Is this the end of the line for Mesut Ozil at Arsenal?

There has been umpteen million theories about why Mesut Ozil has been frozen out at Arsenal this season, and it was widely assumed that he was either not quite fit or maybe injured. Those theories were put to rest after he was played in the matches against Watford and Nottingham Forest, but once again he was left completely out of the squad for the big game up at Old Trafford on Monday.

Unai Emery was very glib about his absence, simply saying that the coach picks the team and Ozil did not make it. That, to me, is the clearest sign yet that Ozil has no future left at Arsenal.

Here is the clip from SkySports where he was asked if Ozil was injured or not…

Even Ray Parlour seems certain that this must be the last straw for the German, as quoted in the Mirror, and that Ozil must surely be trying to find a new club in January.

We know that Ozil is still supported in his battle with Emery, but it would appear that the coach has little interest in backing down and will only select him for the smaller games, if any.

Do you agree that this could be the end of the line for Ozil, or will he be happy to just play an occasional game?

Darren N


  1. I do hope this Ozil situation become the undoing/unravelling of Emery. It’s highly condemnable for a coach to treat any player like this, most of all your creative player.

    PS: Btw, Ozil played against Watford, not Villa.

    1. Remember that Ozil has shown disrespect towards Emery more than once, and a lot of other managers wouldn’t even pick a player again after that. Especially a player who has barely been contributing anything anyway.

      None of us know what has been said during the summer, but given what we saw last season, and so far this season, I would imagine Ozil was told to find another club, just as Mustafi was. For whatever reason, the pair of them didn’t leave. So Emery has been left with little choice, which is to only use them for easy fixtures. They’re clearly not in his plans, and rightly so, as they’re both not good enough. Emery could easily just banish them to the reserves, as we’ve seen at countless other clubs, but he hasn’t.

      Emery is doing what fans had been begging Wenger to do for years, and he gets abuse for it. Some fans need to ask themselves, what do they want then? I admit, it’s baffling that Emery has judged most players on their performances, yet not Xhaka. I don’t get it. But overall, way more positives than negatives in regards to assessing players.

      1. His assessment and use of Ozil is shite, let’s be honest about it. He wants busy players running around and not languid, creative players, and I’ve been a fan long enough to know who is good on the pitch and who is mediocre, given that I have the benefit of being an armchair fan with option to watch replays many times.
        Ozil’s performance on the pitch last year shows only 2 assists, but doesn’t show the number of goal scoring chances Auba and Laca missed. Just like Leno isn’t expected to dribble and score goals, Ozil isn’t expected to run into wild tackles. If you take any game last season and you observe that no one was playing 1-2-1 with him even when he has run into pockets, the same way he played with Cazorla and Sanchez. So let’s be objective here. Ozil is a creative player and the team should play through him as he will find spaces for the others to run in and get to the end of the pass.
        Take Watford game for example, many said he didn’t do much in the second half, which is a lazy assessment. He was building a good partnership with Ceballos and they were interchanging and roaming the midfield with ease. Till the 60th minute, after which they team stopped playing through him.
        Check it out and then we can talk further. Or even the Forest game.

        Emery is just a clueless manager when it comes to handling talent.

        1. The thing about Ozil is that he only offers one thing, creativity. At the very least as an attacking midfielder, he should offer goals as well. So the problem with only offering one thing, is that when he isn’t being creative, then he’s a ghost…we might as well be a man down.

          I don’t expect Ozil to win headers, tackle, sprint back to help the defence, etc, but I do expect goals and creativity. As he doesn’t offer anything else, then his creativity has to bang on to make for the short fall, which it hasn’t been for a very long time. He barely takes any risks with his passing anymore. I notice that even a player like Guendouzi takes more creative risks than Ozil.

          We saw a much better version of Ozil under Wenger, as he played to his strengths. But even under Wenger, fans were not happy with Ozil’s contributions, especially in big games, and away from home. I would rather have someone like KDB, who may get less assists (although is not the case anymore) who is involved throughout an entire game, than Ozil who would just turn up for 15 mins in a game, and otherwise be anonymous.

