Is there underlying issues following the Ozil omission? (Opinion)

Arsenal are seriously struggling for form currently, and while it could be coincidental, the timing ties into the saga surrounding Mesut Ozil.

The former German international hasn’t featured in a competitive match for the Gunners since the Coronavirus pandemic put a halt to the previous campaign.

Many people have opinions on why this is, with some claiming the rumours that he refused to take a pay-cut played a role, while the manager has reiterated on more than one occasion that the decision was solely a ‘football decision’, as stated ahead of their clash with Rapid Vienna in October (via Arsenal’s official website.

While sections of the fans were in uproar at the decision, most were happy to see the back of him having witnessed him become a luxury that the team could not afford to carry, but since he was officially left out of the playing squad for the Europa and Premier League, our form has diminished.

Since Ozil was officially left out of the squad for the Europa League on October 6, the club has lost all three of their league matches in the division, and only have one goal from open play in any of the six PL matches since that date.

It almost appears as if our side has been cursed by the decision to leave out our highest paid player, and most experienced creative talent, but the crazy thing is that the team hadn’t played him since March and had been doing just fine without him prior to that decision.

Could Ozil be affecting things on the training ground to hamper our progress? Could the morale inside the squad have an issue with the decision on the 32 year-old?


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  1. No I do not think he is affecting morale on the training pitch.

    Not having him as an option to help with creativity is whats not helping along with negative tactics that every other team in the league knows how to play against.

    Since football resumed we we very quick in the press, we fought for every ball, we were very compact defending as a team.

    certain players were given key roles against teams like AMN for instance.

    None of that is happening and we are extremely predictable, we dont have different options.

    I for one hope Ozil gets back into the squad and has a great time playing before he leaves in the summer

      1. Sue, I really do hope he comes back and plays well.

        The whole world has known what Ozil as a player can do and what he can’t do.

        He wasn’t brought in to do an Elneny or TP role was he? no lol he wasn’t

        He never really had the security behind him to allow him to play and find the spaces.

        If you ask him to do that fine but you will be missing out on what he can do and with that no one in the squad can do what he can do, he is a link player, he involves others in moving forward.

        He made Giroud look 10X the player he was, even when he was played out wide, where he wasnt really as effective as he would have been through the middle.

        We have 2 rocks in TP and Elneny to provide that security and allow him to play ball.

        At the end of the day, if it works great, if it doesnt, well theres no harm it as we’re absolute shiiiiiite anyway.

        I believe he would thrive playing in front of those 2, infact Auba, Laca and Pepe would all thrive as Ozil likes pace around him

        1. The thought of Ozil playing with Elneny, Partey and PAL is mouth-watering, Val!! If only, hey?!! 🙏
          Did you manage to get a ticket for Thursday?

            1. im glad to read some senses here. Ozil is not creating anything , nor off or on pitch, that’s why we struggle in attack’ They do need that ball to score…

              Unfortunztly Sue, unless a player get badly injured, im not sure we can take one off to add him until january.

              By then, he will be free to sign anywhere, thzt’s when we will finally play him to escape relegation zone we should flirting with by then.

              We lose 6 more points and can land 19th spot…

              It is sad to have such a great and complete squad for first time in over decade but we have an apprentice coach making a mess with team all over pitch!

              1. Could be a very long season with the way things are going, Mogunna… just one win would do nicely to inject some confidence into the team… haven’t a scooby when that’ll be though!!

        2. It should be Partey and AMN/Willock Elneny is too soft and lacks pace,

          This guys would help reduce the risk of injuries on partey

    1. Omitting Ozil was a prelude to what’s happening with team right now.

      The style of play, formation and execution are a clear evidence of lack of experience and vision.

      It’s OK to hire a first time manager, but it’s not ok to give him free reign before he gets experience.

      Players are human too. They get discouraged, lose confidence and become indifferent. That shows very clearly during the match.

      1. A good refreshing Ozil article after a very long time. Just to remind all that the players are paid hefty wages to perform on the field of play and not to lose hope if one squad player (unwanted across Europe) is benched rightfully. If a player loses his near and dear one, then we can accept an off day and sympathize. Respect Mikel for having the guts to show the man his due place.

        1. Man Management my friend does may not work with an iron fist and guts. Our young coach needs to learn this. he froze out players that would have given him option for different formations to face different teams. Knowing very well they will continue drawing salaries and limiting his options to get replacements.
          I am in Management and I treat every employee differently with an aim of getting optimum results from each. They all have different strengths in varying scenarios.

