Is this proof that Matteo Guendouzi is coming back to Arsenal?

Last season was not a good one for Matteo Guendouzi as his hotheadness got him into serious trouble with Mikel Arteta, who immediately dropped the young Frenchman from the Arsenal squad because of his”attitude and general conduct” and shipped him out on loan to Hertha Berlin at the earliest opportunity.

It seemed that the damage was irreparable, especially when Guendouzi did not even congratulate his Arsenal team-mates after their magnificent FA Cup success, and it looked like he had played his last game in an Arsenal shirt.

But now his loan deal has expired, and there have been rumours of a move to Marseille, but he made it clear in his farewell message to Hertha fans that he was unlikely to return…..

He wrote that Tweet five days ago, but yesterday he surprised us all by changing his Twitter profile to make it clear that he was now an Arsenal player once again. This is what his page now looks like….

So, what does this all mean?

Could Arteta and Guendouzi had a heart-to-heart and the 22 year-old has promised to change his ways and show respect to his coach and the club?

It will be interesting to find out if our readers think he should be forgiven and given a chance to redeem himself.

Or should he be sold at the earliest opportunity?

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  1. I do hope that Arteta and Guendouzi have made up and he is staying.
    I think all along Matteo wanted to stay at Arsenal, which is why he played so well for Hertha Berlin. It would really make an old lady very happy if he stays at Arsenal. He is a good midfielder which is what Arteta is looking for. I am praying to God that it happens.

    1. I am praying to God that it does not happen and am almost 100% convinced that it won’t happen . Mercifully, as I realise, though some don’t , that rotten apples infect clubs and damage them.

      1. Rotten apple i hear. A 20 year old that had a verbal confrontation with an opponent that had just seriously injured one of his elder teammates. Lets crucify him for not keeping calm (But simultaneously lets all go back and think about Vieira and say how we are missing steel in midfield). Viera was not only steel, he was a hard tackler, a guy that argued every single game and we ALL loved him). All i read in your posts are how sensible and rational you are. Tell me, how sensible is it to punish a 20 year old and let older players that did far worse (Xhaka) or seem disinterested (Ozil, Auba) given many more chances? How rational is it to diminish the value of an Arsenal Asset (at that point, he was called up for France and his value in transfermarkt was 50mil Euros, now it sits at 20mil Euros) by banning it from all Arsenal activities? That is the definition of bad management and he almost did (is on the route to) the same with Martinelli. If you are the manager and you do not want an asset, you sell it while it is highly valued. If you lessen its value yourself and make it publicly known that you do not want it, potential suitors will take advantage of it and offer you peanuts. So from having a highly valued teenager, we ended up having a player that will either be sold at 1/3 of his original value or he will stay with us, without being wanted. Congrats to Pep, errr sorry Arteta.

          1. 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 Totally agree Chris. Unfortunately Guendouzi hasn’t performed as well as I hoped on loan; however he is only young and deserves a chance. Arsenal needs at least to increase his value.

        1. I did grow to love Patrick Vieira. I hope I can do the same with Guendouzi.

          PV was a disgrace at times (spitting which was disgusting) and getting rashly sent off which was damaging to the team, but he matured.

          Guendouzi was foolish to take on his manager and deservedly to me, suffered the consequences. If he has turned the corner then good for him. Xhaka resurrected his Arsenal career so it’s entirely possible that MG can

        2. He was banished because of the on field incident. He was banished because when the manager of team try to discuss it with him he became combative and disrespectful. Not sure if it was an isolated incident but no 20 year old in the world can do that and remain a part of the team. They sent him on loan to try and save his value but the market is so broke there’s no money anyway. Everyone ones to loan. So I expect Him him to be loaned again if not able to sell.

        3. Purely common sense. This is the real wisdom. You talk like an elderly man. A wise man should not tell anyone how wise he is but everyone sees it in his talk.

        4. Chris, You actually presume to compare the young creep Guendouzi, with a true great, full of humanity, compassion and honour like Vieira? Incredible!