          A good example of what I mean is Walcott vs Pires. Walcott on paper looks like a great winger, because of his goal record. Far better than Pires. But no one would pick him over Pires. Because Pires was more involved in the play, thus creating far more problems for the opposition. Whereas Walcott could be playing, and you wouldn’t even know it! Then out of nowhere, he’d score a goal, and then disappear again.

          1. I am not saying that Ozil is a rubbish player, but the reality is that why didn’t ANY other top club come in for him over the last 4/5 years? Even when he was down to his final year, then final 6 months when a foreign club could have signed him for free, yet still nothing?

            Ozil would never get into any other top club, so why do we think he has the ability to help turn us back into a top club? Ozil is in the same category as a Jenkinson, Mustafi, Welbeck, etc. They’ve had enough chances, will never get to the level required, so try someone else, which is what Emery is doing.

          2. TMJW, now Ozil is same as Jenkinson & Welbeck? So much for objectivity eh?! Is it to win a debate or to state facts?

          3. @Viju Jacob

            Obviously Ozil is better than Jenkinson, and has contributed more to Arsenal, but in the context of, what players cannot take us to the next level, they both fall into that same category. We want to improve, so what is the point of player a Jenkinson or an Ozil, who cannot improve us?

          4. @Viju Jacob

            And I also forgot to mention in regards to facts and you slating Emery for not using Ozil more. Emery proved last season that we were actually better without Ozil. We were worse when Ozil was playing.

          5. TMJW, last season when Ozil played we won most matches, so your facts fall flat. When Ozil, Auba, Laca & Ramsey played together, we won all the 5 matches, so I’m not sure you are coming at me with facts.

        2. Viju Jacob
          I commend you for your loyalty with ozil but he is a dead man walking for us getting back in the team
          Everyone is entitled to there opinon but if you look at his body language before and after UE arrival he has been poor.
          I was against his signing from the start as it hindered our best player at the time before he got injured (santi) and look how santi is playing now.
          His days are numbered soets move on.
          Wishing our manager to fall on his sword in my eyes means our team failing which means I think that person needs to support another team

          1. I don’t know how long you’ve been an Arsenal fan, but I’m sure it isn’t 4 decades. I call it the way I see it, with the benefit of watching replays and making notes. You can call him what you will, but Ozil on the pitch makes a difference and I do agree he can score more goals but he has stated his preference to provide assists.
            Should I say the under the glorious Emery reign Torreira & Pepe are struggling, not to mention Reiss.

          2. His body languange is exactly like that from when he was young. Regarding Cazorla, it’s very easy to say that in hindsight, but remember his first season. He actually brought the best out of Cazorla at that time.

        3. and what did Ozil offer at Baku? Big game player? Game changing sub? My foot!
          He is lucky to be on the AFC roster.It would have been a different story had he been on City’s or Chelsea’s roster.

          1. Viju Jacob

            This post is prob to old for you answer now but you call it as you see it and unfortunately you might need to have your eyes tested as most see him as not the player he was or should be for us
            He doesnt fit the in to the team as the manager wants to us play so he is done. Clear him off the books and invest the money in some one else
            As for your perception on how many years I have supported them well the user name should have given you a clue and it it closer to 5 decades and not your 4
            Keep taking the notes as all opinons matter on here no matter if we dont agree with every one all the time
            Onwards and upwards

          2. Allanball08, you’re wasting your time trying to debate Viju; he wouldn’t know who Allan Ball was.

      2. So did Wenger send teams out with 3 CDM?FFS we went years without a single one.Ozil will outlast Emery and it will not be too much longer when the idiot will realise that by putting your best players on the pitch you tend to win more games.Since When has LT been a b2b midfielder?And Xhaka a CDM?Square pegs in round holes.He just is not up to it and I think he knows it.His game management cost us 2 points in that embarrassment at Watford and his wrong team selections cost us 2 points against the 2-7’s and Manure.He is too frightened to send out a balanced team.No wonder Pepe is struggling and if it wasn’t for Aubamayang Emery would now be out of a job

  2. Who in their right mind would be happy playing an occasional game?!
    There’s no explanation, nothing, as to why this is happening… and i think it’s disgusting. I wouldn’t mind if he came out & said i don’t like him, he’s not in my plans, but to play him, sub him, then rest him for the next game that he never played in.. well it’s a joke… Unbelievable…

        1. If you didn’t understand, don’t jump the gun. The statement says that by picking Xhaka Emery omits an attacking midfielder. Daft?

