Is this La Liga midfielder REALLY the right transfer for Arsenal?

Newsflash! Arsenal need a defensive midfielder, or at the very least, a central midfielder to add cover and competition at the heart of the Gunners squad. But the million dollar question is whether Arsene Wenger really agrees, or which players he thinks will do the job.

Wenger is famous for not being the biggest fan of the January transfer window, but it is widely believed that he will be using this one and hopefully will do more than bring in an aging Swedish midfielder who is carrying an injury. But according to a Metro report, the Frenchman may be considering another loan deal until the end of the season.

The player in question is the Atletico Madrid and Spain international star Mario Suarez. Apparently Suarez has fallen out of favour with his manager Diego Simeone and so could be available to Wenger and Arsenal. He is at least a proper defensive midfielder who can put his foot in and tackle, but he is also cup tied in the Champions League and if he cannot get into the Atletico side, is he really good enough to solve the midfield problems that have dogged the Gunners for so long?

The 27-year old may be struggling to get into the Madrid team right now but he was a key part of their La Liga winning campaign last time and has such players as Tiago, Koke, Raul Garcia and all to compete with. Perhaps Wenger has his eye on another central midfielder who might not be available until the summer, so a temporary solution could be the answer. Would you be happy if Arsenal got Suarez until the end of the season?

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  1. Typical wenger
    Get used to mid table boys
    Will just get better and we will always make money

    1. If anyone actually thinks Wenger will go for Hummels & Schneiderlin then they’re off their head. At BEST we will get Sissoko & Mings which would be sufficient for top 4, nothing more nothing less. The way the season’s going we’ll be stuck around 5th place and go on some illustrious win streak piping Tottenham to 4th spot on the final day, it’s like clockwork. I would’ve guessed us fans know his rhythm by now. If Wenger gets anything beyond a Mario Suarez loan deal I would be VERY surprised.

    2. True. A lot can be said of a clubs ambition by the way they conduct their transfer business. Compare how we operate to how Chelsea/City/United typically do.

      Chelsea needed a DM, Matic was bossing it for Benfica so they went in as a bigger/richer club and took the player they needed…little fuss, done.

      Arsenal need a DM (for about he 5th year straight), we ask Atletico if it’s ok if we take a bench warmer on loan for the rest of the season. Pathetic.

      We are bigger than Southampton and should be bullying Schneiderlin from that club, but we’re run by tightfisted idiots who have the cheek to charge Elite prices. We operate like an Everton (no disrespect in the least) with apparent ambitions of a Barca. How’s that worked out for us the past decade Arsene and the Board? We are absolute mugs to these guys in suits.

      1. @Charlie: You could not have put it better. I don’t understand Wenger’s abused term “right fit” – mostly it is right fit in terms of money I believe and not talent. Winter window is over priced- so what..aren’t we desperate? Let’s pay a premium and fix the leak.

        We need Schneiderlin/Wanyama. Wanyama always wanted to come here but we went for flamini instead! We need to flex our muscles in the transfer market now- throw 25 million at Southampton and see if they respond.

    3. I love the players Suarez out of favor. Cavani has a crazy price tag and he hasn’t been scoring this year. Sissoko has been decent this year. Carvalho seems a half chance. . I need something to get excited about. Blahhhhhhh

      1. Sissoko is bare minimum I expect this window. Has the attributes we severely lack, at a selling club with no manager, recently declared his idol was Vieira and he loves Arsenal, and is having a good season in the prem.

        If they can’t get him at the very least, our transfer team needs the effing boot.

  2. Not for me.

    I’m not one to judge a player circumstantially, but he has no prem experience, his defensive stats are average (even flamini has decent numbers), and his playing style is nothing we don’t have in arteta. Struggling to see the attraction….looks like a band-aid for arguably our biggest/most consistent problem, which is lack of an authoritative DM.

    Like many have said, Wanyama, Schneiderlin, Gonalons, all better….I would even prefer Sissoko to sit despite him not being a specialist DM. We need POWER and ATHLETICISM.

