Is this the last chance for Arsenal youngster?

Arsenal always have nearly a whole team out on loan every season, and Arsene Wenger normally picks their destinations carefully to try and match the level of their ability in the hope that first team experience will help them improve their game.

But probably this season’s biggest disappointment on loan has been the Germany U21 international Serge Gnabry who has not been able to prove himself capable of getting into Tony Pulis’ West Brom side. Wenger has great respect for Pulis, so he would have listened carefully when the Baggies boss said earlier this season: ‘Serge has come here to play games but he just hasn’t been for me, at the moment, at that level to play games.

‘He’s come from academy football and has not played much league football. Does academy football really prepare players for league football? And we’re talking about Premier League football here.

‘As a manager you pick a team that’s going to win a game of football. You pick your best team, you don’t leave people out because you don’t like them, because of this, that and the other.’

So Pulis is not impressed,and we all would have expected Gnabry to be ready for the Premiership now he has reached the ripe old age of 20, but he has now been sent back to Arsenal to see what Wenger wants to do with him.

So now how can the German redeem his career? The latest rumours say that Chris Hughton is willing to give him a chance down in the Championship, but even if he has a good few months down there will it be enough to persuade Wenger to give him another chance at the Emirates?

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  1. He obviously has a attitude problem!
    Brighton are interested in loaning him and if he fails to get into their team then it’s curtains for his Arsenal career.

  2. He definitely needs to get back into sharp.

    So much potential and his trying to throw his talent away. Before sending him on loan he needs a Wenger moment (sitting him down, telling him he believes in his ability and he should learn to play to his strengths).

    If BVB are still interested in him, lets offer them as a sweetener for Auba and we can throw in Sanogo for free.

  3. get lost, gnabry has more skill,potential,ability then ox & walcott out together, if them 2 shite bags can be given years to still flop then why the hell shouldnt gnabry be given ample time??

    when he did play for the first team he no way in hell looked out of place it was the big knee injury that set him back & no doubt he will bounce back very soon. Pulis the anti football rugby playing a****** `who cares what he thinks the clown.

  4. really the guy is only 20 years old he is not in the last chance saloon just yet,he,s got few more years to make at arsenal look at coquelin,campbell….!!!

  5. Don’t write him off yet. Le Coq has taught me a lesson. He was numerous loan flop but an Arsenal star now.
    Hey I can’t wait for this Elneny. Addition is addition. Who knows, he can turn out to be marvelous. Who knows.

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