Is this Southampton star good enough for Arsenal?

The transfer window remains some way out of sight, with many more months to go before it opens. But that doesn’t stop the media from keeping an interest in Arsenal’s rumours over transfer targets, and reports today suggest that Southampton star Dusan Tadic could be on Wenger’s wish list.

There is a dire need for fresh faces around the Emirates, with the current group of players and management having gone stale in their Premier League challenge. Arsene Wenger himself could be on the way out before the transfer window opens, but that won’t stop the Gunners from identifying who their key transfer targets are for the summer.

Dusan Tadic is a fan favourite on the south coast, having become a real hit with Southampton. He’s become an important member of the team and we’ve seen on more than one occasion in the Premier League, just how much of an impact he can have on a game. He’s proven a handful to the Gunners in the past and so it remains unsurprising that Arsenal would be interested in such a player.

The report suggests that there is a rumoured £13 million price tag, which is of course quite cheap in today’s transfer market. He holds plenty of Premier League experience and so would have no issues with adapting to new surroundings; however there are a few concerns surrounding such a transfer in my opinion.

Personally I don’t think that Tadic holds the level of quality that we should be looking for at Arsenal. He seems like a typical Arsene Wenger style signing, in the sense that he’s a player who can make an impact, but probably isn’t going to take your team to the next level. With a rumoured £13 million price tag, it goes to show that he probably isn’t of the highest quality that we should be looking at, especially as the top quality players are going for double that price nowadays. There’s no doubt that Tadic would have the right level of Premier League experience to be a potential hit, but unfortunately he probably wouldn’t bring the quality we are in desperate need of at Arsenal.

Secondly, do the Gunners really need another winger on the books? Arsenal have of course lost Alexis from the wings, with the Chilean taken up a striker role full time. So we are arguably a man down on the wing, but that’s not forgetting we still have Walcott, Welbeck, Iwobi and Oxlade-Chamberlain. But if we were interested in Tadic, I think I would rather bring back Joel Campbell who does have plenty of promise, he just hasn’t been properly used under Wenger.

In my opinion therefore, the Gunners should hold no interest in Dusan Tadic. The club should be aiming for a player with much more quality, with Champions a League experience and someone who has the potential to help take the Gunners to the next level.



  1. frank says:

    Arsenal need to buy defensive minded players that will dominate the midfield and protect the keeper, so why not buy another winger or attacking midfielder. He would be the perfect Wenger signing.

  2. Vlad says:

    A few moments of brilliance here and there, but otherwise he’s a very average player, IMHO. Plus, do we really need another winger/striker on the books who probably won’t see much playing time, a la Lucas Perez?

  3. marty53 says:

    Another average player who’s had a few good games and only £13 mill……..a perfect Wenger signing !!

  4. davidnz says:

    There is a rumour that Arsenal is going
    to rebuild the squad next season.
    May be its just a ruse to keep the
    wolves from the door till a run of
    good results takes the pressure off the manager.
    But if the rumour is true firstly why has there not
    been a rebuild these past ten years?
    Why now? To keep the present manager in the fans good books?
    More importantly who should manage the rebuild?
    Surely not a 67 year old leaving in a couple of years?
    The next manager may want quite different players and the
    process will have to be started again spending good money after bad.
    I believe the spend and the rebuild should be given to
    the new manager who after all will be using these new players for years to come.
    Giving the spend to an OAP who is leaving soon makes no sense
    except to Gazdazzler Stanaldo and Arseneio 🙂

    1. khangunners says:

      Exactly!! What i hve been thinking for two weeks since this i will rebuild the team drama from wenger. What has kept him from fixing the teams error before the season started? This is just to make us shut up. I think its clear now the fans and the boards ambition are not the same. Fans want genuine title fights till the end but the board hve set the bar at champions league qualification. Our april looks bad. Unless we pick ourselves up it can be a nightmare month

  5. Arsenal_Girl says:

    With Alexis up front we now have on the wings we have average players ie Walcott, Welbeck, Ox, Lucas, Iwobi

    We need to get a Top quality winger.
    If Alexis leaves then we need to get a Top quality winger AND a top quality CF.

    We will never win the PL with just one top quality forward.

    RVP scored the most goals in the premier league with us but we didn’t have enough quality to win the league.

    Same this year. Alexis will score over 20 goals but we may not even finish in the top 4.

    One top forward is not enough.

    Furthermore, we need to strengthen defensively in addition to forward(s)
    1. Top defensive midfielder
    2. Another reliable CB
    3. A Top LB (Gibbs and Monreal have been average this season)
    4. back up RB (sell Jenkinson and Debuchy)

    We should sell Ramsey, Jenkinson, Debuchy and Sanogo at very minimum

    Also is Walcott worth keeping at £140,000 per week? I’m fine with him staying but that could free up salary for a better forward if need to.

  6. josh37 says:

    I honestly have no idea why people are talking about DMs, CB’s and fullbacks…
    when we lose Sanchez and the very real prospect of losing Ox and Ozil we will officially have the most predictable and boring attack I have ever seen at arsenal… I’d actually take Gervinho back as at least he had some unpredictability to his game!!
    We need two first-team forwards with some serious flair before we do anything and they’ll cost a tonne! Then a LB then a CM

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