Is this Instagram Aubameyang responding to his critics?

Is Aubameyang sending a message to his critics?


It seems as though Aubameyang has sent out a message to the haters and the doubters. All well and good as long as he proves them wrong!


The Mirror has reported that Aubameyang posted on his Instagram story a message that said: “a lot of bla bla, at the end we speak as usual.” Now this could mean anything but given that he has come under fire for his recent performances, it could be in response to that.


Without a goal in his last four league games, it is not about the goals, it is the work rate, it is the intensity and he doesn’t seem to be the same player that we had in the games at Wembley, or in the game against Fulham at the beginning of the season.


I love Aubameyang and always will, as a player and as a person! But if a player is not playing to the standard in which we all have grown to expect from him then surely there is something wrong.


We are five games into the premier league season and yes it is going to be a tough season with the way things have gone and the unprecedented times we are living, but that is the life of a footballer, playing every three days, and being in every competition if they want to win trophies every season, this is something they have to be used to if want to be top players.


Of course, every player will have an off day and a quiet day, they are human at the end of the day, but for Aubameyang, ever since the Fulham game, for me he has not been himself. Is it that the level of expectation and the weight off his shoulders has been lifted because he has signed a new contract? Well only he knows.


Although his message may not be for those critics, there is a change in him and whatever the change is, I hope he very quickly fixes it and gets back to being the lethal, cheeky and unpredictable player that we have all grown to, and will continue to love. Gooners?


Shenel Osman

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  1. Come on we are 5 games into the season ,and we are already seeing a witch hunt .
    He’s been our best player the last 3 seasons I’m sure he will start to fire soon .

  2. I love Aubameyang as a prolific striker. But something tells me, either that he doesn’t give his all or he is too soft, gentle and weak for the type of striker he should’ve been.
    I like strikers in the mould of Napoli’s Osimhen (fighter to the end, not rough though).
    Why did we overlook and miss him.

  3. Funny we cant afford him be was sold for 70m plus 10m if he takes them to champaing.

    My question is, why are we holding unto laca when ings is available. The boarden for goals is much of just one player!

    Hence he is marked. We are doomed to defeat or draw, as our record signing pepper lol is more of a dancer and laca score less than 15 goals per season.
    Saka is still under contruction.

    Our frontline is just auba

  4. Nothing has changed with Auba and I see nothing wrong with him. It is just the usual unnecessary bla bla bla by the media as Auba reiterated.
    He is yet to hit the ground running this season after 5 games and pipos are already likening his to the Ozil deal and its aftermath.
    Now, the ever smiling Auba can’t become an Arsenal legend because he did smile with an old time friend after losing to ManCity.
    Give him a break please!

  5. Every player has off days particularly strikers, I would be more concerned if he lost a yard of pace. When playing for Dortmund his pace terrified defenders, since then his pace has dropped off a bit but his technique has improved to compensate for it.

    This man has all the physical attributes of a natural athlete and one of the most graceful strikers I have ever seen. I just hope that his pace holds up over the next 3 years. Another thing, he never seems to get injured but he needs to be rested from time to time, he’s that important to us. He’ll be back!!!

  6. Well said Andrew, although I wonder what he thinks about the flack he is getting from the same fans who shouted out “give him whatever he wants”?

    I really hope the reported salary doesn’t become albatross to beat him with, but the signs are already there.

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