Is this U-turn the biggest hint on Arsenal manager’s future?

Arsene Wenger’s future is one of the biggest talking points in world football currently, and Arsenal fans may be starting to put pieces of the puzzle together.

You will be fully aware that the Frenchman is out of contract this summer, and he has come under increased pressure from sections of fans to leave when said contract is fulfilled.

The club appears to have other ideas however, and a new deal is believed to be on the table, and a decision on his future will need to be made before the season is up.

Massimiliano Allegri has been touted as one of the favourites to take over the Le Prof at the end of the season, but he has now supposedly changed his mind in regards to leaving his current role at Juventus. Allegri is claimed to be set to extend his current deal, which could be a huge nail in the coffin for those who had believed he could be cutting ties in Turin to take over this summer.

This is just the latest piece of the jigsaw to point towards an extended stay for Wenger, with him yesterday admitting that he was putting preparations in for pre-season currently.

If he is to sign a new deal, you would have to hope that reports prove to be true that Kroenke persuaded him to stay in order to rehaul the squad, which would hopefully see us progress into a title challenging side, as opposed to scraping into the Champions League spots as we have done on a number of occasions.

Is Allegri’s supposed decision to stay with Juventus down to the Arsenal manager’s future? Is this a big inclination that Wenger WILL stay?

Pat J

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  1. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I thought that it was already obvious that Wenger was staying? ?
    Yeah,I know that most fans have either given up or are not interested in winning the Wenger trophy this season but when there’s over £45 million at stake, you can bet your mortgage on Ebeneezer & Co qualifying for the champions league.??

    1. FRANK says:

      Forbes Profiles.
      Stan Kroenke net worth = $7.4 Billion
      Ann Walton Kroenke net worth = $6.3 Billion
      Alisher Usmanov net worth = $14.9 Billion

      How are we not in the market for the best players in the world?

      1. Midkemma says:

        Silent Stan has kept Usmanov off the board and before he bought it Usmanov was kept out by the old board who made a pact not to sell their shares and let Arsenal fall into the hands of a majority shareholder who was foreign…
        Funny cause I thought we now have a shareholder who owns a majority and is foreign.

        This makes me sick 🙁 I do believe the club I love was used by the old board to bump up share prices for personal gain over the benefit of Arsenal FC.

        You do know Usmanov offered Arsenal an interest free loan to cover the debts and to be paid back over a much longer period so we could keep spending money on players…

        Blocked by board.
        Dein wanted someone who would invest in the club, he found Usmanov who was willing to invest in the club, that was the turning period for Arsenal :'(

  2. Goonerboy says:

    Everything is already showing Wenger will stay, the protests are dying, he talks about summer, and next season..
    But if we lose some games(Spurs, Manu,Everton)the heat of the protest may return and he could decide to leave…

    At the moment, I don’t see us winning any of those games, definately not Spurs..
    But even if Allegri signs a new deal does that mean he can’t still come to us??? I really dunno..

    1. Guneal says:

      Then let’s lose some games!

  3. Goonerboy says:

    How many of these games are we gonna win?:Leicester, ManU,Stoke, Spurs,Everton…I don’t see us winning three…
    Its like am dreaming, our collapse this year is on a whole new level..its beyond a joke!

    1. john murch says:

      Sad isn’t it, that the only way to save our club is not to save it. It doesn’t sit comfortable with me to watch our team and hope they lose, or hope other results will go against us. Yet we don’t have a voice so we are helpless to influence any change. Already Wenger is talking about next season and it is just the same. Nothing is going to change.

  4. Allan says:

    reporting non events has reached a new level can we not leave the manger to get on with the job. i am sickened by the press and i include you lot in this distorting the so called FACTS. you are causing the club that i have supported since i was a kid 65 yrs
    to implode.Please leave either him or the management to decide whether he stays or goes . You are upsetting the players by your invention of the news and possibly affecting the results of the games.

    1. john hodges says:

      iagree with the last comment ,some of the comments from so called fans is below the belt.always the same slagging of the trainer and the team.and the call for league and cl is boring.there are a lot of teams who would like to be in arsenals shoes with cl football every year.i have seen the ups and downs from arsenal since 1946 .and i am still afan

  5. John0711 says:

    Wenger is staying and a lot of fans need to take the blame. So used to average that result change
    Most other Wenger out fans have given up

  6. Walter Clunk. says:

    The Arsenal title challenge
    ended after the opening
    day defeat to Liverpool.
    9 months of no hope of winning the league.
    ECL is a temporary distraction for a trophy we never win
    always out in the fist knock out stage, this season slaughtered 10-2.
    The league season closes with the annual
    scramble for the 4th place losers trophy.
    Different season same siht.
    The solution? More of the same 🙁

  7. Stuart Woods says:

    Oh well, at least the cricket seasons started.

  8. Chris O'Brien says:

    What’s frustrating is the lack of structure at the club and no accountability. It has become Arsene FC. The apathy of the fans accepting this modus operandi is just baffling. Accepted he’s one of the most celebrated managers in the history of the club, but doing the same thing is insanity. Change is needed… yesterday. A great plan would be for Kroenke to sell his shares to include more of a diverse board and not the typical cronyism of a stereotypical board. Then change your scouting system to search for leadership on the pitch. Vieira we miss you!
    It’s the long-term future of this club that matters, but it can only start with the short-term changes we need now.

