Is this weekend the perfect time for Arsenal to play Man City?

Arsenal may have had their long unbeaten run stopped by Everton last night, but the fact is that losing our second game of the season only means we have lost the same amount as our closest rivals, so it’s that bad a record! But we also have another big test coming this weekend when we go to the Etihad to face Man City, a team that has lost 3 games and are currently in 3rd place behind us.

But there is a famous saying that ‘A wounded lion fights hardest’ or something similar, and we have to admit that Arsene Wenger is very good at getting his teams to ‘bounce back’ after a defeat as we have seen many times in previous seasons. So maybe this is a good time for Arsenal to face Man City? Petr Cech certainly thinks so, as during his interview after last night’s game he said: “….You can’t control games for 90 minutes, there will be moments where the opponents will show their quality. Today, although they were not dangerous for most of the game, they found two goals and in the end you go home with a defeat. But you have to pick yourself up. There is a big period coming up now with the games coming thick and fast and there is no time to dwell on the defeat. You have to move on and get ready for the next one.”

And when asked about facing Pep Guardiola’s side, he concluded: “Sometimes I think it is best if after a big game you play another big game. You have opportunities to win, it’s a kind of a six-pointer – it’s probably a perfect game for us.”

Which is a great attitude to have! Simply dust yourself off and get stuck in! Petr could well be right of course. City are definitely in a little slump and have lost their last two League games, to Chelsea and Leicester, and also have Sergio Aguero and Fernandino out with bans. Nobody can go unbeaten all season, so we just have to accept the occasional loss now again. As Wenger said, we were unbeaten four nine months before yesterday’s result so why can’t we just start another run like that this weekend?

But is Cech right? Is this the perfect time to play Man City?

Sam P


  1. Which team do you think will be ahead of the other at the end of the season, Wenger’s or Guardiola’s?
    My guess: Guardiola’s
    Take it further:
    Out of the following managers:
    Conte Klopp Wenger Guardiola Pochettino Mourinho
    where do you think Arsene wenger will finish on merit at the end of this season
    My guess Wenger will finish fourth or fifth (and take Arsenal along with him)

    1. Well done, Admin, your negative reaction to hearing the truth about the way Arsenal is run is right on cue.

  2. Turns out we were the only top 6 teams that lost. Hope it doesn’t affect our players psyche and play in their heads in the game against Man City. Lets see how this mental strength of theirs work first hand shall we.

  3. I have to say that we had such a poor reaction after going ahead, when we should have been looking to bury Everton rather than dropping off, but that has been symptomatic of a lot of our games this season – why, I’m not sure, as we always concede goals and then have to go on the offensive anyway. If it is a mental thing, it needs sorting out – we are not the sort of team who are good to hold out defensively – a la West Brom etc., and the sooner we realise that is not an option the better. Although I think the performance was collectively poor, and maybe we were missing Mustafi to verbally stick a boot up the team’s a&$£. I would still like to try Rob Holding partnering up with Kos – it wasn’t Gabriel’s fault, but the relationship between him and Kos is not good.

    1. I agree with your assessment, but nothing will change until a new manager comes in. This happens every season under Wenger. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve seen Arsenal only show urgency to win a game, once we’re behind. The mentality steams from the manager. Wenger isn’t a manager that demands his players give absolutely everything to win. He is not a great motivator, especially in the big games.

      I personally thought Gab had a good game. Especially considering he’s barely started for us, and it was a tough away game. I like the look of Holding, but I am happy to stick with Gabriel for the moment. Wenger hould keep the same team for City, apart from the wingers. Bring in Iwobi, and Perez.

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