Is this the turning point in Willian’s career at Arsenal?

Will this be Willians time to shine?


There have been many a game gone by where fans, me included, have been unimpressed with Willian and have dreaded seeing him in an Arsenal shirt. 


Each game that went by with Willian in the line up may as well have been a ten man line up because he never made a difference. 


But could his recent run out be a turning point? A lot of fans will be hoping so but it is a worry that his best performance so far has come in the 26th game of the season. 


Questions can be asked that had he turned up like he did on the first game of the season and like he did against Leicester, and had he continued that up until now, who knows we may not have been where we are in the table. And although we are not a one man team, there’s no doubt that his creativity could have gone a long way in the games we drew and lost.


But we can’t dwell on the past we can only move forward and hope that his performance and two assists against Leicester on the weekend is a glimpse of what we will be seeing come the rest of the season and seasons to come! Here’s hoping hey Gooners?


Do you think this is the turning point for Willians Arsenal career Gooners, or was it just a blip in the sunshine!?


Shenel Osman

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  1. Val says:

    The sub appearance against Benfica, was good
    it looked like Willian of a few seasons back and i enjoyed watching him play like that, i really did.

    He was again back to his best on Sunday, which was prbably the best ive actually seen him play for quite some time, by far his best performance for us.

    If he can play and sustain that level from now to the end of the season we have a great chance of doing something, either in the UEL or pushing up the league, we can do both maybe.
    Pepe aswel has shifted up a few gears in recent months so again we have some great options up top now.

    lets hope consistency is good for the rest of the season!

  2. zamind says:

    I hope he watches the game to see why he was not doing well before. He was slow, outdated step overs and trying one on ones, often loosing the ball and or getting the opposition closing out any passing options.
    He need pace, quick thinking and passing. not much more.

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