        2. You must be brainless to think Xhaka is doing a great job in his role !………………whatever that role is my head tells me Ozil would do no worse !

    1. I’ve been saying this for ages Sue, yet UE still makes those stupid and ridiculous excuses. I think he will go to AC Milan particularly if AW joins them. Their style will suit him.

  3. Ozil was not in the squad for the Villa game.

    If this tactic of freezing Ozil out had been succesful, we would have something to discuss.

    As it is, though, Emery is just wasting the precious little creativity we have in the squad. And Ceballos had 1 (!) excellent game thus far, a few average ones, and a few bad ones. How is that any better than Ozil? And if anyone is foolish enough to suggest Ceballos is still getting used to the league — the one good game was the second one (!). Ceballos is simply a slightly less talented version of Ozil — a very good creator who is regularly inconsistent.

    But okay, suppose Emery thinks he can miraculously make Ceballos consistent (which no coach has yet achieved)… How does he justify preferring Nelson over Ozil? The mind boggles.

          1. It’s just a shame they didn’t face Barcelona on one of their best nights, it could have been double figures!!! 👍 😭

  4. On another note, related to us, there are rumours that Wenger is poised to take over AC Milan because they are floundering, and if he takes over Ozil will move there.
    It will be our loss.

      1. I’m baffled too, because Gazidis is there. Agreed he worked with Wenger for a while, but he was part of the backroom politics that made the end of Wenger’s tenure all the more painful. Will Wenger join a backstabber? I don’t think so, but the rumours seem to be growing

  5. The answer should be right in front of your eyes…. Ozil’s contributes the least when we don’t have the ball

  6. At least Nelson Willock and the rest of the youngsters give a good account of themselves Let him GO and good luck to him hes just not our type of player

      1. God bless u bro!. UE has nothing to offer Arsenal than taking issues personal like a kid. He did just the same to ARamsey till he left. How ‘ll a coach lack creativity & left Ozil on the bench?. UE has so many questions to answer.#UEmeryout#

  7. Emery has always made it clear he prefers hard workers in his team which is exactly what Ozil is not. In the Watford game, Ozil switched off in the 2nd half and our midfield was a highway for opposition players to blast through, unchallenged. Now, there is no denying Ozil’s pedigree, he is a player of immense talent. The problem is, he does not fit in Emery’s system. I agree Emery is needlessly antagonizing him by benching him and using him as a bit-part, reserve player..but the bottom line is both of them cannot work together. Ozil will hope we don’t make top 4 so that Emery is fired while Emery hopes antagonizing Ozil will make him give up his £350K. Am not so sure which of those two is more likely. I think Emery should consider at least using Ozil as a super sub when the opponents are tired and Ozil is fresh. He wouldn’t have to defend much.

    1. Ozil didn’t switch off, if you followed the game. He was working well with Ceballos who was hooked in the 60th minute, after which the team wasn’t playing through Ozil. Ideal situation created for him to hook Ozil in the 70th minute. Watch the game if you have any doubts.

    2. It’s No brainer. Get rid of Emery. Arsenal should have enough confidence to at least play not park the bus everywhere we go. Emery is like Tottenham… And as we all know Tottenham is S…

  8. I think even ozil’s haters, well at least some of them, would find the way Emery treats Ozil is ridiculous. Arsenal have a headache because their highest paid man is not the assist king anymore, but Emery makes it worse with the way he humiliates Ozil.

  9. In answer to the thread heading – yes.

    I’m not getting into my personal view on Ozil’s impact on his time to date at arsenal, as there are many, many views out there on that.

    For me 2 main issues are in play here ;

    1) Ozil never was, and never will be a player that features in an Unai Emery team.

    2) The clubs hierarchy are on board with “offloading” Mesut .

    350k a week is a real problem.