    Ffs how many gooners need to say it before those in charge get what’s needed?

  3. We have too much money
    tied up in underperforming injury
    prone dead woods. Ryo Diaby
    Flamini Rosicky Sanogo Mertz Podolski
    Arteta + Campbell are virtual deadwoods.
    And like Bendtner Squid Arshavin and Park
    they are running their lucrative contracts down
    to the last dime. Walcott Wilshere Ramsey
    and to a lesser extent Gibbs and Koscielny
    are Diaby injury clones and are a huge drain on financial resources.
    We should sell the lot before they drop dead on us a total loss.

  4. I’m ashamed in our club, we are no longer one of the top teams, for the first time since Moses did loads of religious crap spud are our equals, all the banter from utd,city and chelsea fans is becoming true and hard to answer
    We are no longer a force in Europe , the top teams don’t even try and sign our players anymore, we are a buisness and you and every gunners fan is just a customer , thumb me down if you want but you know it’s right
    Tell me how many world class players we have now and who’s after them ?????????

    1. There’s no denying we have a fantastic squad, but they’ve never lined up together. For you to say that we don’t have a good squad… Well. May I remind you we’ve only added to the squad which was 5 points on top of the premier league?

      Sanchez Ozil Walcott
      Wilshere Ramsey, that’s World Class. Injuries and tactics have taken us away, not the players. (Apart from defense)

      1. Wiltshire Giroud ramsey WORLD CLASS LMAO
        I’m only guessing but you must be between 19-27 years old to make such a silly comment
        Henry was world class and those players are not good enough to clean his boots
        Any you didn’t say which clubs are after them giggle giggle silly boy

      2. IMO Giroud nor Walcott could ever be dubbed world class.

        Win stuff, score many goals season after season at the highest level, exhibit technique and skill that sets you apart from the many.

        I like both players but world class they ain’t!

        Ozil needs to prove

      3. If the problem is defense, where are the players. If we support youth, why are we not playing Hayden and we keep moving Chambers around. It’s hard supporting this club. We may have talent, but I don’t see the rotation and the bench that other teams have. I’m happy for Poldi, I hope he gets respect and scores like crazy for Inter

      4. Giroud and Wack Wiltshire world class???
        You sir are a fool!

        Sanchez, Ozil and Ramsey (when he is allowed to play in his natural position not Wenger’s ‘accomodate Wack Wiltshire’ 4-1-4-1) are world class players, the rest? Meh…

  5. Get Real

    we are always aiming for the top 4

    its just unrealistic fans are always aiming for the title and champ league

  6. Just watching PL Legends on sky sports -IAN WRIGHT What a player someone who loves the club and loved playing

    1. Dein? hes as old or even older that Wenger…

      why would he wants to come back when he could retire and enjoy his days…..

    1. Don’t be so sure about 4th, Pochettino has taken 6 months to get a Spurs team firing, 5-3 against Chelsea? We couldn’t do that.
      Koeman at Southampton has done more in 6 months with what Wenger would term a ‘destabilised’ team than Wenger can manage with 18 yrs tinkering and they have beaten us twice this season!
      4th is looking like a very remote possibility this year: City, Chelsea, UTD, Southampton and Spurs are looking like the contenders for top 4.

      Unless Wenger buys a complete spine for the team such as a GK (back up for Ospina, Schez is done), Virgil Van Dijk CB, Shinderlin DM, Sissoko DM/Box to Box, and a real WC striker such as the much rumoured Cavani for Ozil/Santi to feed balls through to, we aren’t even making 4th.
      This team has no spine in every sense of the word!
      Summer time we need a dedicated LW, we are constantly left exposed on the counter with wing backs in, or in line with, the opposition box.

  7. some managers are only good to get d best out of mediocre players I believe Ronald koeman is one of dem

  8. even though after seeing his team faulter I would say if and only if Wenger leaves we should get klopp. his team is struggling bcoz of d lack of support of d bvb board.its not completly his fault. have to see koeman fr more tym nw every manager has his glory days he is in his

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