Is this the ONLY transfer Arsenal really need?

Arsenal only need Cech by Sam P

I am pretty sure that I am not the only Arsenal fan who is already worried about the lack of any real signs of action from Arsene Wenger in the transfer market. The Frenchman does not seem too bothered about any perceived lack of quality in the squad, as he said before the end of the season that he was happy with what he has got, and would only sign players if they became available and were the right sort to fit into our squad.

Having said that, I have been wrong about Le Prof before and have told myself to trust in his judgment and believe that he really does know what he is doing. So, as much as it may bother me, I think that if Wenger thinks that a strike force of Olivier Giroud, Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott and Danny Welbeck is enough to fire us right to the top, then who am I to argue?

Perhaps he really believes that as we have been practically injury-free since January, then perhaps we could carry on that luck all the way through next season? Maybe Coquelin really is the beast we have been calling him and will manage to go all season without any injuries OR bookings.

If the Boss is truly confident that the underlying cause of our many injury problems has been sorted then he could well be right. There is one big transfer that is vital, however, and as long as the reported move of Petr Cech from Chelsea to Arsenal comes off, do we really need any more?

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    1. Yes, we need 3 signings.

      A goalkeeper, I agree that Cech would be a good buy, though it’s dragging on a bit so I’m not confident it will happen.

      A DM, Krychowiak, I agree totally.

      A striker, yes but personally I think we should look for someone better than Higuain. For me, if Aguero and Costa were fit for the entire season, I could confidently say they would get around 30 goals in the league, maybe up to 35 with Aguero. Would you say that about Higuain? Of course, Aguero and Costa do miss games, but they so they manage around 20-25 league goals. Higuain is more of a 15-20 goals a season striker. Giroud is a 10-15 goals a season striker, 15-20 in a good season. So yes, Higuain would improve us, but for me he wouldn’t improve us enough.

      Lacazette? A bit of a risk for the money being touted, but who isn’t? Could be great, might not be great. I’m not desperate for us to get him, but I’d be happy if we did. Someone to excite the club going into the new season, we need that.

      But we definitely need a top striker. A striker that will, if fit, get you 20+ league goals a season as a minimum, not just around the 15 goals mark where we’re at now. Either that or we need another wide player like Alexis to bag us the extra 10-15 goals we need.

      1. I think Ox might just be that extra wide player than can get 15-20 goals. I could care less if any goals are league goals, FA cup goals or CL goals.

        1. Why are we not talking about Saido Mane of Southampton? The guy that got Sczcezny dropped? I love his pressing style and the fact that he has a similar style to Sanchez and the OX, we played some of our best and most balanced games when both were playing on either wings.

        2. This is the problem with some Arsenal fans. Utter delusion rooted in unrivalled bias.

          Ox has scored 6 league goals in 3/4 seasons with us but you genuinely think he might casually turn into a 15-20 goal winger next season.

          Hey maybe Jack will also be a 20 goal midfielder and Gnabry will bag 15. Why not? They’re young Arsenal players so clearly their career trajectory is only sharply upward.

          1. Ox has never played a full season or even close to any full season. His problem was when Theo went down against Spurs the right wing should have been his. Didn’t happen so yeah he might do it as a full 38 game forward.

      2. The problem is there are not other top strikers available. Suarez wont leave Barca, Aguero
        wont leave Man City and Benzema wont leave Madrid. Who is left?

  1. If we only make 1 signing, and let’s assume it is Cech, then we will finish next season no better than this season except maybe we make it 1 step farther in the CL.m

  2. Of course not. We NEED two more signings

    United, Chelsea and City will sign top players perhaps Benzema, Pogba, Sterling, etc.

    If we only sign Cech I see us battling for top 4 maybe 3 but not 1st place

    I think if we sign one more attacker like Cavani, Lacazette, Reus or Greizmann and a DM like Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, Krychowiak, bender or alternatively Vidal or Gundogan that will be enough

    My choices would be
    1. Cech- WC gk
    2. Cavani or lacazette
    3. Vidal or Kondogbia
    4. Perhaps another young talented moist LB who can be our third LB and learn from Gibbs and Monreal