          1. I didn’t compare the actual players and their ability, but i mentioned the steel (and the on field aggression) of Vieira, that most fans (including myself) consider that is missing from our soft team and considered that comparing to what i have seen from Vieira in the past, Guendouzi’s behaviour was nowhere near as aggressive. Some of you can remember a whole Arsenal team ganking up (deservedly) on a certain Ruud Van Nistelrooy and we ENJOYED that as it was then considered ”
            passion”. Somehow this is treated differently, because he “verbally attacked him”. I do not understand where in my post you saw me comparing Vieira and Guendouzi’s ability, nor do i understand why you would verbally assault an arsenal player by calling him a creep. What’s worse, a young immature person telling another person that he will never earn as much as him or a mature adult calling a 20 year old he has never met “a creep”? I will highlight though how you decided to ignore the content of the rest of my post and will respectfully request that you also express your opinion regarding the diminishing of the value of an Arsenal asset. At this point i would also like to point out that Arteta (and the project that was proposed) has my backing for one more year, but that does not mean that we shouldn’t question some ill management or decisions that truly hurt our club financially. Constructive criticism seems more sensible than taking sides. Afterall, the progress of Arsenal is everyone’s concern in this forum.

          2. CHRIS I DO NOT LOOK UPON GUENDOUZI AS PRIMARILY A DIMINISHING FINANCIAL ASSET but far more as a young, socially disordered, arrogant, man whose self regard is a harmful factor to vitally needed team spirit. I see team spirit and harmony in the dressing room as far more important than the fact that he is a diminishing asset. That diminishing was entirely self caused.

            I ALSO NOTE THAT AS EVER, SUE, WHO LOATHES MY INTELLECT AND STRAIGHT FORWARD TALKING, ONCE AGAIN HANGS HER EMOJIS RIDDEN WORLD ONTO YOUR POST, rather than having the guts to addess/ challenge me by herself directly. I do not respect cowards.

      2. That’s very true
        Thanks for the reminder
        Please bring him back and give him a second chance

  2. I didn’t like football at all until I saw Matteo Guendouzi playing for Arsenal. Now I love football and it is all down to Matteo!!

    1. Then you are not an AFC fan, by your own words, but a fan of him alone. God alone knows why!

    2. Well done Valerie. Lots of supporters get into football by first following one player (Beckham, Ronaldo etc) and stick with the club permanently even after that player has left. Hope you stay with Arsenal.

          1. Good to read from another “Lady Gooner” Valerie.

            Though not a Guendouzi fan myself, if he’s the one that’s made you a Gooner, that’s brilliant!!!!

            Welcome to the Gooner club 👍😀🤗

  3. Guendouzi is a good player, as is Torreira. With no midfield and no money they should compete for places.

  4. He’s very talented, so we’d better keep him as Partey’s competitor if we can. However, he’ll block Willock’s and Azeez’s developments

    1. Guendozi is only 4 months older than willock! I don’t know what you are smoking man.. First it’s your obsession with having left footed players and now this

      1. If we play with two DMs again, we’ll have too many of them. Namely Partey, Xhaka, Elneny, Chambers, Guendouzi, Torreira, Willock and Azeez

        1. Still did not explain how he would block willocks development since they’re both the same age.. And why is it not the other way around with willock hindering guendozi’s development? Speak with some logic please

          1. Guendouzi was brought in to improve our squad and he mostly failed to do so. Whereas Willock and Azeez are our academy graduates that should be given the chance to develop, after they sign a contract extension

            Despite his age, Guendouzi will be considered more senior than Willock and will play ahead of Willock if he returns to Arsenal

          2. Joe Willock has proved his credentials as a box to box midfielder in record equalling performances lifting a poor Newcastle United team above the relegation zone. This was against the same teams Arsenal plays against week by week. He scored more goals in 15 games than Arsenal’s midfielders combined have scored in 2 seasons.

        2. Well chambers is quite clearly now a right back, whilst Azeez needs to play cups at best. Xhaka is on his way and I am sure Elneny might go if a decent offer comes in. Someone had every intention of playing Partey and Torreira in a double pivot, so I see no problem in that either. However Torreira didn’t compliment the partners he was left with and found himself the odd one out.

          I for one would love to see all this season’s first team loanees given a chance, after all they all fared reasonably well. Got matches in and mostly did ok. Saliba, Mavropanos and Willock being the best. Guendozi, OK, with Torreira, Maitland-Niles and Kolasinac fairing less well.

