Is this Leicester star the perfect replacement for Aaron Ramsey?

There is a lack of transfer gossip involving Arsenal today, however, one player that has been linked with us is Leicester City’s, James Maddison. Now, some context, he is only being linked with us because TV pundit Tony Cascarino reckons he would be perfect for us, so it is not really what you would call transfer gossip.

But it did get me thinking, is James Maddison an adequate replacement for the departing Aaron Ramsey? And I have to say after looking at the figures, absolutely!

What I did is look at this season’s statistics courtesy of and the figures for this season are revealing.

Some context is required, Ramsey has not played anywhere near as many minutes as Maddison.

Minutes played

Maddison 2416
Ramsey 1259

Therefore the base figures can be misleading and that is where percentages come into play

Goals per match

Maddison 0.23
Ramsey 0.15

Shooting accuracy

Maddison 35%
Ramsey 43%

Passes per match

Maddison 40.27
Ramsey 26.22

Crossing accuracy

Maddison 33%
Ramsey 29%

Tackle success

Maddison 68%
Ramsey 53%

So, you can see, that in almost every area Maddison has a better record this season than Ramsey, that said, what cannot be gauged is the influence on a game each player has, the timing of a particular tackle or pass or goal and so you cannot judge on statistics alone.

But it sure does give an indication and based on those stats I am of the opinion that Maddison would be a great replacement for Ramsey and he is six years younger than the Welshman.


  1. Just proves that Ramsey is a bog average player … Sadly too many wenger nostalgic fans talked him up in to world class … Whether this guy is the quality we need am not sure … What is for sure is that he will be massively overpriced

  2. I feel Maddison is more of an Ozil replacement if anything. He seems to be a playmaker, whereas Ramsey is more of a box-2-box midfielder. As Rkw says, he’ll be massively overpriced, and I agree.

  3. James is an attacking midfielder but We need someone better.
    He is English so he will cost too much anyway
    English players are overpriced

  4. A suitable replacement for Ramsay is indeed currently playing for Leicester in the form of Tielemans on loan from Monaco.An excellent box to box midfielder who is a first choice for Belgium one of the top international sides in the World.Highly regarded by Erin Hazard if Tielemans is a shoe in for Belgium he is certainly good enough for ArsenalMonaco are a selling club and as such Tielemans would probably cost less than Maddison who is a talent at Club level only thus far.

  5. indeed i liked Maddison since the first tym i saw him, but like others have said, he wud cost too much since he is English & he is still fresh in the EPL.

  6. Anyone here know about Giovanni lo celso
    Madison is English he would cost a small fortune
    I also like nicolo barella

  7. Why bother comparing two players at all, one of whom will be soon leaving with another one who will not be coming? Pointless and cannon fodder for a fake article say I.

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