    I believe Raul & Vinny see the amount paid to Ozil as being extremely prohibitive going forward in terms of transfer activity (wage bill), hampering the implementation of their vision for the club.

    We have seen a recent “cull” of players, not only in terms of getting rid of deadwood but also driven by a need to reduce our wage bill.

    If you remember at the time, the strong rumours were we were going to lose Sanchez or Ozil – if not both.

    When Sanchez went, the club panicked (i.e. the old Wenger regime) and put Ozil on 350k a week.

    I suspect this to the new movers and shakers at the club is a real problem, and very limiting in terms of financing the squad.

    I also think for a while now Ozil has been “hawked” around to potentially interested parties, the latest of which could be in the USA (Turkey keeps cropping up).

    It could be that Mesut has been made aware he doesn’t feature in Emery’s future plans, hence him being relatively resigned to the situation.

    In fact the latest I read with interest, we are even considering paying half his wages to loan him out.

    Apologies the above (just my opinion)is all about money, not ability, but I think Wenger made a huge error for both player (career wise) and club.

    We are looking to offload Mesut Ozil, hence his non figuring in team selection and even match day squads.

    Some would say “freezing him out” others would say “he’s digging his heals in on his contract, so were just *issing him off out the door”.

    1. So AJ, from financial point of view the board is happy to have him not do anything until he finally decides to go. Ummmm that is a good financial sense, except people that runs football club don’t reason that way. That is 350,000 X 4= 1,400,000 (every month) x12 16,800,000. Just on the gamble that he will remotely think of leaving, except that his agent comes out every transfer window to say OZIL IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!!! (I wouldn’t if I were him). So my financial common sense says they will love to have him on the pitch but Emery is the coach. Emery is going to fail, (that is most likely than not) and the board will have to clear the mess both financially and the brand of football that brought the team so much success. Wenger recreated the kind of football the club is known for, brought financial stability even though his last days might not be good, The part of the history he represented in Arsenal Football Club can never be taken away from him. Emery is a failure so far, let’s see how far he can get.

      1. Hi Pat.

        Thanks for answering your own question in your first line;

        ” from financial point of view the board is happy to have him not do anything”


        Whether we agree or not, Ozil will not tellingly feature under Emery.

        Given Mesut’s absence from SQUAD selection in key games, and how long this has been allowed to go on, who do you think the board have lined up behind ?

        Therefore IN MY OPINION the board are undoubtedly actively working on ways to get Ozil gone due to the very reasons you cite.

        In fact I would go as far to say would “be gone” if attempted deals (I suspect) were carried over the line in the summer, the obstacle obviously being his salary.

        As for alluding to Arsene Wenger.

        What he gave to our football club was immense, and forever woven into our fabric.

        Did his reign go on for at least 5 years too long, again in my opinion…yes.

        But I certainly wouldn’t list recommending Mesut Ozil be put on 350K a week as one of his greatest achievement’s, and yes amongst other problems his legacy left I believe said decision is causing problems today.

        The latest on the list agreeing that Ozil is being lined up to go is Ray Parlour no less – not that he may have had a whisper from the inside.

        Emery a failure ?

        Patience may be being stretched, tactically some may disagree, but a failure as we speak …not for me.

        We’ll see come May. Then at contract end decisions will be made.

        We beg to differ Pat.

        At the end of the day we all only want what is best for our great club.

        1. AJ, Ozil was asking for 225k and it was Josh who upped it to 350k, whatever the reasons maybe, so it wasn’t Wenger’s call. Please double check.

          1. Hi Viju Jacob.

            Blimey – an employee asks for 225k per week, and his employer voluntarily ups it by 125k !

            What are we, a registered charity ?

            Let’s all go work for Arsenal !

            Who gave it to him, largely irrelevant – we are where we are.

            As of today, the likes of Raul, Vinny & Unai (the guys at ground level) have convinced whoever they need to it’s better to cut our losses – only in my opinion.

            In the meantime, we pay a very high price for the occasional Europa & Carabao cup appearance.

            It seems if you mention Wenger with a touch of critism, or do not think Ozil is the Messiah you are immediately branded ….. sad !

