Is this REALLY the best Arsenal attack under Wenger?

Arsene Wenger was understandably happy after his Arsenal team not only managed to beat an in form Newcastle United on Saturday, but managed to do it in such a convincing fashion that instead of having personal abuse hurled at him in a dingy train station in Stoke, the Frenchman heard `there’s only one Arsene Wenger` ringing around the Emirates stadium.

Although the manager has praised the team’s dynamic and balance recently, there is little doubt about which part of the Arsenal team was responsible for the fans’ happiness, with 10 goals scored in the last three games and some really top class strikers among them. The Gunners have conceded in all of those games and there is no doubt that our defence has not been the best this season, for various reasons.

Just before the start of the season, after we had comfortably beaten Man City in the Community Shield, Wenger claimed that his Arsenal attack was the best in many years and that was before he signed Danny Welbeck. The other day I heard someone suggest that it might actually be the best Gunners attack since the Frenchman took over 18 years ago, a bold claim considering the likes of Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Ljungberg, Ian Wright and all, but is it right.

Remember that Alexis and Welbeck were new to the team and that we have been without Walcott all the time and without Ramsey, Giroud, Wilshere and Mesut Ozil for much of the season. There are good options in every position, pace, power, craft and finishing.

Only time will tell and the injury situation has not helped, but do you think this could be the best Arsenal attack ever?

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    1. If Rosicky is fit he will come in for the OX or Chambers could play in the midfield for us but i dont trust him yet he’s like a walking yellow card

      1. Flamini too. Great, that means that they’ll think twice before doing something stupid! (the pool-players that is)

  1. We play better when the three in the middle all play in a straight line, we it certainly looke like that on Saturday, because ometimes you would see Ox dribbling forward sometimes you would see Cazorla. This is something opposition don’t expect from us anymore. They keep expecting us to pass and move forward. But we got good dribblers in Sanchez, Cazorla and Ox, and if they continue with this, it give opposition something else to think about.

  2. You compared Bergkamp-Henry-Pires-Ljumberg-Wright with Ozil-Giroud-Cazorla-Sanchez-Welbeck? Which attack do you think is better?

    1. First one without a doubt. The best striker and winger ever graced the football pitches of England. Supported by the best secondary striker ever played in the Premier League. No debate here, mate!

    2. Wiltord, Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Ljunberg
      Giroud, Welbeck, Sanchez, Özil, Walcott

      Hands down the first list. I recall Wenger saying Its a shame Zidane and Pire was from the same era because otherwise Pires would of been seen more for the class he was. There was at least 3 players in that list that could walk into any team. Whilst currently only Sanchez could. But I can see the potential Wenger does with Ox, Ramsay and Wilshire also in this sqaud.
      If Walcott was injury free for the rest of his career he could become world class, if Özil fulfils what he once was doing, if Welbeck learns to pass better and improve his conversion rate then Yes, our attack could be superb.

      But whilst the first list had Viera behind them, our second list is still waiting for there Viera. That’s key.

    3. Why have you got Wright in the first list, not contemporaries – never played with TH, FL or RP. Arsenal 1st team attack 1999-2006 much better – but IMO I think we have greater attacking depth and versatility in the squad now.

  3. Oohh please don’t get ahead of yourself!! Best ever?? haha. Henry, Bergkamp, Pires etc were dismantling TOP opponents for fun.

    But I do believe that this attack could become the best for the past few years. The players just have to become more clinical.

  4. OT: so wenger knew of the OX’s inflammation yet played him against galatasaray……. This is so unprofessional and a decision totally beyond claim….. What was he trying to prove? ……doesn’t matter now, the boy’s already injured!

    1. Cmion mate… Giroud, Sanchez are not playing against Gala… Who do u tink we could hv played in the middle. Do u tink we could hv won dt much without a strong midfield…. Let’s just pray 4 his quick recovery and stop blaming Wenger 4 everything

    2. eh, i dont really blame wenger for this one. He’t not responsible for every injury. I actually think Ox’s minutes have been handled well this season. He gets subbed regularly.

  5. Man for man they dont even come close. Numerically with this attack we have more attacking players on the field of play than we did with our greats. Also i think this attack is much more interchangeable. With versatility we lose balance… but attacking wise that is something they hold over the greats. In saying that though… the greats knew there jobs and where amongst the very finest at performing ones job.

