Is this more proof that the Kroenkes will back Arteta in the transfer window?

The Arsenal Blog Goonertalk, who are known to be a mouthpiece of the Arsenal management at times, posted yesterday:

Sources connected to Josh Kroenke and his father have confirmed to Gooner Talk that the Kroenke family are set to be ‘busy and ambitious’ with Arsenal Football Club this summer. 

Talks have been commencing since the beginning of January planning the club’s upcoming transfer window over back-to-back zoom meetings across the Atlantic. The Kroenke’s have apparently admitted to being unconnected to the football club during the pandemic but Josh Kroenke has committed to attending more events to connect with fans such as home matches, fan events, and executive board meetings at Highbury House and London Colney.

Now it is a fact that Arsenal fans are some of the most pessimistic when it comes to believing that our owner will be bankrolling our transfers in the summer. This is definitely due to the fact that in the 12 years of Kroenke being our majority owner we have rarely seen him spend more than the minimum needed to keep us in the top six.

But it definitely feels that the Kroenkes have finally realised that we are in danger of losing our “brand attraction”. Even Mikel Arteta has publicly told us that the Kroenkes are behind him, when he said: “I think if I’ve been something, it’s honest.” Arteta told “Probably once I was too honest. So if I cannot see something or I have doubts, I will say it. Now I have no doubts. It’s so clear and it’s a very clear statement from the ownership, very clear direction from the ownership, very clear direction with what we want to do. There’s zero question marks there.”

So this is hopefully going to be an excellent transfer window for Arsenal and the Kroenkes, because if they fail to deliver yet again, I can see the protests next season being much stronger and wider-reaching than ever before.

Surely we should be confident until the last day of the transfer window…

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  1. It’s not a proof that Kroenke will give Arteta a huge budget. Realistically, we can only increase our budget if we sell some players, because of the pandemic and no European competition next season

    We actually don’t need too much if our scouting is great

  2. 12 days till the Euros if we haven’t started our business before hand we all know how our transfer window will go ,scrambling around in the last week looking for cheap signings pretending that we couldn’t find the right players all summer ,we have all seen this movie before .
    What’s worring is the rumours of us looking at wingers and attacking midfielders when we are already stocked to the rafters in this department ,surely 3 postions needed and our priority towards them should be a CM,CB and a LB any other positions should be an after thought ,move on the players that are not needed IE gunduzi Torreira,Xhaka and get some much needed funds in to help sign said players .

    1. Do you really believe we don’t need a new CF, are you pretending not to realise we now have 30+ yo strikers and unproven kids?
      For me the priority in the order are
      1. a new pacy, strong in the air, hardworking CF
      2. A dynamic goal scoring CM
      3. A dynamic goal scoring CAM
      4. A backup LB
      5. A backup RB

      Nketia, Nelson, Laccazet, Mavro, Guendozi, Willian (probably not possible), Bellerin (seems to be moving), Xhaka (hope he stay), kolasinac,AMN
      From the above list it should not be difficult to get £70-£80m, this amount can cover the price of numbers 2,3and 4,with extra £60m injection we should get a cf and a backup RB. However we still can make do with chambers and Cedric at Rb.
      So with my analysis the owner doesn’t need to drop £100m for us to have a good summer transfer window, a smart business with extra £40-£60m fund will do the magic

        1. I said back up because I feel I might be asking for too much, as much as I want to have new players, 5 is too much to change at once, it will destroy the team stability, and I feel Chambers or Cedric could still do a job there

      1. First and foremost should be a CM who along with Partey can control the midfield as that was where we was losing the battle last season I’m not sure adding a new CF will help in that situation ,priorities before nice new shiny signings up top where we already have 3-4 strikers on our books .
        A need for a new CB is also a top priority our best defender last season as just left so I hope your not pinning your hopes on the remaining CBs that played with him ,unless OFC he brings back Saliba and Mavropanos which he might do to save funds .

        1. Saliba is back. Unless there is something else he will play here next season, I believe we are well covered in that department .
          If you look critically at our games last season you will notice our strikers are too rigid they don’t have lots of movement on the ball, they hardly run into space, that’s why we have to play backwards, Pepe started running into spaces towards end of the season, this help him to score goal, Auba is too tired to run this days and laccazet has always been like a false 9

      2. Midfield: I will send Nelson on loan, keep Guendouzi and sign a free scoring CAM (as much as i love Martin Odegaard, he is not a solution in this department; 1 goal and 2 assist for Half of the season is not good enough)

        CF: We seriously need a new striker (Deadly one for that matter), keep Laca (we need goals before the new striker acclimatise), sell Nketiah and loan out Folarin (To replace Laca next season). Our Captain needs prayer to recover his scoring form