    1. Wenger appears to be showing the same arrogance that has left us floundering in fourth spot for years past, he appears to think we already have what we need, well if that was truly the case we’d have won the EPL and gone further in the CL. It’s the same old story with AW and the board and always the cheaper option, despite the fact that we COULD actually challenge for trophies next season as other issues have now come into play, Wenger will say “well we would buy Suarez but he’s not available, Benzema does not want to leave Real Madrid” ect ect ect, but these are always excuses after the event these players would move if the right offer was made we could have got Higain two seasons ago the attempts at getting Suarez were truly farcical AND Im not convinced that it wasn’t done that way so as to make it look like we tried when really we had no intention of paying 40 million for him.
      The arsenal board have the money but DO NOT WANT TO SPEND IT ALL!!! And AW keeps his job despite being pretty unsucsessful over the last few years because his mind set suits what the Board want and that low spending and the 50 million that comes with CL qualification.
      I got slated last week by several fans on this site for stating that Walcott is NOT good enough to fire us to the top of the ELP and while its possible he could come good the fact remains is that that glory is NOT in the Boards list of major achievements. We are right on the cusp of being a side that REALLY can challenge but the smoke and mirrors approach will leave us wanting again next year and that is the way it always will be until there’s a change at the top.

  3. I hope Wenger is not in this illusion that our current squad is capable of winning PL. Every fan and pundit knows that we need signings. We might differ on priority but we definitely need to strenght our squad. Every other team is trying their best and if they succeed in getting WC players then we might strugle for top four also.
    I hope Wenger is working on getting WC striker, DM and GK, at least two of them.

  4. How many games did we play without scoring ?
    How many games did we play where the opposition scored more goals than us?
    In those answer is the name of the number one priority

  5. What about Javi Martinez? He is top class , only stopped by a bad injury (not injury prone if you look at his records) Can fill cb/dm position.
    26 years old.Only 2 years left on his contract . I do believe he is a target for Wenger. If you look at the situation at Munich , seems like a Sanchez/Ozil deal.

  6. whether we can stay injury free or nit we need a goalie, striker and a DM as we cannot afford to overplay le coq…remember one problem with having a small quality team is that other teams can predict your lineups and with time get to study your style and if we had two quality strikers, DM, (AM-As we have), then we can rotate comfortably hence change of style according to the opponent as well as remain unpredictable can be achieved

  7. The author Sam P clearly doesn’t realise key players will miss over a 3rd of the season injured and half of them for more than half a season. This last season we still had injuries, but the least in recent years. At a time when we could have finished second and even first if Chelsea dropped points we had almost a full strength team, no key players out injured and almost finished the season 4th. Petr Cech in the same team would not have made any difference.

    So we need Cech, another Winger as cover for the eternally injured Walcott and Chamberlain (unless the eternally injured Gnabry can stay fit) and a DM since Coquelin before last season was also eternally injured … like the eternally injured Debuchy, Sanogo, Welbeck, Arteta, and the often injured Ramsey and Wilshere.

    To see an “Arsenal Fan” claim we only need Cech is incredibly naive.

    1. stop making up stuff; by the time our injuries were at a normal level we were out of the race already and from that point onward we had the best form in the league equal to Chelsea.

      Chelsea had the least injuries out of any team in the entire PL this season, people keep claiming how they have great “squad depth” and that was the difference but that is utter bullsh*t, they won because their entire defence, DMF, and goalie missed about 5 games between them.

  8. why are we all so irritated? silly season just started abd we don t have a clue as to what wenger is doing. ozil and sanchez were done in an instant, how shld you know I he doesn t have a signig up his sleeve??

  9. I would be happy with Petr and some more young talent.

    We have a massive squad. I for one don’t see that many deadwood in our squad anymore.
    Lets take Flamini/Areta, very capable of playing 10 games between them this season and doing a decent BACKUP job. On DM point

    It seems like the general consensus on justarsenal is that what happens if he gets injured for 3months. Are we going to get a quality DM that will be willing to just be a bench back-up player or do we want coquelin to do it? Not sure what you guys want here.

    Alternatively wilshere/ramsey can play as double pivot and drop carzola. IF Le Coq gets rested- I have no problem with that setup on home games.

    Striker/Winger honestly we have plenty of talent in this department. Honeslt believe the only striker Wenger will sign is Benzema. I don’t think he believes (or me) Martinez is good enough or Hiquain is worth the price tag. If we do get somebody here it will be the transfer of the summer – somebody really special.

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