Is this a warning for Arteta to be careful of burning out Saka?

We all love Buyako Saka and he is the most exciting youngster (no, the most exciting player) in every Arsenal game he is chosen for. But does Arteta rely on him just a little too much?

The coach admitted that it is a difficult balancing act when he told last week: “It is (difficult) at the moment because he’s been a real threat,” Arteta said. “He’s involved in a lot of goals all the time and his consistent performances make him a starter obviously.

“I’m not going to put a brake on his development or how much he can do week in, week out. We have to support him and give him the best possible advice all the time, and then manage his minutes so he can maintain this level.

“It’s a fine balance, but at the same time he’s 19 years old and we have to protect him.”

This is definitely something that we should be concerned about, looking at these statistics compiled by Art De Roche, who is a journalist for The Athletic.

We all remember how Arsene Wenger burnt out Jack Wilshere at an early age, and possibly Martinelli last season was a little overused and eventually succumbed to injury.

We MUST not let the same thing happen to Bukayo Saka, we really need both him and Martinelli to be ready to start next season with full fitness.

Should Arteta start resting Saka a little bit more?

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  1. Great points by Arteta about finding a balance between playing time, development, and rest. Martinelli would be a prime candidate to step in without a huge drop off in productivity for the team to give Saka time off.

    Also, maybe with Odegaard ESR can provide some cover as well. Personally I think ESR is better as a 10, but he can be dangerous enough on the wing to provide Saka some rest.

    There is enough cover with Pepe as well, and even Nelson if necessary. Basically anyone except Willian and his eye wrenching, mind-numbing appearances. I’d even rather see Balogun have a chance as a sub instead of Willian.

    No guarantee of goals for anyone, but for 200k a week I’d expect a little more pride and effort from Willian; track back, tackle, key pass or 2, anything.

    Willian is the perfect example of the scientific definition of “matter”
    —something that has mass and takes up space. Currently he has shown little more than that.

  2. Lol Durand. Agree with it all. But we both know many fans will demand both Saka and ESR play twice a week until the end of season – if not then it will be described as “another selection abomination”. Can’t win! As for Willian – yes it is more annoying that he doesnt appear to be trying. Like Pepe until recently, he lollups around, always behind the play, and has an awful body language.

    1. Guy
      Unfortunately too accurate how some would expect or even demand that Saka and ESR play every match. Personally, I would like to see selections where they are surrounded with other contributors where those 2 aren’t the only ones having to create chances, drive play forward, and score goals.

      That is why I stay on Willian and his lack of production. Being young and struggling (Willock, Balogun, Nketiah and Nelson to some extent) is far different than 32 with PL and World Cup experience.

      Willian’s body language and avoidance of basic things like tracking back, tackling, and driving forward are ALL his fault. Even his body language and languid displays show his lack of intensity and in my opinion professionalism.

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