          1. Will someone please tell me what Kolasinac has done be be shifted out of Arsenal? I realy don’t understand. We are without a left back for the wrong reasons only known by Arteta.

    2. GAI, Joe Willock has shown his ability on the field; he has earnt being the head of the queue of young players pushing for a midfield place. If he wasn’t an Arsenal player already, people on here would be raving about him.

  5. Guendozi is young too they would block his development.. What kind of nonsense you’re speaking

  6. Bad attitudes don’t often change! And he has to learn to stay on his feet and come away with the ball!
    Getting free kicks in dangerous positions is fine,but not every time the ball comes to you!it breaks transition and is not what Arteta is looking for.He does possess a sweet left foot defence splitting pass however and this could be encouraged.

  7. I wouldn’t be unhappy too see him back and him and party could form a formidable midfield
    He certainly has the talent but talent alone won’t always get you there so hopefully he has learnt his lesson and knuckles down
    Sometimes it is hard to understand what damage he caused amongst the squad when we are.on the outside looking in so MA will need to take a deep breath and make a brave decision on what he does with him

    1. Its a year on, he’s a year older, the main troublemakers have largely left. We have no midfielders and not much cash, so even if Willock isnt sold it makes no sense advocating keeping just one player in every position so as not to “hinder development”! Not even amateur clubs think that way.

      1. Would agree with agree with on this
        But not all people have the knack of developing and getting wiser as they got older
        Look at Donald trump 70+ and still a headcase😃
        Another subject for another day I think

  8. Well, his attitude stinks and if he’s not changing after being a father then he better go back to France and play yhetr

  9. Guendouzi aside from being technically gifted, has character which this Arsenal team desperately needs, if he works on his attitude he will be good to go.

    1. Character of being an idiot?
      Character does not mean causing trouble for the manager and club.

    2. “HE HAS CHARACTER YET NEEDS TO WORK ON HIS ATTITUDE”. Do you not see the huge contradiction in your own words? What he has is NOT character at all but arrogance and that is the opposite of character! Bizarre comment !

  10. He should be forgiven and be allowed to play again for arsenal.let’s give him second Chance, he is a small boy

    1. If we could bring back the Torreira that excelled in the last world cup, the Willock that was scoring for fun at Newcastle, the guendozi that played under Emery, the Kolasinac that made the German team of the season, the mavroponas who got nicknamed the beast by Stuttgart fans, the Saliba who excelled at nice and the maitland-niles who helped us win the fa cup. There would be such a massive improvement on last season’s offering. Xhaka, Luiz, Bellerin, ceballos and odegaard would not be missed at all.

  11. One of the few if not the only Arsenal player having cojones.

    Arteta is copying Pep’s tendency of excommunicating players with strong character but the difference of course being that Pep has a blank cheque and justifies his decisions by delivering while Arteta on the other hand……

    If other coaches have managed to get the best out of Balotelli, Matteo should not be a problem at all.

    1. Good analogy HH….here’s a infamous quote by Vieira regarding your Balotelli example, “When it comes to Mario, I want to answer back, or just slam him up against the wall or leave him hanging by his collar on the coat rack, but I can’t, as I’m no longer a player.
      clearly this isn’t the environment we want to cultivate at the Emirates

      whereas I do agree with your excommunicating theory, this wasn’t something he gleaned from his time under Pep…he learned this from Wenger, who in his latter reign used the media to undermine the relationship that existed between the fans and particular players he was having issues with, like RVP and Sanchez, so it would be easier to eliminate them from the equation…he even went so far as to intentionally avoid recruiting players who might possibly usurp his monopolistic control over the locker room…Arteta knew this to be true as he and Merts were largely brought into to be his locker room stooges(fine collecting cops)

      1. I don’t remember RVP having personal issues with Wenger or with the fans. It was just business. I might be wrong but I remember RVP was not happy with the club ambition. I remember him giving his all on the pitch regardless of what was going on in the background unlike Alexis who came to see himself bigger than the club forgetting the club and Wenger are what made the world notice his wonderful talent.

        What you have said about Wenger is the first time I am hearing something like this so I will refrain from commenting on it at this time because frankly I don’t know what to say yet.

