Is this La Liga star good enough to replace Alexis Sanchez?

Despite Arsene Wenger’s best efforts, it looks as though the Gunners talisman Alexis Sanchez is likely to force his way out of the club this summer. With just one year left on his contract and numerous elite clubs in line for his signature, the Chilean is widely expected to quit Arsenal before next season and the media have been busy linking the Gunners with potential replacements for the irreplaceable Sanchez.

After ridiculous rumors emerged claiming that Arsene Wenger was eyeing Juan Cuadrado of Juventus as a potential Alexis replacement, AS has today linked the Gunners with a player who is somewhat closer to the caliber of the prolific Chilean, Atletico Madrid’s Yannick Carrasco. The report from AS claims that if Arsenal were to lose Sanchez, which is a distinct possibility, then Wenger will turn to the La Liga star as a like-for-like replacement.

Now while I must admit that Carrasco is indeed a world-class talent who can fit in seemlessly into the Arsenal team, this deal will simply not happen. The first and most obvious reason is that Atletico are facing a transfer ban at the moment and will be unwilling to sell the quality players they already have. Second, if the Spanish giants do in fact want to sell, the player still will not land up at the Emirates, with Bayern Munich making their interest clear.

But anyway, I am one of those Gooners who think Alexis Sanchez is simply irreplaceable. There is not a player we could sign at the moment that can bring the same level of quality that the former Barcelona man brings to the team. In my opinion, if the club do in fact have the ambition that the board claims, the services of Sanchez must be retained at all costs, even if it means taking the risk of losing him on a free next summer.



  1. Yannick Carrasco is not on the same level with Sanchez
    If added to our with Sanchez it will be good replacing Sanchez won’t be an easy task…

    I think we might need to buy two players to replace him..
    Having said that, it is crystal clear this is a made up can’t happen….

    1. No worries, Carrasco is one of Atletico Madrid’s key players and it would not be possible for that club to let one of their stars go, because of the transfer ban. Even Griezmann has to stay.

      I have a good feeling that Sanchez will not leave, because there are rumors about the new Arsenal’s promotional poster with Sanchez and Ozil on it. Maybe he and his agent try to incite transfer rumors, to get a better new contract from Arsenal.

      Sanchez is the focal point of Arsenal’s attack and it would be difficult for him to get the same opportunity in the other big club. If he does leave, I am sure Arsenal will replace him with a fancy expensive player like James Rodriguez, to calm the fans down.

      1. Angel Di Maria involved in some preseason advertorials with Man Utd shirts, yet moved to PSG.

  2. Carrasco is quality
    But 30 goals 16 assists in a team dealing with a angry home fans and inconsistent players arpund him

    He wouldn’t get half that
    So answer is no. Not even close

  3. Even Alexis was not the world beater he is now at barca and many considered him a deadwood there at that time. Its hard to say whether carrasco can step up his game as he is 23 years only, definitely canot replace alexis immediately but worth a punt

    1. I can’t recur any player considered as deadwood sold for over 31 million pounds.

      Whenever I hear the phrase ” Sanchez replacement” what comes to my mind is Eden Hazard.

    2. Sanchez a deadwood at barca?…you wrong mate..did you check his stats while he was with udinese b4 barca bought him?…everyone knows barca as at that time played for messi…Sanchez has always been fire…he was unlucky where he had to play second fiddle to messi

  4. I think we should focus on building a team that can compete at all front, rather than just focusing on Sanchez, what am saying is get the right players, whether Sanchez stays or goes..

  5. Carrasco with his runs and finishing ability at 23 will make him a good replacement for Sanchez,he could become a player like Aubameyan in the nearest future…But what i want is both of them @Arsenal

  6. Look ? this rumour is 100% Bull???
    It seems as if Wenger has put all his eggs in one shopping trolley (Basket) he is more than likely waiting for the outcome of Mbappe’s decision before committing to another target. Even the Lacazette pursuit seems half hearted at the moment.
    Just hope that a statement from the Mbappe camp gets released soon rather than later. The last thing we need is this ?? dragging on & on.

    1. Correct.. he should make an offer and put a time line on it.. let the player take a decision if they want to play for Arsenal.. if the player is waitng for RM or whoever then its the wrong player as theyre not 100% convinced by Arsenal.. if they DO want to come then tell their club or Arsenal to finalise the deal !

      same for Lacazette.and whoever els ehe is thinking of buying.. work out who qe need pay the asking price and get them at club early for pre season so team hits the ground running dirst game of the season ! no more excuses this time about transfers will be accepted by the fans if there is any penny pinching

  7. Arsenal should do everything to keep Sanchez……..we forget he was in Barcelona and Italy before that……..and was not that popular……..Arsenal and Arsene changed that……..he is now known everywhere……..and he plays a unique role in the team…….he is full of visible and palpable hunger to win in an Arsenal shirt…….he loves that challenge………and I think he wants to win the Premier League title………..and very probably in an Arsenal shirt……..Sanchez is the leader of this Arsenal team…….pay him and keep the core of the team intact……and add the needed parts……we are very close……..Wenger knew we were close but underestimated the strength……growth and impact of his challengers……

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