Is there still a number of ins and outs for Arsenal’s midfield?

There is still huge speculation surrounding Arsenal’s midfield players, with much of it surrounding the future of Aaron Ramsey.

The Welshman is supposedly high on Chelsea and Barcelona’s wishlist, with only a year  remaining on his current contract, and depending which sources you believe, he is either wanting to leave the club for a new challenge, or close to agreeing terms on a new contract.

With Rambo’s future in limbo, there is much speculation that we will be bringing in another central star to replace him, and Unai Emery’s close working with Steven N’Zonzi from his time in Seville keeps seeing him linked.

There was talk of an agreement between Roma and Seville speculated last week, but that has since been quashed, and he could well remain on our radar as we look to add to our spending spree of the summer.

Lucas Torreira has already come in, likely to be a replacement for the departed Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere however, and you should still expect another arrival should Aaron leave the club also, an instance that I do not wish to see however.

Ramsey was our player of the season last term, and rightly so, and his exit would be a huge setback as we look to close to gap on our rivals.

IF, and that is a huge IF, the only available player who I think I could be almost be pleased about coming in his place would be Mateo Kovacic, although Torreira may well prove to be special enough to come into the first team straight away.

Is Torreira ready to step straight into the first-team? Can we afford to lose Rambo this summer? Could Iwobi maybe get a move to play centrally?

Pat J

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    1. I second that @Sue!

      As for Ramsey.. I he does not sign his contract soon, and i mean very soon, we need to get rid!

      We do not need another contract running down and losing players on a free. We also don’t need that negativity in the dressing room. From what I have seen in the additions of Smith Rowe and Guendouzi and now Torreira, we might just be okay anyway?! These guys have impressed me greatly so far. Young, energetic and fearless. Just what we need!

      I think Ramsey may be worried about his first team place or he might be waiting to see how serious we are going into the next season. Time will tell.

  1. Does it not all depend on Ramsey signing a new contract?Good player who does a decent job for the team but he’s not and never will be a great midfielder.If he’s holding the club to ransom you would like to believe he would recall how the Club always stood by him when injured.He was a Wenger favourite and was in the team when fit.Im not so sure this is the case now.If it’s all about money then I would rather he was offloaded with NO replacement bought in and we play AMN in his position.Aaron Tamsey is NOT BIGGER THAN ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB

    1. I wonder if he is holding out for Emery to guarantee him starting like Wenger always did.
      Contract been there for months, very generous wages, even coach mentioned captain band, what else to offer?

      I think he feels AMN, Guendouzi, and maybe even Smith-Rowe breathing down his neck and is looking for assurances not to be benched in 12-18 months

      1. Good call that Durand-if Ramsey wants assurances surely it would have been in the length of contract he was offered which is reported as Four Years.No player should be guaranteed a starting spot in the team if their form is not good and Ramsey would know this-the Wenger days are over and Emery will know that supporters of this Club are not quite as stupid and uninformed as our ex-manager used to feel we were.
        He is either signing or not.If he doesn’t then he wants out.If we can’t unload him before the deadline then let him play Carabao and Europa Cup matches.Play the players who WANT to play for the Club

        1. Who in the name of sanity could possibly disagree with your fine comment. Club before player EVERY TIME! Pity Wenger never understood this truth!

  2. The question is what’s going to happen with Ramsey. There is 10 days left in the window and I thought we were going to sell him if he didnt sign.
    Then we have to turn around and find a replacement (not easy) so things are a little hairy on that situation.
    Btw I would swap Ramsey + cash with Dembele and make do with the midfielders we have.
    What is going on with the deadwood? We still have Jenkinson, Campbell, Perez, Welbeck, Ospina in the books. Akpom seems to be gone to Paok so that’s one down 5 more to go.

    1. Very well said I was thinking the same swop Ramsey and cash for Dembele give them Rambo and tell them we will give you cash at the end of the season if we can’t get rid of the deadwood

  3. my worry is that if Ramsey is allowed to hold the club to ransom, it could then become a trend at Arsenal. as much as he is useful for us and I wish he stays, he is not indispensable.

    I am however worried about our home grown quota. we already have some of the supposed home grown surplus to requirements, Ramsey can not leave with them. after losing Walcott, Jack, Gibbs in recent times, we should not lose more, especially as we don’t seem to have home grown replacements on our radar

  4. Yes. Yes. No

    Even if we lose Ramsey We still have Xhaka. He is no Cazorla but he will do for this season. Niles and Rowe as back up.

    But next summer we must get a top box to box central midfielder

  5. Torreira wasn’t brought in to replace Santi, and Wilshere, because they’re not DM’s. Torreira was brought in because Emery inherited a squad with ZERO DM’s!