        1. Those in the know say that Wenger disliked Sanchez’s propensity to hold on to the ball for too long, in the final third, and he felt it was negatively affecting his much preferred methodology of passing the ball into the net visa vie his now poor man’s Barca version of tiki-taka football

          as for RVP here’s a little snippet from one of the several media reports that emerged when the club(Wenger) was trying to justify RVP’s POTENTIAL exit, “The way that the last week or so has played out, many Arsenal players could be concerned for a number of reasons. Their captain and leading goal scorer not only disrespected Arsenal FC, but he also questioned Arsene Wenger. Not only did Wenger help turn van Persie into the world class player he is today, but he also never gave up on him after a number of lengthy injuries.”

          Wenger knew that, if given the choice, his most ardent supporters would choose him over our preeminent striker, which is clearly an attempt to manipulate the fanbase to the ultimate detriment of the club as a whole…at the same time, the club attempted to spin the ridiculous notion that the acquisitions of Giroud and Podolski would ease the pain of losing our world-class talisman

          please keep in mind, that RVP spoke publicly about the fact that Gazidis had told him that the club was flush with cash, which suggests it was Wenger who wasn’t on board with increasing the recruitment budget(sounded like RVP wanted Chiellini, but Wenger wasn’t interested in that notion)

  12. I really liked him, and he put so many senior players to shame with the amount of effort, and guts he showed when playing.

    But he has to go because of his attitude problems. There’s been a huge cull of players with the wrong attitude, and this has to continue if we want to get the squad under control.

  13. I was for getting rid of him. But if he can stop being a idiot then Arteta should give him another chance.

    No more bad guy attitude or he gets jettisoned again.

  14. I would be delighted to have Guendouzi back. The only Arsenal player with the attitude. A good coach should be able to handle these characters. How did Wenger and SAF get the best out of players like Viera, Keown, Keane etc?

  15. He will be sold if anyone offers over 15millon if not another loan season for him, Guendouzi has potential but let’s not forget how many times he tried to get clever tried too hard to dribble and lost the ball just outside our box, he needs someone close to him to teach him how to be agreeable and appreciative for having the chance to played for a big club like Arsenal or any other club same level

  16. Why will he be in hasten to leave Arsenal keeping it in mind that Arteta may not end the next season. I would have done same.

    Buy time for myself!!!

  17. Lampard didn’t like jorginho,rudiger,christiansen but they patiently waited for Tuchel.

    Sometimes the coaches too might be wrong.Don’t make all your decisions base on emotions Mr.Arteta. Guendouze would have done a better job than what cebalos did the whole season.

    Every team needs at least one bad boy for the dark arts in the game of football. It is how you make them useful.(Eg.Ramos,Gattuso,Keane,viera,even Rudiger)

    Arteta is a young coach so he may not understand why you should win at all cost whether fair or foul means.

  18. Wow this label has stuck to him! Everyone here keeps talking about his attitude as if he’s a major problem. I’m not sure you’re correct in this belief. He’s one of ours and when he played he played with passion for the club. I guess some here know him, have spent time with him have had dinner with him and know him as a young man that is problematic. But if you’re just following what others write here don’t be so quick to judge and label!!! We didn’t here about attitude problems with Unai.
    And for the record I think he could turn into one of the top midfielders. Don’t sell him!

  19. Good player, another of many in our current squad with huge potential, development & patience is the key for all of them to realise that potential and they ultimately may not realise that with us unfortunately.

    Although all young they are different people so will all have a different development needs and and speeds

    One of the many tricky aspects of this is how they fit in to the current team and getting the right type of experienced players around them to help them develop but also achieve a reasonable level of team success whilst it comes together

    Unfortunately it calls for patience and tolerance from us fans as well but it’s the way the Club has decided to go with Arteta as the man to bring it together and deliver it

    I am personally OK with the approach and the man

  20. The problem with arsenal is that we have a lot of nice guys in the team.Majority of them have no balls.Bunch of castrated bulls.

    Is that the club culture Mr.Arteta is instilling in the players?

    Let’s bully teams!!!
    come on Gunners.