            I personally have moved on to the Emery era – let’s see how it turns out.

            Many memories behind me, been supporting since ’69 !

        2. Where did I brand you, AJ? It’s me that get branded for my views (I’m not a touchy wallflower though), so don’t be so touchy. We are all gooners at the end of the day (I hope you are not the troll that Agu is😁), so we are all entitled to our opinions and debate about it.
          You may want to check with anyone at the club about how Josh upped Ozil’s salary. Don’t diss it outright just because it doesn’t suit you.

          1. I’m getting too old for this😉

            Nice posting with you mate, take care.


            Talking of “dissing” just for clarity, did you call me SAD or my post content below when daring to agree with Shinodack ?

          2. AJ, I’ll never call anyone occasions I call Emery Tinkerman, daft & Numpty and that’s how far as it goes.
            Will not go to the level of calling a fellow gooner names.

          3. AJ, that SAD was meant about the contents of Shino’s comment, which struck me as possible truth. It wasn’t aimed at you. Just that I’m unable to operate the platform in the best possible way.

          4. Viju Jacob.

            Well done mate, peace has broken out.

            In closing just to let you know, to me trolls are little fellas who live under bridges in fairy stories – and after 50 years of loyal support I ain’t one of them 😎

            Again, you take care – nice posting with you.

        3. Aj i think you are one of those who wish Ozil out immediately except he isn’t going anywhere, you think I answered my own question, no I am enlightening you with questions and answers. Ozil will not leave Arsenal until his contract is fulfilled. No club will leave a player at home and hope he goes. No buddy he made himself clear, he isn’t up for any transfer, if he wants then his salary will not miss. You wish he leaves, cut his salary and move on. DREAMS!!! So the payment continues!!!! Emery his doing everyone good justice. Your opinion is one, the board’s opinion is one, the man with the call’s opinion is another. Only one person calls the shots OZIL. Your opinion is not relevant in any way.

          1. Aj and as for if Emery is a failure so far (80%) yes. His prospects is very low, he lacks vision, football intelligence, defensive tactics, ability to improve players, the team is 60% lower capacity. People that we were together last season on this website know me, I hardly make poor calls. I called last Europa League final, I told my friends we were going to perform poorly. I said so far he has failed, and I stand by it. But I haven’t ruled him out of success.

          2. Ozil must go. A top professional is expected to play to suit the coach’s plan. We need a combative midfielder who can also score goals

  10. TO THE OZIL BRIGADE: Anybody advocating for Ozil is like a lover who cant just move on, its like they are still mesmerized by their ex. Try and move on guys….. Ozil is a goner…. has nothing more to offer Arsenal and will surely flop wherever he will chose to go, whether loaned out or sold. He’s not anywhere near Thierry Henry nor Bergkamp both of whom knew when their time was up and simply had to go. Glory days are coming back to Arsenal…… its a sure bet that it will not be Ozil to thank for.

  11. What has Ozil got left on his contract? If he has 2 years then it makes no sense to freeze him out. No one will pay big money for someone who has been benched for months!

    On the other hand, I have given Ozil my full support and respect over the years but his contribution to the squad has provided very little over the past two or three seasons. Even Wenger was making excuses for his poor stats. For £350k a week it make no sense and we all know it!

    The thing is, we fans have no idea about what is going on between Unai and Ozil and, as much as Unai is running my patience very thin right now, he may be taking the only option he has available with Ozil?

    Let’s face it, when was the last time any of us were really bowled over with a great performance from Ozil?

    1. I keep watching games and think, oh, if only we had a creative player to help unlock defenses. Wait there is one on the bench or in the stands in Ozil or even use Ceballos but he isn’t always there either. Right now if we can’t score quickly we are usually done, very hard for us to break down a defense when they are set, because we lack creativity – hell if it wasn’t for our two strikers we would be toast right now – we can’t stop goals but we can score. Don’t get me wrong, Ozil isn’t a saviour and he is getting older, but with the way he is used there is zero chance he will do anything except collect a lot of money. And if the intent is to move him, then he has to show something – why would anybody take him right now? He can’t make the team, he gets yanked even if he is playing okay. It just doesn’t make sense from any perspective. I cut Emery some slack as we do have real weaknesses that force some of the tactics (tell me the truth – aren’t you always scared when ANY team gets within 25 yards of our goal???), but it is wearing thin.

