“Is this how far we’ve fallen?” Ian Wright laments Arsenal’s latest antics

Ian Wright has reacted to Arsenal’s decision to be a founding member of the European Super League and he says it is shameful.

The Gunners are facing a growing backlash from their fans and former players over their decision to join the new competition.

The 12 founding members of the competition are purely motivated by greed and it is shocking that the Gunners agreed to join.

Arsenal has been struggling to play in the Champions League since 2017 and this is another season that they will miss out on the top four again.

Mikel Arteta’s men can win the Europa League and earn an automatic ticket, but becoming a founding member of the Super League means they won’t need to worry about top four any more.

This is because it would guarantee them a slot in the competition every year and Wright says they have been so poor lately that they had to accept a shortcut to success.

He told his Twitter followers: “I literally couldn’t believe it when I saw Arsenal’s name.

“This is the same Arsenal that was only just, a couple of weeks ago, commended for its tribute to David Rocastle.

“God, he would be turning in his grave knowing what’s going on now.

“Is this how far we’ve fallen? That we are now getting into competitions because we’re not good enough to get into [the Champions League].

“So, to the detriment of the English game, we’re getting a seat to the table we have no right to be at. It’s shameful. I’ve heard that word used, it is shameful.”

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  1. Shame ! Shame ! on my beloved Arsenal ,Stankroke must go and new ownership must take over,we the beloved fans must not stay silent our beloved Premiere and Champions league is gonna die if we do…

  2. Well said Wrighty, yes we have fallen because of our owner. There isnt much we can do but keep letting the pirate, we dont want him or his BS ideas. The problem we all have he has total ownership of our club and doesn’t care for fans just money. We dont mean anything to him.

      1. Reports saying another team will do aswell
        My betting would be Man City as they don’t need the money or spuds because Liverpool Arsenal and Utd are owed by Americans

        1. American’s only know about “hustle” and “American Dream”. Classless moro…

          I think it was the owner of Burnley who said that “At the time of buying the club, I did not even know the ball they use to play is puffed or stuffed.”

    1. Good on Chelsea, it doesnt make abramovich better but at least someone at the club realises this SL is crap. I bet Arsenal and kronk will hang on till the bitter end.

  3. If true the SL will fold guaranteed. Nobody else will dare to join seeing the outpourings. Rush to leave because last one out will be the most hated. But Chelsea as the first will be forgiven totally

    1. OH! Pep says it isnt sport when success is gaurateed! Im sure he meant the SL format isnt sport. How long will our grubby owner hold on to his failed dream?

      1. Why is this Kroenke still owning OUR CLUB? Dangote please buy him out. This is the timeline you promised.

  4. Man city and Chelsea out of the proposed Super League.. Kroenke must be in full blown panic mode now but the stubborn miserable b##tard will hang on until he realises it’s not happening! That man needs removed from the club asap.. liverpool got hicks and gillett out so there’s still hope!

  5. Haha kev yes they did get rid of gillette and hicks those pesky Americans and then got in some more. Lol

    1. Haha yeah now it’s rinse and repeat time Reggie 😂😂 ed Woodward has left utd.. what will happen at Arsenal ? Interesting couple of days to come

      1. Kev and Reggie
        Stan will defo be the last dickhead standing no doubt or he will try selling us his hunting tv show again to make himself 20 quid a week extra .

        1. Haha no doubt about it Dan 😂 if there’s a fiver to be made out of this he’ll be all over it 😆

        2. Dan, i think Kronk will more and more become the hunted with Arsenal fans. He is so disconnected with our club and fans, it would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

  6. Now Shaw and Maguire heading a player revolt at utd. Maybe there will be only Real Madrid Barca and Arsenal left in the SL, not so super then but at least we can play Real and Barca every 2 weeks. GREAT

    1. Reggie
      Im brimming that Chelsea and ManC are paving the way for the rest of the RSoles that are the owners to have to cave in
      Woodward is on the way out later this year
      Good riddance
      English fans are standing firm

      1. Sue P i think you are right, i just hope that with kronk getting a right kick in the teeth with his plans, he might actually sell to someone who cares for Arsenal and English football.🙏🙏🙏🙏

        1. If that happens we all can proudly say European Super League was indeed created to save football.

  7. You just know Kroenke is one of the originators of this plan as he’s one of JPMorgan’s biggest clients, he’s always looking for financial schemes that require minimal to no risk and the fact that he’s desperately looking to recoup some of the substantial investments he made in the construction of his new NFL stadium that subsequently opened with no fans in the stands due to covid

    I can only hope his most recent misstep will embolden our fanbase just enough that we will finally put aside some of our petty differences, so we can present a more unified front against our one true common enemy, Stan f’ing Kroenke…we need to create our own version of the Spirit of Shankly group that played a paramount role in ridding Liverpool of their former American owners, Gillett & Hicks…I might not be Jean-Jacques Rousseau, but this seems like a classic “eat the rich” moment

    1. RVL4 our in house spats arent a big deal You can see what happens when we get really mad!
      This has brought us all back together. We remember we’re all in the same family. When the sh** really flies we stick together. I think all fans will respect each other more… for a few days at least!

  8. I’d like to know when someone from Arsenal is prepared to put a collective head above the parapet in the same way that Jordan Henderson has done for Liverpool?
    Deafening silence

    1. Lets hope that Kronk opt out of Arsenal he has shamed us and himself. He is a sh*t house of the highest order. Sorry for the language Sue but i hate him.

      1. And so say all of us, Reggie
        There will be a seismic change in ownership amongst the six, I am sure.

  9. Yay so we want Kroenke gone and new rules based on the German 51% fan ownership model. Then Uefa sorted. Then something done to limit player wages and agent fees. That will do for me

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