  21. Eric Cantona is a legend and one of the best when flew through the air to jump kick a fan in the stands, am sure he didn’t turn from good guy to kung fu villain in an instant…Guendouzi is young, still has maturing to do, and ten years from now will probably still playing somewhere at the highest level, let’s not be to hasty in discarding him, he’s already at the club, how much would it hurt to give him at least one more season and see how he developes

  22. Guendouzi was not only indicted by Arsenal of being grossly rude and insulting that bothers on self imposed arrogance to Arsenal senior club’s officials. That might have included Josh Kroenke, Venkatesham, Arteta and Edu as well to some senior team players. Who all tried to bring good sense into him to calm down to normalcy in the team. But all was to no avail.

    And did he even participate in the last Arsenal 25% wage cut? That was purposely instituted by the club to help it cushion the financial impact effect on the club of the pandemic surge and lock down that had Arsenal finance in dare straits. I doubt if he participated. But I have no evidence to backup my thoughts of him not participating in the wage cut.

    Any way, old habits they say never dies. Even if it is suppressed, it will still pup up to rage again at anytime. So therefore, I can’t see Arteta enlisting Guendouzi in his team to play for Arsenal next season.

    But save, if he comes down from his high arrogant height to tender unreserved apology in writing to his manager to be forgiven the act of rudeness to his manager, disrespect to constituted authorities at Arsenal and the act of insurbodition that he did to the senior club’s officials and his senior team players whom he has equally have offended. And also ask the club to installmentally be deducting the 25% wage cut from his wages henceforth with. But if he did not participate in it.

    If Guendouzi accepted he was wrong in his miss doings at Arsenal and apologise for them unreservedly with no any conditions attach to his apology. Arteta might have a rethink on him and reinstate him into his team squad for next season’s campaign. But if he failed to tender apology to Arsenal which should be done in writing to be forgiven all the past mistakes he has committed against the club. I am afraid no chance of us Gooners seeing him playing for Arsenal again under the stewardship of Mikel Arteta the Gunners boss.

    But what the club will do with him will be subject to the decision they will take which could be either to sell him his summer for the right price. Or reloaned him out.

    Arsenal can do without Guendouzi because there are midfield players out there of his equal or better than him at the club if deployed such as ESR, Willock and others and in the market who Arsenal could sign at anytime this summer as a better replacement to him.

  23. If there are still people in Arsenal realm that are still rooting for guys like Guendouzi, then don’t expect us to finish higher than 8th.

    This guy, along with Torreira, and Gabriel are the epitome of poor recruitment at the club.

    Guys with ZERO TALENT!!!!

  24. Welcome back Douzi. Hope you get Saliba onside and stick it out a little longer, the jail warden will be gone soon lol
    On a serious note though, talented young player (was valued in the 60m region at on the fringes of the french national team at some point), loved watching him, loved his fight and would much rather have him next to Partey than Neves for 40m.

  25. Please please no way.
    Passes sideways.
    No goals.
    Stinking attitude.
    Don’t spoil my summer

  26. De Paul off to athletico another quality attacking midfielder gone … I don’t think arteta and Edu have a clue about rebuilding this team …

    1. We all know from previous windows how much clue both have about rebuilding team. I have zero faith in both to sign a good midfielder. We are in for another roller coaster season.

  27. Not sure about Gandeuzi. Like his attitude and would also like to think that he is still learning. But he needs to get that final pass out a lot quicker and more directly. On a bad day he’s no worse than Xhaka or Elneny, but do we really need another one?

  28. He is a talent for sure, Wenger managed RVP and we all know what sort of past he had. Guendozi is no where near that sort of behaviour. Actually his handling along with Saliba shows Arteta completely lacks player management specially young ones. Great managers mostly manage players well and transform them not only on the field but in life as well.

  29. He is a good player but his attitude is not the best!

    I hope we can see Azeez more often if Xhaka is leaving soon ..

  30. Why on earth will Arsenal be bidding for Lokonga??
    Hope the rumor going around this morning is not true.

    1. SJ My insticts tell me that very soon Lokonga will be our player. We have already bid a reported £13+mill and they are asking £18 mill.
      Rumours are one thing but a bid already made is quite another. Prepare to welcome Lokonga on board, is my opinion.

  31. Guenzoudi is gone soon, thank goodness. People still buy into his initial hype even tho his pricetag has only decreased over the past couple of seasons. Way overhyped. What’s he done on his most recent loan that makes him good enough for Arsenal?

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