Is there still a glimmer of hope for Arsenal this season?

Apparently, Rio Ferdinand still believes that the top four positions are still up for grabs. Apart from Liverpool who are almost guaranteed to be champions of England, no other team has hit top form, to be able to lay serious claims to the top four. Ferdinand was talking at BT’s launch of its new, five-year 4-3-3 partnership with the British FAs, Ferdinand said: “It is up for grabs.

“There’s probably four or five teams who can get into that top four…And again time will tell – no one has hit a great run of form in the chasing pack to really say ‘we’re going to get that fourth place’.” Ferdinand was quoted as saying by Football.London.

Truly speaking, no team can seriously lay claim to the top four positions yet; every contender for the top four, seems to be struggling in their own race for the top four; Arsenal included. Currently 10 points of the top, Arsenal still have an outside chance of ending in the top four this season.

After the Winter break, Chelsea, who happens to be the team with the best opportunity of finishing in the top four, will be playing another top four contender, Manchester United. After Manchester United, they then face another top four contender in Tottenham. These two games could either lift Chelsea higher in the table and increase their points, or could push them out of the top four. All these depend on how what results Chelsea can get from those two games against their closest rivals. I see them losing to Manchester United and drawing against the Spuds myself.

Manchester United, apart from playing against Chelsea after the winter break, will also be playing Watford, who is considered outsiders for the top four positions. I predict them beating Chelsea and losing to Watford, who unfortunately have found a way of making life difficult for the traditional premiership big teams.

Leicester United will be playing both Wolves and Manchester City after the winter break and they may likely lose the two games. I said likely here because they seem to be going through some loss of form at the moment. Some weeks ago, they were 2nd in the league table, but now they are 3rd on the table behind Manchester City who lead them with two points. Their next two games may not actually define their season, but it will play a large part in deciding how and where they end the season. Hopefully, the outcome of these games may favour Arsenal.

Arsenal on the other hand play both Newcastle and Everton after the winter break. They may win or lose these games; it all depends on if they are motivated to win. The recent form of Arsenal may not be too bad but it is not encouraging either. These are the types of games that Arsenal should be winning, but then we have several teams we should be beating this season, only to either lose to such teams or draw against them. If Arsenal beat both Newcastle and Everton, then it could spark up positives vibes in the team which may then propel them to ending the season on a high. Who knows, my wishes may just come to pass.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Leicester have more than hit top form, so have Sheff Utd and Wolves.

    No chance in a million years of us getting into top four, unless Arteta makes some radical changes. I.e. permanently benching Ozil (no away assist in over two years, and I’m not sure he even has a goal or assist this season), and Laca (no away goal in a year) and has barely scored or played well this season.

    Even doing that, we’re still relying on around 5/6 other clubs messing up. Top 3 is done, so a lot of clubs competing for 4th spot.

  2. Hitting form or messing up doesn’t usually give you a notice. Confidence can drop like the snap of a finger but it usually takes time to get back up.

    There is still quite a few matches to play. So, we shall see how it pans out. It’s too soon to say if top three is nailed down. Nothing is set in stone yet. The Premiership has that ability to bite your arse when you think you have it sorted.

    For us, hope springs eternal for top four. Nobody should write us off yet.

  3. Realistically top 4 is out and the clubs above us would have to fall off a cliff. I totally agree that apart from Liverpool there has been a lack of consistency with City and Leicester the best of the rest

    Arsenal have had a disruptive season and maybe this winter break will galvanise the players. Luck also plays its part in success and it seems to me the more successful you are the luckier you are. Arsenal need to make their own luck. A kick up the proverbial derrière would be a start, with a sprinkling of magic dust on Lacazette’s boots for good measure

  4. Wow! Watford that was languishing at the bottom of the table a few weeks ago are now even considered as outsiders for a top 4 finish. What are the chances of Arsenal for a top 4 finish? I wouldn’t bet a penny on that.

    1. Betting on arsenal making top 4 is as good as throwing a coin into an ocean and trying to find it.
      No normal human can place such bet
      But some believe in miracles thou

  5. Who ever is harbouring any hope of this arsenal team making top4 is living in a dream world.
    When you wake-up we can talk about possible things

  6. One thing which would be really welcome right now is… for us to capitalize when the teams around us drop points!! Something we never seem to do!!
    I’d say top 4 is out of reach, unless an epic capitulation happens to 3 or 4 teams above us… yeah right!! Just have to try and win as many points as possible and hopefully finish above 8th!

  7. I think realistically top four is out of our reach,I will keep hoping and praying that by some kind of miracle it will happen though.COYG.