  2. Arteta and the clueless board should bury their pride in shame and bring back ozil in January.

    A lazy ozil is far better than a fit xhaka and ceballos combined.

    Partey and ozil will improve the midfield.

  3. I knew Xhaka will be scapegoat, once thinks doesn’t come good, why don’t fan favorite captain do like the likes of Mane,dribble defenders and score.

    1. To be fair Xhaka was piss poor yesterday. But he and Bellerin are assigned blame before matches even begin.. These are the same set of people who believe Auba is a world class striker…

  4. No i dont think Ozil was that influential that it makes a jot of difference. I wish he had gone in the summer and we weren’t talking yet again about him. The biggest error Arsenal have made is not paying him off (if of course he would accept it instead of staying here for doing nothing) or getting him somehow off our books. All he is, is an excuse for people to use to try and make an issue out of him. I thinks it is sad he hasn’t got more about him to allow this situation to go on, its embarrassing for him but then again if i was getting 300 big ones for being a ball boy at training, i might do the same but im not a fallen footballer.

  5. The decision to not play Ozil and leave him out of the EL squad was Arteta’s obviously backed by the Board. The reasons for this decision will not ever enter the public domain so lets let it go to rest. One thing seems to be clear from other AFC players statements that Ozil is training well, has a very professional attitude, and is it seems popular in the dressing room. Therefore it seems very unlikely that he has any bearing on our present situation. Everyone seems to be looking for an reason-excuse for our poor performance. Sorry Ozil is not the reason or excuse.

  6. OZIL ARTICLE NUMBER 8637, ARTICLE 8638 ALONG IN ANOTHER HOUR, IF YOU CAN WAIT THAT LONG! Personally. I need far more than these paltry few!!

  7. Jesus….Ozil is to blame for all the problems in the world. We sign Willian and pay him £200 grand a year and don’t play Ozil. Arteta holds grudges and look what happens.

  8. While at the time of his omission from the squad I was a little confused I learnt to except it (shame a few on here couldn’t let it go either way )but now it’s come apparent in the last 2-3 weeks that the outcome,be it Artetas or the board it was probably the stupidest decision that could have happened to us this season now looking back at it .

    When you look at that midfield yesterday most fans can see what’s missing(when I say most I don’t count the ones that always bring up wages as their main course of debate ) and I can honestly say that Ozil wouldn’t do any worse than that lot that played against wolves .

    Ceballos -absolute dogshit since we signed him last season,played about 4 good games no goals and not sure what he actually brings to the team unless fans are happy about him looking busy
    Willock – not yet ready to even tie Ozils laces unless fans are happy again about a player who looks busy

    These are the 2 players that some fans are happy to have doing Ozils job just because they have an problem with what he earns .

    I was never a massive fan of Mesuts ,but I always called him a class player just because he does things other players can’t even dream about .
    I have no time for a select few fans on here that will always go on about Money as if was there own .
    At the end of the day he wouldn’t be doing any worse than what we are witnessing ATM

      1. 100% agree…anyone who cant see it should just re-run the villa, leeds, leicester and wolves games.

        Due diligence was not carried out, before dropping MO from this team, but it is what it is.

    1. Arteta prefers house painters to artists! I guess he relates better with the former as he was one himself!

  9. I am not in support of leaving Ozil completely out of the team, especially when you didn’t sign any AM.
    However, what is happening at Arsenal has nothing to do with Ozil.

  10. Think I have just about heard it all now. It’s Wenger’s fault (he’s been gone over 2 years now), Gazidis is gone too, Owners aren’t spending (despite hundreds of millions in transfers over last 2 1/2 years), Deadwood; most of which aren’t playing, and so on. Even seen someone putting blame on fans; like we have been to any matches or booed anyone at the Emirates lately.
    Blame lies with Arteta and the players, full stop. The lack of preparation and effort on their parts is shocking. Lifeless displays, unmotivated performances, no urgency or intensity. For example, they actually wanted it the last 15 minutes against Wolves; where was that effort the first 75 minutes?
    They are getting outplayed on the regular last several games.

    1. You say we wanted it in the last 15 mins but that was wolves bringing on a dm and cb not any shift in tactics by us. Arteta play book is plan a when that isn’t working what does he do change willian for Nelson. No change in the plan just a change in personnel. Awful

    2. Durand, Did you see Leno not knowing we were trailing Wolves but instead toying with the ball mockingly against a wolves player.
      That is a time wasting ploy only employed when you are leading.
      Leno should also be benched, He is the origin of our slow pace. He releases the ball too late in so doing helping the opposition regroup.

