Is this the biggest problem that Arsenal will face when trying to sign a top class attacker?

Will a lack of guaranteed game time pose a significant barrier to Arsenal’s desire to strengthen their attack this summer? When asked which front-line Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta might settle on, most Gooners would choose Gabriel Martinelli, Kai Havertz, and Bukayo Saka to head the attack.

Saka and Havertz, particularly this calendar year, demonstrated that they have the metal to lead the Arsenal attack. Though Martinelli didn’t have the best league run last season, it’s clear that the club still believes in him; we need his pace back on the left wing.

On a good day, this attack is one of the best. However, they need backups, and Edu and Arteta have a difficult time bringing in top stars for that. Aside from transfer costs and compensation packages, the player may need to be convinced that he or she will have enough game time.

We came into this transfer window expecting to buy a top striker, but after considering the available options (including missing out on one or two, such as Benjamin Sesko), we appear to have cooled our interest in a striker for the time being. Arsenal is reportedly looking to sign a dynamic winger. However, how do we persuade that winger that he’ll play an important role and get plenty of game time?

To play a vital role on the left wing, he would have to fight out both Martinelli and Leandro Trossard for a starting place. Other than the battle on the left, will he be willing to accept that Saka might never leave the team on the right wing? This summer, the most difficult aspect of bringing in a forward will undoubtedly be convincing a player that he can fit into the Arsenal team already full of other top players.

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  1. If the new striker is worried about not having enough game time, then he is not backing himself to be better than Havertz, in which case we would not want him anyway if he is not good enough to force his way into selection. A world class striker would not worry, because he knows how good he is, and knows he will start in the team if he is better than Havertz. That also goes for any other position. If your good enough, you will be selected to start, if you are not, then we don’t want you at Arsenal.

    1. Buddy your speaking ridiculous tbh..fact that you even consider the idea of a “top striker” coming to this team yet expect him to still force his break into the 1st team seriously? City literally had to offload Jesus for haaland and Alvarez as his backup, United offloaded the Ronaldo and Martial for Hojyland, the list goes because at a top club you don’t bring a top striker (CF/SS) and still expect them to fight for they place then why did you cry that y’all wanted a striker?? Unfortunately at arsenal WE DO NEED A STRIKER that will immediately assert they role as 1st choice striker through out and not Kai backup , this ain’t Germany this ain’t no Fullkrug situation bro

  2. I don’t get the article. No player should be safe. We were not good enough for the league. Bombed out in the CL and failed miserably again in the cups. With that attitude that players are safe and secure in their place, we will do the same again. Fail.

  3. Almost every article is about the latest target and as usual, Arteta and Edu have kept us all guessing.

    Reggie is right to point out that no player should be safe as the job of the manager is to keep the team progressing and fresh.

  4. I am not teaching Arsenal the new players who they should Sign this summer.
    But I am strongly advising them to sign:: Marc Guehi, Nico Williams or Eberechi Eze, Amadou Onana and Victor Gyokeres all in this summer window.
    But if it’s financially possible for the club to do their signings. And the players can be persuaded to join Arsenal if they are hesitating to join.
    If Arteta, Edu and the Arsenal Board see reason in my above named players suggestion to sign them. And are committed to sign them and signed them.
    Surely, Arsenal new 25 team squad for next season’s campaign, will certainly be stronger than that of the last season to challenge not only for the Epl title win next season and win it. But can also win the quadruple as well
    so therefore, let Arteta and Edu offload 2 on the fringe Gunners this summer. And as a result have 4 space rooms vacant in the squad to accommodate the 4 merely signed players who I’ve mentioned above.

