Is this why Alexis is not so effective for Arsenal this season?

What explains Alexis awful season by François St-Amant

Hello Gooners! Like most people, I think Sanchez has been nothing short of awful this season. Most will blame this on the fact that he doesn’t want to be here or that Chile’s world cup hopes were shattered a few months back, which all leads to a lack of motivation.

However, to me, his predictability has been the source of his troubles. Certainly, he can’t be blamed for his lack of effort, both offensively and defensively. What hurts him is that defenders all know what he is gonna do.

He has never been the best at dribbling past a player. But this season, every time he gets the ball, the Chilean will simply drift inside and slow the play down. While he may be able to get past a defender once in a while, midfielders know his game, and simply block his runs through the middle. From there, all Sanchez can do is keep going towards the center of the pitch, or pass it backwards. All this is highly inefficient.

Last year, this issue not so obvious because Monreal was the one making runs out wide, forcing defenders to stay in position. This year Kola hasn’t been able to replicate that as he doesn’t have the same chemistry with Alexis. Until he figures out how to occasionally attack the defenders by going wide, he won’t be able to create much offensively.

Do you agree?


  1. Josh says:

    , I don’t!!!
    The cause of Alexis fall:-
    1. Arsene Wenger- for not sealing a contratct long before this season started
    2. Alexis:- for not been professional enough, way too emotional than professional!!!
    3. Arsenal Board:- for both afore mentioned reasons!!!

  2. muffdiver says:

    you may have a name like a french porn star
    but i have to disagree mon ami

    reckon this mad van dijk price is being funded by a certain phillipe coutinho sale
    we get 30 for sanchez
    they get 130 for coutinho

    lol scenes in ivans office

  3. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    There was me thinking that wing backs gave more support to wide forwards. Burg there you go……….

    1. Frank says:

      Im not saying fullbacks give less support, im saying Kola does not have that good a chemistry with Sanchez and he hasnt been able to provide a constant offensive threat.

  4. muffdiver says:


    we’re only 24 points behind the leaders

    can you say title charge..cos i know i can ! in two languages no less 🙂

    заглавие такса

  5. Goonerboy says:

    Why is football being destroyed this way?

    How can Liverpool pay such a fee for a defender?
    And this is a Liverpool team that is not so far from Arsenal in terms of inconsistency

    Klopp is quite similar to Wenger when it comes to defending but he sure knows how to bamboozle the kop

    Am scared for the future of football and Arsenal as I don’t think we can do crazy deals like this.
    We need to focus on developing special talents and get a young vibrant manager in the mould of Pochetino to get the best out of them.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      It is an insane fee for a defender, but they can afford it as this transfer now confirms Coutinho’s move to Barcelona either in January, or more likely at the end of the season.

      1. Is VVD really that good? Man at 75M he better play like 2 men!

  6. Bur says:

    Why would a manager leave it so late to protect one of the club’s prominent assets? Because he is useless and has to answer to no one. We are suppose to be a top team………..we are now 24 points behind city and this is only half way through the season, why hasn’t he been sacked for incompetence? This is now incredibly what other club would let this happen? We have had years of this. 24 points behind at Christmas despicable!!!!!!

  7. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Your article say’s it all, exactly what we’ve been missing this season, Monreal’s runs from left back. Because this dope of a manager had a tiny bit of success playing Monreal in the centre back position in a couple of games when we we’re short in the middle he’s thinks he’s pulled a master stroke and found a new central defender. Monreal is not and never will be a centre back. He’s a better overlapping left back than Kola, gets round the back of defenders with little one two’s and makes plenty of chances for the forwards, he’s like a winger, whereas this idiot of a manager want’s square passes and waits for a hole and go through the middle. Well we’ll carry on waiting until we get some width to our play. BTW I like Kola and maybe push him forward to the left side of midfield or even just swap with Monreal

    1. ab1709 says:

      I do get what you’re saying. Monreal and Sanchez had a particularly good partnership however, in regards to Sanchez and Kolasinac, Kolasinac makes good runs time after time but Sanchez chooses not to use him.
      I also don’t understand the hate with Monreal at CB. Yes he does not look like a ‘typical’ centre back, he isn’t big and strong and doesn’t make crunching tackles etc. but he has been our best player by a country mile this season, so I feel he should carry on playing at CB until his levels dip. If anything Koscielny and Mustafi should be the ones criticised- the so called natural centre backs, they have been inconsistent and error prone all season.

  8. mogunna says:

    Alexis came with a good spirit, seing Ozil on board, thinking a team would be built around them but year after year, it is no top class addition with a guessing game plan, weakness all over the pitch, players out of position, a team scared to play and lost as manager…Sanchez then started to ask more money, we said no as to Ozil; waiting 6 month later to be on last year contract…The all management is nuts and Alexis or any players try until they get fed up, Ozil plays to get fit for wrld cup and his value back…

    So gonnerboy wake up; a defender as this one cost that much if you don’t get him when supposed to because cheap to pay what Southampton paid; our super scout in Holland pointed him, zooming on him 3 years ago, urging and we didn’t want to pay. He is the best right now…

    It’s not a matter of money, we are cheap ideed but we make no sense whatsoever; trying to save a penny when it is time to sign for cheap, ready to put 100M on a Lemar…So, please dude, wake up and if you work for the board, tell them its BS…

