Is this really the end of the Super League for Kroenke?

If there is one hope in football let it be that Kroenke isn’t the silent speaker who doesn’t care!


Sky sports reports are suggesting that there is one owner out of the big six who is determined to go through with this European Super league no matter the cost, stating; “The clubs behind the ESL could not be expected to “walk away” from their plans, which they said came in response to UEFA “monopolising competitive football.”


Now when I also read the words “Don’t expect us to back down and walk away from this. Remember, we’re not the aggressors here. We are simply trying to begin a new competition” my first instinct was that it was Stan Kroenke.


Why you ask, well because he is a money grabbing, greedy, selfish and untrustworthy soul who cares only about the money in his pocket than bettering his businesses and successes in the way he is supposed to.


There is however one way he can get a possible tiny ounce of respect and faith back from myself and many other fans, 1. By not being the person who is so self centred that they see nothing but the European Super league and, 2. By admitting he was wrong to sign up and not realising the ramifications or the small print, decides to pull Arsenal out of any further action in the future.


I would so love for him to turn around and pull us out. How much of a reality this will be only time will tell as everything is still fresh.


But the power is in Kroenke’s hands no doubt and one thing he can do to prove he is a human with a heart, is not be the one board member who believes this league is the way forward and not back down and given how he has actually stayed quiet over many years internally, I hope and pray he is one that is not at the core of this and decides to do what is best for the fans for once in his life


But if the powers of FIFA, UEFA and the PL have the ability to rule domestic and European leagues then hopefully sooner rather than later, loyal and passionate fans of these top six in England will finally get their voice heard and the decisions they want going there way.


Shenel Osman


  1. Kronke needs to take his money back to the States because we don’t want him or his ilk anywhere near our beloved football clubs. Clear out! All you and your family care about is how much money you can make. You care nothing for the Club, the fans, or the traditions that made Arsenal and all the other clubs what they are today! Get Out!!!!!

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