Is this Chambers big chance to be Arsenal’s DM?

Arsene Wenger has already told us that he is grooming Calum Chambers to be Arsenal’s new defensive midfielder to provide cover while Francis Coquelin is out of action for the next three months, so it is about time that we saw how he can cope with the role with the congested Christmas period coming upon us quickly.

So what better time to give him a chance than against the team that is adrift at the bottom of the Premiership and hasn’t won a game since the opening day of the season. Aston Villa are already hot favourites to be relegated and, to be honest, if Chambers cannot manage to do the job against them then Wenger may as well start looking to bring someone in from outside during the transfer window.

Calum was brought on briefly at the end of Wednesday’s game in Greece and he seems to be pleased with the idea. “It was really enjoyable,” he told “In games like that it’s great for me to get on, it adds to my experience so I’m really enjoying it.

“Every time I get to go on in central midfield it’s good for me and it adds things to my game as well. I’m just taking every opportunity I get and learning from the experiences.

“Compared to centre back, I think you need to be more aware of everyone around you.

“You’ve got to be swivelling your head, looking where everyone is and knowing where you’re going to pass the ball before you get it.

“It’s almost like you need to be one step ahead of the game.”

We have another week of training after the Villa game before we have the big match against Manchester City, but surely Wenger won’t risk introducing him to the new role against our title rivals. This is our best chance to give him his trial, but will Wenger do it?

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  1. I think Wenger will stick with Flamini for the Villa and Man City games. He won’t rotate unless he is forced to!

  2. Chambers needs easing into this role. If we take the lead against Villa, then bring him on as a 2nd DM with Flamini. And do the same against City. For all his mistakes, Flam still knows how to play this role. Starting with Chambo in this new role is a risk, and not good for his confidence.
    Would also start with Campbell, if he’s up to it, as he is on good form.
    Against Villa, we need to give both Ollie and Ozil, some rest. sub them after 60 mins.
    Winning next 5 EPL games – even if we have to win ugly – will mean a great start to 2016

    1. One thing I will say on Flam, when our entire team takes utmost care of the defensive duties Flam has been reliable. And they should always take utmost care.

  3. we need 3 points against villa & i don’t think it’s a good idea to be experimenting instead of going for all of it n risk dropping points, city is our next game & you never know what could happen. Just put our best team today.

    1. not saying the flame ain’t ahead of him in terms of experience….. But easing chambers into the role is better than forcing him into the role due to an injury…… It will be Like “WTF…so SuddenLy?”

  4. IMO there is no point buying another World class DM in January. Coq is coming back, the Flame is turing out to be pretty good cover, and Chambers is the guy who has to step up to the plate and grab the no2 spot from Flamini. The ideal time to bring Chambers on in the Villa game will be if we have a comfortable lead in the second half. He will be able to sit next to the Flame, and feel the game time fill his boots. Hopefully, therefore, we can put this match to bed first half, and if there are no team changes and we carry the confidence through from the last match, then with a bit of luck that may be the case.

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