  8. I’d be happy if we don’t get relegated.
    But the best we can hope for is qualifying for Europa league.

  9. If getting Champions League football through the Europa league this season is difficult, then getting it through a top 4 finish is even more difficult.

  10. OT Listening to talksport there’s reports that Grealish is wanted in Spain. (That Championship level player🙄)

  11. Quite frankly I’ll be glad when this season is over and we haven’t been relegated. I’m not even confident we will beat Newcastle at our place after the winter break.

  12. The priority for us is for Arteta to start winning matches. Regardless of where we finish this season as long as we are not relegated its ok because we have had enough and the sooner it ends the better.
    For us to start winning matches Arteta should think outside the box and stop following the script written by his predecessors because we will not do any better.This lagerly depends on the players he fields.What we saw against Burnley where we were run rugged was a wake up call that talent only can’t win us matches.We need physicality,Agility & commitment. Most of our players can’t give you this thus the need to bench them and give more deserving players a chance.
    I am interested to see what happens to both Luiz & Mustaphi when Pablo is available.He should partner Mustaphi at the back who has really improved whilst Luiz plays alongside Xhaka in midfield instead of Guendozi.
    Also players like Amn,Kolasinac and Ceballos can’t miss on the team sheet when young fringe player’s and underperforming ones like Ozil are starting all matches.

  13. The best we can finish is 7th. Except a miracle happens.
    Arteta should get his team selection right. Drop Ozil, Lacazette and Pepe.

    Our best 3 attackers are Martinelli, Aubameyang, Saka.

    Best 3 midfielders Xhaka, Torreira, Ceballos?

    For now, based on injuries and form, in the defence our best, Bellerin, Mustafi, Luiz, A. M-Niles.

    A. M-Niles can play at left back. Saka should be in the attack.
    Ceballos should be given a trial.


    Martinelli, Ceballos, Saka..

    Xhaka, Torreira..

    M. Niles, Luiz, Mustafi, Bellerin..


    Trial especially for Ceballos

  14. Want Arsenal win a game in the EPL? Play Torrera, Cabellos and Saka in the midfield (once Kolasinac or Cedric is available). Gabriel, Auba and Pepe upfront. Bellerin, Mustafi/Socrates, Pablo, Kolasinac/Cedric/Tierney at LB. Enough of sentiments for Ozil, Xhaka and the like. One loss and we could be as low as 14th. AMN, Guendozi, Willock, Nelson, Eddie on the bench. The rest can have an extended paid weekends.No issues, we need three points on the board. We need a winning squad for the remaining 13 EPL matches, EL & FA Cups. Laca, Ozil, Xhaka, Luiz please extend your summer break in Dubai.

  15. Next 3 games for all the candidates to the 4th position.
    CHELSEA : (H) ManU.1P/ (H) Totten.1P/ (A) Bournem.1P. Actual: 41Points +3=44 Points.
    SHEFF.U : (H) Bourn.3P/ (H) Bright.3P/ (H) Norwich.3P. Actual: 36Points +9=45 Points.
    WOLVES : (H) Leices.1P/ (H) Norwic.3P/ (A) Tottenh.1P. Actual: 35Points +5=40 Points.
    TOTTEN. : (A) A.Vill.1P/ (A) Chelse.1P/ (H) Wolves 1P Actual: 37Points +3=40 Points
    MAN.U. : (A) Chelse.1P/ (H) Watfor.3P/ (A) Everton 1P Actual: 35Points +5=40 Points.
    ARSEN. : (H) Newcas.3P/ (H) Everto.3P/ (H) West H. 3P Actual: 31Points +9=40 Points.

    These are my optimistic predictions with the help of my “mini computer” of “very possible” results.The first game against Newcastle well be the key to keep or kill the hopes.

    1. Come on be realistic we might even struggle to beat Newcastle. Draw with everton and possibly 3 points from west ham.

  16. I disagree that we have even an outside chance of top four. I would have a statistical but not an outside chance of winning this weeks NATIONAL LOTTERY, or would do, if, I bought tickets, which I do not.
    We have , in fact, a statistical chance but one which is so remote that it cannot even nearly be described as an outside chance. I am more likely to become the next Pope, IMO. When assessing possibilities, being a pro bettor, I always look at likely or unlikely percentages. IMO, we have not one chance in a thousand of making top four, given the state we are in , the number of better teams above us, also not in top four currently and the fast dwindling amount of matches we have left. I assess risk and likelihood properly and I say we haveNO outside chance, only a statistical chance, (as in the Lottery). Not if you understand what “outside chance” means, in reality!

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