  5. I highly doubt Arsenal are looking for a new winger, because Romano/ Ornstein never mentioned it this month and we’ve got enough players for the role

    Romano said Arsenal are monitoring Joao Neves and the new central midfielder arrival would depend on whether Partey leaves or not

  6. Honestly edu & mikel are clowns in the market when deciding on a CF that’s why we Landed a bird in Kai and not an actual 9 whom we’d have won the league had we gotten them instead! Right now we in the market for that and yet bc of the bird we now have to be considerate not to bring in a top draw finisher because that’ll upset Kai as our new 9? So we need to settle for mediocre 9 just to make mikel & Kai happy while our goal tally collapses, pay attention we’ve not had a player in arsenal shirt score above 16goals since king aubameyang left here! Is that not alarming to yall? Stop the numbness, get osimhen or Isak and Kai can back them up at CF or wing but not at midfield cos he is too much liability there just do right y’all…. plus get another CB so we can rotate saliba & Gabriel

    1. King Abameyang ? You lost the argument there pal. Abameyang downed tools the second things got tough. Yes he scored goals but we built the entire attack to accommodate a goal poacher. Couldnt create a chance for himself and was awful in the build up. Next up if he was so good why did we NEVER finish above 5th with him in the squad? Isak got 4 more goals than Kai if you dont count pens !! Thats Isak who played upfront all season and Kai who played upfront for 17 games !!!

      1. Isak also only had 2 assists, while Havertz had 7 assists

        bringing others in the game and making those around you better is a key part of Edu/Arteta strategy

        Auba was just so not an Edu/Arteta player in so many ways

        1. I agree with you Arsenal1886, regarding Aubemeyang not being a MA player, so why on earth did he give him a four year contract at a reported £300k plus a week…. especially after the Ozil contract debacle?

          It has to be said that Aubemeyang was bought as an out and out striker mind and, up until he signed that ridiculous contract, was very good at doing just that.

          I can still remember the hullaballo about him signing the contract!!

  7. @Sam P – your point, and concern, is valid

    Arsenal finished the season so strongly, with Havertz in-particular thriving and performing in the relentless game-after-game pressure cooker, compared to season before where Arsenal crumbled under the pressure

    many others performed exceptionally well in the pressure too, but your article is mainly about our forwards

    as a result Arteta is certain to start Havertz in that role next season, so any new striker including mega-money Osihmen or Gyorkeres will initially start on the bench, they do not walk in to Arsenal’s starting XI

    no doubt others will disagree but everything about Arteta says he loves Havertz and loves the impact Havertz in the PL in 2024 when moved forward, that’s why I am so confident Havertz starts up top next season

    other are right to point out the new striker may compete with Havertz and push their way infront over time with good performances

    but your point of will Osihmen, Gyorkeres et al be willing to do that from the bench humbly is right to raise – does Osihmen see himself as a back-up to anyone, does he have the mentality for that

    and that may be an obstacle to them joining

    I think Edu/Arteta recognise that as reportedly looking for a younger striker who can develop in to the team, e.g. Sesko perfect fit for that

    but in the absence Sesko then who – and that is your other valid concern that may be Arsenal do not add a striker at all this window due to this combination of circumstances

    a good article

  8. The biggest problem Arsenal will face is prioritizing a powerful midfielder over a striker.
    And with the big German best days ahead of him am not sure, why we are allowing the rod to grow cold.

  9. The problem is finding an available striker that fits. Nobody seems quite right. Henry, Aguero, Luis Suarez… That’s the type of CF that Arsenal need to improve but who’s out there who’s that good AND that would be sold to Arsenal?

    1. agreed Yossarian, and that is the tenor of Sam P’s article

      Arsenal is searching for perfection, and why blame them as that is what it takes to de-throne Man C the best PL team history (before JA loses it mind 6 titles in 7 seasons has no rivals even close)

      out of those fantasy three (because they are gone) in terms of profile I think it would Luis Suarez – hear me out JA haters – because can play across the front three, can score goals from anywhere, and x-factor goal from nowhere

      part of the reason Arsenal are in this ‘new striker’ dilemma (again JA blood pressure rising) is that Arsenal have just scored a club record most goals in a PL season, any objective observer would rightly ask “why on earth are Arsenal fans obsessing about a new mega money striker?”

      so the perfect new striker profile for Arsenal is so hard to fill it is entering fantasy territory, but Arsenal can’t compromise on quality (e.g. Guirassy, Toney, Mitrovic…), to be the best we need the best

      it is a shame Sesko has decided to not come, but at the same time I respect him for that, patience to be the best

      do Arsenal fans have the same patience?

  10. Filling Arsenal CF role is quite tasking, considering an underrated Havertz raised the bar further high,
    I really wish we focus more on getting a CM and CB, and finally sign a young CF or just promote Mikel berieth,

    Just my thoughts though.

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