    1. Midkemma says:

      For years I have been saying about how Arsenal have missed Dein and Wenger needs someone like him.

      I have been saying that we need a better infrastructure and in all honesty I think supporters ignore this and say it will all be fixed if only Wenger would be sacked.

      I do not believe the board is capable of building that infrastructure while also finding a manager AND trying to sell a lot of the deadwood or get them to resign contracts so they don’t lose their assets for free.

      We could get a Moyes for a couple years while they build that infrastructure or they could trust Wenger for 2 more years while they do it.

      Even if they do not believe Wenger can win the EPL and we miss out on CL this season, if given the right support then Wenger trophy in the 2nd year will get us CL football and with the infrastructure in place for the new manager.

      I’ve already supported Arsenal for as long as I can remember and I am 33, I can not remember a time I didn’t support Arsenal… so what is 2 more years to someone like me? I believe I will be supporting Arsenal in 30+ years time…

      If the board is serious about rebuilding the CLUB then I will support that idea, even if I know it could take a couple years to fully do it, it is the direction I hope to see AFC take.

  9. Twig says:

    Arsenal is showing good form at moment
    Ozil cares
    Walcott is scoring
    Giroud is the best super sub in the history of the game
    Xhaka is improving
    Wenger is staying

    1. RSH says:

      cant tell if this is sarcasm….

  10. gmv8 says:

    The board realise that they can’t get rid of Wenger, but need to shift some of the dependency off him. I don’t think fans would put up the same old rubbish, and fully expect a technical director and coaches to come in, with the proviso that Wenger releases some of his charges to them. Maybe this is what they are waiting for, before they release that Wenger has resigned. If we carry on in the same old way, I fully expect the discontent and protests to carry on.

    1. DANDY GUNNER says:

      So Wenger is staying for another 2 years. Move along nothing to see here same old same old.
      There will be no Major rehaul Wenger will sell two or three Players who are already on the way out. He will buy two new players for no more than £40m. Arsenal will still have the same front men Walcot,Giroud, Welbeck and Iwobe and he will do the usual and buy a few Kids for the so called Future.So People don’t be fooled nothing is going to change until this man is gone,

      1. Midkemma says:

        So you think Arsenal Board is capable of building a world class infrastructure in a blink of an eye..

        Buy 2 new players for £40mil

        That wouldn’t have bought Xhaka and Mustafi but hey… you are right and Wenger will NOT spend more than £40mil on 2 players.

        You forgot Perez in attack but then again, no wonder you missed him out, he was a new signing and goes against your ignorant point of view.

        Wenger will buy kids like Cech, Ozil, Alexis, Perez… all for the future because nothing has changed…

        Oh my… and the scary thing is, fans agree with you :O
        I guess Perez and Cech really are players for the future :O

  11. RSH says:

    Lord Wenger is going to live to destroy another season. All hail the king

  12. Phil Gellhorn says:


    I love the fact that Wenger is staying for another 2 years. The way I see it is that Arsenal is like the Marie Celeste. The only person steering this ghost ship is Wenger. There is literally no one else. Not Gazidis, not Kronke. It’s only Wenger and unfortunately he has so lost it.

    1. Midkemma says:

      I hope Silent Stan is scared that Wenger will run the ship aground if given too long to wonder aimlessly so he has put up ads for a new ships bosun, a new Quartermaster…

  13. Omonaija says:

    Does Arsene Wenger realise that his CV is no longer attractive in Europe.He is probably the biggest coach without a league title in 13 years, no European title in 20 years reign, never beaten JM in about 14 league. Matches between them. Got knocked out of UCL in 2nd round for the last 7 seasons, conceded 10 goals in two matches, always in a tussle with his best players(adebayor, nasri, RVP, Song, etc) the list is endless. AW is in the class of Allardace, Alan Pardew, B Rodgers . Wenger is far behind in the football techno world. No wonder JM called him specialist in failure. AW is like a leper with big teams avoiding its/his infection.

    1. Simon says:

      PSG seem to disagree

    2. Josh37 says:

      The most ridiculous comment I have ever seen on this website… and that is saying something

  14. colum conlan says:

    It is reported this morning that Wenger has signed a two year contract . That is a disgrace to let this incapable, bumbling, inescapable man manage out club. He had humiliated each and everyone associated with this great club with his inept management skills.

  15. Eris says:

    Omonaija, you sound hysterical. Are you sure the heat isn’t getting to you?

    I think the first thing is to ask what the story is here; I can’t see how speculating about how what Allegri will do affects, or has a bearing on what Wenger will do or has done! Pure click bait.

  16. dr.ralph says:

    What I think is that Wenger should stay to fix d missing tiles ,it can be done now, first he needs to understand that you need set of players who can stand the test, like sanchz, koscz,mstafi,ozil ,bllern, and few more new faces like these soldiers,not the type of players that cant even give u 20 league matches appearance,either injured or not in form,like walcot, ramsy, Gibbs giroud, matzcker, Gabriel ,and Montreal who gifted man u a victoryy they never merited, all this players have let Wenger down big time,but he continues to carry on with most of them just for their loyalty to him and glimpse of flashes they have shown in last 8 ,9 or more years ,Wenger should decide who should board the ship this time not same weaklings who uses arsenal as a brand just to be noticed but no ambitions

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