Is this the Arsenal XI set to start against Leciester?

After losing the opening game of the Premier league season at home, Arsenal fans can expect Arsene Wenger to make some changes to the starting line-up and probably not just to fill the gaps left by Aaron Ramsey and Alex Iwobi picking up injury problems in the loss to Liverpool.

Our manager has been a bit coy over the match fitness of Laurent Koscielny, Olivier Giroud and Mesut Ozil with their late returns after the Euro 2016 tournament, but I think he will be able to call on all three if he wants to, especially the German who did not go quite as far in the summer competition as his French colleagues.

Metro have employed their own experts and the stats on Wenger’s options to put forward what they think will be our starting XI against Leicester City today and they have given Chambers the nod over Holding to partner Ko0scielny in defence, with new signing Granit Xhaka replacing Coquelin in front of the back line.

They also prefer Cazorla to Elneny alongside Xhaka, with Ozil restored to the number 10 role. Finally they have Theo Walcott missing out, with Giroud playing through the middle and Oxlade-Chamberlain starting on the right. Is this how you think Arsenal will line up for the Foxes?

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    1. I’d say you’re maybe thinking that after watching Pogba and Ibrahimovic last night. We have two top draw players as-well. And then Cazorla is as talented with a ball than almost anyone. Hopefully Xhaka will be mentioned soon as one of our star players. Bellerin and Monreal are as good if not better than any PL pair. Kos the boss, would you take Baily over him after watching two games. I admit, up front we need a star player, and beside the boss we need a strong character and player. But we already know this.

      1. Thanks mate, that’s exactly it.
        On the starting XI, I don’t see Giroud starting, I think wenger will stick to Sanchez up front to prove the world that we don’t need new brand CF.

        1. I believe Wenger is convinced now that Sanchez can’t be a real CF. We need a change in pace if we really want to use Sanchez somehow as a CF.

  1. Am afraid this is our best at the moment. (Chambers/Holding) with no good bench except GK.
    How long can we go with this?
    Pass the sheet to Wenger.

  2. The squad is luking gud.but is ozil and giroud near match fittness?….i prefer sanchex exchanges with ox,he has more bite and directness when playing on the right wing.its gonna be tough today 3 points are a must today.a loss today will be disastrous

  3. I think the starting XI must be as follows (no other options). As usual our bench is full of deadwoods now except Ozil & Akpom.

    Ox/Wilshire Cazorla Walcott
    Coq Xhaka
    monreal Kos Holding Bellerin
    Subs to come at 65 mins: Ozil,Akpom & Giroud

    Campbell is set to go to sporting as per speculations.

  4. Don’t think Wenger is gonna start Ozil and Giroud. Looking at man U yesterday and the powerful display they showed, I think Ox, Sanchez and Giroud must give 150% all season for us to keep pace.

    1. They were impressive I must admit, sort of a no nonsense nature about them and sprinkled with star quality here and there. Ibrahimovic looks the business, a monster and a trickster rolled up in one.

  5. It should be that line up but I won’t be surprised to see a few differences. I don’t want to see Alexis up top but he may end up there. Wenger has compared him to Suarez, he has similarities but he is not a CF. Unless you are going to put time into making him a CF we need to drop this idea. Cup games and training we should have tried it out instead of the beginning matches in a massive season. I hope Xhaka’s up for it, he looked a little off the pace when coming on last week. We need him pumping those balls forward in true quarterback style.

  6. This full page advert for fiat spider is making this site virtually unreadable on my ipad. So you will be pleased to know that you will not be hearing from me. Ar least untill it is sorted.

    1. Okay. Bye for now. You will be missed. For the sake of your contributions, change to anothe device.

  7. I think we need to bring up banners again…. spend spend spend…. maybe we will get another özil 😛

  8. Hi, l can’t access the current server. Whenever l try to log on the server, the last page or topic posted is ‘Which Liverpool will turn up’. I have to Google just arsenal to have access to the current pages.

    ADMIN COMMENT: To start with, try using another internet browser, and clearing your browser cache. Everyone else seems to be accessing okay.
    Anyone else having problems?

    1. Same with me.
      Admin do something.
      I have to be searching in “NewsNow Arsenal News” for recent article on this site.
      Admin what’s wrong?

  9. I guess this team, if all the players would put a good shift could surely beat Leicester. However you might have committed a blunder by making this suggestion to the stubborn and stupid Wenger. I can assure that he will instead start Walcot, Coquelin, and Holding if only to spite you.

  10. Xhaka didn’t impress in first game. No panic – I’m sure he will come good –

    but shouldn’t start with him, particularly alongside Carzola (if alongside Elneny – Coq make more sense)

    I’m still a fan of Chambers in CB think very under-rated – if not the perfect finished article yet

    Like most – my real fears are up top. Sanchez was anonymous last time out

  11. hmmmmmm our defence line has to be aware of the pace of MUSA against leicester. that dude seems to be more dangerous than vardy upfront.

  12. I think Walcott is better than Alexis upfront so i’d prefer him to Sanchez. Walcott seems to want to prove a point, Put him there before we buy a striker if at all we will.

  13. Think the back should be
    HB RH LK NM. Or. HB RH NM KG THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN LAST WEEK. But we should have had 2 new players in this week but again nothing

  14. I doubt that Wenger will start with Ozil and I’m guessing that Cazorla won’t be partnering Xhaka.


    1. Sometimes, I am tempted to believe that Wenger deliberately refuses to play very good players, especially when they are underrated. I cannot understand why Carzola, as talented as he is would be sitting on the bench at Arsenal. He happens to be our most talented midfielder, bar Ozil. Same thing happened with the little Mozart Rosiscky until he
      eft. I know he has not always fit, but even when he was, he always had that injustice of lack of game time being meted to him. As far as I’m concerned, the line up posted by Admin is our stronger team even when all is fit, but I will not even be surprised if AW leaves out Cazorla or Xhaka (Or both) today

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