        RB: Keep Calum Chambers and Cedric (access them in December)

        LB: We need a young LB that can deputise for Kieran Tierney

        GK: We need a young, tall and hungry GK that can displace Leno before the end of the season (Newcastle GK is a good option that can be consider)

        1. I really like the ruthlessness of Chelsea, signing Eduardo Mendy to replace the calamitous costliest GK is bomb

    2. The transfer window doesn’t open until June 9th so we can’t start signing players yet and the rumours about who and what positions we are looking to strengthen are just that, rumours. The amount of players we have been linked with is laughable and should be taken with a pinch of salt,we don’t know who the club are looking to sign right now and that’s how it should be because we don’t want to alert others clubs of our targets.

  3. You ask us to trust a bigger liar than Boris Johnson? Naivety. How easily seduced.

    Kroenke: “Arsenal Darling I Love You”,

    Arsena:l “Why the f*#k don’t you spend a night with me”?

    Kroenke “I’ve got a lover called the LA Rams and some other lovers in my harem.”

    Arsenal ” We need a divorce you P$$$$”

    1. Old Kranks darling Los Angeles Rams will never win Super Bowl during his lifetime, unless he sell Arsenal to Spotify and buy Tom Brady.

  4. Before we start buying we need to sell, half the squad should be sold for whatever peanuts we can get.
    Bellerin £15 million
    Mavranponos £10 million
    Xhaka £17 million
    Torriera £8 million
    Guendouzi £10 million
    Niles £15 million
    Willock £22 million
    Nkietah £15 million
    Willian £1 million
    Nelson £6 million
    Runnarson £2 million
    Laccazette £15 million

    Without the Europa league we have far less games so half these players dont even need replacing and what we do replace we do with real quality.
    Players in
    Pau Torres £40 million
    Max Aaron’s £25 million
    Bissouma £30 million
    Buendia £30 million
    Aouar £25 million
    Andre Silva £40 million

    Leno Aaron’s Torres Saliba Tierney Bissouma Aoaur/Partey Buendia Pepe Saka Silva as the first 11 with ESR,Abameyang, Martinelli, Aouar/Partey, Azeez, Balagun, chambers, holding, gabriel, mari, ryan etc. Making up the rest of the squad.

    1. Everyone saying we need someone to partner Partey, is Partey a DM? If not are those you mentioned DM, or do you think we don’t need DM in this team
      I don’t really know any of those players you mentioned but I bet most (if not all) of them will want a club in Europe so let’s look for players in lower team like from Aston Villa calibre

      1. Adajim, Thomas Partey is a box to box midfielder in the vein of Patrick Viera. What Arsenal needs is a DM in the vein of Gilberto Silva.

    2. Guys buying Bissouma at the base of midfield means that both will leave for ACN for two months in the middle of season. So if Xhaka is also sold we will not have anyone left to play at the base of midfield for these months

    3. Nice point Liam, i will keep Joe Willock and sign one of Buendia and Aouar (preferably i will sign Buendia)

  5. What a load of tripe, we have rubbish owners, a rubbish manager, no money, no European football. What fool is going to join Arsenal?

    1. That’s why this is the best time to rebuild, we don’t need superstars for now but players who are hungry for success and with lots of potential, people like Vardy , Kanye, Ndidi were relatively unknown before joining Leicester, this are what we need not some established players who are overhyped by media and their agents

      1. So, if its that easy and straightforward, why didn’t we do it last season, the season before and the twelve seasons before that. And you trust a club run by kronk and Arteta because?

  6. I don’t get people who want Xhaka sold when we were always worse without him in the team. Even if we get a replacement, we should keep Xhaka until whoever we bring to replace him settles in the team. We can let Xhaka go next season after we have a tried and tested replacement. Otherwise we shall find ourselves trying to fix the same problems every year.

    1. Auba, Xhaka and Bellerin were all talking to other clubs last season. Auba was talking to Chelsea so Arteta made him captain & Arteta convinced Xhaka & Belerin to stay another year. No Europe just seals the exodus. Experienced players know Arteta lacks the experience needed to return Arsenal to top flight European football unless he’s massively backed. They also know he won’t be massively backed bc KSE are losing money. Because of the lockdown and with no EU football next season, AFC will be without a sizeable amount of prize money, matchday revenue & tv revenue. Sponsors will pay less too. We’ve gone from qualification to consecutive 8th place & bargain bins transfers.

  7. Dan Kit
    Everyone talk about Saliba but non have seen Saliba play in the Epl however, they opine that Saliba is better than all what we have in the CB area. Not true.

