Is this all Ox needs to become an Arsenal and England great?

Despite some great moments for club and country, I think it is fair to say that the Arsenal and England international star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has largely failed to live up to his early promise and has yet to prove Arsene Wenger right for paying what was at the time a hefty fee for a 17-year old.

Some of this can be put down to the usual Arsenal problem of picking up an injury at the wrong time and this has also been the case in his international career. A big part of Chamberlain’s problem, however, is simply that he has not played well enough, or consistently enough.

It has been a frustrating few years for all concerned and despite still having plenty of time as he is just 22-years old, the Ox seems to have let his struggles get to him and damage his confidence, which has then in turn affected his form. He really needs to break out of this cycle and have a good season for Arsenal and get his England place back.

According to the former Gunner Perry Groves, Chambo has all the attributes to be an Arsenal legend, as long as he just believes in himself. He explains in an Evening Standard report that the Ox could do worse than taking a leaf out of the book of his England rival Dele Alli, whose confidence is one of his biggest plus points.

Groves said, “[Chamberlain] has got everything and if I was him I’d be looking at Dele Alli at Spurs.

“He could be a very similar player – don’t copy him, but when Alli plays for Spurs, he looks like he believes he is the best player on the pitch.

“That’s what Oxlade-Chamberlain needs to get into his game. He’s a very nice lad, humble boy, but when you go onto the pitch you have to believe you are the best player.”

So far this pre-season has seen the Ox play well and hopefully this will give him just the boost he needs for the season to come. But do you think he will fulfill his potential or become another nearly but not quite good enough Gunner?


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  1. He is that Ox in the Box… “that” goal that to this day is still Wenger’s only “win” over moureen…..

    1. To this day Moureen is still green about Arsene’s entertaining football. Even when mour is at home, he play’s like the away team of a small club. The man is a liar, a coward, and a cheat.

      1. I hope the “mou effect” (one season of building, followed by one season of greatness, followed by one season of unexplained disaster) is so great that man u end up being the first team to be the holders of champions league that goes down into the second tier… here is to wishful thinking.

    2. OX really needs to keep his head down, eyes open and learn (how to make decisions faster) and avoid constantly running into road blocks and OX-bow Lakes

      Every year it’s common to hear peole say its “the year of the Ox”…..then the injuries come, the drop in form, the inconsistency, the fear….

      Once the Ox get over all these…. Glasses will be raised in celebration!!

  2. There has been a good few players that AW has tried to change and this is one of them. If the lad can have confidence playing with the likes of Ozill he don’t have much chance

  3. I kept insisting on the fact that Arsenal doesn’t need any big money signing. There is nothing Lacazzaret is doing that the young boys we have can’t do. The problem with the squad is the management. They don’t have that confidence and winning mentality. Look at the likes of the Ox, Iwobi, Adelaide, Zalem, Campbell. All this boys have loads of potential but no confidence. The bunch of players that won Champions league and premier league for sir Alex Ferguson are not better than the squad we have now, the difference is that hunger for success. If we buy two big money brothers now, there are two things that will happen. 1. The young players will not get playing time again and will stop developing 2. The big signings will eventually end up like the ones there before and next transfer window, we’ll be crying for another signing again with no cup to show for it. Mind you, we brought Ozil, Sanchez, Check, where is the trophy?. All we need is management that know how to win.

    1. I think its better if we buy Mahrez, rather than relying on OX or Walcott to do the Job.
      We can not be too excited just by seeing the pre seaon. Rememebr last season before the PL games, he scored the only goal in the Charity Shield against Chelsea. That too was a wonderful goal.
      The transfer window is still open and Arsenal has all the money. If we get Mahrez , thehe can be used as a substitute and once he hit the top form he can replace anybody.
      Right now depending on him will put more and more pressure on him. If Wenger does not sign anyone and keep the money intact, then OX will play and then if Arsenal perform badly, then he could be the scapegoat which will ruin his carrier for ever. He is just 22 and I can say that he is better than Walcott but I would prefer Mahrez now

    2. Kaybics, there is a lot of truh in what you are saying. Last season we had a number if chances to get clear ahead at the top of the PL. After the home win against leicester we were favourites to win the PL. Two games later it was affectively over. So many missed opportunities. Winning at anfield and concede a late goal, two nil up away to west ham and we draw, the list goes on and on.

      We only seem able to show the necessary attitude and determination when top four is threatened, not when the PL is there to be won.

      However we currently have only one striker, giroud. Walcott cannot do it, welbeck is injured, akpom is unproven and not impressive on loan last season. Giroud last season went on a barren spell and no one stepped up except welbeck who then went injured again. We do need strengthening in the striker position.

  4. All the Ox need is to improve on his only massive weak point: decision-making (in the final third). The guy has everything, blistering speed, can dribble past anyone, times his runs well, has a good finish in him, his crossing is alright. Picking final passes and executing combinations is still a problem though but that will improve in this team no doubt. Gonna be a big year for him.

  5. I’d prefer to see Oxlade move centrally. But is he better than many we have in that position right now. Ox’s drive could have been used better in this position when Arteta Flam and the gang were there.

    He had a terrific chance to claim himself the right wing over the last two seasons, he needs to now stay fit and really throw himself into it this season. If Theo is anything to go by, this will not be his last great shot. But it would be better for them if they felt like chances are running out under Wenger.

    I imagine Ox and Iwobi will play on the wings v liv, or else Ramsey and Ox. I think Wenger will go with….

    1. Cech – Yes
      Bellerin – Yes
      Chambers – NO (defensive liability maybe Holding)
      Gabriel – Yes
      Monreal Yes
      Coquelin -No, Xhaka
      Cazorla – Maybe,
      Iwobi/Ramsey – Iwobi
      Ozil – Not yet probably Ramsey
      Oxlade – Yes
      Alexis – Maybe

  6. OT is anyone having problems with an advert for ford motor cars. When i click on the home button or open a new article, i get a full page advert for ford and the screen locks for between five and fifteen seconds. It is really irritating.

    Please toggle thumbs up if you are having this problem.

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