  12. i was always a coke zero kind of guy, but after last nights result down the road i have switched to SEVEN UP. much more flavour altogether.

  13. He has a massive amount of fanboys that want to see him play and I believe some of them would even want us to do badly so that Emery goes and they’re hopefully expecting the next manager to build a team around Ozil.

    I’m on Emery’s side on this even though I don’t see it as choosing a side, I want Arsenal to do well which means the manager doing well.

    Ozil’s fans are the ones drawing lines, the manager plays whoever and drops whoever and it has always been that way, it is his head on the chopping block.

    We have trouble defensively and Ozil cannot help us out on that. We score enough goals which gives Emery time to find solutions in defence, maybe when we get our defenders back Ozil might start more frequently.

    When Ozil gets his chances he has to take them, he has to start pinging that ball to our strikers and help them improve on their statistics, he hasn’t done this yet not since Giroud, we have a playmakers dream in the forward areas so we need to see Ozil revel in it. If he does this Emery will make him fit.

    1. Seriously? you are Emery fanboy? Even his 3 DM couldn’t keep a cleansheet 😂
      Ok let’s give him more time to find a solution for our defensive woes, by the time he find it, will we still in contention for top 4 position?

    2. I don’t see anything to agree about. None of the points you mentioned.
      1. We all want Arsenal to do well and Emery seems to be doing everything to destroy the hope.
      2. No one drew any line, just that it makes sense to play him and earn his wages. Not play him in fits and starts.
      3. We score enough goals? Check our GD and come back please.
      4. No player can come on the pitch and start performing straightaway…Ozil needs game time purely because he is a form player. Last season the number of chances missed by Auba & Laca off his passes should tell you something.
      5. Emery can’t make anyone fit…you’ll agree with me when you see a few players not performing just because he plays them out of position.

  14. Emery seems indecisive in many things he does. His treatment of Ozil seems odd. If you don’t like the player and you want him to leave, sell him or loan him out but why start him in the PL?

    If you think you need to put him in the window, play him in the EL.

    But his current treatment of Ozil seems chaotic and unkind to the player. The uncertainty also invites too much coverage.

      1. The fact that teams don’t want to buy him is likely heavily driven by his ridiculous salary. I would expect once his contract is finished he will find a team no problem. At his age, he simply is not a 50 million pound player.

  15. Bellerin scored more assists last season than Ozil

    If he doesn’t hit assists, doesn’t score, doesn’t defend or try to reclaim the ball then he’s useless to us

    He’s had so many chances to prove himself

    Use Ceballos and wilock and Smith Rowe until we get someone else

  16. I like Ozil as a player & as a person. I can’t blame him for what’s happening to him. He didn’t give himself his current contract. Unfortunately for him, he has become a victim of a change in regime. The people who renewed his contract are no longer at Arsenal & those who have taken over see him as surplus. Emery has his own faults, but I think the Ozil situation is bigger than him. My guess is that Raul & Co.. are the ones behind it all. At this moment, it’s not even about selling Ozil at a fee, it’s simply about getting him off the wage bill or reducing it. The easiest way to do this is to frustrate him by limiting his game time to force him out. The net effect is that sponsors will want to withdraw their support. In summary, I don’t think the Ozil situation has much to do with his football ability (that’s just an excuse), it’s all financially motivated.

  17. Simple solution, just get rid of ozil, xhaka and emery. Ozil failed in wenger last years and under emery and will most likely fail under a new coach because football has evolved from the traditional number 10 and while the like of silva have evolved ozil has not. i had good hope for emery to install a high pressing game high work rate system and he has failed(does not matter if it is the players not following or his own failure). Xhaka is simply not suited for the epl and cannot evolved or adapt to it.

  18. Emery got the chance to field this midfield trio:
    Ozil – Guendozi – Ceballos
    but chickened and fielded THREE DMs instead smh

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