    Our CB’s just need proper coaching. They should engage Sol Campbell or Keown instead of the Spanish Armada and the Brazilian Sambas who’ve taken over the club and running it down.

    Again not true that Luiz was our best defender. Count the number of red cards and the goals he gave away. Good riddance for me

  8. I really hope there is some credence in the Kroenkes backing Arteta in the next transfer market
    Looking at the recent performances of the so-called ‘top-six’, with two or three strengthening signings, mainly in the creative midfield and fingers-crossed our old goal-scoring Aubamayamg back, I think we can give them all a run for their money next season
    I agree with most of Liam’s in/outs except Willock who was a relevation at Newcastle.

  9. Last five games of the season showed us what Arteta is trying to do. He needs the chance to be judged on team he wants not a hybrid of those inherited and those he wants. Defensively we are better with only Man City and Chelsea conceding fewer goals in the Premier League. Problem last season was not being able to score goals when they really needed to. Arsenal need Bissouma who is similar to Kante, Buendia, who even when Norwich were relegated was in both top fives for assists/chances created, a decent big mobile central defender and two good full backs, one to replace Bellerin and one as cover for Tierney. Will Kroenke fund any of this? He only needs to put his short arms into his long pockets to cover the shortfall between the sales of fringe/want away/underperforming players, who should cover the cost of most of these purchases.

  10. To my analyical mind , what DOES seem to be true is that Kroenke and Son have been spooked by that worldwide fan refusal to consider the obscene and selfish plan by all the big club owners to introduce the ESL.

    What has become obvious to Snake and SnakeSon , is that concerted fan action , PLUS and importantly , LIKELY CHANGE IN GOVERNMENT LEGISLATION, will much limit those snakes power over our club and over us all.
    Is entirely possible -I do not say probable, just possible – that he is spooked enough to actually spend some PROPER money this summer in a doomed attempt to get fans on his side.

    While we would all be very thankful IF he does properly bankroll the club, nothing will alter our minds about his snakehood and so let us be glad IF he does do what he has APPARENTLY PROMISED MA and release real funds. But never let us be fooled that snakes change into becoming lovely puppy dogs. They do not! Do they!!!

    1. Standard season ticket renewal shtick and nothing more. It’s been like this year in year out. Red light turns on for satan kranky and the spawn only in the event of Championship scare.

  11. 👍 jon, Stan and Josh Kroenke are lower than a snake’s duodenum.
    As the old saying goes “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.”
    We have been lied to continuously by these grifters. The only truth they ever told was that you buy sporting teams to win trophies. It will take considerable effort and actions for the Kroenkes and their puppets to restore faith.

    1. ozzie, just to comment that you cannot “restore” what was never there in the first place.


  12. Lol. Actually I read a certain article citing kroenke’s statement some years back that “those shares he bought was never to make Arsenal a trophy winning team”.

  13. Great! Can’t wait to see them invest more money in plane tickets to come watch more soccer matches and ask which side is ours.
    Gosh golly, can’t wait for us to almost sign half of the Transfermarkt database and end up two to three key positions short.
    This will definitely be a completely different transfer window, you betcha.
    Yippee ki yay, gerd times for olde Arsynahl.

  14. Arsenal fans we need to wake up !!
    Once upon a time arsenal was the strongest team in England and Europe

    It’s time for us to unite and win the premier league

    We’ve endured suffering for 16 years
    Enough is enough!!!
    We are tired!!

  15. It’s time for arsenal to win the premier league
    It’s our time to reign
    We need to unite against bad ownership

  16. The problem of arsenal is
    No ambition
    No target

    We as the fans need to unite together with a vision to be successful and win big trophies

  17. Though money is a factor, just look at Man City, spending clearly increases your chances, it’s not like Arsenal are spendthrift. We’ve spent very large amounts of money in the past few seasons, but the recruitment has been poor.

    We got rid of Mislintat and many scouts. Who are we relying on to find our players? The disarray in the backrooms of the club are a worry.

    My prediction is that we’ll spend 150mil, the recruitment will be ok, but the turnover will be large and the team will be unsettled. Likely in 7th place or lower by December, fan protests increase, results get worse and worse and we finish the season in bottom half. Kroenke won’t sell.

    We’ll have a stalemate between negative fans and ownership. Meanwhile, players will be demoralized, the Arsenal brand will no longer attract top talent (Wenger isn’t here to attract them any more) and so begins a steady slide towards relegation.

    AFTVs master plan to destroy the club and show everyone their “power” to make everything as toxic and negative as possible achieves fruition the next season when we go down. They love to complain, and nothing will give them more opportunity to complain that bad results and relegation. It’s their dream come true. The saboteurs and social media famous “embarrassments to the club” have won.

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