  11. Past and current players in the premier league who have played with or against Ozil rate him. They have seen first hand what he can do.

      1. Jack Wilshere still rates MO as a footballer and, as someone who trained and played alongside him, he should know. He also believes it is not only a footballing issue and I tend to agree with him. This debacle has been a PR nightmare for AFC from being the only EPL club to ask for a reduction in players’ contractual salaries and sacking 55 non-playing staff for a saving of £2m (including Gunnersaurus) while offering a huge salary increase and a 3 year contract to Auba. Imo 2020 will go down as a bad year for the club and the year we lost our classy image.

  12. got nothing to do with ozil. club thought they could get away with having zero quality midfielders (even hasbeen quality midfielders) and it hasnt worked out. We have a midfield that is lower midtable quality on a good day. Im serious too. How many of our midfielders even get into Sheffields side? Sheffield! Lets not even compare Everton vs Arsenal midfield.

  13. When we drop into the bottom three something will have to give. Too many very average players with no spirit !!

  14. This is a very strange situation. If Ozil is not part of the plan then he shouldn’t be anywhere near the club in my opinion. The players didn’t look like they were playing for the manager at all yesterday, it was indeed almost as if something had gone on in the dressing room. Look closely at Aubas demeanour now compared to the start of the season.

  15. Bringing back ozil will not fix anything. We can bring Messi or Ronaldo in this team and we will see same thing again n again. Problem is manager has to trust the players and let them play with some freedom. MA micro manages the player too much. He does dictates everything to them and does not allow them to express or show their abilities on pitch. That’s why we see team play with a handbrake on. I have always said use ozil because we are paying him..what’s the point of paying him but not using him. Just don’t extend his contract and next window get a good creative midfielder in….but if MA does not change his tactics of this type of football then we can buy best midfileder creator n still struggle to create. We have one of the best goal scorers in world and look how he is struggling that’s proof enough. MA supporters need to understand fans opposing him have nothing personal against MA they just have higher expectations and set performance bar then their fellow gunners.

  16. Anyone on here thinking Ozil would make a difference is utterly delusional! Of course we need a playmaker, but Ozil has proven, time and time and time again, he is not the answer.

    Has no one seen his performances over the last 3/4 years? Even pre that, how often did he turn up when we really needed him?

    1. Thirdman,perhaps u’re delusional.Ozil would actually make a difference….he played well under Arteta before he was frozen out…..if Ozil doesn’t play in this midfield,who should??

      1. No, Ozil didn’t play well under Arteta. Ozil made it easy for Arteta to drop him. He’s been trash for 3/4 years now.

      2. 1 goal and 2 assists is good enough for you? Because people have accepted mediocrity and rewarded with 350K/week, this is our standing in the league 14th. Need we say more? Others strive and get 100-200K, this man did nothing for 3-4 years before this season and gets 350K. Injustice.Due to this the entire locker room may have some psychological problem, get rid of this 350K wages hero.

    2. Well young man I may be delusional but you obviously haven’t read a damn thing about what has gone on for Ozil on and off the pitch since AW left.

      That would have played a major role in form and also being the type of player he is needs security and quality around him which he IMO has never had in his time with us.

      Now when we don’t create anything, get absolutely blasted by ‘smaller’ clubs on our own patch and you don’t even have this guy as an option to potentially change anything in a difficult match is delusional.

      There have need many class players over the years that’s work rate is bs but what they can give you instead is something that no other can.

      Messi work rate is bs
      Aouar work rate is bs
      Ginola work rate was bs
      Bergkamp work rate was bs
      Mcmanaman again work rate was bs

      These are just a few players that were fantastic ballers but offered nothing defensively at all.

      And there are many many more currently playing that have similar attributes but are given a base to allow them to do what they are good at and not what MA is demanding of players that simply suck doing anything else, he wants everyone to be like de Bruyne but that’s just delusional in itself imo

      1. You’re missing a key point though. Messi, Ginola, etc, defensively may offer nothing, but at least they do something in the final third. What has Ozil been doing in the final third of late? Even Mustafi is ahead of Ozil on clear cut chances created.

        I also suggest you go and watch some re-runs of Bergkamp, because he also knew how to fight for ball, whereas Ozil just collapses at the slightest touch!

