Is this the reason for Ozil’s struggles at Arsenal?

I am not one of the Arsenal fans that thinks our club record signing Mesut Ozil has been a flop since his transfer from La Liga club Real Madrid last summer. But at the same time I was hoping that the Germany international playmaker would have had more of an impact in an Arsenal shirt.

I do think that the football media made too much out of Ozil’s supposed lack of form and effort last season and then it became open season on the 25-year old. He was an easy target for pundits and fans alike, never mind whether the facts backed it up.

But also, while a few injury problems have interrupted his progress in the Premier League with the Gunners, Ozil has struggled at times to really influence a game and he has sometimes looked uncomfortable or unhappy on the pitch. But maybe that does not come from football, maybe it comes from issues off the pitch and these issues could be affecting his game.

We have already heard about the accusations of infidelity and his girlfriend moving out of their shared house in London. And now, as reported by The Independent, we learn that Ozil’s family have been in some sort of turmoil for the past year or so.

Ozil sacked his father and put his brother in charge of his marketing company last year, apparently because of a marital split with Ozil’s mother. And the Arsenal star has just had to settle out of court after his father sued him for loss of earnings after the sacking. All this family strife can hardly be conducive to focusing on your job, whatever it is, so I wonder if this might explain a little bit about why Ozil has not looked as happy as he might on the pitch. What do you think Gooners?


  1. davidnz says:

    I think Ozil’s relationships
    with father and girlfriend
    is indeed why Arsenal has
    struggled this season.
    Giroud’s relationship with his wife
    needs to be sorted if we are to have
    any chance of beating Utd next week.
    Podolskis time on twitter and Jack Wilshere’s
    smoking stand between Arsenal and the ECL title.
    If only Arteta would get a short back and sides
    he would become the best DM on the planet.
    If Cazorla stopped smiling he would eclipse Messi with ease.
    If Wellbeck changed his name to
    Trickelbank Luckinbill Tambling-Goggin
    he would score ten goals a game.
    But the writer is soooo right Ozils form
    while he is injured is absolutely completely, totally,
    utterly, perfectly, entirely, wholly, fully,
    quite, thoroughly, unreservedly; the
    determinant of Arsenal’s results till Christmas.

    1. GOONSTER says:

      Damn you Davidnz, you just read my mind.. Lol.

      1. Goonerforever says:

        🙂 nice one Davidnz ..
        wondering what make people write such S***TY articles..

  2. SoOpa AeoN says:

    really is this an article? ….alright Lemme offer you a solution …. Get Wenger to resign, and all OziL’s marital or family issues are resolved in one instance ….. Kill many birds with one stone …Bingo!

  3. peeps says:

    i realize that by the time wenger leaves arsenal, i might be married and possibly have kids. And then guardiola or klopp comes in and we win the title and the UCL. I won’t be able to party like i have the freedom to do it right now! 🙁

  4. Zulu-boy-SA says:

    Ozil alone, why the f*ck is Sanogo playing for an EPL top 4 team

  5. Aussie Jack says:

    Like many millions of men I`ve had my domestic problems, very emotional and unnerving and to add to it I`ve had my share of loser medals like the DCM. (don`t come Monday). Unlike Ozil and many others the DCM meant I couldn`t pay the rent and putting food on the table for the kids was the stuff heart attacks were made of (and I had them too) so I`m not at all concerned with Mr Ozil`s `off pitch` problems.
    He has a job, and a bloody good one, get on with it.

    1. peeps says:

      real talk!

  6. says:

    Ozil, your father is your father. You won’t have another father again save your bilogical father. So too is your mother to you as well. You are not bearing your mother’s maiden name, are you? You are Ozil and the day you pass on to the yonder, you will surely rest with your fathers. Don’t support your mother and be against your father to the extend of driving him away from your business just for your mother’s sake and not for his incompetence. Settle your differences with your dad by apologizing to him first and move on from there. There is always a secreat between a husband his wife. And your mother will never reveal to you the true. Moreso if the secreat is too heavy for her to say. Be by your father and be your mother also. Women can be subtled. Have you ever read what Rebeca did to Esua. Try to find out. Try to reconcile your parents and stop taking side.

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