    Torreira has to be a nailed on starter, because we have no one else to play that position, unless Emery on the odd occasion goes without a DM, and look how well that worked out for Wenger for how many years? It looks as if AMN’s natural position will be that of a DM, but he’s not ready yet, and has almost no experience of playing that role in the first team. And given how good Torreira was in the WC, he has to be the first name on the team sheet for me. I do not want to see Ramsey or Xhaka picked ahead of Torreira…ever!

    1. Good post, apart from your thinking AMN is a natural DM. I DON’T AGREE AND THINK HIM BETTER GOING FORWARD. But spot on about Torreira and esp him over Ramsey and Xhaka.

      1. Yes AMN would be wasted purely in a defensive position. He would be better replacing Ramsey.

  6. Yeah. I just noticed that lol. Torreira is a DM.
    Wenger stubbornly refused to get a proper one and Emery said hold on we need one.
    Cazorla was a creative offensive or box2box central midfielder

  7. I would play Ozil beside Guendouzi in the middle and Torreira tucked in behind for defensive cover. With Auba tucking inside from out wide and Kolasinac down the flanks feeding Lacca in the middle. I think this system would work should Ramsey leave?

    Xhaka can sit it out for cup games. He was average last year and need to improve!

    1. You had me agreeing with you big time until I got to “Kolasinac down the flanks feeding Laca in the middle”. Sorry but he has been terrible and never puts in a cross to anyone. He’s got a shot on him but can’t cross and can’t defend, that’s in my opinion of course.

      1. I understand what you’re saying but, I think Emery can get better out of him than Wenger. I remember his first appearances for Arsenal I though he was excellent down the wing! He went backwards under Wenger.

        He just needs the input in training because I think he has the pace and power and just needs to perfect his crossing!

  8. I saw Campbell training with the boys today. Am curious to know who the fans would choose between Campbell and Perez to remain if we don’t bring another winger. Personally. I would sell Perez and retain Campbell because he is younger. better dribbler and works harder..

  9. Torreira was purchased as a much needed addition to the squad, Guendouzi was brought in as one for the future.

    If we sell Ramsey without bringing anyone else in that would be a travesty. Nzonzi for me is too old – we need to invest in younger players that have a few years ahead of them to mound together as a team.

  10. Not Iwobi, for certain. NO WAY! Now watch the Nigerians on here accuse me of racism for thinking their “hero” is not the greatest thing since sliced bread, as they themselves think. Most non Nigerians on here , mind I say most, not all, think he is a poor player and not fit to be in our first eleven. I would not have him anywhere near our club , were I the one making decsions. He is a nice enough lad, if a little immature but not remotely good enough. I care nothing if he comes from Nigeria, England or the moon. All I and those who agree with me care about is whether he is good enough to play for us. AND MOST OF US, JUDGING BY VERY MANY COMMENTS ON HERE , THINK HE IS NOT.

    1. Young man, you have said nothing of value! Good a thing you are not at the helm of affairs of our great club!

    2. I really can’t understand why all the hate with Iwobi. It is true that last year he wasn’t that good and that he was overplayed instead of being benched, but that was the case with the majority of our starting players last year. Personally I do rate him, cause he has shown glimpses of greatness at times and I would keep him and Perez for the left flank if we cannot buy a proper winger this year. It seems though that Perez is leaving hence Campbell was given a squad number and was seen training with the main squad. I guess there is not going to be much action in the next days for us, don’t forget we also have Miki who is also a versatile and complete player.

      1. Just thought I’d point out to yoiu, since you are not using English correctly, that one person disagreeing with another person about the relative ability or otherwise of Iwobi, is merely disagreement. HATE IS SOMETHING QUITE DIFFERERENT. Why not try using our great language correctly?


        1. Wow, I really rated your comments about Arsenal till recently when you started being discriminating about foreign players in our team and non-english fans. Maybe the word “hate” was a bit exaggerating, I only wanted to say that Iwobi is still young and like other players deserves a chance under Emery.

          P.S. I think I’m using your language well enough, in order to make a comment. If you really want to speak a “great” language though, try Greek or Chinese instead and let me know of your efforts… ?

          1. No need , is there? This is an English site. You are quite wrong by accusing me of “discriminating about foreign players in our team and non english fans”. I care nothing at all wherever players or fans come from , as long as it is Planet EARTH, physically and more importantly, METAPHORICALLY too. This is an English language site, as you seem not to know, so Greek and Chinese, both of which are great languages are irrelevant on here

    3. You sound like a son any Mother would be proud of. NOT!!! ” kill yourself if e too vex you.” Anyone who can understand what this illiterate person actually means please tell me. It seems to me he wants me to kill myself. Just the sort of comment a true fan should write about another true fan, in whatever slimy pond Bread lives in. I hope you may be reading this comment Mr Admin, as I doubt you would want your posters urging others to kill themselves, wouldn’t you agree? Over to you for appropriate action!

  11. Am so disappointed in you jon fox… It still shocks me people like you still think back wards.. Was there a need to insult his English and punctuations , speaks a lot about you

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