Is this Arsenal and Man Utd transfer rumour having a laugh?

We do not know for sure what the Arsenal manager has in store for us at the end of the current season. There is even a theory that Arsene Wenger might even step aside if he manages to lead us to the Premier League trophy in May. Whether either of those things actually happens, though, is anybody’s guess.

What does seem easier to predict is that the Arsenal midfielder’s Tomas Rosicky, Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Flamini will no longer be part of the playing staff. All three have contracts which are due to expire at the end of this season and their age and waning influence means that their playing careers as Gunners is coming to an end.

So who are we going to get to replace them? Well believe it or not The Mirror is reporting that one of the players on the Arsenal transfer wish list is the Man United and England star Michael Carrick. Wenger has apparently tried three times before to get the central midfielder to come to north London but has always been rebuffed.

With Carrick’s current deal at Old Trafford due to run out in the summer, though, Wenger is said to be ready to try again. The problem is that Carrick is now 34-years old and that is the same as Rosicky and older than Flamini and our club captain, so has Wenger taken leave of his senses or is this Arsenal transfer rumour just having a laugh?

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  1. Having seen people like Mikael Silvestre,Kim Kallstrom and many more come to the club,I’ll say anything is possible with Wenger!

    1. good memories!

      its last day of window…we are top of league….we have a decent points lead…few injuries….reinforcements will bring home the title….
      enter….KIM KARDASHIAN


  2. Anyone who mandates for the signature of micheal carrick has completely Lost the pLot…

    it will be like manure Licking all the Twister unicorn LoLLipop and asking Arsenal to have the candy stick for free

    1. he sucked .

      i rmember seeing him pass to denilson then to bendtner…whos shot landed in kings cross platform 7.

      i sat in the stands….living the dream lads….living da D.R.E.AM

  3. I disagree with people who talk about Silvestre, Kallstrom, Squillaci etc.

    These players were during our dark years when we were paying off a stadium

    I completely blame Wenger for not signing any outfielders last summer and other things he has done wrong but I don’t believe he will sign Carrick

    He signed Cech but Cech is WC still at same age as Carrick

    In the last 3 years Wenger has brought in Cech, Alexis, Ozil, Chambers, Debuchy, Eleney, Gabriel, Ospina, Welbeck . The years of signing older has beens are over.

    1. Kallstrom wasn’t and Flamini certainly wasn’t. It’s a fact Wenger prefers settling over mediocrity rather than gambling on quality players. You have Xhaka and Carvalho both wanting to join Arsenal and also Wanyama who would like to play for a top club but instead the manager somehow thinks 35year olds are a better solution.

  4. sanchez plays cards with ozil….

    ‘hey mezzy, who jew think arsenal wenger brings in a window?’
    ‘alex erm his name is arsene’
    ‘jess arsenal, wat i say before’
    ‘whatever bro, i hear carrick’
    ‘carrick alex. micheal carrick’
    *alexis stares at the door
    ‘u ok alex?’
    ‘ohh jess i good, never a bin better’
    *sanogo walks in..
    everyone stares at floor acts like there busy

    1. It’s not that bad Muffy. 5 of our first 11 are world class:

      – Alexis
      – Ozil
      – Monreal
      – Koscielny
      – Cech

      2 of our first 11 are working their way to becoming world class:

      – Coquelin
      – Bellerin

      3 of our first 11 are not quite world class yet but are some of the best in their position

      – Giroud
      – Welbeck
      – Walcott

      Like I said, it’s not that bad Muffy 😉

      1. Twig there is a difference between worldclass players and reliable players.
        Players like monreal and koscienly are reliable because they take their responsibilities well and keep calm.
        Worldclass players are those that are very instinctive and make a very huge difference.They are never afraid to try and keep going.They quality is unimaginable.
        Self belief and a differenct class in terms of abilities.
        cech ozil and sanchez are worldclass.
        The rest are just on the road

        1. You only think they’re not world class because they’re defenders and don’t score or assist goals very often.

  5. Hahaha
    Flamini will be offered a one-year extension ?
    and wenger is keen on Carrick. .. So kiss your dream summer signings good bye! ??
    Next season we will see more youth players in the squad,
    So wenger won’t be looking to spend… as per usual! ?

  6. I said it before and I will say it again Wenger doesn’t give a Monkey’s about the Fans.
    He is all about the share holders that why he is buying all these kids hoping to come across
    a good one so he can sell him for a bucket load of money, Not to put back into the club but More money for his Masters to Bank.When Wenger and the Board look out at the full stadium
    on a Saturday they don’t see Fan’s they see customers.It would not surpries me if Wenger bought a one legged blind man, so Carrick is a possibility.

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