    Today we can keep Ozil next year with 20 millions bonus and salary.combined. Doing so, we get Draxler and Gotseka for 60 millions total because we didn’t buy them for less in summer but still very good for 2 players, but Ozil captain from German team will need to be extended before we lose those two perfect additions. Add David Luis for 30 and drag his Brazil boy Lucas for 20 and Sanchez seing this will extend, just pay him 25 in combine bonus and salary…It’s not about winter or summer window but who we need and smart moves when we best timing which we fail to in everyway for years…I’m keep pointing since summer window a such obvious stunner potential star for arsenal attack named Dembele at Celtic, as Lukaku, Everton after him…He’ll be like Cantona or Ibra for Arsenal, not Henry but as shinning. He is fit for our league and like 35millions still. Been injured this season…Slowed his explosive progression and run…I feel like to shoot myself when i see him there, just like frekin De Bruine ending up at Wolsfburg before City…What da heck! We took Cech from Chelsea, it was easier then to get De Bruine, Mourinho hating his guts…

    Anyhow, this is our window to make these moves and it is really as board loves it; cheap…With our German guys at transfer, this is more than do able.

    That’s 170 Millions for 7 top additions including Ozil and Sanchez…

    Average for thee players is 24.5 Millions. The only risks that could be consider would be Lucas and Dembele for sceptical ones among us; but Lucas is hungry, he was as consider as Neymar contender in Brazil, he has anger to fullfil his incredible talen’t’s full potential, his talent not to be questioned and only 25 with 2 past season not happy Dembele is same somehow, nager to prove he is the best in his generation at this position…he is 21 and just that, ahead. Not a risk at all but to jump on yesterday…

    Now with these addition we can afford, we can unload as we shoud had; ramsey, elneny, walcot, giroud and even sanchez for his non respect of us fans beyond all reason he has in the world to be angry as we are…We still shpw love and respect, support and understand if him wanting to leave in this mediocre and such a confusing place…We lucky to not be under 10th seat because burnley is like us but 7th, everton, Southampton fell from their progression and a Cristal Palace or Stoke have teams that all can fight for our 6th spot to 10th spot as Leceister…

    Today it is where we are and stand, lucky to evn be there, let’s be honest, with a Spurs team on top, we wouldn’t win. Therefore, Burnley above us; look who we drwa and beaten by.

    It is 5 leagues really, Manchester City on its own. MU, Spurs, Reds, Chelsea fighting their Champion’s league and second seat fight.

    Then us with listed above teams fighting for 6 and 7th place up to 10 th place. all trying to get to Europa and budget these seats is allowed ..Then you have the league trying to stay in the league from 11 to 15th and the one saving their asses to not exit.

    Of course these players addition will allow us to be in seciond league we been for years, but we been more used to fight for 4th before Spurs and Liverpool rises again…

    So, we have to accept and hope board does these precises addition and of course; put Artetan Henry or someone to assist Wenger and have him reconsider his choices and himself without hurting his ego; because if we can kill Ozil, Sanchez and more even a prime example our Bellerin kid becoming the best of the league, start playing him out of position and lmose him this way; he then looks as lost as Sanchez or Ozil who was that way majority of time, injured and trying to get back to his level…Team spirit awful management as overall…Crazy house! Sorry, im realistic, trying to be positive and optimistic but whoa, what a mess…

    Lets hope someone reads me at the board…

    1. Brian Hjort Nielsen says:

      Football manager 18?

  9. ThirdManJW says:

    Personally I think he’s not performing because he doesn’t want to be here anymore, but also like you say, he’s become very predictable…which is actually nothing new if we remember his second season with us.

    First season he was brilliant, but second season I remember his form really dropping, and then picking up at the back end of that season. It was similar then, always cutting inside, and opposing players were then wise to it after seeing what Sanchez did in that first season. Third season Wenger played him a lot down the centre, where he was so effective, until idiotic Wenger put him back on the left because poor old Giroud wasn’t starting.

    This season is now just a case of predictability from Sanchez, and lack of interest…and can anyone blame him for a lack of interest?

  10. Johnnyb good says:

    Why play at his best when he has pony players around him you cant polish a turd how the hell can he play with championship footballers or league 1 jack is hitting form until his ankle shatters walcott should be playing his football at wolves or somewhere different really need to clear deadwood once and for all including wenger and the board

  11. Dee says:

    Aside from the contract issue, I think there’s 2 problems. First is he’s always looking for the ball and comes deep too often to get it. It leaves him with too many defenders. He very rarely makes any runs into the box when he doesn’t have the ball (this also applies to the other players – we’ve become very static when in possession).
    Second when he gets the ball he’s always looking to get on his right foot to shoot. You’re right – it’s very predictable.

  12. Dino Appollis says:

    Can you lot just for heaven’s sake stop moping about Sanchez & Ozil, for goodness sake?
    Every day the same old crap. We’re all sick and tired of this BS. One would think they’re the only players in the team. 11 players people, 11. Wenger should’ve left Sanchez out of the team entirely long ago. Allow players who want to play for the club on field, but no, always the same problems.
    Every article we read on Arsenal, is about the Sanchez and Ozil contracts, good heavens. If they don’t sign then, they don’t sign, and we should let it go, and find quality replacements. One would think the club will cease to exist when these two leave! are you all for real. no player is bigger than the club, and we should not allow ourselves to be held ransom. Sell them both in January and get over and done with.

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