        1. no im not missing the point here, he is a pure attacking player and since he was reinstated to the side under UE and then dropped again he was trying to play more defensive.

          These types of players need the freedom to be creative otherwise there is no point in playing them.

          MA is so obsessed with rigid tactics he doesnt give players freedom to express themselves.

          Well he hasnt done anything of late because he hasnt been on the pitch since March has he?
          He hasnt even played for the U23’s from what i can see.

          DB had a dirty side to him but he would only go fight for the ball higher up the pitch, not track back like MA wants Ozil to do

          Last season Ozil played 18 times and created 38 chances, Pepe created the same but played twice as much.


      2. I don’t think Arteta gave Ozil enough time to do anything. His last game was in a bad all round team performance.True Ozil was uninspiring and unable to get into the game , deserving his substitution. But other players have remained in the good books while Ozil was banished. It can’t be football alone because we have seen so many sterile performances from the likes of William, Lacazett, Auba., Let’s not forget Xhaka and we know they’ll be back. Interesting rumour is that Arteta wants Isco another player who can also switch off and disappear when the going gets tough.

    3. Thirdman, He is the only creative player we have. do you throw away the only trousers you have because they are faded?
      He could have given us options up to the time we find a better player than him.

    4. Is those fielded in his position right now turning up better than him? If so I agree with you that we do not need him.

  17. Worth a punt, even in Ozil’s “decline” how does he compare with the goals and assists Xhaka and Ceballos have provided?
    How much better is willock defensively than Ozil? I don’t see willock tackling and getting stuck like Arteta goes on about. How about Xhaka defensively?
    Naive rookie mistake to limit options so early without exercising them. Willian is such a good defender himself, as good as Pepe defensively.
    Sorry not buy the “defensive” excuse they hang on Ozil, not when several other players don’t defend and play like trash but still get chances. Pepe, Willian are 2 prime examples.

  18. Obviously this has been debated long enough for everyone to understand that leaving Ozil out was a mistake and maybe part of the issue with this group
    is the fact that they do not trust Arteta any more.
    His stance on Ozil/Guendouzi and even AMN is amaturish at best and mean in some other ways.
    I can understand that a player may not fit your style but when it becomes obvious that MA has no “actual” style aside from fear of loosing then the other players are getting affected.
    Who would really kill themselves for a manager that can’t manage players? Aside from that the whole Arsenal camp is a mess . I personally think we have become a high wage swamp for has beens and wannabes not good enough.
    If we could only manage to play attractive football ,put a smile on the players face we could at least maybe salvage a EL place. MA should in my opinion make a 180 and become inclusive to all the players build some moral and let play with some enjoyment. He is stiffling the crap out of this group.

  19. If u are winning without Ozil,it makes sense.
    Arsenal are known for their possession football and intricate passing.
    However it seems teams know how to counter this approach. They will let the gunners overpass and overplay and hit on the break Thats how AV,Foxes and Wolves have beaten the gunners.
    Btw,to rely 90% on Abu to score is dangerous.
    Football is a team game.

  20. Can anyone explain to me how Willian is better than Ozil?

    From what I see they are both playing the same level. If Ozil is staying, please use him!! Enough paying him and benching him while Willian is playing!

  21. Hehe. We have been though this before, haven’t we? Emery exiled Ozil..results were okay for a while..then we started having creativity problems..couldn’t score enough, couldn’t demanded Ozil is reinstated.. chanted his name in the stadium relentlessly.. “We want Mesut Ozil!!!” Emery gave in and Ozil was played again. Now, someone answer me; did the results change? Hehehe! Nope.. it all end with premium tears for Emery. Ozil will not change anything.

    1. Emery was the problem. No plan B . Come to think of it NO PLAN A .
      Piers Morgan and his cronies must shoulder some of the blame for the decline of Arsenal .
      Saying that I’ve been supporting Arsenal since 1953 and this is definitely one of the worse teams I’ve ever seen .
      Roll on February when Arteta can get some new faces and Ozil into the squad .

  22. go and watch all the matches that we have played against Man u, Chelsea, spurs, leicester city, liverpool at home even the fa cup match against liverpool away and see what Ozil can do.

  23. IMO this is more to do with the Chinese remarks than anything else . The owners are probably behind keeping him out . Then sooner they get off their backside and get him back in the team the better . We need somebody with guile to get the forwards going .

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