  6. the team looks well equipped,but whats the point if injuries keep occurring.fact that giroud doesnt run much all the time may be a contributing factor to his some dutch fitness coach mentioned,wenger should restropect on his training regime and do the needfull.that is more important than buying players…..
    my wish for the season is chelsea going trophyless,and arsenal winning champions league !

  7. Long way to go. Their is no way today’s team can be considered like that at present. We need to start consistently winning, show that we can take teams apart banging in several goals, can break down ‘park the bus’ teams etc., before we can even begin to think we have a truly world class attacking set up.

    No point in comparing the players…we simply have no Henry and other than Alexis we don’t have anyone consistently banging them in. We probably do have greater variety, but to be a better attacking team IMO we would need to see the Ox, Welbz, Theo, Giroud…possibly Ozil, Santi and Ramsay, all providing a pretty regular goal contribution.

    Early days….

  8. In january we need to sign Schneiderlin/ Wanyama/ Romulo for DM and Van dijk/ Reid for CB because they are not cup tied and will be useful in champions league against Monace and also vital in gaining 3rd or 4th spot in league… COYG!!

  9. Sory i meant to say FC Monaco and u can also add Moussa Sissokho to the list if we don’t manage to sign anyone for DM.. Although sissokho is more of a box to box but he has athleticism and physical presence to affect the game and often plays well against big teams when ever I watch him e.g Chelsea this season and last two seasons against Man united last season at old traffold etc he can play DM role for us and will be a good signing and very useful in champions league… COYG!!

  10. Off topic, the names of most teams in the Europa League sounds like LOGIN NAMES to me(Giuingamp, Trabzonspor, Dnipro AaB E.T.C). Just wondering if the Spurs fans can remember the names of teams they have come up against all these years?

  11. im very worried about Liverpool match. If Ox is unfit we have nobody. I was looking online and apparently Rosicky is injured as well. We will have to play Zelalem, or Alexis drops into CAM, and Podolski takes up LW. Worse case scenario


    Lets hope Ox is okay. Unfortunate almost all our CAM’s are injured, but from what we know Ramsey and Ox are not long term.

    1. Szczesny
      Welbeck-Alexis- Campbell

      Team I would like to see.

    2. Chambers and merts is the worst decision ever they both combine are not fast enough this is why he paired monreal you cant have 2 of same types of defenders in the middle look at slow terry and cahill mertersacker needs someone fast to accomdate his game reading simple, thats why hes been caught out of postion trying to cover spots kocielny takes up because he doesnt trust chambers.

  12. If Chamberlain is injured, we don’t need to panick coz it won’t solve the problem… I’m sure AW will find a way jst like he did against Gala and Newcastle…. I’m beginning to like Wenger a bit, just hope he won’t disappoint me again.. LIVERPOOL IS A DEAD MEAT

  13. No the wright / Henry and the Dutch wizard had the game won whilst standing in the players tunnel.but I don’t see the strikers we have at the moment putting the fear of god into the eyes of the opposition.But if we can get everybody fit who knows.But then again never likely to happen.

  14. Is this REALLY the best Arsenal attack under Wenger?
    We used to be feared all over Europe.
    Now (thanks to the CL draw we got one of the weakest team on paper) teams won’t mind playing us… As a matter of fact some teams would have loved to pick us in the next round.
    I was crossing my fingers hoping for Porto or Monaco because they “seemed” to be the weakest… But let’s not forget this is football, anything can happen.

  15. These players are injured for life due to poor training methods.

    We can get them back faster now, but they will continue to be injured.

    Theo, Ox, Ramsey, Gibbs, Jack will always miss games. Atleast this should stop with all new signings hopefully including Ozil, Welbeck and Sanchez.

  16. Can’t wait for pool game, we will dominate them all over, but must just not be nieve as they have pace and can hurt us on counter.

    We don’t have De Gea in posts, only Schez and that means a goal almost every to shots on target.

  17. Strike Force of:
    Henry and Bergkamp + Wiltord and Kanu as backups = sweet

    The only way to come close to that would be
    Sanchez and World class striker + Giroud and Welbeck as backups

    Possible candidates: Cavani, Reus, Lewandowski, ibrahimovic, Benzema

    Having a WC striker with Sanchez, Walcott, Ozil and DM like Kondogbia or Carvalho would be perfect


    Subs: Giroud, Welbeck, Arteta, Ox, Cazorla, Chambers, Monreal, Ospina

    1. howedes alongside Koscielny. Sit deep against top 4 and counter attack… play freely against bottom half teams… league is ours.

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