates have his back to a large extent the fans as witnessed on Saturday, he just needs to ignore the noise knuckle down and l am sure all will eventually come good.

  6. How well Havertz improve playing for Arsenal is more about him than the coach. Ignore the noise, train more and understand what is required of his position as a professional. Many players have become better because they didn’t give up on themselves. Fans have the right to expect more from their teams it’s up to a player or players to work towards being a Star through hard work. It’s not over for Havertz if he believes in himself.

  7. Think it’s the price tag fans don’t like, the Chelsea experience might have caused more damage than we first suspected.

  8. Havertz’s game was not ordinary. It was far below par. We need to stop massaging some players’ egos while being harsh on others.
    I want to put it out there that, if Partey, Viera, Kiewor or Raya are shaky, they hounded like they’ve never given the team anything. Well Havertz hasn’t delivered zilch.

  9. It’s the players job to perform, that’s what they get paid for! Paid more in a week than some people will literally make in a lifetime.

    Many people questioned the signing but few said they didn’t like him outright….that was earned after many average performances.

    Personally I don’t dislike Havertz and believe he may do relatively well but he’s been very poorly managed. It was clear he should be introduced slower, that didn’t happen so his poor performances were highlighted again and again week in and week out now by being put on show while not on form.

  10. I was slaughtered on JA for writing a comment soon as he was announced ,i said well done for donating 65m to chelsea fund ,waste of money,i cant describe how useless he is im so sorry ive seen nothing to change my mind ,nothing whatsoever,

  11. Its not that I dont like him, I have no problem with him BUT he isn’t performing and i want better from an expensive player and one on a lot of money. He has to do far more than he is doing. He is like a ghost when he plays, his influence is non existent and there are players who can give us more. He is slow and languid, which helps slow our play down. I would love him to be a brilliant player for us but he just isnt. He is taking up valuable space in the team and getting far too many undeserved chances.

  12. Just ask yourself; Has Havertz been a step forward or backward in comparison with the man (Xhaka) he was supposed to replace?
    I know many will say time will tell.
    Only if we have the luxury of time (with the amount of money spent already) to experiment with a player who is incapable at the moment.

  13. The transfer hasn’t been a resounding success so far
    What does Arteta do? Stick or twist? It could be argued that he was patient with both Willian and Pepe until enough was enough and will do the same with Havertz. Arteta is smart enough to realise that pursuing a course of action that jeopardises the season is foolhardy but it must be personally disappointing that the signing is looking decidedly dodgy right now.
    It was a big money signing on a big money salary. It’s not looking like money was well spent, but I’d have to give him a while longer before pulling the plug. Arteta is certainly ruthless enough to do so if it gets to his tipping point

  14. It is ok to show him love and affection but Havertz should also respond with positive performances. It is not only about scoring and assisting but also how you play and the body language that defines your game. Maybe Havertz will still improve and it will be interesting to see what Arteta does with him in the City game. According to me, he should start as false no.9 giving a headache to the City defenders. The midfield position is more suited for ESR as compared to Havertz. Let Arteta try him upfront with Jesus and Trossard/Nelson on the wings.

  15. Let’s be honest; we didn’t like Xhaka at some point! But what did he do?
    He focused on improving himself and won our love and support again! This is a free lesson for any player not giving his best for this team; I believe Kai has a lot in his pocket, but he’s not giving his all. He’s not creating spaces, not aggressive, not defending or attacking as needed MOST OF THE TIME!

    He must be benched and start using ESR or Veira ASAP until he improves. This one is on MA; stop giving him chances and start playing the right players instead if we want to win something.

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