Is this the prolific and versatile 20 year-old Arsenal need to complete our striker force?

Towards the close of last season, there was speculation that Mikel Arteta was planning to strengthen practically every position in his squad, notably an amazing striker and a right winger, signing two midfielders, and also bringing on board another right back and a backup for Saliba. However, in recent days, there has been little movement to bolster the attack, with all attention focused on fortifying the midfield and defence.

What if I told you that with the arrival of Xavi Simons, Arteta might only require roughly €50 million to sort out his attack for next season once and for all? Arsenal have been linked with the PSV attacking midfielder. If they can persuade PSV to agree to his departure for the aforementioned amount, they will have a player who can play practically any attacking position. Simons is a versatile player who can play as a left winger, right winger, striker, or No. 10.

Last season, he played 19 games on the left side of the attack, scoring 7 goals; 17 games as a No. 10, scoring 11 goals; and a combined 11 games on the right side and also as the striker. In 48 games in all competitions in the 2022–23 season, the 19-year-old scored 22 goals and assisted on 12 others. With Simons joining Arsenal and being as adaptable as Leandro Trossard, Arteta’s attack may be well off even if no other prolific attacker is brought in. With strong deals in defence and midfield, the Gunners may be set to challenge Manchester City’s dominance next season.

Does he look like a good fit for Arsenal?

Sam P

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  1. His stature and playing style look similar to Smith-Rowe’s. Maybe a Dutch Gooner can tell us whether he is more ambidextrous than Smith-Rowe or not?

    I believe we will lose some homegrown players, so our new foreign player should either be exceptionally skilled like Jesus/ Raphinha or dominant physically like Vlahovic/ Osimhen. They must have Odegaard’s stamina and high-pressing effort as well

    The rumor about Romeo Lavia would be more believeable, because of his homegrown status and EPL experience. He also trained with Man City’s system

    1. I had to do a double take and view him closely actually, because at first the DUDE LOOKED LIKE A LADY.

        1. It’s OK though as men are looking like women, women like men, he she they their, it – Anything goes ! Let it all hang out. That bogus football term “Transition” again comes to mind.

            1. gai – Flores is like a paler version of Darwin Torres I think. Have you seen him play ‘cos I haven’t.

  2. It seems that arteta does not want to be ruthless in his culling of the mediocrity permeating his squad. With the begging of neisson to sign a new 4 year deal; the giving of elneny another contract; with smith- rowe – nkethiah- balogun- holding – Cedric( just to mention a few B- grade level players wasting wage space) and being content to collect ridiculous wages , arsenal will have thier work cut out in the transfer market. If the above mentioned players can’t be moved on, it would be difficult to get new players in. Be that as it may, Simon’s is too similar to trossard. So that will negate the need to get a formidable striker if we populate the attack with so many like for like wingers. Arsenal should priotise the need for an elite striker rather than getting a winger again if neisson is given a new contract. Also Pablo viera is also wasting away.. arsenal , at the moment, has to many round pegs in square positions

    1. Olumuyizi – you’re right. I like Reiss Nelson and want him to succeed but my gut feeling is that we need better. Yet MA seems to be on the brink of offering him a big new contract which I don’t think is warranted.
      You are also right in your assessment of the type of frontmen we have. They are all good ballers and similar to each other, but we need someone of a different profile up front to offer us more variety. A real out and out CF whose sole purpose and intention in life is to put the ball in the net. He should be big, tall, strong, talented and lethal. Someone physical and therefore unsimilar to the admittedly fabulous frontmen we already have, and who would give opposition defenders something completely different to reckon with.

  3. Watch the PSV – Arsenal Games 2022/23 season Europa league. This guys is class. WOuld be amazing to see him in an Arsenal team..

  4. Simons is a gifted player no doubt and a terrific age. If I remember there are some potential stumbling blocks around his attitude, which is the same issue that will see Balogun depart. Great player though and would make any team better.

    1. I’ve not really noticed him before so I’ll see if there is anything on-line, as you say he is that good. Did he represent during the World Cup ? I’ll check him out.

      1. He did indeed, although he mainly featured from the bench for some reason. Not like the Dutch are swamped with talent right now, so I thought that a bit strange.

        1. I’m a WC fanatic, but maybe I’m just getting old and my memory isn’t what it was, so I probably just missed him for some reason. I’ll check him out Ben, thanks.

          1. I could be wrong but I’m sure he was in the squad at least. Hard to miss with that hair.

            1. Ben – I trust you. Contrary to how everyone else seemed to rate the Qatar World Cup highly, I did not and felt a bit disappointed overall.
              I really didn’t want Argentina to win it and indeed, maybe controversially, think that they are the worst team ever to win a World Cup ! The fact that Messi was in that team will have people believing they were very good, but I didn’t rate them at all. Man U’s Martinez is a good player, but MacAllister and Alvarez whilst being reasonably decent don’t strike me as good enough to be cassified as “World Champions”, I think they are a bit ordinary.
              As for Romero, well he is the worst centre back I have ever seen and a total disaster area. But what do I know ?
              If Benzema was there to help Mbappe, France would have walked it and may have scored 5 or 6 in that final.
              Also I was a bit upset that Pele was showing every sign that he was about to die, and so he did within weeks.
              Another thing which for me was a let down, was the absence of the Azzuri. What is a WC without them ? All in all a big disappointment for me. It was good that the outsider nations did well in fits and starts, but I was really pissed off that Argentina won it. You see again, probably controversially, I’ve never enjoyed watching Messi and still feel Maradona is the greatest Argentinian player of all time.

              1. You hv never enjoy watching Messi are you teasing me, go and watch real Madrid vs Barca score line 3 – 4, you will know truly who Messi his, again go and whack Barca vs Bayern Munich you will also know who he his, Barca vs Man united you will now who he his. Messi is the most completed player I hv every seen scores a lot of not as a strike and assist a lot of assist as well no body those that better than he those. Stop ur hatred on the greatest that ever play the game. I wish Arsene was able to sign him n Fabregas then, he would hv been a legend for our team

                1. Stone – I know my comment will cause people to raise their eyebrows, but I have a vision of how I like players to be and to look. It’s an aesthetic thing for me. Of course Messi will go down as possibly at least one of the best ever players to many, many fans, but I just don’t think so and I don’t like his style ! Scurrying littel mouse.
                  I have a preference for many players who nobody may think are in his class. I can give you examples if you are interested.

  5. Xavi Simons’ record of scores and versatility is really an asset for Arsenal to set unpredictable game strategy that can outwit opponents. A player, like Simons, who proved himself from many departments in the pitch, for sure, has a record that speaks for his eligibility in Gunners’ squad. Xavi has potential to become Arsenal’s scoring machine like Haaland of Manchester City. It’s needful that we go for his signature this Summer and expeditiously too.

  6. Xavi seems like an interesting player. He left Barca for PSG and spoke about the difference. Barca only works with the ball he says whereas PSG does gym work. He then turned down a contract at PSG to play for PSV. So am not sure how he’d react to having a player in front of him, something tells me he would not stay if he has real competition for his place. Though he should be commended for seeking playing time at a tender age, it’s a strange path he chose all the same

  7. Simons is talented as they come. Quick and explosive. But his defensive contribution and work rate is terrible. And he is not ambidextrous, he is more right footed. We have a better version with Gabriel Martinelli. We need another left footed behemoth like Saka.

  8. Xavi Simons is worse than Pablo Viera . He is a lightweight.
    Try Thiago Almada, Matheus Franca ,

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